Gladiators - Back in the Arena

  • Afternoon.  Workload heavy so I will have to be short. My boss came in and wanted to talk about the TPS reports.  Ask me if I got the memo about putting new coversheets on the TPS reports.  He also asked me if I would have those TPS reports from him this afternoon.  mmmk.

    Flygirl - glad you made it official and are ready to start Monday. Great having you as a fellow Gladiator!!

    Sharon - can't stay out of gym either, eh.  Looking forward to your weekly recipes!  Agree, LET IT GO, it's a whole new challenge!  

    Kat - where are ya - partying hard?  Got you prof pics tomorrow.  Flex!  Going to go ahead and say it now even though the pics have been taken - awesome transformation, you look insanely sensational!  Ok.  I said it.

    Justin - congrats on getting your packet in.  Felt so much better once I did min. Yep,  those weighted dips are a great exercise.  Haven't done those in a while.  I used to put up to 2 45's on belt - years ago.  Have to start them again. Just downloaded critical bench. Think I'll be focusing more on strength goals and gettin ripped this time.  At my age, I have short window of lifting heavy.  Will do some cardio, but prob not as much (add'l cardio to the HIITS.  I'll be sure and check out the youtube vid.  Thks!

    Lil Caity -  a swimming pool of beer, yes!  Have to check out your vid. Enjoying your posts.  So glad you are with us!

    Melissa - where are your pics?!!!  Workouts in morning are "AWESOME!"  You don't have to try and figure out how to get it in the rest of the day.  Have a good time out here in EAST TEXAS this weekend!   Not sure if Char is going to join in or not.  One of the essay questions was who would be the first person you would want to inspire and I of course said my wife and wrote why.....mainly so she can gain the confidence and feel better about herself like I have about me.  I sent a copy and she really appreciated it.  Now whether that translates into her joining in remains to be seen.

    Amy - thanks for info about name. Was just curious.  Again, I will say you look like you could pass for 19.  DavidF41, the F is for my last name - Fountain and the 41 is not my age as I think I have mentioned I turned 49 in the contest. 41 was my jersey number all through highschool.  Now I wish it was my age.

    Laurie - how did the surgery go.  Hope your recovery is complete.

    Ok guys, gotta run!

  • Sitting at the airport waiting for my plane to Calgary. Can't think of a better way to pass time than to check in here!!!  Last weekend of winter weather. Hoping to get another ski trip in tomorrow. We will have to see if there is enough snow!

    @David - you could easily pass for a good decade younger than you are so the 41 would still seem old!

    @ Justin and David - Congrats on getting your official packet submitted. So proud of you both. That'll be me in a little over 12 weeks!  I believe that my husband is going to take the challenge with me. He said yes but I am cautiously optimistic. It would be amazing to have both of our spouses join us for C2.

    @ Laurie - surgery update???

    @ Kat - just making sure you're out there living it up and that everything is ok. So odd not to hear from you. I miss your daily messages :-)

    @ Melissa - I read the BFL for Women as well. I like her philosophy on eating clean 80% of the time and letting the other 20% be for indulging or splurging. After the Super Bowl weekend I vowed not to fully participate in an all out cheat day again. It was miserable and prolongs my unhealthy relationship with food. Food isn't a reward and cheat days sets it up for just that. No bueno...

    My wrist isn't healing very fast so I am not sure that I'll be kicking off with an UBWO. Gonna have to figure that out as I go.

    @ Lil Caity - I love trying the ethnic spices. Picked up some of their African seasonings last time and really enjoyed them. I don't love super hot spice but I thoroughly enjoy the savory seasonings that completely transform proteins and veggies. I don't eat red meat so no recipes to share there. I mainly use seafood and soy based proteins. Chicken is hit or miss. I go through phases where I can't stand it and other times its ok. Eggs are the same. I'll share a few recipes when I get home on Sunday.

    To all my other amazing BFL teammates, I am really looking forward to C2 starting next Monday.

    Enjoy your weekend and be ready to BRING IT come Monday morning.


    PS - apologies for bad grammar and typos. I'm posting from my phone which I rarely do. Can't proof what I'm typing...

