Gladiators - Back in the Arena

  • Wow!  It's nice to have so much support here!  I need to find time to go back and read every post and get to know each of you.  

    My ole pal Justin is making tremendous progress!!!  So happy for you!!  You are looking GREAT!!

    For now, I'm re-energized for work outs.  They feel so good, even when I'm tired.  I'm doing well with the diet.  Honestly, this is by far the easiest eating program I've ever been on.  Which tells me that I can stay on it.  Also, my overall health has improved.  My food allergies and intolerances are lessened and beginning to disappear.  

    I'm not seeing much loss on the scales.  At the end of my 12 weeks, my progress was 8 lbs lost and 3 inches off waist and 2 inches off hips.  Sooooooo...........not sure if I need to lower my caloric intake or what.  Still wondering about that.  But everyone tells me that 1200-1300 is low, and that's what I've been doing all along.  If I eat higher than that, I just feel fatter than ever.    I don't feel deprived, but maybe I need to???  

    It's becoming obvious that I am one of those persons who either has a thyroid issue or a sluggish metabolic system or SOMETHING.  I assure you that I am following the plan uber carefully.  

    I recently read an article that probiotics may be of assistance in weight loss.  I've also read that digestive health may be the key to improved immune function regarding autoimmune disorders, which I struggle with regularly.  So I am working on improving my digestive balance with probiotics.

    Anyway, I'm not focusing on the scale, and am going forward, enjoying each day of gradual progress, mostly feeling very good about what I'm doing, and feeling confident that I will get there, if I just persevere.  

    I'd love to hear any advice you may have for me!!

  • Came home and got right on the cardio. I felt a little better at the time and couldn't stand the thought of missing a workout. I really want to complete every workout this challenge no matter what!  

    Flygirl- Thanks for the compliment!  I was looking in the mirror this morning and noticed that my love handles have gotten even smaller than the final pics from C1. I'm happy about that!

  • Heeeeeeeey bfl famdams. I couldn't get site to download last night and was amazed hoe much I missed it. I tried over and over but no luck. Its like my bedtime story!!! I do this from my cell so that's why I never directly signal you guys out. But please know that I only wish u all the best from every day challenges to injuries to kicking butt on workouts. I am so happy to tell you that I took four little ducks under my wing, gave them their journals and meet with them daily and train them.  Its such a passion for me. They call me natzi trainer but deep down I think they love but it helps motivate us all sop much during the day and you guys at night. Its a win/win situation. Love yas to pieces

  • Awesome UBWO this morning!  The extra rest during bench press made a huuuuuuge difference.  I got a way better pump, and was lifting an additional 20-30lbs on each set compared to a 1 minute rest.  I was resting about 2-21/2 minutes between sets.  I kept the 1 minute rest between sets for all other exercises.

    Flobee- Great work getting 4 other people in the gym following the program!

  • So I was thinking about how before I started the challenge, I had no reason to get out of bed other than feed my animals and stuff like that. I was really freaked out about my life because I didn't want to do anything, I devoted my all to art and I kind of hated doing it all the tme. It was a cool hobby, but as an everyday thing it made me crazy. I felt like I needed to take some heavy duty mediaton every day, and double my prescribed dose, just to deal with it. My husband told me, when I finally came clean and didn't want to do it anymore, that "if you need to abuse a controlled substance in order to do art, maybe its not what you really want to do". And I was just like oh thank god, I can finally just do something else. What now....

    But when I started doing this, I felt happy and was looking forward to every day in a way I never felt before. I have jumped into fitness with so much drive and passion. I read everything I can get my hands on that seems legit. And I read the Champions Body for Life book right when I heard of it. I read about a guy who opened his own ftness center. I googled him immediately because I thought that sounded awesome. And when I read about him and what he does, I was like omg I wanna do that!!!

    A huge motivator when I don't feel like going to the gym or when I want to eat cookies everyday is that if I get in really good shape, people will ask me about it and then I can help them. So I am also working on the long term goal of becoming a good, certified personal trainer and starting my own thing, so I dont have to try and sell my clients expensive vitamins and junk like in the big gyms.

    I wrote a letter to the guy in the Champions book, telling him how he inspired me and if he could give me some tips on getting started. And guess who I got an email from today saying he is going to cal me on the phone?!?!?! Omg so exciting!

    He set up his gym in such a cool way, where its one on one and they really help each client. And he has such good energy, such a genuine, sweet heart smile on that mans face. Just omg I can't beieve he is actually going to call me today and talk to me!!!

    I would encourage anyone with a dream to go for it, write letters to your heros. Even just to say "thank you for being awesome!" Sometimes you won't get a response and it feels silly.  But when you speak from your heart and listen to what it wants, people will want to talk to you and it feels good, man.

  • Hi Team -

    Took the Day OFF yesterday to celebrate my 34th Birthday!!! :) My laptop has been actin up this week, so I will do my best to post yesterday's and today's BFL DLFL either tonight when I get home, or tomorrow (...and will catch up on reading!!! ;)

    Lots of Light and LOVE Gladiators xoxo Kat Hollywood

  • Caity, thank you for being awesome!  You have such a great story to tell and I really admire your candor.  Very excited for your inspiration and inspired by it as well.  It is very exciting that you get to speak with a "hero" who has inspired you.  Kudos to you for having the courage to follow your dream!

  • Thank you so much David! That is the nicest thing you could have said to me. The day before I started, I wrote down 6 goals and one of them was "to have a story worth sharing". I have been through a lot, but I couldn't say that I was living a good life as a survivor. I didn't feel like I had much of anything of value to offer for my life experience, and it made me sad. It just means an awful lot! I read your comment to my husband and cried a little lol. I was emotional in my first weeks, and I am emotional again in my 11th week. Joyful tears, not sad ones.

