Gladiators - Back in the Arena

  • Howdy, friends.  Wow, I've been slammed the past few days, but very happy to be Back On the Plan.

    Kat, I'm sorry you couldn't get the shoot you wanted, but I still think your pics are amazing! One thing after another in getting mine done.  My camera won't connect to the computer anymore, so I have to find another way.  I would use my cell phone, but it takes HORRIBLE pics.  I can do like Justin and upload my pics from sometime last year with a friend when I look so much like a cow for reference.  I've lost several more pounds since the end of the last challenge, so already they are not representative of how I ended the last challenge.

    Flobee,  your post made me smile...sweetpeas!!  I love it.

    Caity, YOU GO GIRL!!!  I still haven't hit 15 lbs down yet.  You're amazing!

    David, congrats on your son hitting the program.  Seems like your wife doesn't need it!

    Laurie, you're awesome!  Your dedication is infectious! Keep on healing :)

    Flygirl, I agree with you on that 100%!  It feels awesome to be back on the plan, but my muscle are so happy that I took that time not lifting!  

    RAWRRR back at ya, MrGuy!

    Bart? Was he coming back with us?  I know Michele (SteeleVixen) is floating around somewhere, we're looking forward to having you in our little mix here.

    Sharon, me and you both with the accountability, but I'm gonna post that separately for the sake of readability.



  • You will be proud of me.  I have gotten up in the AM and done my workout yesterday and today.  I think I'm strong enough this round to do that, when I wasn't before.  I've cut out my afternoon coffee.  I'll be cutting my morning coffee in half by the end of the week.  That's a biggie for me!  Coffee is the last thing that I was unwilling to compromise on.  I will have no addictions then, if you don't count mmorpgs.

    I did the 30 day shred for my cardio, and I think I will continue to do so, because she does it in intervals of strength, cardio, then abs in such a way that the intensity moves as it should for the most part.  You're doing the strength and the abs in such a way as to recover for the intensity of the cardio.  I've noticed such a difference in my "working strength" enough to make it too valuable to abandon.  Plus, my daughter has decided to do that instead of weight lifting because of her trouble with lifting.  I'm wiped by the time we start stretching, which gives me time to catch my breath.  It really goes for 25 minutes or so.  It seems to fit, but if I outgrow it, I will go back to pushing it with bikes, walking/jogging, etc.  I don't really feel like I'm cheating on BFL because there are no videos that are specific to body for life.

    So here are the stats starting out::

    weight, 155                          size 10 (has gotten loose)

    waist 34.5"                           hips: 41.25"

    thigh  22.5"                           calf 15.75"

    chest  32.5"                          neck 13"

    forearm 10"                          bicep 13.25"

    I didn't post them last time, but I could go back and dig out what they were from sparkpeople.  I know I lost inches in some areas and gained in others.  I don't know why they have you measure your neck.  Mine hasn't changed at all.

    That's it for now!  Have a great day!


  • Day number 2 in!! Hope everyone did well and had a good day. I got the journal for this round and have plans on doing cardii in a.m.. Was wondering about the 20 minute session we are to do. Are u guys sticking to that or are u doing lots more?. And does anyone know reason we are not supposed to drink coffee? Have a good night and sweet dreams. Will check into tomorrow after legs. Weeeeeeeeeeee

  • Hi Team!

    Glad to be back at it for challenge 2! Got in my UBWO yesterday and my HIIT today.

    My arms are sore after the UBWO yesterday! One of my goals for this challenge is to push myself harder on increasing my weights. I think I was scared to increase too much in the last challenge, which may be partially why I did see as much change as I wanted to. I need to make sure I am hitting my 10's on the weights.

    A second goal is to lose 10-15 lbs. I did not have much movement on the scale for C1, so I am going to make some changes to my diet and hopefully that makes a difference this round.

    Keep up the hard work, everyone!


  • Day 2 of C2 - DONE!!!!

    So far this week I've done 11 clean meals (one snack left to go tonight), a extremely modified UBWO due to the still healing wrist, a HIIT session and a Zumba class.  Oh - and I have worked 35 hours so far.  Yup - it's only Tuesday.  David - I so feel your pain of being the lone car remaining in the parking lot.  That has been my week so far with no relief in sight.

    My boss was fired over the weekend and I was asked to step into her job until we find a replacement.  I am already short staffed 2 people on my communications team and one on my training team so we have all been killing it at work for weeks now.  However, when you are asked to step up, you step up.  SO now I am the project manager for our global initiative.  I know how to do this job, I am a certified PMP project manager but I don't love doing it.  I think that I will enjoy the challenge in front of me though.   I usually don't back down from a good challenge so bring it on!  As is stands, we are jacked up right now so I'll come out of this a rockstar.  The alternative is that the project fails miserably and that isn't an option for me - ever.  So, long hours here I come...

