Gladiators - Back in the Arena

  • All I can say today is WOW!  I was using a squat machine yesterday and ended with 330lbs for my heaviest set and was doing 200lbs on a seated leg curl machine.  So.....  My legs were very sore from yesterday's workout, and knew the stair climb was going to be tough.  However.....  I decided I wasn't going to let it get in the way of my HIIT and sped up my pace anyway.  I ended up climbing 1081 feet and burning 411 calories in the short 20 minute workout.    

    The deadlifts that I did yesterday were not the stiff legged deadlifts for hamstrings, but the powerlifting type that uses mainly the quads.  I'll post a link so everyone knows what I'm talking about.

    Amy- What company are you with?  I have a friend that works for Boeing up there

    Kat- I had to study the picture you posted really hard to make sure that it wasn't you.  Like you said, I think you're really close to the picture you posted.

    Sharon- If you're mainly vegetarian what do you do for protein sources?  Hope the Dr. Appt goes well!

  • Good morning Gladiators and welcome to Day 4!

    Not too sure about any of you but I am definitely experiencing muscle soreness this week.  My hammys and glutes are very appreciative of the hard work as are my abs.  I pulled out the ab ripper from P90X and boy can I feel it!!!

    Rough week at work doing my job + my bosses.  I feel like a punching bag trying to explain why things are the way they are and how I am going to quickly turn it around.  One question after another being fired at me.  I can hold my own - of course I can, I'm a Gladiator - but that doesn't make it any less painful.  This too shall pass :-)  When it does,  I will be a rockstar!

    With that said, I have had 19 clean meals and 5 great workouts so far!  No slip ups and no slacking.  I am loving C2 ;-)

    Hope you all have an amazing BFL day!



  • Wow Justin--- that's big progress!  Love that you jumped right in to C2.

    Keep it up Gladiators!

  • Awesome progress Justin!

    I promised a recipe a week so here is what I made last night.  I bought the Tan Tan seasoning from the Savory Spice Shop online.  I don't know how easily accessible it is in your local areas but it was reasonable online.

    Tan-Tan Moroccan Spiced Chicken with Preserved Lemon & Dates


    Directions: Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Make a Tan-Tan paste by mixing together 2 Tbsp. each of Tan-Tan Moroccan Seasoning, olive oil and warm water. Coat the chicken in the paste.  Use a non-stick spray (or a tbsp of butter) in a Dutch oven over medium-high heat. Add the chicken and cook for 1 min. on each side. Stir in broth and onions, and then lay parsley leaves on top. Cover and bake until chicken is tender, 20 to 25 min. Remove from oven and reduce heat to 200 degrees. Discard the parsley, transfer chicken to an ovenproof dish and return to oven to keep warm. Bring the remaining sauce in the Dutch oven to a simmer on the stovetop. Add lemon juice, preserved lemon pulp and dates. Simmer for 4 to 5 min. until the dates are heated through. Turn off heat and stir in preserved lemon rinds. Remove chicken from the oven and place on a serving platter. Spoon sauce over dish and garnish with parsley leaves.  Serve with whole grain couscous and steamed broccoli.

    It was awesome last night and even better today for lunch ;-)

    Lets Spice It Up Gladiators!


  • Justin - great progress, man!  Can't wait to see what you do in C2.  Keep it up!

  •  DAY 4 - Body for LIFE Journal daily Lesson-for-LIFE:

    "You will change how you see, not just how you look." I've witnessed transformations that surprise even me! And, having had the opportunity to meet many of these people, to talk with them, and learn from them, I've discovered that they didn't just change how they looked, they changed how they see. They view themselves, the people around them, and the world in a new Light." ~ Bill Phillips"

    This is one of the Transformations that still blow my mind every time I see her pictures!!! Incredible what strength lies within the Human Spirit and Soul... xoxo Kat

  • Elton John's new song- Caaaaaaaaaan you feel your legs tonight? (Tonight)

    The DOMS in my legs is terrible!!  It's hard to get up out of a chair. I'm hoping this is better by morning, but I have a feeling it's going to stay around for a couple of days. I've been trying to find some solutions to the problems. I've seen a lot of articles that say light cardio, massage, heat, and extra protein might work.  But....  I saw an article written by a doctor that said there's nothing you can do but wait it out. I think that's probably right. It seems I've never had anything help with it. I'll just take some meds and hope it gets better soon.

