No Weight Loss -- What to Do Now?

  • Hi. I've been doing BFL with my husband for 7 weeks.  He's lost about 10 lbs. and I've lost nothing.  Nada.  I have been very good following the program.  I eat the three meals and three snacks.  I exercise daily, and increased the weights after the first month.  I'm going to boost the cardio.  So far, I've been walk/jogging for 45 minutes on Saturdays, and doing aerobic routines during the week, for about 20 minutes each.  I'm going to boost that to 30-40 minutes.  But I'm still not sure why I've lost absolutely no weight at all.  I know some women don't lose weight until weeks 8-10.  I'm 42 and I was sedentary before starting BFL.  I do notice more definition in my body overall and I have more energy.  That is a result and success in and of itself.  But I sure would like to lose some weight!!  I was hoping for 15 lbs. during the first cycle of BFL.  I'm over 200 lbs. now.


  • Post your typical days diet so we can see if there is anything that stands out.  

    Also, it is important to follow the program.  The cardio is supposed to be an intense 20 minute workout, so if you can increase your intensity I would do that before increasing duration.  Remember in the book Bill says that long duration cardio is not as effective as doing his 20 minute intervals.  Are you hitting your 10s during all of the workouts so far with weights and cardio?

  • Use the measuring tape, or how your pants fit, more than the scale. Do HIIT cardio and make sure you hit your high point with every weight work out. No coasting. EW are 5 weeks in and although the scale is not real encouraging 4 inches off each of our waistlines is....