    That does not however distract or deter me from our C2.  Nothing will!!!  I am warrior - hear me roar.  Something like that...hahaha...

    I did my measurements and weighed in this morning.  Not too sure what happened on the 2 weeks between challenges but my scales are almost right back to where we started back in January.  I thought that I had removed 9 lbs but it turns out that I had just lost them.  Sadly, they appear to have been found.  My measurements aren't that much better :-(  Ear muffs boys - part of it could be to the timing of my weigh in and measurements.  It coincides with mother natures not so gentle reminder that I'm not pregnant - DUH!!!!  Again, sorry boys but it does factor into weigh and measurements I think. Bottomline - my bottom line is bigger than I want it to be so I will work harder and push harder than ever this challenge.  I will get the results that I want because I am willing to work hard for them.  I am willing to make myself, my health, and my happiness a priority. 

    It looks like I am flying solo on this challenge too Justin and David.  When I asked the hubby if he wanted to do this with me and enter as a couple he replied "sure."  When I asked him about it again and if he was really going to commit with me, again he replied "sure."  Over the weekend when I asked him if he was ready to start on Monday (he's in Calgary during the week) he replied "sure."  I have come to the realization that he does not understand the meaning of the word sure.  I think he had it confused with "Ummm - No Thank You!  Silly boy...  

    I have my goals separated into two categories - short term (C2 goals) and long term (parents 50th wedding anniversary celebration this December in the Caribbean - announced yesterday)

    Short Term (C2):

    • Reduce body fat by 10% - that sounds like a lot but I have a lot to remove still
    • Fit comfortably into a size 8/10
    • Be able to do 5 unassisted pull ups
    • Be able to do 30 push ups - real push ups, no whimpy push ups from the knees
    • Permanently change my relationship with food - clean eating
    • Increase strength by 15% - measured my amount able to lift both upper and lower body
    • Continually challenge myself in the HIIT workouts - increased resistance and faster pace

    Long Term Goals

    • >20% body fat
    • Size 4/6 clothes
    • Be comfortable in shorts, tank tops, sun dresses, and swim suites
    • Return to running if at all possible - not an option now with a very bad knee (4 surgeries).  However, with all the excess weight removed and less stress on the joints, you never know what is possible
    • Complete the Tough Mudder in February of next year - if my knee can handle the 12 mile distance
    • Be able to do 10 unassisted pull ups
    • Be able to do 50 push ups - manly style
    • Increase strength by 30%
    • Have muscle definition in legs, shoulders, back and ABS (for the first time ever)

    Back to work I go for a few hours.  Need to get a solid game plan for my all day back-to-back-to-back meetings.  

    So happy to be with all of you on our continued journey together!  You each are amazing in your own rights and collectively, we ROCK.   I can't imagine having a better group of people to share this experience with.




  • Hello gladiators!

    Still here.  Did UBWO yesterday and am a bit sore today.  Had an unexpected project pop up this week.  Did not make it to my HIIT today but I can make it up Sunday.  The wife is on a strange shift so that complicates things but will make it work.  Going to focus on eating better this time.  Would like to get my chest press up to 200 lbs and squat to 280.  Shooting for 20 lbs fat loss.  Should be achievable.  Not going to have much time for posting in the next few weeks but I will be reading and working out.  


  • Life is like a boxing match

    defeat is declared not when you fall,

    but when you refuse to stand again.

    ~Muhammad Ali~

    Good Mornin' Team Gladiators!

    Apologies for my delayed response but Mother Nature let me know last night who is REALLY in charge. Like clockwork, the typical summer monsoon season of Florida has begun. Was "this close" to finishing my post last night when BAM!!!, I lost power due to a rather nasty thunderstorm. Not a good idea to use electrical devices, especially computers, when the lightning is popping overhead every 10 to 20 seconds. Power kept coming and going for a few hours. By then I was waving the proverbial "white flag" and decided I'd try again later. Though I was thankful for the rain (had a close call a few weeks ago with brush fires in my area) I'm very respectful of the potential disastrous consequences of lightning strikes. I've had quite a few close calls over the years. Nothing will get you moving faster than a blistering, white-hot flash of lighting eclipsed only by the searing, crackling roar of thunder and car alarms going off all around you! This 'ole gal can move when she has too!

