Gladiators - Back in the Arena

  • Thank you Kat!!

    SO the training session was interesting. It didn't go the way I imagined. The trainer showed me some things that he wanted to show me, and wanted to sell me sessions to do a program by the gym. I kept emphasis on how I wanted to learn how to do things according to my program. I brought my notebook to show him what I do.

    He said I would get better results doing it a different way. I mean maybe I would, but I am doing THIS.  I would not feel right if I changed things up, and then came on here saying "omg look at what I did with body for life!" It just wouldn't be honest! And after, I was like okay guess I will do my planned workout now. But I didn't know how to use the fancy stuff there. So I got this feeling that its designed so you have to ask for help, and then they try to sell their program. Its expensive, too. I just want to learn to use th equipment. I am thinking I will email the guy and explain that I am adament about doing this a certain way, but I would like to utilize his services so I can use the equiptment safely. At the end of my session, he basically was asking for my credit card so I can sign up for his thing. You just gotta put your foot down with the sales atmosphere in gyms and personal training. I did it in a nice way, "well I would have to talk to my husband before making that kind of financial decision". Works like a charm.

    I am glad I had a backbone today. I have changed a lot. I mean, when I went to do my thing and didn't know how to use the machines, I got flustered. The old me would have had an anxiety meltdown! I would have left crying and embarrassed. But I was able to chill and think clearly. "I can just use my apartment rinky dink gym until I get this figured out." Amazing.

  • Hi, all.  Great pics Justin!!  You really kicked a@@ C1!  By the way, I loved the weed-whacker pic, too.  Adorable...I think I somehow spaced mentioning.  My brain is getting slow and spotty these days and I think I've missed some stuff along the way, so apologies to anyone if I missed some posts.

    Caity, that is AWESOME.  I'm like you and I have difficulty facing that stuff head-on.  I'm so impressed that you stood up for yourself like that!  That is super well done.  I hate when they won't do what you need them to just to push their money-driven agenda.  I know places need to make money, but they already do in membership fees.  Sheesh.  I know how the gyms work because of my sister.  That's just for a BONUS.

    I meant to mention to Michele that I'm PADI certified.  I lost my dive log when my purse was stolen back in about 1997, so I gave up on getting my Divemaster cert, which was a goal.  I could still do it, but I can't see myself having enough money to travel enough to get enough dive time in.  Texas is sadly devoid of good places to dive.  My check out dive was at Lake Whitney, and we moved it to Lake Travis due to low visibility.  Lot of sunken crap like fridges and even a yellow VW bug.  What sights to see!!  ::sighs::  Maybe someday I'll be rich, without taking advantage of people!  Hey, it could happen...

    Kat, it was me with the coffee, and I'm feeling it with being tired all week.  Of course, after years of artificial wakefulness, you reap what you sow, right? LOL

    David, you're a trip.  Always good for a giggle.

    I'm tired, so I probably sound like a moron today, but I'm a happy moron at least.  I started feeling rough yesterday and I went home and basically went to bed at 7:30.  I vegged around and watched some tv on my nook, ate a light dinner, then went to sleep.  So this morning, I still wasn't feeling the best and I didn't get up in time to workout.  I'll do it the evening, but I'm not giving up on getting up mornings.  I think I just needed that extra rest.  Trying to do too much at once, I guess.  But I've been on track the rest of the week.  I'll be back on it tomorrow, and all will be right with the world.

    Going to go home now.  Love you all, though...have a great weekend!!


  • Happy Friday!!!!

    David - I just love you!  Good thing you don't live in Arizona ;-)

    Caity - your pics are awesome girlfriend!  Maybe you should show THAT to the pushy trainer as a validation that YOUR program is kicking ass and taking names.  I would definitely go back and ask to have adifferent trainer show you around the gym and how to use the equipment.  I usually ask for the oldest female that they have on staff.  For whatever reason, they typically give the best equipment "tour."  Just a thought...can't wait to see your pics at the end of C1!

    Justin - DOMS sucks!  Kat has a good suggestion with massage in whatever form you can get it.  Perhaps combine that with the hot tub in David's post...

    Melissa and Michele - girl divers rock!!!!  I am leaving on the 18th for a week long dive trip in Belize.  Second largest barrier reef in the world and I can't tell you how excited I am.  6 days of diving on a liveaboard boat.  They average 5 dives a day but I am not a fan of night dives so it will probably be more like 4 a day for me.  YAY!!!!

