Gladiators - Back in the Arena

  • Welcome to C2 Gladiators!

  • I'm not liking staying out of the gym, and I'm ready to kick this thing off!  Can't wait!

  • Allright!! Here we go Gladiators!! Time to take it to the next level!

    Sharon - good choice of thread location.  Glad you had a great weekend.  Looking forward to seeing you rock C2!

    Hey Justin!  Congrats on finishing C1.  I know you're ready to kick it in C2,  It's been a tough two weeks taking it a little easier.

  • WooHoo! This time next week C2 will be underway Gladiators, so get your preppin' done and be ready to dominate the Arena! 

    Sharon - Thanks for setting this up. Great job as always. : )  Sounds like you had a memorable weekend. Nothing like good food, family and friends to remind us of just how blessed we are.

    Justin - Bummer about the gym situation at the hotel. Nice to wear those smaller clothes, isn't it? I'm running out of smaller sizes and will have to buy some in a month or so.

    David - Bet you'll be glad to start next week. When did you "officially" finish C1? My last day was April 6. It has been tough being so idol with no HIIT or weight training. 

    Kat - How'd the photo shoot go?

    Melissa, Amy, Laurie, MrGuy, Bartman, Flobee - Look forward to hearing from you all. 

    Hope everyone is having a great day!


  • Hi Team!

    Looking forward to starting C2! I can't wait to get back at it! I agree with Justin and I am not liking this whole staying out of the gym thing!

    Michele--Thanks for your kind words in the last thread about my smile :)


  • Hi Team, Go Gladiators!!!

    I am still here but not finished yet. I have 2 days.  Going into the Hospital tomorrow to see what they have to say about my foot. Any way thanks all for the kind words and I will get back to you all in a day or so.

    Oh, Sharon I am most proud of being able to finish C1 and have such good friends to help me. And music, well the music at the pool was mixed and I really couldn't hear it to much anyway, but I like 60, 70, and 80s. I have web page I go to to listen to music, but I'll tell you about that later. Got to go put my foot up.  I don't know when I will start C2 yet, but I will be in there soon. Congratulations to all of you!


  • Howdy from Texas!  and Congrats Justin!!!  Laurie, I hope all is well with your foot when you have your appointment.

    Sharon, how is your wrist, by the way?

    We are definitely ready to get back to our regimented exercises.  We have still been following the diet and doing the shred.  We've  done about 2 days, then rest the 3rd day, then 2 more's pretty brutal, and I"m very sore.  It definitely makes you stronger in a "real-life" way.  Probably not the best way to get muscle rest on the break, but I can't bear doing nothing.

    I have been a bit foggy in the head, so I've lost complete track of everything, but I'm still here and ready to go!  I'm with Kat, gonna start C2 just like we did C1, by the official calendar...UBWO, HiiT, LBWO, etc...

    Michele, so glad to have you aboard!  

    David and Kat, looking forward to the pro pics.  I'm with Kat on D's pic, hot stuff!  Amy, you're a doll as well.  Mine will be coming likely next weekend.

    C y'all


  • Hey everybody! I am not always sure what to say, so I haven't posted recently. Its easier to post on topic threads, because sometimes thinking aout myself is just....hard! I have had a rough couple of days, starting week 9. I feel alone, especially since I am in Kansas and I miss my hometown in FL. I have my husband, my dog, and 10 parrots (9 of them are parakeets). They can make me feel too busy to be lonely, so that's a good thing. Thanks Michelle for asking about me. I am definitely still here and I appreciate what you said about my progress.

    But I am just afraid. It is week 9, and I am starting to seriously dread that my "after" will not be as good as I would hope for all the hard work I have done. I feel hungry and so tired. Plus my back pain started to KILL me more than it has before, and I am afraid it is because of the type of weightlifting exercises I chose. Dumbbell flyes and straight leg dead lifts.....Does anyone do those? No wonder I was getting funny looks. I have had sciattica pain randomly on and off. Its as if someone presses a kill switch in you. Like a bolt of lightning shooting through one side of your body, and it causes you to collapse.

