Challenge 4 Complete (4th Attempt!!!)

  • Hey Lil Caity –

    Thanks for such nice words.  I too dread the free day, it seems to be a nasty cycle, I feel like an addict….hate it.  I’m on challenge #5, so I’m right there with you, ready to kill this year!  I hope you are doing amazing!!

    Hallie Bug –

    Thank you!

    Emmaline –

    Thank you!


  • You look like a different person! wow!

  • Great job Brez!

  • You look great. This is so inspiring...

  • Angelpants –

    Thank you, that is a very nice thing to say 

    DaveND –

    Thank you!

    Peach Sonria –

    Thank you, if it inspires then it was worth it!


  • Texas Brez,   I know you can reach your goals by just what you have accomplished so far.  Hang in there and Keep Moving Forward and stick with the program.