    Kat - Love it!  So, I sent you my address a while ago but I will do so again.  Can't wait to add the pic to my vision board.  I'll take a pic of it once it's complete and post it here for everyone.  Glad that the rest over the break is what you need and that you are back on board.  I get bored easily too so mixing up my workout regiment is key for success for me as well.  This week I took in a Zumba class and a spin class.  Spin didn't go so well...stupid wrist...btw I too gave up "loaded" coffee and now drink decaf.  I went through the caffeine withdrawals and the headaches in early January were awful.  I don't miss it though and I thoroughly enjoy my morning cup of decaf hazelnut with a tiny bit of splenda!  Good luck with Fendi and enjoy your pool parties.

    Wrist update - doc isn't happy the degree of pain and weakness.  MRI/scan next week to see if it will have to be put back together surgically.  Not my idea of a good time but whatever it takes right?!?!

    Gotta jet - weekend plans on the lake.  Summer is in full swing here in AZ and the only way to be outside it to be submerged in water :-)

    Have an amazing weekend all!!!!



  • Bummer on that wrist, Sharon!!  For some reason I thought it was on the mend.  Well, here's a ::hug:: for that, and let's hope all goes well with that MRI!!!

    Laurie, you too, btw...hope it comes out stronger in the end!

  • Hi Team--

    Glad to say I got all my workouts in this week and have felt sore all week!  I am pushing myself and I can definitely feel the results of it. My eating was not the greatest this weekend, so I definitely need to get back on track this week.

    Justin---I work for Kemco Aerospace. We are actually a supplier to Boeing. Great job on your progress pictures from C1!

    Sharon--That recipe looks really good! Thanks for sharing. I saw a spice shop when I was out and about today, I definitely want to go back and check it out. Hope you get good news with your wrist this week.

    David--Your humorous post was great! It is always good not to take yourself (and this challenge) too seriously!

    Kat--Thanks for the compliment! You are gorgeous too! I like the meaning of your tattoos. I don't have any tattoos, but I know that it's important to have meanings in the ones you get since you will have them forever! Hope you had fun at the pool this weekend. It rained pretty much all weekend here.

    Caity--Glad you were able to stand up for yourself with the trainer. It is frustrating to tell them your goals and then have them try to push some other method on you. Are there different trainers at your gym who you could ask to see and will listen to you? Sometimes it takes a little trial and error to find someone who you gel with.

    Hope everyone had a great weekend! Ready for week 2!

    Amy aka Bingle Tiger

  • Another great leg day in the books!  I did the same routine from last week and my legs are Jell-o once again.  I'm hoping that I don't get as sore this time around.........

    This weekend was action packed.  I didn't have time to make it to the grocery store because I was at a party on Saturday and had Church and yard work all day yesterday.  So...  I didn't have anything good to eat last night and had to settle for some pizza that my wife ordered.  I fully expected to have gained weight when I stepped on the scale this morning after having beers and bad food on Saturday, but I had lost about a pound so I didn't feel all that bad (I really wanted to see -3lbs).  I just have to be more careful in the future, and that's going to be hard to do with all the summertime festivities just around the corner.

    Lil Caity- Way to not let them push you around!  You don't have to use a trainer at all if you don't want too.  The gym staff will show you how to use any equipment they have and you can do your own thing.  All you have to do is ask someone.  

    Sharon- I sure hope you don't need surgery!  But...  If you do there's still a lot you can do for cardio and lower body strength.  Just don't let it hold you back anymore than it has too......  How was the lake?

    Laurie- Any update on your recovery?

    Bingle Tiger- Are you still doing boxing too?  Enjoy the soreness.  It means you're growing!

    What's everyone else been up to lately???


  • David- How much rest do you take between sets for the Critical Bench Program?  I've been sticking to the 1 minute rest between sets for all of my UBWO exercises and can't lift near my actual 70% - 90% of my actual one rep max for the last 3 sets due to almost no recovery time from the previous sets.  Just wondering what kind of recovery time you're takng and if maybe it'd be worth it to rest a little longer to lift heavier.

  • Justin - rest time is a little more liberal with this program. In fact, they say the bench press alone should take you a half hour to complete.  It doesn't take me that long, so I may not be resting enough. They say wait until your heard is no longer beating fast, and your breathing has returned to normal.  I am lifting with 2 other guys so it is easily over 1 min b/w sets. They say toward the end of the workout, during the heavier sets to take 5 minutes. I'm not taking that long for sure.

    Here was my routine this morning:

    Bench - Warmup 145 - 10 reps   1. 205 - 6 reps   2.  220 - 3-4 reps  3, 235 - 2 reps

    Incline -  1. 145 - 8 reps  2. 165 - 5 reps  3. 185lbs - 3 reps

    Nautalis Flyes - 3 sets at 8 reps  1. 140  2. 160 3. 160

    That's it.  I started at about 5:30am and finished at 6:15a

    Not sure to take more time - certainly struggling with the final rep on these.

