Gladiators - Back in the Arena


    Gooooooood morning GLADIATORS!!!!!!!!!!

    Challenge 2 is finally here!!! (been 3 weeks of wandering throught the wilderness for me) - not really - stayed relatively active with routines.

    Now it is time to be focused and make C2 even better than C1.

    Looking forward to hearing from each of you!

    David's C2 Goals:

       1.  Increase my bench max from 245bs to over 300lbs 

       2.  Increase my squats to where I'm repping out 315lbs 10 times

       3.  Run 5k in under 24 minutes (may be tough with reduction in cardio this time)

       4.  Swim 1500 yds in under 25 minutes (currently at 27.5 minutes)

       5.  Reduce body fat to 10% (will take some work)

       6.   Reduce weight to 185lbs

    These are more performance oriented goals.  Like Kat, I have other goals, but these are the BFL related ones.  

    Started with a good chest routine this morning.  (Doing Critical Bench for the next 10 weeks which breaks down to basically a body part per day)

    Bench press   1. Warmup at 135lbs1/10   2 . 205lbs/6 reps  3. 215lbs/4 reps  4. 230lbs/2-3 reps  5.  Burnout - 135lbs/20 reps

    Incline bench   1. 135/10 reps   2.  155lbs/6reps   3.  185lbs - 3 reps

    DB Flyes         3 sets at 45lbs/8 reps


    Kat, your pics and transformation are nothing short of fantastik!!!!  Can't even imagine what you'll look like at end of C2.  "Make a puppy pull a freight train hot!"'

    Let's have a great start guys!!!  As the thread says, we are back in the arena!!!

     David aka. Maximus



  • Well....  Rough start this morning.  I didn't get home from St. Louis until about midnight last night, so I didn't get out of bed this morning.  I have to get my workout done after work today so it just feels like I'm starting out on the wrong foot.  Went to Six Flags amusement park yesterday and probably had a week's worth of calories so I can't wait to get back in the gym and burn it off.

    Justin's Goals

    1) Loose 25 more pounds of scale weight.

    2) Add 20% to current weights used for reps on all exercises.

    3) Loose 4 inches from waist.

    4) Get some vascularity in my arms.

    Kat- The pictures look great!  You're going to be totally ripped in another 12 weeks!!!

  • Well, Heeeeeeeeeeere we go!   After a weekend seminar, I also got to bed late, and did not want to get up AT ALL.  But I did.  About half way through my upper body workout, it started to feel soooo good.  Funny how going without will help your perspective.  

    Last week was nice, but it felt surreal.  It always seemed like I was missing something.  Then I realized, Oh yeah, no workout.  

    So it's good to be back at it.  Best wishes to everyone!  And to me too.  I'm hopeful for more results, and glad to have all of you here for encouragement.

  •      Oh, here is my before pic for C2.  Add getting hair from back to front scalp as another goal.

  • I am so happy today!!!!

    Had a motivation-filled weekend, watched Pumping Iron on youtube and downloaded the BFL success stories and watched those too.

    I live across the street from a BALLER gym called "Lifetime Fitness". Last week I joined! Its so amazing compared to my rinky dink apartment gym. And I have sessions with a really cool personal trainer. He is going to help me with my form and lifting so my back pain can stop being an obstacle. I feel so lucky to live right next door to this gym because I don't have a car. It takes me one minute to get there on my bike. And there are hot tubs and steam rooms. It felt sooo good to sit in there and loosen up my muscles. And today I stepped on the scale at the gym-starting week 10 and have lost 15lbs!!!

    David-omg loved the pictures you have been posting. George "can't stands ya"!

    Kat- your new pics look gorgeous!

    Flygirl-so happy for you to be here and keep fighting the good fight!

    Everybody else, keep rocking!

  • Hi Everybody!

    I'm still here doing battle!

    This time around it's about putting on the muscle and getting those stubborn abs to finally pop :)


  • Hello to all the most awesome bfl peeps out there!! Holy holy are there some beautiful and smokin ladies and gents on here. Wanted to say im aboard the ride, more serious than ever. Gonna take pics tomorrow and post my goals. Hope all is wonderful with all. I also pray that there isn't any injuries or sadddddd situations this time around. Its just smooth sailing for all of us. So excited to start again but unlike many others I truly loved my time away. Here we go sweetpeas!!! Xoxo

  • Time away from gym not you guys

  • Good to hear from you  Justin, Flygirl, Lil Caity, Mr Guy and Flobee.  

    Lil Caity - Lifetime Fitness is da bomb!  They have them in Dallas area.  When I traveled, one of the hotels I stayed in had free passes to one nearby.  You aint kidding, one of the nicest places I've ever been in.  Rows, rows and rows of cardio machines. Congrats on losing 15 lbs!! That is awesome!!

