Gladiators - Back in the Arena

  • Flygirl!! Great to see you over here, welcome!  Yes, the late great Mike Harris told us to give our bodies that rest it needs and start fresh in order to see good results.  If his blog is still up, you could go over there and read about it.  I can't remember the exact address, but if you google Mike Harris, it will come up.

    David, saw your pro pics!  Amazing.  Your wife is going to be jealous about us going on about you, but that's what happens when you post them on here.  We can't help it.  Thanks for making Texas look good.

    Kat, wow.  You're amazing, too, as always.  Sorry about the shoot, but you deserve the best, even if that means you have to wait a bit.  Your PROGRESS deserves the best shoot, too.

    Thanks for the welcome Sharon.  Can't wait to kick off C2!  Girls, we have to make sure our guys don't show us up for C2...we will OWN this challenge!



  • Thank you Melissa! How nice of you to take the time to say all of that, and so uplifting. I am getting enough calories, I'm pretty sure of that. I do write down everything I eat and do everyday.....I am seeing a connection with sugar and tiredness. I am hypoglycemic-and this last freeday I indulged myself with COOKIES. I had a cookie hangover lol. Dumb jerk hypoglycemia, it doesn't take a free day and makes you feel so mucky when you eat the wrong thing. I think its an issue of rest + my free day choice. Sometimes I feel guilty about taking a rest, but you're right; its best to listen to the body honestly.

  • LiL Caity--I'm sorry to hear you are having so many problems with pain during your workouts. I know you said you had your husband check your form, but I wasn't sure if you have ever gone to the following link to look at proper form for exercises:  It is a really great website. If you look up a certain exercise, such as straight-leg deadlift, it will show you a video with exactly how to do the move. There are videos featuring a man and a woman for just about every exercise on there. Hope that helps.

    Sharon--I love that you said the following: "For those of make that those of US...that didn't hit all of our original goals for C1 - I say LET IT GO!  We set high expectations and goals for ourselves and continually strive to reach them.  They are still great goals even if they weren't obtained in 12 weeks.  Did you get to your starting place in 12 weeks?  For me that is a definite no way.  I abused my body for years to get to the sorry state I was in a few months ago.  I can't expect to undo that in just 84 days.."  I feel like that is just so dead on. It is easy to get caught up in the idea that we want a quick fix and when we do not see it, we become discouraged. That is why so many people give up on an eating right and exercise plan, they do not see results quickly enough and become discouraged. Just the fact that we have all completed our 12 weeks and are looking forward to the next 12 week challenge says a lot about who we all are as individuals. Thank you for that insight.

    Flygirl--I am with you on seeing meager results. I only lost a couple pounds at best. The scale was not very kind to me, but I definitely noticed changes in how I look and how my clothes fit and that's what matters. I'm glad you didn't give up and hope you see more results this time around! As far as lowering your calories, I would say if anything, 1200 is not enough and you need to increase calories. You might not be getting enough nutrition with only eating 1200 calories and also working out every day.

    Kat--Hope your next photo shoot goes well, can't wait to see your pictures!

    Melissa--I agree! We need to show the boys up!

    Looking forward to starting C2 and establishing new goals for myself!!


  • Hi everyone,

    You all look great and keep up the good work.  I can't tell everyone what I'd like to say about each of you, it would take to long. You all did a great thing by staying in there and not stopping.

    I will be in surgery  at 8 in the morning on my foot. Please keep me in your prayers.



  • I can't wait to get back to the gym for some weight lifting.  I know I needed this break but I'm ready already.  I tweaked my back a little somewhere around week 9 but it seems to be better and I am ready to hit it hard.  This challenge will be especially hard for me since my little girl won't have school the 3 days that I normally work out at the gym  but I know I can work it out somehow.  Summer usually means lounging around and drinking beer in the pool but this year it will have to be water in the pool.  I guess I'll have to learn to cook a good turkey burger.  May might be a little tough too since I have a  guys weekend and two full weeks at the beach but I will make it work.

    Kat:  nice pics you look great!   Thanks for all the great words and being so positive.

    Michele:  glad you decided to join us for this challenge!  I know I will enjoy all you have to say even if I am more like the slent gladiator.