  • Sharon - a ski trip in calgary - color me jealous.  Great news about your husband possibly joining you.  We shall see on the wifey.  Thank you again.  You are too generous with the compliments. Won't look younger much longer if these long 12+ hours continue.   Last one to leave the office again.

    Now for the 1 hr drive to the casa.  At least I won't have to watch Grey's with my wife.  Show's way too melodramatic.  Apologies to all Greys Anatomy fans.



  • How do you upload pics to the forum?  I got them to go in my packet, but can't get anything to load on here.

  • Hi Everyone:

    I did well in surgery. I am on cruches and using a wheelchair now. I have a 2 inch pin, screwed in my foot. Will be out of the pool for 4 to 6 weeks.  Don't know how long I will be on cruches, but right now I can't put any weight on my foot. So any one know any one legged  floor workouts..

    I am still going to do C2 and it's really going to be a bigger challenge than ever, but that's the way it goes.

    Thank you all for thinking of me and keeping me in your prayers. I will still be here and will come back when I'm feeling better. Got to go put my foot up and ice it.


  • David--I guess it's not a bad thing to look younger, but I don't know if I would want to go back to being 19 again! Bingle is not my last name either, it was a nickname I had from college. Someone thought my lastname was Ladenbingle,  it is actually Ladenberger, and then the "bingle" part just stuck as a nickname.

    Justin--The easiest way I have found to upload pictures is to click on the "use rich formatting" next to the reply button and then there is a button on the second row of icons 7 items from the left that is to insert image.

    Laurie--Glad to hear surgery went well. That is very inspiring that you are still in for C2!

    Sharon--Enjoy your weekend in Calgary!

    Hope everyone has a great weekend before we start C2! Looking forwar to Monday!


  • Justin--Sorry, 7 icons from the right!

    Typos galore on my last entry, I wish they allowed you to edit previous posts!

  • Amy Ladenberger, eh?  Makes me think of lederhosen for some reason.  That's pretty funny.  And no, I don't want to go back to 19.  Maybe 29, but I'm pretty happy where I am.  I sometimes kick myself for the lost years (26 - 37) where I hardly lifted any weights at all.  Granted, I cycled, ran in 5Ks, 10Ks, and even a marathon, but did not lift. Just sometimes wonder how it might have been even better had I actively lifted weights during that period.  No regrets, though.   I think you can still edit a previous post.

    Justin - Amy is correct, best way to upload is through rich formatting.  I had to play with it a few times to get it right.

    Sharon  (jetsetter) - how are the slopes?

    Laurie - glad your surgery went well.  Your participation in C2 while recovering from foot surgery is very inspiring!

    Enjoy the weekend everybody.  We start Monday!!!

  • Laurie, I'm sorry you are laid up in the chair, but glad your.  You asked about one legged exercises, and I know there was actually a champion with one leg.  There was also a girl in a wheelchair.  Also, that gives me your new nickname.  You are a TROOPER.  Your resolve is amazing, and we are so proud of you!  That sounds condescending, but I mean it.  It's that kind of drive and determination that make people leaders and people that inspire.

    David (aka, Big D), I don't think Sharon is being too generous in her compliments at all.  You're too modest.

    Justin (aka the Machine), I'm also really proud of you and Big D for entering the challenge and sending in your packets.  I wish I had done it, but I used to be a big fat coward.  Not now, though.  I'll make sure I have the pics to enter this time around if I can.

    I just talked to my Dad a little about the program and I'm going to send him the book.  He's 70, and always active and in great shape, but he'd like to build up some muscle and maybe bulk up a bit.  People tell him all the time that he's too old for this or that, and I called BS.  The program is full of people who have worked it and have accomplished all those goals.  I don't think you can be too old to get in shape.

    Kat (aka Hollywood), we miss ya!  Big photo shoot today, eh?

    Amy, (did we get you a nickname yet?) I wouldn't care how old I was if I were as cute as you!  But I'm with you and David; I would not go back any further than maybe 25.  29 was a rough year, so maybe earlier than that, though.  Funny that my best years have now been in the last 2 or 3 years! You just never know what life will bring.