    Justin - sorry your day got out on the wrong foot, but I have no doubt you got your workout in.  Good goals you posted.  Ahh, vascularity.  Great, but tough to get.  

    Flygirl - great that you got to the gym especially when you didn't feel like it.  And the fact that you felt better once you got in the routine speaks volumes.  So true about the perspective gained.

    Flobee - good to have you aboard. Looking forward to seeing your pics and goals. Agree, the break was nice, but good to be back.  

    Mr. Guy - good to hear from you.  Sounds like we have similar goals.  Let's both achieve em!

    Kat, Sharon, Melissa, Amy, Hardhat - can't wait to hear from you guys.

    Twoadays today.   Feel like I'm back in football.  Lifted this morning and went to hr long spin class this afternoon.  Great spin instructor.  She's been out for a few months with a compressed disk in her back.  Sure missed her not leading the class. Don't know how she stayed still, she is one of the most energetic people I know.  I think her middle name is "turn it!" b/c it seems like she says that every 30 seconds for us to turn up the resistence.  3-4 climbs, 2 tabatas, 3 sets of sprints later, I was completely spent...loved it!  Also has great soundtrack put together.  And now, time to retire.  Day 1 is in the books.  Goodnight all

  • Welcome Team Gladiators to Day 1 of 84 and beyond!!! Agaaaain Lol. Since we have some NEW Teammates, I will go ahead and Copy and Paste (from the previous thread) the BFL Success Journal daily Lessons-for-LIFE and the Weekly Champion Tips and Guides (will be good refreshers for me also and will def help me to re-commit to engaging on this Forum again daily :)

    David – Hahahah you are just as silly as Justin. LOVE that new “before pic” Lol. Annnnd lovin the new Maximus Profile pic – where do you go to upload that btw??? And if I can get a "puppy to pull a freight train" by the end of C2 - then I will be pretty damn proud of myself hah! xo

    Sharon – Great idea on playin with some recipes and spices. I was just at “My Fit Foods” today and they have such a HUGE weight loss success rate with their clients because the portions are really decent and the food actually tastes good! I am going to be making a few changes this second round; incorporating the Kettlebell training much more becuz I can do my weight traing and Cardio at the same time!!! And also really paying attention to my macros and calorie intake... gotta get the weight OFF!!!

    Justin - Thanks for finally posting sum pics of yourself. You know what's funny, you actually look almost exactly what I expected for some reason. Thanks for the props, and def gotta toss em back ur way for continuing with those crazy early morning workouts. Ur my Hero!

    Lil Caity - I've been reading in a few posts that YOU have undergone an incredible transformation already - so post sum pics girlfriend, I wanna see!!!

    Kay gonna post the BFL DLFL and Week 1 Guide and then catch up with everyone else tomorrow! xoxo Kat


  • Week One Challenge Guide written by Porter Freeman (1997 Co-Grand Champion!!!):

    The First Step toward Health

    Congratulations and welcome to the Body-for-LIFE® Challenge. Not only have you declared an end to poor health, you have joined the largest, most successful Body-for-LIFE® transformation group in the world! You did it! You took the first step and now it is time to achieve your goals in the next 84 days. All of the 100 previous Body-for-LIFE® Champions did two things in order to create their best body. They entered the Challenge and they completed it. You are halfway there.

    I am not going to tell you it will all be easy—it won't. I am not going to tell you that the craving for unhealthy food will go away. It doesn't and probably never will. What I will tell you and do promise you is this: now that you have entered the Challenge, follow the Body-for-LIFE® program to the letter, enjoy your free-day and stick to the program. The 84 days will end and the improvement in your health and body will be a direct result of the effort you apply. There are 10 other Champions that will send you an e-mail as the weeks go by. Each of them started the Challenge, followed the program and sent in their completed Challenge packet. Their transformation and mine were the direct results of the effort applied. Now it's your turn.

    On my wall is a quote. "Winning is not normal and those who constantly win follow an ‘abnormal’ path. The discipline, dedication and sacrifices are incomprehensible to those thousands standing outside, looking in, who are capable of joining the winning team, yet unwilling to pay the price of admission. Winners win in a fair effort, on a level playing field; because they deserve to win... they willingly pay their dues in full, time after time, after time."

    I don't know who wrote this quote, but I think they nailed it. Now it’s your chance to prove those words right. If you are on the outside looking in—capable of joining the winners circle—you are looking in the right direction. You entered the Challenge. Now do the work. You can. You will. I believe in you. Do it!

    G. Porter Freeman

    1997 Co-Grand Champion

    P.S. In 1997 I called on my coach Eric Shrieves repeatedly for advice, direction and support. Now you have all of EAS® to call on. Our number is 1-800 297-9776. Eric was there for me and we will be here for you. Call us if you need us.