    Sharon - please take me on your diving trip - pretty pleaz!  That  defiinitely sounds like some fun!  Keep us updated on your wrist. Hopefully you won't nee surgery. However if you do, I have no types it won't keep you down.

    Melissa - You come to east Texas this weekend?  How's your shredding going? Loved you pics by the way!

    Flobee, Kat - Kudos to both of you for giving up coffee.  I just can't see myself doing that right now.  That would be breaking a 33 year love affair.

    Michelle - how u doin?  great to see we have another incredible writer to follow in this thread. You defiinitely have a gift!

    Amy - good for you getting all your workouts in last week!  Creating great habits. I like Amy Bingle Tiger.

    Caity - I agree with the others, way to stand up for yourself with the trainer. Not a very good trainer if he thinks only his program should be followed.  I have never used one as I always figured I could find what I needed and motivate myself, but they can be valueable (the good ones),

    Hardhat, Mr Guy - how was your first week?




  • Diva-- Week 6 of C2 for me.  Love this program.

    Keep it up Gladiators.

  • Ok Gladiators...departure from the norm for me...deeper thinking day...

    Every sit back and really wonder "what the heck am I doing with my life?"  I get so caught up in it all and then every once in a while, on a day like today, I stop to think - REALLY?  In the grand scheme of things, is this hot issue at work or stupid petty disagreement with a loved one or whatever really that important?  It's occupying my time and sucking the positive out of me and it feels importants.  But is it really????  Looking back, I can't answer yes very often.  So then I think "what the heck am I doing with my life?"  I think that I am missing the boat but I just don't know where to go to catch it...

  • Sharon-when you ask yourself those questions, when you are able to step back and evaluate the things you do that feel like a waste of energy and time, it means you have caught the boat. Those things actualy do feel important when I have nothing positive to do with my time. The importance will begin to subside when you recognize it and make an active effort to do things differetly. Good for you for doing that!

    Melissa-what sort of animals have you seen while diving? One of my most favorite subjects to draw and paint has been marine mammals. If I ever saw a whale in the wild, I would cry like a baby.

    Justin-glad you brought up those questions about lifting. Its been taking me a while to increase weight and I wonder if its because I am a girl or if I could be doing something better.

    David-thanks for posting your routine. Dang I hope I can lift real weight like that someday!

    Kat- I read back posts and saw your vision board, it looks really cool! I like the horses and the words. Most of the examples of vision boards I have seen have turned me off to th idea. But I really like yours. Its so personal and unique.

    Its hard to reply to everyone because I almost always use my phone to post. I can't look at posts while I already have text down, so I try to read everybodys post on the page and try to remember! I read back some posts about moifications to the exercise. I was saying that I wouldn't feel right doing this trainers routine for BFL cuz it wouldn't be honest- but I was not saying that AT anybody. I didn't even read those post till later! I don't think its bad to do weights or cardio your own way. It was just this trainers routine involved a LOT more cardio and lifting everyday, and a stricter diet. So it was someting totally different. Nobody said I was dissing them, but just incase someone took it that way I wanted to be clear. Its hard talking with only text! But thanks you guys for the support. The biggest reason I didn't walk out of that gym crying was because I didn't feel alone. I thought, "I'ma handle my biz and tell people online what happened" and for some reason it made it all okay. I knew you would be really nice and stuff because you're all so cool! So thanks <3

  • Hi Gladiators - Happy Monday ;)

    Day 8 - "The last thing you WANT to do is often the first thing you NEED to do!" I've talked to thousands and thousands of people who have completed the Body-for-LIFE Program and achieved extraordinary results, and not a single one has said anything remotely akin to, "Bill, I just couldn't wait to take that before photo!" Or, "Bill, I love dragging my butt out of bed at 5:00am, putting on my workout clothes, and doing an intense workout!" I know how it is because I feel the same way. However, it is vitally important to recognize that the feeling of not wanting to do something is actually an Opportunity to exercise your inner strength. You see, when the last thing you want to do is get out of bed early in the morning and work out intensely, but you do it anyway, you immediately experience a burst of positive energy. And the more you exercise your self-discipline in this way, the stronger, healthier and more energetic you'll become! ~Bill Phillips~

    Sharon - We are ALL here at "Earth School" contemplating that question every single day in many different ways. It's NOTabout what should be (or shouldn't be). It is about living in the NOW, staying present, in your body and NOT just in your "logical" head; and then just tusting your highest self to guide yo through this "Life Journey". I believe that we come into this Lfe having made agreements re: what we want to our "Human Experience" to be, and also make "contracts" with other souls (people) to help us learn the lessons that we choose!!! Step into this moment right NOW and stay as present as possible; that is where your true POWER lies!!! Luv ya Girl

    xoxo Kat

  • Today I woke up with the same exact feeling that I did on week 2 of C1.  My throat is on fire and I can't breathe through my nose at all.  I decided to stay in bed instead of going to the gym to try to get enough rest to make it through my work day.  I did a sinus rinse which seemed to help a little, but I still feel like crap.  I feel so bad about missing it that I'm going to go do it after work.  I'm telling myself that it's only 20 minutes and I could do almost anything for that amount of time.  