    For everyone:  we still need to jot down our goals for this challenge, in a more official format.  I can say right now that my goal is to get to a size 6.  I'd also like to reach 135 lbs.  That's still 20 lbs, so it might be unrealistic given my constraints, but I'm shooting for it anyway.  I'm starting out at a size 10.  I started the last challenge at about 165-167 (I vary 2-3 lbs in a day) and a snug size 14.  I am now about 156 and in size 10 jeans, they are not too tight, so I guess a comfortable size 10.  I can wear my medium tops again, so I'm happy so far.  Frankly, if I hit the size 6, I won't care about how much weight that is.  I still have 4s in my closet that I'd like to wear, but...I don't mind foregoing that.  I'd like to be able to get off medication, but since the reasons aren't ones that can be controlled by diet and exercise, it's not something I can include.

    Have a good day y'all!


  • The C1 pics are on my home computer and I'm leaving here today to go to St. Louis for the weekend.  So....  It will be a while before I get back home to post them on here.  However....  I did happen to have a picture from abut 2 years ago.  I was around 215lbs in this pic.  I'm about 20lbs heavier than this today.  It's a little dark, but at least you all will be able to put a face with my name.


  •  Here's another one.  It was around the same time.  My neighbor took the picture because she was laughing at my boots.  I had to do this because it was too hot to wear pants and the rocks were hitting me in the legs.   BAHAHAHA.....

  • Melissa - thanks for the compliment.  My wife tells me I need to get better about accepting them.  You guys are graciously giving me some practice.  Now, upload your pics!!!  hope your dad does the challenge.  You aint ever to old.  Congrats dropping from 14 to 10.  That shows you definitely lost both BF% and inches.  Yes, you WILL send in your packet this challenge!  

    Justin -  Congrats on getting your packet in.   Looks like you figured out uploading pics. Man, you are young, dude!  Nice pic with the boots and weedeater.  You mean business.Yeah, gotta watch those rocks.   Got some scars on my shins to prove it.

  • Hi my Amazing Gladiator BFL Family -

    Have been having a really rough past week with some medical issues, so spent most of my week in bed :/ I still haven't quite bounced back from that Mersa infection (maybe it went systemic??? IDK) and has been feeling like I may have caused some Adrenal burn out from the last Challenge. I've been debating all week about whether or not I should push my C2 start date back to a later date, however I am feeling okay today, so as of right now I will go ahead and re-start with everyone tomorrow and just see how my body responds...Been reading through all the posts and it sounds like a few of us are starting round 2 a little "beat up" Ahhhh!!!

    One thing that I am having to learn recently is that I can't always be "SuperKat", so rather than pushing myself so hard to the point of being "bed-ridden" for a week to recover, I will be making it one of my goals this next round to really pay attention and honor my body, giving it rest and downtime when needed (no more hittin the gym an hour after surgery! Lol)

    I didn't get a chance to get my second photo shoot done this Friday from bein too sick, so I just found the best ones from last weeks shoot. They are not bad, just not the lighting technique that I wanted to shoot with. It's all good, packet is officially entered and time to mentally move forward towards accomplishing the next 12-week Journey!!!

    Kat's C2 Goals:

    1) Release a minimum of 20 pounds of body fat. I weighed in this morning at 164, so goal weight is 144 or less (140)

    2) Reduce my Body Fat Percentage down to 15%. I am currently at 22%

    3) Reduce my Dress size down to a Size 4, currently between 6 and 8 depending on the Clothing Brand

    4) Update my Photographic Portfolio and get booked for at least one new (Fitness) Modeling gig each month

    5) To WIN!!! Make my overall Transformation Champion worthy :)

    Have lots of other personal and professional goals also, however these are the BFL related ones. I am sooo impressed with all of you and so grateful to have this incredible support system! And a BIG Welcome to our NEW Gladiators! It will be so great to have all of that extra positive ENERGY!!! See YOU ALL in the Arena manana ;)

    Lots of Light and Love xoxo Kat "Hollywood"

  •      Here are my official C1 "Before and Afters" (...and I can't remeber if I already told you , but damn David Smokin HOT boyee! ;) Looking forward to seeing EVERYONES Transformations at the end of C2!!! Enjoy your Sunday, and then back in the "BFL Zone" tomorrow! Love you ALL xo Kat

  • Good Morning Gladiators and Welcome to C2!!!!

    I'll post my specific goals and measurements (ekkkk) later in the day...time for some serious accountability.

    I am looking forward to continuing our journey together.