    Ok, gotta say this before I go any further... TEAM GLADIATORS ROCK!!!

    I'm so proud of each and every one of you. Your discipline, dedication and convictions are not only positive affirmations they are shining examples of what can be achieved when one gets past the "mental roadblocks" we tend to erect on our prospective "Journey of Life". You all inspire me to be a better person, in all aspects of my life. AC/DC said it best: "For Those About To Rock, We Salute You" and we are sooo gonna ROCK this Challenge!

    Looks like everyone is more focused with more clear-cut goals this challenge. I've been mulling over mine since the end of this last challenge. I was very pleased with my results from the previous challenge. I went from 248 lbs to 223 lbs as of last Thursday (Cindy my trainer at Snap Fitness did my physical assessment). I feel very confident I will drop another 25 lbs this challenge and will be within range of my goal weight of 175 lbs by the end of the additional challenge I have committed myself to. At 5'10" and "large framed" for a woman, I'm built like the average size guy so 175 lbs is "my normal". I drop below 170 and I start to resemble a half-starved, dejected contestant from one of those "marooned on an deserted island" reality shows.  

    Short Term Goals (End of this challenge)

    1. Do a "Happy Dance" when the scale is below 200 lbs

    2. Comfortably fit into size 10 Levis

    3. Break 180 lbs on the bench press

    4. Break 8mph on the treadmill

    5. Break 10rpm on the Arc Trainer

    6. Compete in the 2013 "vertical" challenge in Tampa (climb 42 stories/914 steps)

    7. Continue to be a better person than I was yesterday

    Long Term Goals

    1. Continue BFL

    2. Return to martial arts or possibly MMA

    3. Become "certified" Diver

    4. Do more charity/fund raiser events in the local community

    5. Continue to be a better person than I was yesterday

    Maximus - OMG - I almost drowned drinking my glass of water when I came across your "SO SEXY" C2 before pic. Back fur is da BOMB baby! Gives women something to hold onto and twirl their fingers through... LOL  Your Robin Williams "Good Morning Vietnam" pic definitely invoked some nostalgia... thanks for posting, it shows your creative side and gives hints as to your character. "You're Good Folk" as they say down in the deep South. I'm very interested in your feedback this challenge since you're incorporating the "Critical Bench" methodology. Sorry to hear your wife won't be joining this challenge but hey, your son is on-board and that is AWESOME! The two of you will ignite that competitive spark with one another and that's when you both will progress by leaps and bounds. Hang on, your BFL ride is about to get HAIRY!!! (pun intended) hahahahaha 

    Kat - I wanted to make sure you know just how appreciated you are. Thanks so much for re-posting the BFL Daily Journal Lessons this challenge. I thoroughly enjoyed them last time you posted them. It's funny how each one seemed to "hit home" during the trials and tribulations of the previous challenge. Seemed like his "mental musings" were in sync with mine everyday. Great motivation! And girlfriend, I can't wait to see your progress at the end of this challenge. You have my utmost respect for all your hard work. Amazing how once we control the mind everything else just falls into place... Btw, I was wondering what your "tat" symbols down your spine stand for. Couldn't make them out, are they Chinese? I've got three dragons, each one represents a year of martial arts.

    Melissa - Way to go with the AM workouts. And yeah, I can totally relate to "putting-that-little-monster-known-as-caffeine-in-a-bottle-on-the-top-shelf". Caffeine withdrawal can be very challenging both mentally and physically (needed Tylenol for the detoxing headaches). But that was almost a year ago this upcoming June. Only liquids that satiate my thirst are water and the occasional glass of organic milk. Don't miss the caffeine, sugar or other gunk you get from sodas or Starbucks lattes. I agree, the 30 day shred for your cardio should be adequate. It incorporates interval intensity and as long as you're challenged it will count. Still might want to switch up your cardio after the 30 days anyway since your body will be quite adapted to this activity. Have you viewed any of Jillian Michaels workout videos? I previewed a few from the library and was impressed with her "Shred It With Weights", "No More Trouble Zones" and "Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism". I was looking at your stats. What was your total weight loss from last challenge?  What is your height? Reason I ask is my impression of you is that you're a petite woman??? Yeah, I read the BFL for women a few months back. I was "meh" about it. Guess I need a more structured, demanding routine then what I thought she was offering. I suppose it would be a good stepping stone for those who are new to fitness and need to start out at a more reserved pace.