    Hope everyone else is doing well.


  • Jglimmer-you are the bomb!!!!

    Just making a quick post. I am about to go to my 1st ever persnal training appointment!!!! I am so excited. The people at the gym seem excited to help me. One reason is probably that I seem like a prospective client. But I also feel like they are excited to do their job for someone who really cares and will run with what they teach me. I never thought I would be hat person, and I am so happy.

  • Yo fellow Gladiators!  I have a message for all of you:


    I had a great workout this morning - sat on a physioball and watched women zumba class.....from the back row.   Hit all my 10s!

    Followed by - sittin in DA HOT TUB!!

    ''Owwwww!''  ''Too hot in the hot tub!''


    1.  Cold pizza and finished half empty beer bottles from last night (pre-workout)

    2.  Donuts & coffee (post-workout)

    3.  One loaf of bread (need my carbs- wheat, white, whateva..)

    4.  A Lard sammich - No cheese (less fattening)

    5.  Carl's Jr - The Big Carl (gimme some fries!!!)........oh....and a diet coke

    6.  Red Lobster - Fried Seafood Platter (It haz fish in it)

    7.  Sonic large malt (mix some protein in it to make it healthy)

    Meals officially approved by


    Daily Totals:

    Carlories - stratospheric

    Protein - decent amount

    Carbs - need a calculator

    Fats - by the buckets!

    Can't wait for my free day!!

         EPIC WIN!

    A little humor is always a good thing.

    I'll say it again, It's Friday!!!!     Get dancin!   

    Have a great weekend!!!


  •  Good Morning Gladiators :)

    Took me a minute to read through and catch up on everyone's posts this past week. Unless I miscounted , there are officially 13 of us on Team Gladiators – that's LUCKY 13 BABY!!!

    Laurie – I completely agree with what Melissa said in an earlier post, woman, YOU are def a Super-Trooper!!!  You have a positive mental attitude no matter what and it is so contagious GF – we are sooo lucky to have your energy on this Team! Also, check out Ana Caban's Beginner's Pilates Workout DVD (can get it at Target, eBay or Amazon etc...) You don't need anything except a workout mat and maybe a few pillows. It is actually a really amazing floor workout, and most of it I'm sure you could do while the foot is in healing mode (just take it easy like Michele said, don't want you back in the OR anytime soon). You will be surprised at how much strength and core conditioning you can get even from the beginner's workout! I LOVE it; did it everyday for three weeks straight a couple years ago and my muscle tone was almost as good as it is now. Plus it's only about 28 minutes long and the results are incredible. xo

    Amy – Saw the photo you posted during break...YOU are a Bombshell babe! After C2, ur gonna be a “Brickhouse Bombshell”. I know that Bingle is ur nickname outside the Arena walls, but you may have to just adopt this new one for when you're in Gladiator Training mode ;) N yeah Bill definitely rocked that mullet back in the day hahah. xo

    Melissa – Saw that your weight loss goal is the same as mine, 20 pounds! So mathematically it is 100% achievable by reducing our daily caloric intake by 500 calories per day, and then also burning 500 calories per day. Basically we just need to create a 1000 calorie deficit, equaling 7000 calories less per week. I guess 3500 calories is equivalent to exactly one pound of fat, so that equals a safe 2 pound weight loss per week. Then multiply that by 12 weeks and we are looking at 24 pounds give or take. So let's do this thang girl! xo