    I think tomorrow I'm going to increase the rest during my chest exercises to put up more weight.  My chest has not been getting sore like the rest of my body and I think it's because the muscle is getting tired before it gets enough weight to work to it's potential.  I have been pushing them to failure with the weights that I've been using, but I think I'll get a better workout if I take a little more rest and go heavier.  If my chest is sore the next day I'll know I did the right thing.

    Sharon- I feel that way all the time.  The question I ask myself is......  Will this matter to me at all in a year?  My answer to that question determines how much time I'll spend thinking about the subject at hand.  

  • Sharon and Kat - you guys are getting deep.  Agree, we can allow ourselves to get caught up on things that really drain our energy and out time which don't matter for much in the grand scheme of things.  Very hard to be in the present with all that we deal with day to day.    

    Good LBWO this morning - made tough by doing a hardcore hour long spin class yesterday evening.  Legs were definitely getting worked.  This program I'm on is definitely different but I feel that I am getting some good results from it with both strength and size.  Measurements at 4 weeks will tell the tale.  

    Jason - don't feel bad about missing this morning, gotta take care of yourself first.  Hopefully, you will be able to breath better by this afternoon.  Agree with taking additional time.  I'm enjoying that and it does make a difference in how much weight you can use.

    Caity - keep remembering you are not alone.  Don't worry about replying to everybody. Hard thing to do with cell phone and the fact we have a large group.

    Make it a great Tuesday, Gladiators!  

  • Justin, I've been feeling light I have a bit of a cold since about Thursday.  Friday, I couldn't get up for my workout, and then I just went to bed early.  I did my cardio (shred) on Saturday, then on Sunday I did my upper body workout.  I reduced it to 4 sets, though, with higher reps and lower weight similar to what she said in the body for life for women book just as a test.  It sucks, and it doesn't feel like it works.  Plus, it's harder and you can't lift as much weight at the end.  Just FYI for you ladies.  I feel bad because yesterday I completely fell apart and didn't do anything right! LOL.  I had to take my daughter to get her ID.  The point was to get her license, but long story short, she has to take an adult driving course before she can get her license, so I ended up getting the ID.  I had told her that when she finally got an ID I would let her go out and buy a Margarita.  So, off to the mexican place we went and had 2 Margaritas each.  As these things go, it ended up being sort of a party for the rest of the day (from about 2:30 on).  So I'm feeling like crap, with a cold, and guilty for dropping the ball since I didn't get up for my workout this morning.  I don't want to go back to working out evenings, so I guess after doing my cardio tonight, I'll get back on it tomorrow morning.  I guess I should just look at it as another learning experience.

    Caity, I've seen sharks and rays and all kinds of starfish, dolphins, octopi...but no whales, and no turtles.  Thankfully, no sea snakes, either.  I'm with you, I'd be in tears if I saw one.  Not good for underwater in a mask :P.  I actually got to pet and "dance with" a moray eel on a wreck dive off Key West.  That was fantastic! They have no texture, and kind of feel like snot.  I know that sounds weird, but it's all I could think of.  They are scary looking, but actually sweet.  He seems to know our divemaster.  I've always enjoyed that type of art myself.  I'd like to see some of them some time!

    Sharon, I feel like that often.  More so as I've gotten older.  I have plans to go back to school and honor myself as I should, but in the mean time, I find myself often asking myself, "is this all there is?"  After that, I start thinking about all the things I'm thankful for and can usually end up content.  But sometimes, you just want a better road (or river ;))

    David, no E. Texas.  Just hung home this time, but need to see mad Dad soon, so I'll be down within a few weeks, I'm sure.  Shredding is going great!  Getting much better at body weight exercises, which I've always wanted to be able to do.  My knee push-ups are gradually turning to regular "man" push-ups as Sharon calls them.  Can't wait to try some pull-ups!  Need to get the tower for that.

    "Earth School"...Kat, I really love that.

    Amy, good job on the workouts!!!  Sounds like you are on the right track.

    Everyone, keep on keeping on!