Multiple BFL attempts, 1 successful BFL, starting C2

  • I am reading you :).  Good job on your dedication, and you WILL have good results.  Sometimes it will take a few more weeks than planned due to complications, but persistence will pay off.

    We are here for you, and we are also over on the 1/21/13 thread if you need.

    Good luck!!


  • Today is my free day, and I was trying to eat clean all day until dinner, when we are having ribs. All I really want is Cambozola cheese - not sure why that, but I LOVE it!... so it is supposed to be that with fresh bread I just made & the ribs.  My husband was supposed to be home 2 hours ago and so I am anxious, and found myself eating the fresh bun that just came out of the oven, and then another.  I then had 1/3 can of Pepsi b/c I could, but came on here to get myself away from nibbling, which I seem to do when I have to wait and wait unexpectedly - grrrrr.  

    I did have a productive day.  I made bread with my girls, played cards with them, did some beauty things for myself, I colour coordinated my closet (lol - u might think I am so lme, but it was so rewarding), I vacuumed the whole house and cleaned all bathrooms (my least fave thing ever).  So that made me feel good to have it done.

    I am staying true to my no alcohol today.  I feel like I might miss it, but don't really want any right now.  Some wine could help me to relax and enjoy life a little (I feel like such an uptight b&*ch sometimes, and a little OCD when it comes to a clean house and the way my kids do things - control freak) and so this has always been my reason for having wine (it makes me a better person I guess??? or more likeable????).  I wish I could just naturally relax and be happy and not stress about every crumb or have to put in my 2 cents every time someone does something I don't like or agree with.  I only don't feel this way when I drink, but I don't want that as an excuse.  Any advice would help : (

    Again, just on here until hubby finally arrives!  Hope u don't mind my venting.....rambling....

  • So . . . how is your progress going?