    Sharon:  glad i read your post.  i almost forgot to set new goals.  I think I didn't spend enough time last challenge thinking about my goals.  I might have done a little better and stayed more focused.  Can you give us an update on your daughter and her fiancĂ©?  Are they adjusting to the move?

    Flygirl:  glad you joined us!

    Justin:  down time sucks but we all need it so we can kill it in the weeks to come.  Just flex twice when you drink you shake this week. :)

    David:  great job!  I know you will keep me motivated this time around.

    Laurie:  how is the foot?  I don't know any 1 leg workouts but I'm sure can google it.  I know you will get back on it as soon as you can.

    Melissa:  I don't know what the shred is but it sounds tough.  I have just been doing some long slow cardio but my body is deaf ready for some stimulation with the weights.

    LiL Caity:  been following your posts from the start.  You are doing great and I'm glad you have joined us.  Keep up the great work.  Ps liked your video.  I just buy the journal used off amazon but I might make my own for next time.  

    Mr guy:  you made some great progress you here for c2?

    Flobee:  congrats on 15 lbs that is great.  I only lost about 10 but I know why.  I feel better thoug and know what I have to do this time:)

    If I missed anyone I apologize my little girl keeps waking up crying so I can't keep my thoughts together.  I think she must be having some growing pains... Or the terrible twos are a couple years late... she has been quite fussy this week. Who knows she didn't come with any instructions....


  • I'm glad to see so much activity here!!  Seems like we're all chomping at the bit to get started on C2!  

    It's been cold and rainy here so I haven't got to go biking.  But....  I went turkey hunting this weekend and probably walked about 15 miles through woods.  My legs are sore from it, so I guess that was a workout.......  Went to the gym yesterday morning and did some light lifting. (I couldn't help myself.)  I was up late last night and my legs are still sore so I didn't do anything this morning.

    Did anyone fill out their BFL Packet online?  I can't find a link to get it done.......

    David/Kat- Great pics!  Great transformations!  

    Flygirl- So glad to see that my original teammate is back with me for another round!

    Bart- Seems like my daughter did the same stuff around that age.  Hopefully it doesn't last long.  Man, I've been flexing like crazy.  Yesterday on the drive home I would flex each arm and abs for a mile, so every 3 miles I'd be back to the same body part.  I'm actually a little sore from it today.  And of course I still flex every time I get some good protein.  I guess it's just a habit now.  Haha....

    Sharon- The wrist is crucial for UBWO.  I can't think of any exercises that wouldn't risk further damage.  However.....  When you do start using it again you may want to buy some wrist wraps and put them on tight to keep from injuring it again.

    Laurie- Let us know how the surgery went as soon as you can.  What's the recovery time going to be like for that?

    I probably missed responding to some people, but I gotta get to work before I get in trouble.  I'll check back in later......


  • Mornin everybody!  Man! This thread has so much energy already!  

    Into my third week of active rest....ha!  Only difference is I haven't recorded anything.  Did a pull routine today. Kind of experimenting to see what would work for C2.

    Bart - great to hear from you, buddy!  I scrolled on the old thread and saw your pics.  You definitely could see the changes.   Hope your back has healed up.  I did something similar around week 6 and had to stop squats and dealifts for about 4 weeks.  Looking forward to you crankin it for C2.  I know you will hit the challenges straight, but I gotta admit, 2 weeks at the beach may be tough.  Definitely wouldn't turn that down, though.  I've been grilling turkey burgers.  They're really good!  I mix in some Lea & Perrins with pepper and some garlic powder.  Works great!

    Amy - really appreciate your post.  You couldn't be more correct in that by finishing the 12 week challenge and looking forward to the next challege speaks volumes of who you are.  By the way, what does the 19 mean?  Are you 19?  You look very young in your photo.

    Justin - filled out my packet online and sent it in Monday.  Not to bad. Wish I had been taking more notes as I went along, but just not my way.  I've always procrastinated to the last minute.  It's how I roll.  Gotta start flexin like you bro.  

    Laurie - hope your surgery went well. Said a prayer for you and your surgeon.  I understand about the foot/ankle as I had surgery about 12 years ago.  You will be surprised at your ability to recover.

    Melissa - it's cold here this morning.  IT"S APRIL 24!! Hello!  Post your pics girl!  Texas needs some good representation!  