    Justin - Yeah, I'd say a 15 mile hike in uneven terrain counts as a good workout. Turkey huntin' huh? Did you bag one? I haven't been huntin' in years. Use to "still" hunt with my 60 lb "draw weight" compound bow for white tail deer in Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee and the Carolinas. Sorely miss some good ol' backstrap. Your "weedwackin" outfit is a hoot. You'd fit right in with some of the landscape crews I see out and about year round here in the Tampa area. Sounds like your game plan is in place regarding your workout schedule. "Way to go Idaho" for staying focused and disciplined.

    Sharon - I often scratch my head and wonder if you are truly just "human" in the sense that you are such a go getter with your career, personal life, goals, responsibilities, etc. How in the world do you pull it all together? You must be one heck of an organizer and planner. Because you've definitely got the bite radius of a pit bull, meaning once you sink your teeth into something and lock your jaws, you don't let go. Glad your wrist is on the mend. I'm sure you're frustrated by the time it's taking for the healing process, I know I would be having some issues with it if I were in your shoes. Are you going to do any PT? Any projected date for MMI? (MMI - Maximum Medical Improvement) Kudos for being creative and working with what you've been dealt. 

    Laurie - Glad to hear your surgery has been completed. Now onto the road of recovery. Wish I had some ideas for LBWO but honestly, you need to give your body this time to heal properly so you don't suffer any further serious setbacks. When they start putting foreign objects into your body to hold it together, you HAVE to be more careful with any use or manipulation of the affected area. You don't want to have an "appliance" failure and have to go under the knife again for a replacement part.

    Bartman aka Silent Gladiator - Don't you just love the curve-balls of life? Especially when you're the only one who seems to catch 'em??? LOL Want to break 280 on squats eh? My hat's off to you. Two right knee surgeries and I have to pass on that kind of poundage. Currently I'm benching 140 lbs for the 6 reps. Will continue to work towards my goal of 180 lbs by the end of this challenge. Respectable considering back in 1991 I was able to bench 280 lbs. I tried so hard to break 300 lbs but ultimately settled for what I was able to achieve. Oh, and post whenever you can, it's always good to hear from ya!

    Lil Caity - 15 lbs loss?! Excellent work! Want to share a secret with you... if you stay clean on your diet, make each one of your workouts count, you will continue to burn the fat especially these last few weeks of the challenge and here's the kicker. Even during my three week active rest, I lost another seven pounds. I did not do any HIIT or weight training during the active rest period. Instead I took daily hour long walks at a brisk pace and alternated between pilates, yoga or Zumba on the Kinect and daily 30-45 minute meditation sessions. So glad I took the "active rest". I've come back even stronger mentally and physically since the last challenge. Stay the course woman, you've got this in the bag!

    Flobee - Your little euphemisms are priceless. They always make me smile. I've come across differing opinions concerning coffee. Some feel the caffeine has a positive effect on weight loss as well as giving the extra stimulation to the nervous system. Most agree you should only have it "black". Others feel it's a toxin and shouldn't be used. Me, personally, I think life is just too darn short as it is. Do what works for you and just be willing to deal with the repercussions of your choices. I discontinued ALL caffeine almost a year ago and I honestly don't miss it. As far as the cardio or HIIT this round, I'm doing Bill Phillips 5/25. I switched from the prescribed 20 mins of HIIT to 5/25 the last two weeks of this past challenge. If you're not familiar with 5/25 go to I find I push myself harder and further based on his latest principles. And I will be adding more cardio not HIIT to my daily routine. I will continue my daily hour long walk and work on some boxing/kickboxing since I plan to return to martial arts before the end of the year.

    Amy - Curious as to why you were scared to increase the weights last challenge. Are you afraid of bulking up? You really need to hit those 10's if you want to break the plateau you're on. Don't think you have to worry about bulking up as long as you keep your diet clean. Women's metabolism (ie. hormones) are NOT designed for huge, manly muscle size, unless they deliberately manipulate their hormones by artificial means. You would need to supplement your diet with testosterone and human growth hormone and decrease your estrogen to see that kind of change. Even more important than increasing your weight load on your UB/LBWO, your diet is the key. Stick to lean choices of protein (you know the drill - white meat chicken, turkey, egg whites, salmon, tuna, etc.). Replace your carbs with non-starchy veggies with the exception of breakfast and lunch. Try cutting back or eliminating any bread consumption. These are some things I did this last challenge. I kept experimenting and tweaking, keeping a log/journal of my self-experimentation. I did a lot of research on women's metabolism. I highly recommend Jillian Michael's book "Master Your Metabolism" (borrowed a copy from the library)  Bottom line, since we're all unique and different, one size does not fit all. This is all a learning process, so just be informed and do what works for you. I'm sure you will get the results you want if you push yourself out of your comfort zone.