    I actually have called to get my "random questions" answered and they are actually very knowledgable and helpful...

    Flobee - I LOVED the two week break!!! I NEEDED it Baaaad!!! It's so cool, I did NOT do one workout and did NOT watch my Diet, however I think because of all of the new lean muscle mass, my body just continued to keep burning calories on its own! I was amazed when I took my C2 "Before Photo" this morning and I looked pretty much the same and was only up 3 pounds. I KNOW that the break was essential for me though, both physically and mentally - so I'm right there with ya! xo

    MrGuy - Based on ur carazy amazing results from C1 - I KNOW that YOU will def be poppin in 12 weeks. N I'll give ya a big MEEEEOOOOWWWW to that RAAAWWWRRR ;) xo

    Flygirl and Michele "SteeleVixen" - Def looking forward to getting to know you BOTH better over the next 12 weeks! xo

    Melissa, Amy and Bart - Miss you!!! xoxo

    Light and Love xo Hollywood

  • Hi Kat, Malissa, Sharon, MrGuy, Flygirl, Justin, David, Flobee,Lil Caity,and the rest of you. Sorry I didn't get all of you...

    I am still hanging in there. Will see the doctor tomorrow and see what he says I can do. Still doing C2 no matter what. Trying to get all the paperwork and photo's in. Just letting you know I'm stil with you and thanks for the thoughts and prayers.


  • DAY 1 - Body-for-LIFE Journal daily Lesson-for-LIFE:

    "The plan I utilized to go from 'before' to 'after' back in 1992 has evolved into Body-for-LIFE." In the Fall of 1992, I made plans to go on a Christmas vacation to the Bahamas with my girlfriend. I remember it like it was yesterday. I made our reservations on my Birthday, September 23. The next day I was imagining how much fun we would have under the Sun, on the beach and swimming in the Carribean. The problem was I wasn't happy with the shape I was in at the time. Through careless eating, I'd gained so much fat I couldn't see any muscle definition. Although I was an expert weight trainer and had been going to the gym six days a week, I was NOT putting it all together. I wanted to be at my best, so I developed a new, more focused plan and set a goal of losing 20 pounds of fat and increasing my muscle definition and energy before our vacation. I had my girlfriend take a "before" photo, which helped me clearly see the condition I was in, and on October 3, I officially started my Program. Each day I planned my workouts and nutrition, I changed the way I was eating, started training more intensely, and focused on my goals!!!

    Twelve weeks later, on December 26, 1992, I achieved my goals and hit the beach happy with how I looked. More important, I felt great! My girlfriend and I had so much FUN! In the months that followed, I showed my "before and after" pictures to others and shared my "Success Story". The response was virtually universal: "Can you help me do that?!" Ever since, I've been teaching people how to transform in as little as 12 weeks. And the plan I utilized to go from 'before' to 'after' back in 1992 has now evolved into this, the Body-for-LIFE Program. ~Bill Phillips~

    His "Before" and "After" photos actually are pretty incredible... I'm sure you can just google it if you don't have the BFL Journal or Book. And how amazing is it that this Body-for-LIFE Challenge has been going for 20+ years!!! And that it ALL started with just ONE person. Just imagine how many tens of thousands of Lives have been changed and how many more are to come, and that WE ALL get to be a part of that TOGETHER ;) Hope EVERYONE had an amazing first day!!!

    Kay Night Gladiators xoxo Kat "Hollywood" Muah

  • Went to the gym yesterday after work and got my UBWO done.  I guess my strength levels are about the same as where I left off at the end of C1.  I couldn't tell any difference.  It felt great to get back in there and do some real work!

    This morning I drug my but out of bed and went to do my HIIT.  I didn't feel like it was as hard as it was the last time I did it so I bumped up the intensity levels by 3 levels and pushed it to the end.  I guess my legs did some needed repair work during the break.

    I gotta get to work before I get in trouble. I'll be back later to catch up....


  • Good mornin folks.  Just a quick hello.  Much work to  do.  Did LBWO today (workout schedule is a little different this time).  Very tough,  Probably didn't help that I had only 4 hours of sleep and had done an hour long spin class the evening before.  Legs were kinda fried.  Pushed through and got a good one in.  Sure I will pay for it the next few days.  Always a delay of 24 to 48 hours on the leg soreness.

    While my lovely bride will not be joining us (she is doing her own thang and is being really disciplined about it), my son, Ben, has started his challenge the same day.  Was not even aware of this as he is still in school for another few weeks. I was scanningt the forum and I saw that he posted in Crossing the Abyss.  He's ready to do it!  Says he's gone soft and needs to harden up.  College eating is tough. I remember gaining weight (prob not the freshman 15, but enough).  The good thing is he is young, 19, and knows his way around gym and cardio (played football for the last 6 years).  We'll have a Maximus Jr on board!