  • Ps happy birthday Kat!

  • Caity- I know you didn't ask for my advice, but that's never stopped me ;)

    Check out this site:  ACE is absolutely the best at teaching personal trainers.  WARNING--- it's not easy.  It's more than the basics (what's a calorie, what muscles does a bench press work).  It really takes a deep look at kinesiology and physics.  You'll learn so much preparing for that exam!  Remember the ultimate goal is to be a really good trainer, and to know what the hell you're doing so that you can't truly help people and be safe doing it.  Unfortunately, not everyone in the industry shares that vision.

    My advice is don't take the cheap and easy route to getting "a certificate."  There are WAY TOO MANY organizations that "certify" personal trainers (read take your money and send you a peice of paper).  ACE requires that you know your stuff and offers advice on starting your business, proper insurance, etc.  

    Also, don't rush.  Take your time, gather your info (as it seems you're already doing).  

    Congratulations Caity and good luck!  I hope your phone call goes well.

  • Thank you jr! I love physics and knowing a subject inside and out. They all say their certification is the best, so I really appreciate the info. The one I was looking at was ACSM, and the reason I was looking at that one is because another BFL champion used their certification. I felt like "ummm gee, should this be so easy?!" Like you said I want to be able to help people, and I REALLY don't want to facilitate a sports injury.


    Feeling so disconnected!  My week has been one of the most insane in a long time.  I am currently in London meeting with my contacts from South Africa, Spain, Ireland, Australia, and Malaysia.  London was the most convenient place for us to get together on a totally last minute conference.  I mentioned last week that I took over my bosses job when she left abruptly - ok, she was FIRED.  After a series of calls and long meeting sessions, we made the collective decision to do a planning session in person.  There just wasn't enough time in our day since Malaysia is 15 hours ahead in time, Australia is 18 and South Africa is 8.  Someone was going to bed as someone else was getting up.  Just not much overlap.  We are WAY behind in our approach and planning for this phase of the project.  Face-to-face time devoted to just planning and detangling this mess was the only way to go.  It was amazing to get to put faces to names for all of these incredible people that I have been interacting with on a daily basis.  So funny how they don't fit my mental image at all :-)

    Great work week in term of accomplishments but physically and emotionally draining.  Not time to adjust to the time zone differences.  I did the red-eye and hit the ground running.  Straight into planning sessions for 3 days in a row.  Now I am heading to Canada for the weekend and then back to Arizona for a few more days of work before going on VACATION!  I so can't wait to have no phone, no computer (sorry guys), and no worries for a week of diving in the caribbean on the second largest barrier reef in the world.

    I would love to say that I was able to hit a gym, get all my workouts in, and eat clean.  Well, I could say it but then I would be a monumental LIAR.  I made good choices with meals but healthy isn't an international thing.  It would have been disrespectful not to try local cuisine or ethnic cuisine.  Likewise, not drinking before doing business at night is a huge international no-no.  So, yes, I did enjoy some lovely wines and delish beer.  No gym at the hotel and no time to venture out to take in outdoor activities.  I'll get a solid 5 days in next week before being on a boat for 8 days straight.  Not a cruise ship but a dive yacht.  No gym!  I will however stay busy diving and swimming during the day so I'll burn calories.  I'm taking resistance bands and tubes to do workouts in my room (if there is enough floor space that is)!  I'll make friends with the chef aboard and see what we can do to keep my fish lean and healthy as possible.  Above all - I will thoroughly enjoy my vacation!!!!

    Kat - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!

    Caity - what a great inspiration you are to me!  Can't wait to see where this journey takes you :-)

    At all of you other amazing Gladiators - I'll touch base 1:1 next week when I have time to breath and know which time zone I am in!!!!

    Stay strong and be true to yourselves!



  • Had a great LBWO this morning and noticed something special.......  One of my goals for this challenge was to get some vascularity, and after a set of calf raises I looked at my calf muscle and noticed big juicy veins that were running all ove the calf muscle and down to my ankles!  Awesome!!!!!!  Now if I can get this to happen in arms I'll be a really happy man......

    Caity- How did the conversation with the past champ go?  Are you wanting to start your own gym or be a trainer in the gym you live next to?

    Sharon- You might be the busiest person I currently know!  WOW...  You have a lot going on!  How'd the doctors appointment about your wrist go?  How's it feeling?

    Kat- Happy Late Birthday!!  

    Everyone else-  Where in the world are you and what's going on!?  


  • Hey eerrrbody!

    Good arm routine - although I may have slightly strained by right pec doing weighted dips.......hope not too bad.  Followed with a pretty hard spin class.  Working from mi casa today.  Got a lot of reports to do so going to give weekend shout out to yall!  

    Sharon - dang woman! You are a jetsetter in the highest.  You definitely are earning your frequent flyer miles.  How's the wrist feeling?  Again, if you guys have room for one more on your diving trip, I'll go!  

    Caity- did get to talk with the past champion?  ACSM is about the best certification you can get for being a personal trainer.  Hear it is pretty hard. Keep us posted!

    Kat - Happy Birthday......yesterday!!!!  Hope you partied like a rock star.  



    Melissa, Michelle, Amy, Flobee, Flygirl, Mr. Guy, you guys doin?


    Happy Mothers Day to all you moms!

  • Caity- I've known some good trainers with ACSM certificates, unfortunately, I've never had a chance to look at their materials.  They are reputable in the industry though.