    MrGuy - Wanted to give you a shout out. Hope life is treating you kindly. Was wondering what kind of stats you're getting on the Arc Trainer. Are you using the arm bars? We have Arc Trainers with and without them. I've tried both. I'd rather use my arms because not using them is essentially only half a workout. I'm slowly increasing the intensity. Presently can do between 4rpm and 7rpm for 15 mins. Plan to transition my HIIT on the Arc within a few weeks once I get my time up to 25 mins. Check in when you can, we'd love to hear from ya!

    FlyGirl - Great to have you on-board. Though I asked to join this challenge, I've been shadowing this awesome group of folks since they started back on January 21. The group I had originally planned to join fizzled out. David aka Maximus was part of that group and moved over here so I just caught a delayed piggy back ride.And yes, it's great to be feeling the "soreness" again. How did your previous challenge turn out? One of the core concepts of this group is support. We're here for each other, learning, growing, nurturing, all the right ingredients for an awesome recipe of "BFL Champions Pie". So come on in, pull up a seat and dig in. Look forward to getting to know you and seeing your transformation.

    Well, I need to sign off for now. Wishing everyone a great day and productive week. Will check back in soon while dodging the lightning bolts. Gotta make good on a promise: told David in another post I would share some of my veggie recipes. So be looking for them later this week. Take care Team and "GO GET SOME"!!!  HOOORAAA!!!


    ~Annuit Coeptis~

    Gives nod to our Endeavor

    (Higher Power approves the work we started)

  • LBWO this morning was killer!  I can't even feel my quads right now!  That means tomorrow's stair climb HIIT is going to be a rough one!

    I've been super busy after work so I haven't had time to post my challenge pics.  I'm going to try to to that today when I get home.  Warning- I have no tan in the pics and forgot to pump up before the final shots.  So if you have sensitive eyes don't look.

    Anyone here doing regular deadlifts?  I didn't do any during C1, but did some today after I finished my LBWO.  I't been a long time since I've done any, but it felt good to get a few in.  I had to go light since my legs were already shot, but I'm thinking I'll probably swap them for squats on some days.

    Amy- Don't be afraid to increase those weights.  It's the only way to tax your muscles and shock them into growth mode.

    Sharon- How much longer is your recovery on the wrist supposed to take?  What do your communications people do exactly?  I have a degree in Mass Comm, but I never used it.  I went into manufacturing after college instead.  I just kind of ended up there somehow.  I worked as a scheduler/materials manager for Ames True Temper, and then I moved to Iowa and was the Master Production Scheduler for John Deere's foundry.  I had to create schedules for about 3000 employees and had total responsibility of all of the inventory so I know what you mean about having to do waht it takes and work long hours.  Most of my work weeks were around 85 hours, and never below 60 hours.  I moved back home 3 years ago and work as a sales estimator for a steel fabricator.   The hours here are great.

    Michele- I didn't get a turkey yet, but I still have this weekend.  I pretty much do all types of hunting and fishing, but my favorite is white tailed deer.  It's one of the leanest sources of protein you can get in a mammal.  I have to keep my legs in shape so I can drag those 200lb monsters out of the woods!  Now that's a workout!!!  

    Well....  Better get some work done.


  • Good morning Gladiators!  Just checking in with you guys.  Big group... you guys are rocking it.

    Flobee-  No one says no coffee.  But the caffeine has a bit of a diuretic effect, so the BFL book suggests drinking an extra glass of water with every cup of coffee.  I drink 1-2 cups every day.  Black.

  • Honored to have you post here, JR, you totally rocked your challenge.  I'm with him, Flobee, at present I drink 1-2 cups of black coffee just in the AM.  But I also drink about 12 cups of water a day before I lose count.  I was drinking it in the evening after work, too, for a pick-me-up.  I felt that the interruption in sleep that you usually don't even notice wasn't worth it given how hard we drive ourselves on this.  I plan to cut gradually down to one cup in the AM, then possibly go for NONE when I feel ready.