    David – Uhhh just reading your C2 goals, I don't think you classify as a Mortal either hah! I decided to mix up my workout routine this round also. I am doing more functional fitness, which will be less stress on my body however will probably quadruple my strength! Did Russian Kettlebell Training and TRX Suspension Training yesterday and OMG it's amazing – I LOVED it, and holy crap am I sore today!!! Also going to be following a more specific Macro-nutrient Diet plan to help with that stubborn weight loss... soooo excited to see where we are at by the end of this round!!!BTW – waaay cool that Maximus Junior is on board now too how cool :) xo

    Flygirl – I wish that I missed the gym over the break!!! Maybe it's ADD or something cuz I got reeeaallly bored of the same workouts over and over, so when break time hit – I didn't step one foot inside my Gym! So for sanity sake, I'm still following the BFL Program maybe four days a week (x1 UBWO, x2 HIITS and x1 LBWO) and then add either Pilates, Kettlebells, TRX Suspension Training, etc. I realized really quickly that I am def NOT a “Gym Rat” Lol, so I am going to have to dig a little deeper to keep myself in shape once these Challenges are finished... xo

    Sharon - No worries on the BFL DLFL... I am just copying and pasting from the last thread, so it only takes a min - but THANK YOU for being willing to take it over for me! ;) It actually really helps me get on here everyday also. You saw how quick I was MIA over the break when there was no daily accountability lol. So crazy how "All or Nothing” I can be. I just keep telling myself... BALANCE. Oh and BTW – in case you didn't already figure it out, that “Believe” pic is especially for you, and is actually what I wanted to send to you. So email me your addy when you get a chance, and then you can hang that on your wall for daily Inspiration! Sending you lots of white light and healing energy for that wrist! xo

    Michele – OMG girlfriend, I thought I was a writer! Lol. I know how long it takes to write some of these posts, so thank you sooo much for just jumping right in and adding all the positive vibes; it is sooo WELCOME!!! My ethnicity is half Welsh and half Okinawan (Japanese), so all of the symbols are in Japanese Kanji Script by a really famous Islander artist. I waited until I was 30 years old (I'll actually be 34 this coming Tuesday, May 7th :) before getting ANY tattoos because I wanted to make sure that whatever I got would be something that I would actually want on my body, for Life! So, the first three characters are my name “Kat Divine” and the last four are a Japanese Proverb of being whole and balanced in every area of Life. And then the small red one at the bottom is the traditional “Artist Signature Stamp”. As much as I would LOVE to get more tats, I am actually really happy with what I have goin on already. And YES, I LOVE how the BFL DLFL seem to correlate perfectly each day. He must have designed it that way, knowing what the psychological progression we'd be experiencing through out the 12-week Journey! xo

    Flobee – Okay YOU are officially my HERO! (And anyone else who has given up COFFEE, was that Sharon and Michele?) It is currently my only daily VICE and I'm not kidding, I actually wake up smiling when I smell coffee a brewin in the kitchen. Maybe one day I won't need it, but until that day comes, I am just going to continue to enjoy every last drop! But big props to those of you who can exist without it! ;) xo

    MrGuy – How is my Stud Muffikins doing!?! Hahah. Now with the triple digits here in AZ are you still hittin the mountains and hiking. No mountains for me unless I head up North. Was actually just up in Sedona and Cottonwood and amazing how different it is from the Valley. Would LOVE to own a small Vineyard and Horse Ranch up North one of these days so I can be “city girl” during the week and “country girl” on the weekends! xo

    Lil Caity – I'm pretty sure that YOU are in the lead with overall weight loss for the girls team at 15 pounds AMAZING job woman – just keep lettin it all go, we are right behind you!!! And awesome that you are going to be working with a Trainer! It is sooo different doing a workout with someone who is not only watching your form for safety, but then is also pushing you beyond your “mental limitations”. I promise you, what you thought were your 10's probably won't be after Training. Great job GF!!! xo

    Bart – Awesome to have you with us for C2! Btw – I still use your recommendation from three months ago about drinking the Myoplex before my workouts to keep the nausea under control and it is still works. So def feel free to log on and share any time you have an epiphany ;) xo