    So I asked my husband to check my form and help me do different things. He used to be really into fitness and he is big and strong. He is thinking about doing my 3rd challenge with me. That would make it fun. But I still have to go to the doctor for my stupid back. I thought it was hurting because I was so fat, but I guess not. I did have surgery a number of years ago to try and help relieve some of the pain. Uhhg, me no likey surgery.

    I missed 3 workouts cuz of the sciattica pain, but I made them ALL up. I will never use my weakness as an excuse to quit. Never ever! I have been able to do this despite worse problems, so why quit over this ish? And I make the healthy choices, I pick the protein when I would rather just have another carb. But it is getting hard, and I am just afraid.

  • Thank you Sharon for inviting me over.

    So, I ended my first challenge on Sunday the 21st, same as Justin.  My results were meager.  Still feeling unhappy about it, but not enough to quit.  I am thinking about changing up the diet a little, because I just don't know what else to do.  I need to add more vegetables, and maybe less protein.  I only eat around 1200 calories a day, and am contemplating lowering that.  

    So what's all this about taking a week off?  Is this a personal choice, or are we supposed to do that?

  •  Hi Team -

    Quick check-in :) The Professional Shoot went awful LOL (didn't have enough space to work in, so am re-shooting on Friday) Got a few good Poolside Pictures though!!! Now just need to work on finishing my essay questions for my entry packet, then getting myself ready for starting C2!!!

    I reeeeaaaally want to focus on getting my weight down this next round (and maybe even going Gluten-Free, I've heard that can really help with reducing pain also - for all of us chronic pain sufferers)... only lost 9 pounds, or maybe 15 if I count the 6 pounds of muscle mass gained - not exactly sure how that works.

    Overall, I am def happy and very excited to see what is possible in this next round - for ALL of US!!! I'll post my Final "After Photos" sometime next week, and promise I will be much more active and engaged on here once I'm back in the "BFL Zone" ;)

    Light and Love Gladiators xoxo Kat

  • Flygirl - welcome!  So glad to have you with us for C2!  This is a special group of people.  I was fortunate enough to be invited in last challenge.  Don't give up - progress usually takes longer than we would like.  You have results to  build upon.  None of us are satisfied or have reached our destination which is why were are doing another challenge.   I can't see how you where you would want to lower your calories.  1200 is very low.  One thing you definitely don't want to lower is your protein intake.  You lost 7 pounds and at least as many inches which is definitely good to build on.  Very few reach their ideal in the first challenge.  Instead of focusing on calories, look at portion size.  That is what will get you.  One thing that worked for me was I wrote down what I ate for a few days.  That was an awakening!  Getting your water in makes a difference too.  By continuing you are ensuring your success.  Glad you are with us for C2!!

    Kat - sorry about the prof shoot going awful. Sure can't tell it by your picture. Hubba hubba! -Seriously, can't you just take a bad or at least avg pic for once to make us mere mortals feel better?  You look stunning and insane amazing!   Heard that somewhere before.  Yes, count the lean muscle gain in there. it's all good!  Can't wait to see what a good photo shoot looks like.  Like the by the poolside shot -- Oh, Cabana boy! Good leg definition in you gams - that means legs for you younger folk.  

    Yeah, looking forward to getting our C2 groove on soon.  It's been over 2 weeks for me and while I've been active, it's not the same.  Mongo need structure!  Look forward to you being active on thread again.  You are a true inspiration to us all! Enjoy the rest of your "rest" and get ready for next week.  Gonna shred it!  Heard that somewhere before.

    LiL Caity - good to hear from you!  I understand the sciatica.  I have dealt with it from time to time.  It came on in the middle of this challenge (with a hammy pull) and I had to stop squats and deadlifts for  a few weeks.   Just listen to your body. If you have to, adjust your routine to exercises you can do w/o the pain (not soreness, but the bad pain that tells you to stop).  Don't be afraid of what you think your results may be,  It's easy to get caught up in that when you follow some of these success stories and the transformations and think how did they do that.  You had a great start as evidenced by your photos and you have kept committed despite the challenges that have been thrown your way.  That's champion material!

    Melissa - hey neighbor!!  How's the shred going?  Some active rest period you're having.  Thanks for props.  I am looking forward to seeing your final pics! 