    Sharon - how's the wrist?  Agree with Justin, wraps will help you protect the wrist as it heals.  Agree on sharing the goals.  Like Bart, I didn't spend near enough time on them last challenge and plan to do a much better job this time.

    Kat - know you're celebratiing, but we're all ready to have you back on the thread with us.  Hope the Friday session goes well for you.  I'm sure the pics will be nothing short of awesome!

    Lil Caity and Flygirl - our two newest members - hope you guys are doing well.  Understand about feeling guilty about resting and never regret it when I do.

    Flygirl, Flobee, Mr Guy - hope you're enjoying the brief intermission.  Ready to start this challenge with you guys!

  • David -  I'm not sure how you got my secret burger recipe.... I don't remember telling anyone.  I actually  use lea and Perkins in most of my top secret recipes.

  • omg hrdhat I imagined you swimming in a pool of beer because I read that sentence wrong! That's so cool that you liked my video, andhave followed my posts. I made a journal for all of my 3 challenges for this year, and an extra one for a friend who is interested. There is a fancy copy/printer at my apartment I can use for FREE! And it prints the journal in no time. I can make more if somebody wants one, just hit me up in a PM. It took a lot of ink on my home printer.

    Being a part of this group made my day yesterday!!! I also stuck to exactly what I wrote for my "meal plan", and ate it in the order I wrote down. I haven't actually been that strict before. Usually, I would use my plan as "this is what is available in the fridge and on the list. Pick what sounds good before you go in the kitchen". But it made me feel super accomplished to adhere to my plan.

    Also had my workout done so early that there was so much free time, I didn't know what to do with it! So I played with my mini macaw, Stevie, for a long time. He really needs the attention. He had been screaming "what are you doing?!" all day every day, since my schedule and priorities have changed and adjusted. Poor little guy! Its just crazy how I actually have more time and energy, when I was afraid that would be my sacrifice.

  • David--I am not 19, it's  is just a number I use for usernames, has no real meaning. I am actually 28 years old.

    Justin--The only place that I know that has the packet is when you log in and it shows you your profile, to the right it says "challenge dashboard" and then It says "get the challenge packet" and there is a button that says download to download the packet. You can fill it in online in that same spot. Not sure if it is anywhere else on the site.

    Laurie--Hope surgery went well this morning!


  • Time to spice it up Gladiators!

    Hi team!  I am doing some menu planning this week for the upcoming kick off of C2.  The Lea and Perrin comments got me to add flavor without adding fat and calories.  Unlike some of you out there, I absolutely can't eat the same things day in and day out.  Food is one of my greatest passions in life and I am struggling to make my "relationship" with food healthier.  I love to cook and entertain and make food taste amazing.  In a different life, I could have easily gone to culinary school and loved life as a chef.

    My option - SPICES!  While serving overseas in the Army, I had the luxury of visiting spice markets in the Middle East.  I am using that experience as my inspiration for C2.  I am returning to a spice shop that I adore - Savory Spices.  They grind and blend their spices in the shop so they are fresh and affordable.  Unfortunately, there is not one in Arizona so I order offline:  If you are so inclined, check it out.  They have yummy recipes on their website and I can easily modify them to fit into our program.  

    So, one of my new C2 goals will be to spice it up and share a new recipe with you all once a week.  Anyone want to join me in weekly recipe swaps?



  • Laurie, I hope all is well with your foot!  Any news on the down time?

    Sharon, I'm cool with sharing recipes, but I DO eat a lot of the same thing over and over.   I will share anything new and good that I come across or invent, though.  Sometime you just really really need to shake it up.  I want to get that eating for life book at some point, but it's harder to truly manage portions for the BFL program if you are not in maintenance using those recipes.  I love to just sprinkle Mrs Dash table blend on my turkey patties and grill them on the foreman.  A pound makes 4, and they make the most delicious burgers, especially when using only ground turkey breast.  I sometimes sear them up in a cast iron skillet to make a crisper "crust", but the foreman is great for making them in batches and freezing.