    Justin – WOW nice work there boyee, your “Afters” are def proof of how hard you worked in C1. Just keep that machine running and YOU will be hitting ALL your goals in no time! So now that we are officially in C2 are you doin a double flex when drinkin your Protein Shakes??? And thanks, now I am going to have Elton stuck in my head all day Lol xo

    Jr – Hey there Jr :) I've seen a couple of your posts, so wanted to make sure to acknowledge YOU and give you a big Welcome as a Gladiator! What Challenge round is this for you??? xo

    Have an Incredible Day 6 EVERYONE – more Pool Parties are callin my name so will catch up after the weekend! Light and Love xoxo Kat “Hollywood”

  • Hahahaha Maximus YOU are one funny dude - LOVE it!!!

  • UBWO this morning was great!  My legs are still killin me though.  It only hurts when I move, so I've been trying not to do that.......

    All- Thanks for the compliments.  Maybe next time I'll get to fix my hair before the pictures are taken.  Ha!  Both times I had been laying on the couch and asking my wife for about an hour to take the shots.  I decided to wear the same ratty looking shorts for both pics.  In the 1st pic they are too small in the waist and now thay are too big.  

    Lil Caity- Be sure to let us know how it is to work with a certified trainer!  I've always wanted to do that, but we don't even have any at my gym......  

    Kat- I've had to start flexing left only for a while.  During C1 I did it so much with my right arm that it is now noticable that it is bigger than my left.  So.....  Now after I get done with my normal UBWO I do a couple extra sets with my left and then do heavy negatives.  I gotta get them symetrical again!  Your welcome for the Elton.........

    Sharon- Any updates on the wrist?

    David- How's your son liking BFL so far?  

    Amy- Or....  Can we call you The Bingle Tiger?

    Laurie/Melissa/Flygirl/Michele/Flobee/MrGuy/Hrdhat- How's it going?

  • DAY 5 - Body for LIFE Journal daily Lesson-for-LIFE:

    "You must give each and every workout your best effort, and then some!" One of the most important lessons I have to share is that each and every workout you perform matters. You've got just 12 weeks to achieve the goals you've set. That's just 18 Upper Body Workouts, 18 Lower Body Workouts and 36 Aerobic Sessions. You must give each and every workout your best effort, and then some! One of the best ways to boost workout intensity is by increasing your ability to harness your mental power. You can do that by focusing your mind while you carefully plan your workouts ahead of time. Then imagine going through your workout. Rehearse it. See yourself hitting your high points before you even stepo into the gym. See yourself succeeding. Starting with today's upper body workout, go to the next level of training intensity! Test your Inner Strength today and make this workout count! ~ Bill Phillips ~

    Justin - I thought that your right arm looked much bigger than the left in those pix hah ;) Btw - all of the guys I know that do power lifting get those electric car buffers and massage their entire bodies with it - I guess too help move the lactic acid. I tried it and it actually feels awesome right after a workout, or on really sore days. You'll prob love it!

    And YES... LOVE "The Bingle Tiger" for Amy - hahah that's so puuurrfect

    xoxo Hollywood

  • Posting Day 6 BFL DLFL a day early cuz won't have my laptop with me manana...

    DAY 6 - "A little 'extra nothing' can go a long way!" - The pursuit of worthy goals requires hard work, persistence and intense focus. There's no doubt about it. However, one of the important lessons I've learned over the years is that sometimes a little "extra nothing" can go a long way. By that I mean don't underestimate the importance of rest and relaxation. A certain amount of "down time", or free time, helps renew energy, clear the mind, and heal the body. That's why one day out of every seven, on the Body-for-LIFE Program, I encourage you to take a break. Eat whatever you want, don't exercise, don't plan, don't record anything (in your journal). Just flat out take the day off from anything Body-for-LIFE-related. And certainly don't feel guilty about doing some extra nothing. It's part of the process of making progress and succeeding. So enjoy tomorrow, your first free day-you've earned it! :) ~Bill Phillips~

    HAPPY CINCO de MAYO Weekend Gladiators... might take Fendi (my Chi) to the Chihuahua races!!! First Place is $500!!!

    xoxo Kat