  • Thank you so much David. I just saw your results-incredible! Thank you for the advice. I am new to this, sometimes I am not as aware of bad pain vs normal pain-but the squats and deadlifts have been quite strenuous. Your 12 week post was very inspiring and made me feel so much better. Especially when you sad that 9 weeks was a big turning point! People will be putting your pictures on their wall for inspiration :-)

    Kat-your muscle tone is amazing! You look like you really worked your butt off, and I would be thrilled if my body looked like yours, that's for sure!

    My biggest concern in my tummy. I know its the last thing to go for us women. My husband says its evolution's way of putting a pillow there for a baby. I started out with a body pillow! I am very happy that I make progress every week, I don't want to sound ungreatful. Its just that there is still so much progress to be made. Just gotta remember "one day atta time".

    Flygirl-David gave good advice. Switching a carb for protein may hinder what you have worked hard for. Carbs pack more calores per ounce, plus protein gives you an edge in the gym. I get better resuls when I do my workout before my first meal, maybe that could help? I didn't know much about sound nutrtion before. I read about it all the time now, and understanding it better helps me make good choices. I would highly reccomend you look up "calorie restriction". I spent years doing more harm than good with it. And in the long run, it planted me right where you see in my before pic.

  • LiL Caity - You hit the nail on the head.  Protein gives you an edge in the gym.  I'm like you, I do my workouts before my first meal.  On HIIT days, I would not have my first meal till an hour and a half after I finished my cardio.  I had read some time ago that when you do cardio before you eat, your body will uitlize fat sooner.  Many of us went through the calorie restriction yoyos and you're right - it ultimately fails.   Good stuff.

  • Caity, you are so much on my mind today, so I'm going to talk a lot.  

    I really identify with your situation.  You and I are a LOT alike.  We are goal-oriented instead of progress-oriented.  That makes us harder on ourselves than most.  Those before and after photos are not always the best thing for some of us.  We give it 100%, then we are confused and disappointed when our progress doesn't match those in the photos.  For me, it made me feel as if my best wasn't good enough.  I had a very hard time at spots with feeling tired and drug out and depressed.  I discovered that I had not been eating quite enough, and that I had been working myself a little too hard.  I finally had to take a few days off and NOT lift any weights.  All in all, it was only 2 workouts over 3 days, and I did not make them up because I knew they would exacerbate my problem.  I actually lost a pound the week after I missed those workouts.  I was much better for the rest.  Make sure you're getting enough water, and if you're feeling tired and lethargic, check your meals and make sure you're getting enough calories, first of all.  You really do need at LEAST 1300, and preferably 1500 when you're lifting and working out like we are.  Some women go all the way to 1800 calories a day with no problem.  Those women actually seem to look the most buff at the end.  Most often, with us women, it's cutting TOO far on the carbs.  Weakness for me always results from that.  Make sure that, on lifting days especially, you get in a little extra carb for a couple meals.  See if that doesn't spike your energy a little bit more.  Make sure you're getting 20-25 grams of protein per meal, too.  I've found drinking a protein shake within a half hour of my weightlifting stops that dead-tired thing from happening.  When I'm feeling drawn out and icky, I first drink a big glass of water.  If that doesn't help, I add a little to my next meal, beginning with about 5-10 extra grams of carb.   If that doesn't work, I add an extra 5-10 of protein to the next one.  Eventually, you will find your balance.  That's why I'm doing a second challenge.  I've learned about what to do and not to do, and I think I can do better.  

    As far as the sciatica, sitting in a very warm bath will help loosen that up, and you can try putting epsom salts in there.  The magnesium does wonders for sore muscles.  Try strengthening your low back with some "superman" exercises.  That's the one where you lie on your stomach with your arms stretched out above your head, then you use your core and low back to lift your upper body and your knees off the floor.  You can start with doing a certain number one day, then adding on every other day.  This has the bonus of also strengthening your abs/core at the same time.  They're effective, and they should not hurt you.  They probably won't even flare up your sciatica pain.  As for the workouts, try a few different exercises (squats, lunges, leg extensions and/or curls) and see which ones flare up that low back and sciatic pain.  If they all do, SKIP THE WHOLE THING until you're feeling strong enough to continue.  It's ok to miss workouts when your body is telling you to.  Otherwise, you could be completely out of commission.  As for the end of the challenge, WHO SAYS it has to be 12 weeks?  That's an arbitrary limitation.  I knew I wouldn't make it to my final goal in one challenge, but I want to be better forever.  If that takes longer, then I'm ok with that.  I want to do what I know I can continue forever...what is DOABLE for me.  If it's not, I can't stick to it anyway.  Find what YOU can stick to.  You're the only one who knows what that is!! Plus, you've already succeeded in my book.  You're a champion and an inspiration to me.  I love your spirit!