    So, ladies...I read the Body for Life for Women book this week.  I'm curious about your thoughts on it from anyone who has read it.  I'll admit that it's way over-complicated and doesn't feel the least encouraging to me.  ("You won't get the body you want, probably, but it'll be better than it is now" is the basic premise.)  The workouts are a bit different.  So different that I can't outline it all, but she lets you set your level, first of all.  At its ideal, 3 days cardio for 30 minutes (intensity levels are not the same) and 30 minutes of weight-lifting 3 days per week, and the sets and weights are different; 3 sets of decreasing numbers of reps.  She's never very specific, and it's widely open to interpretation.  The eating is WAY different, and the rules are way more complicated.  However, i guess in making sure that you meet certain minimum requirements, it's probably good.  For instance, you have to have 4 veggies, and depending on whether you work out on a day or not, you take in less or more carbs...of which she is very specific that 2 have to be fruit, and only one can be a starchy carb.  No carbs after 5, and no eating at all after 8...WOW.  I would STARVE.  You also have to take in something like 4 calcium rich foods a day, and she builds in an emergency snack that you can use or not each day.  There are other things built into the proteins, like soy pre-mades.  I like them, but I'm not sure if they would work well with body for life.  I'm just really curious if anyone has tried it and what what you might think of it.  I won't dismiss it out of the box, but I think it's tweaked enough to lower your expectations, and to minimize the expected results.

    I've decided to do 2 things that I did when I was 33 that I didn't this last time to see how much difference it truly makes.  I'm going to wean myself off caffeine, and I'm going to MAKE myself do my workouts in the morning.  It seems that those of you that did the A.M. exercises had better results.  ::grumble::  

    David, any news on the wifey joining in? We'd love to have her.  We are planning new "before" pics for this weekend before we start.  Have big East Texas plans again on Saturday, which will probably  require staying the night and sleeping in on Sunday ::twiddles:: so...might be feeling rough come Monday, but still raring to go.

    Justin, what about your saga? How's the "compromise" going?

    Caity, how is your back and stuff feeling today? Did you break from lower body for a bit?  I hope it just stopped hurting, really...

    T minus  3.5 days (ish)  Bart, Amy, MrGuy, Michele, Flobee, Kat, Flygirl...hope you're having a good day/week!


  • Melissa-yes, my LBWO was scheduled yesterday and I took the day off and did lots of healthy cooking. I am feeling back to normal today. I did an extra 30 min lite cardio the day before because I planned to rest. Your advice was very helpful. I did look at that BFL womens book a number of years ago. My mom got it, I think she was intimidated by the original. I thought it looked a little "soft" myself.

    Sharon-thanks for the spices tip! I love things to be spicy-not masochistic spicy but more like fuzzy handcuff spicy lol. Are there any specific spices you would suggest? I started blending peppers in chili powder and marinate chicken and beans in it. It comes out alright but I am excited to try new things. I never cooked a chicken in my life before starting this year!

  • Amy- I figured out how to do the packet online.  It didn't have a callenge listed on my dasboard for some reason and I thought that I wasn't going to be able to enter, but I got it figured out.  I'm going to try to get my pictures done tonight.  I want them to be done so I can get them added.

    Melissa- I only went to the gym one time this week and made it known that I wasn't going.  Nobody else got up and went either......  I have made it clear that I will continue to go to the gym in the early am starting 4/29 if nobody else takes advantage of that time slot before I get started again.  I think that's fair, so we'll see what happens.

    David- I was thinking about your strength goals.  Specifically the 300lb bench.  If you want to increase your strength by leaps an bounds on the bench I have a surefire way for you to do if you're not already doing this exercise.  If your gym has a set of dip bars you will be able to really get your chest thick and strong.  If you have never done these you will need to do them without any additional weight to get used to the movement and get your form right.  Then.....  You get a belt that you can hang weight inbetween your legs with and start adding plates as you get stronger.  It's one of the best chest exercises that most gym goers don't use, and it WORKS.  You want your legs to be as far behind you as you can get them to put the work on the chest.  If you don't it becomes more of a tricep exercise.  It's heard to do that with the extra weight, but here's a guy that has good form.

    Well....  It's time for my protein shake so I gotta run.  


  • Okay, so I'm in to start on Monday.  This little rest is kind of nice.  I know by the time Monday comes, I will be ready to go head long into C2.  Thanks everyone! This is the recharge that I really needed!