    Michele, WOW, great post!  Love the quote at the top, and of course the AC/DC reference ;).  I want to do martial arts of some kind some day myself.  I am 5'4" (or slightly shorter).  When I started the last challenge, I was between 165 and 168 pounds (my weight typically fluctuates that much in a day) and I wore a snug size 14.  I didn't get the jaw-dropping progress that some people do, but I'm grateful for every little bit with struggling through the thyroid meds.  The weight loss picked up a tad when I stopped weight-lifting, but I don't want to stop the lifting.  I am so happy with how I feel and what I can do now, I'm in it for the long haul.  Plus, it's really great to look down and see so much less stomach than before.  That's worth all the effort.  Plus, my daughter stopped me to tell me how great I look the other day, and that's not something that she does easily, so it was really empowering.  I also have Jillian's "Ripped in 30" that I will try when I work through the shred.  After that, I will go wherever looks best next.  I'd prefer it to be more traditionally cardio because of the soreness from the weightlifting, but for now, it's better than what I was doing and I think will yield better results.

    David, just remember that, if you follow Justin's advice, hairy means you're not working hard enough.  Forewarned is forearmed.  ;)

    Justin, I do deadlifts.  It's difficult to lift enough weight to work the hams like I want without twinging my lower back, so I have to be very careful.  Just ask Caity, she knows what I mean.  I'm very white myself, so no worries about the pics.  I might spray tan for my final after pics, but hey, right now I'm just going with the flow.  Mine befores are going to be pasty as well.

    Flobee, I am not doing any more than my 3 sessions a week, nor did I last time.  I'm sticking to what I know I can do for life, and I know I can't upkeep more than what is outlined in the BFL plan.

    Bartman!!! Good to see you, we'll be keeping an eye out for you!

    Sharon, you absolutely ARE a superstar.  Remember Molly Shannon on SNL? When your challenge is over, I want a picture of you in that superstar pose.  It would be classic!!

    Amy, I think it's smart to be careful of injuries.  I do that sometimes, too...better safe than sorry.  As far as getting to the point of lifting more, I would like to see a personal trainer to check/correct my form.  Maybe we could both do that, then we would know for sure what we could lift without injury.  I've been thinking about that a lot lately.  Funny thing is, my sister in S. Dakota could do it (she's has a kinesiology degree) and used to be part owner in a Gold's Gym in Houston.  She's just so far away.  Personally, I don't care how much weight I can lift or get to just as long as I keep improving.  I know so little about what's the standard for all that that I don't even know what my body fat % is.  I would know my goal for it if I could figure out exactly how much it already is!!  I KNOW it's WAY less than it was.

    I put some pics on my profile, and I picked the fattest most miserably hideous ones I could find.  I really want people to see how bad it was before I post my "after/befores."  The series of pics that the hula hoop one came from (that my friend posted to facebook and tagged us all in before I could catch them and delete them) inspired me to go back on BFL, especially since they went out to my daughter...and therefore her stepmother saw them...and all my friends that haven't seen me since high school >.<.  I'm sure you ladies feel what I'm saying there.  I'll post the rest once I can crop out my friend and my daughter just because they haven't given their ok to be in them.  

    Peace out!



  •   DAY 2 - Body for Life Journal daily Lesson-for-LIFE:

    "See where you're going before you get there." Now that you have taken your before photo and are clear about where you're starting from, it's vitally important to develop an image or vision of where you want to go. One of the ways you can do that is to find an example, possibly one of the success stories in this book, of someone who's made the type of transformation you'd like to make. Try cutting out pictures of people whose Transformation you admire and post them some place where you can see them everyday. Remember, the fact that they have succeeded is proof you can do it too! Focus on how good you will feel in that new, healthy, energetic body. The more you visualize your best body, the more empowered your mind-set will become, and the more resolve you will have to get there. Imagine it day and night, and let this fuel your success! ~Bill Phillips

    This is absolutely 1000% TRUE!!! Our "Subconscious Master Manifesting Mind" does NOT know the difference between a 2D image and a 3D tangible object; meaning that if you focus enough mental energy, or more specifically, your very clear INTENTIONS, it has no choice but to physically manifest from the dimension of thought - transitioning form in to the dimension of what we perceive to be our actual Reality. Once YOU really and truly understand that, YOU can create ANYTHING that you want in this LIFE!

    This is for ONLY those who really do want to re-program and transform their thinking patterns: Repeat this Affirmation out loud DAILY: "I CAN DO... I CAN HAVE... and I CAN EXPERIENCE ANYTHING THAT I WANT!!!" The more you say it, the more you will believe it. The more you believe it, the greater your conviction will become. The greater the conviction, the faster the Manifestations!!! And please remember, the Universe is unbiased. We as humans are taught to assign what is "good or bad, right or wrong". So whatever it is that you choose or allow to fill your mind with (again positive, neutral or negative) is what WILL show up in your Life!