    I'll stop for now, but hang in there girl!  You're doing SO WELL!



    David - OMG - Maximus fo sho.  Your after pictures are smokin' dude!  I kept my compliments a bit tamer on the transformation thread but you really do look incredible.  49 huh?  I am behind you by a few years but WILL get results like your (female version of course - I'd look scary built like you).  Any luck with the "wifey" as you call her?  I hope she will join us.  Of course that would require her to keep her hands off of you long enough to post here and workout.  Not sure I'd want to join if I were her ;-)

    For those of make that those of US...that didn't hit all of our original goals for C1 - I say LET IT GO!  We set high expectations and goals for ourselves and continually strive to reach them.  They are still great goals even if they weren't obtained in 12 weeks.  Did you get to your starting place in 12 weeks?  For me that is a definite no way.  I abused my body for years to get to the sorry state I was in a few months ago.  I can't expect to undo that in just 84 days.  However, I will undo it!  This is the time to set new goals.  Maybe your original goals are your long term goals and each challenge, you set interim goals that might be a bit more attainable.  Just a thought...

    Lil Caity - Body pillow - now that's funny!  Me too GF - me too.  So weeks 8-10 were very challenging and frustrating for many of us.  You might not reach your initial goals but look how much closer you are than when you started!  Don't discount the amazing progress that you have made to date.  I know that our posts have been a bit slower than normal since the majority of us were in between challenges.  However, it will pick up AND you are definitely NOT alone.  We are all hear for you and will support you in any way we can.  Lean on us - we've all done that.  Take care of yourself physically.  You too Laurie!  Listen to your body.  If you need to take time off, do it!  I didn't finish C1 due to an injury and that is perfectly ok.

    Speaking of which, thanks for asking about the wrist.  It's getting better but it isn't healed.  I am still in a brace and can't support weights.  I will have to modify my workouts starting C2.  Swimming was originally a C2 goal but I will have to add that in later.  Upper body workouts are my biggest concern right now.  Think about it - how much do you need support from your wrist for upper body exercises????  Always right?!?!  No bueno...suggestions for UBWOs?

    Amy - I agree with others, you are very photogenic.  Totally adorable pic!  I haven't stayed out of the gym at all.  I have just modified what I do each trip to the gym.  I've done Zumba, yoga, pilates (my core apparently has a very long way to go), and spin classes to mix it up a bit.  

    Kat - I am glad that you are enjoying pool parties and BBQs.  You are rocking your bikini's now so it must be awesome to be able to show off all of your hard work.  Congrats girlfriend - you worked hard and you deserve to enjoy.  Bummer about the professional session but I'm with David on this.  You always look amazing!!!  My diet hasn't been nearly as clean as it should have been.  I feel sluggish and bloated and know it is all attributed directly to my eating.  I have to say that I was pretty hard on myself last weekend.  My daughter, her roommate and 2 of my husband's colleagues (house guests last weekend) are all in amazing shape.  I suppose it helps that some are still in their 20s and one is an MMA instructor.  However, it was tough watching them completely enjoy our backyard and pool.  Tiny bikinis totally work for them.  Me - not a chance in he!! was I going to be caught dead in a swim suit with company present.  I so need that to not be the case.  After initially letting it get me down and make me feel bad about myself, I turned it around to incentive and motivation to continue on this journey for as long as it takes to feel comfortable in a bikini again!  

    Melissa - sounds like your active rest is definitely been active.  Good for you!  

    Flygirl51 - I am glad that you are joining us here!  It was a recommended that you take 1-2 weeks break between challenges.  I don't remember who found that or where.  I do know that in P90X, there is a week break every 4 weeks.  Some of our teammates are taking 3 weeks and some just 1 to put us all on the same C2 schedule :-)

    SO ready for Monday!!!!