    The above pictures are: my "Magazine Clipping – Future Body Avatar" Lol and my Life's Dreams and Desires "Vision Board". I found a picture in a magazine years ago of what I wanted MY BODY to look like, and then cut-out my face from a photo and glued it on there :) I've had it on my fridge off and on for a few years, and I am NOW finally really close to actually attaining that physique – sooo cool! (I'll  have to re-post my 2005 “Before Pics” for those of you that came aboard this Forum later. My BFL Journey started back then at 220 pounds... Between doing the BFL Program and “Manifestation Techniques” like these are what took me from that reality to where I am at TODAY! The Mind-Body connection are that strong!)  Then the "Vision Board" is a bunch of magazine images and words that I collected and then just before C1, created a large poster board size Collage. I keep both of these very visible, along with ALL of my daily Affirmations; so I KNOW that one day I WILL manifest ALL of it!

    xoxo Kat

  •        This will be my 3rd Official time entering the Body-for-LIFE Challenge!!! The first two pictures are of me back in 2005 weighing in at 220 pounds. The second two are of me this past January 2013 for C1 at 170 pounds. And of course the last two are of me this past Sunday taking my "before's" for C2 at 164 pounds. Oh also, I wanted to post Bill Phillips "Before and After" pics - the ones that started it ALL... This is what is POSSIBLE when we get our heads right. Thought is REAL, Physical is the ILLUSION... ~Cuba Gooding Jr. in What Dreams May Come~

    xoxo Hollywood


    Will forever envision Robin Williams now… trying not to picture Mr. Sexy with the love rug on backwards …ewwwww

    @Justin – I really do love the picture of you with the weed wacker!  I think that’s awesome   Great goals for C2.  They are measureable and attainable.  I think that you are going to kill it.  I do deadlifts and LOVE them!!!!  Perfect exercise for hammys and glutes.  Follow up on Friday for the wrist.  Fingers crossed!  My comms team is responsible for all messaging about our project (global procurement system that we are putting in place) to our clients, senior leadership, and internally within our company.  Lots of postcards, newsletters, mini-campaigns, etc.  I love that piece of my job as well as the training.  As I’ve mentioned before, I am an educator by trade and spent 13 years in public education.  Love helping people learn!  Not at all a hunter and trend towards vegetarian so can’t really relate…

    @Kat – how are you feeling????  I am so sorry to hear that you were so sick during our last week of “active rest.”  Your after pics are terrific though and I am super excited to see what you do this 12 weeks.  Not so sure about the whole puppy freight train thing but I think I get the general idea of where David was going! Thank for posting the Daily Lessons for Life.  I was going to take that over for you but my time go way out of my control and I just didn’t beat you too it!  

    @David – Those are some kick ass goals that you have set for yourself!  Awesomeness in the making – or rather, more awesomeness in the making! I haven’t done Twoadays since college.  I would LOVE to be able to get back into that kind of a routine but it ain’t happening anytime soon.  Just be careful and don’t overexert yourself.  Multiple hard workouts coupled with little sleep isn’t giving your body the recovery time that it needs.  Spoken out of love and concern…not nagging.  That’s reserved for my hubby - hahaha

    @flygirl51 – It feels amazing to get back into the gym and back into a routine doesn’t it?!?!  I too kept feeling “off” and like something just wasn’t quite right.  Congrats on pushing through and getting it done even when you were tired and not particularly motivated!

    @Lil Caity – I am soooo jealous that you are across the street from Lifetime Fitness.  I absolutely LOVE that gym.  I had one about 2 miles from my house but we moved.  I don’t love my current gym but I live in the boonies so there aren’t many options.  Congrats on losing 15 lbs.  That incredible!!!  Can’t wait to see your final results.

    @MrGuy – I can’t wait to see your abs either   Hope you are surviving the torrential heat wave that we are having.  Triple digits Gladiators.  The is absolutely no doubt in my mind that summer has arrived with a vengeance here in Arizona.  

    @Flobee – Can’t wait to see your pictures!  I gave up caffeine just to try to get the chemicals out of my system.  I took a hard look over the Christmas holidays at all of the artificial crap that I was putting into my body and it kinda grossed me out.  So, for New Years, I cut out caffeine and soda.  It was just a personal decision I made.  Trying to honor my body more.  I love my journal and I also try to get my HIIT sessions done in the morning before breakfast.  Again, that is just a personal preference for me.

    @Laurie – How ya doing?  What did the doctor say?  Can’t wait to see your pic either 

    @Melissa – shout out to you for getting up and getting in done!!!  Awesome job and yes, you are stronger than you were.  Lots of debate on the caffeine thing here.  I gave it up January 1st and I ain’t gonna lie – it was tough initially.  Now, I don’t miss it at all.  I drink coffee in the mornings but I do decaf.  I mainly stick with water and an occasional adult beverage now and again.  My body appreciates the sacrifice.  Woot woot on your size 10s being loose.  That rocks!!!  That’s my goal by the end of this challenge.  Loose 10s or 8s.  I’ll get there 

    @Amy – DON’T BE AFRAID – go for it!!!!  Push yourself and see what happens.  You’ll be amazed at what you can do when you give in and go for it.  Love that your Upper Body is sore.  That means you did good things in the gym   You’ll be rewarded – just keep at it.

    @Bart – so glad that you are still with us.  We will miss you in your absence but look forward to quick shout outs whenever you can grab a few minutes to spare.  

    @Michele – so happy to have you here with us!  I love your insight and you’re a great inspiration.  Great results for you too on C1.  All good things to be proud of.  Love the “marooned on a deserted island” reality show reference.  I have to admit, I am a Survivor fan myself.  Love that Jeff Probst   Your goals are amazing.  180lbs on the bench press is overwhelming to me.  I’m happy to be adding plates to the bar!!!  You so nailed my personality.  I have always been an over achiever.  I don’t know any other way to be.  My parents had high expectations for me and pushed me academically and athletically.  That has carried over to every aspect of my life.  I get teased CONSTANTLY for my almost OCD organizational skills.  Plan, plan, plan…that’s what I do.  If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.  Motto I live by.  I somehow seem to be able to balance that obsession with the ability to be spontaneous and go with the flow in social situations.  Trust me though – I am definitely human.  Everyone here saw me stumble and fall more than once during C1.  I didn’t achieve my goals.  I didn’t even really complete the challenge technically.  But – none of that bothers me.  Who cares right?  I have a follow up appointment for my wrist on Friday.  Thanks for asking and I’ll keep you posted.

    Ok – I think that I am finally caught up.  Whew…that’ll teach me for getting behind in responses.  Have a great BFL day all.  I’ll share a new yummy recipe tomorrow 



  • Hi Team!

    Went to the gym today for my LBWO. I was feeling tired but I still made it to the gym and completed my workout. Someone caught me yawning in between reps and called me out on it! But hey, at least I was there!

    Michele--That's a good question. I am not sure why I was afraid to increase the weights. I have read so many times (and seen) that women will not bulk up, so I don't have a good reason as to why I didn't push myself harder. Thank you for the information. I am going to look into reading that Jillian Michaels book.

    Justin--I did deadlifts today for legs, so I am going to continue doing them over the next couple weeks on legs day. I read what you said about your work history, and funny enough, I currently work for an Aerospace manufacturing company in St. Louis and I am the production scheduler. My company only has about 100 employees, so it is on a much smaller scale than the John Deere foundry where you worked. I have a degree in accounting and a MBA, so it is not what I went to school for either.

    Melissa--That's a great idea. Too bad your sister doesn't live closer to you, she would be an invaluable resource to you and your transformation! You should definitely get your body fat % checked now and at the end of the challenge. Even though I did not see much movement on the scale, I did see a change in my body fat % which is always good!

    Kat--That is great inspiration for this challenge with your vision board and future body avatar. You are definitely close to your "future body avatar" from what I can see from your pictures. Still impressed from your transformations. Thanks for posting the pictures of Bill Phillips. It is definitely inspirational too. Love his mullet in the before pic :)

    Sharon--Thanks for your encouragement. You are right! I love feeling sore and knowing that I am pushing myself.

    I will be sure to remember everyone's words of encouragement and make sure I push myself every time I am at the gym. Thanks again to everyone.


  • DAY 3 – Body-for-LIFE Journal daily Lesson-for-LIFE:

    “Life gives you the choice... either learn to overcome challenges or succumb to them.” One of the most important lessons I've learned is that life has numerous challenges in store for each of us, some expected, some unexpected. Some are merely “speed bumps”, and others are like a brick wall. I've also learned that the mindset you use (or decide not to use) to face your Life's challenges has a powerful impact on your experience of Life, the development of your character and courage, as well as your self-image and self-esteem. Through the process of completing the 12-week Body-for-LIFE Program, you'll learn invaluable skills and undergo a great deal of training that will help you not only face, but overcome your Life's challenges! Literally and metaphorically, through Body-for-LIFE, you will learn to overcome resistance, improve your ability to creatively solve problems, and discover courage and character which, like a muscle, become stronger through proper training. ~Bill Phillips~