Challenge 4 Complete (4th Attempt!!!)

  • Hey Gang - 

    I finally finished Challenge 4 after failing three other times, literally....  The first time I had to stop due to a disc bulge, second time came back to early, bulged three disc's this time, third time yet again, yes you guessed it, back injury.  My fourth attempt began on November 19th, 2012 and despite having some injuries and a MRI this past week on my knee I was able to finish and hit some of my goals.  This was also extra special to me because it proved to me that I could conquer my demons and be successful with a challenge even during Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years (this was so hard but so worth it).  

    My High-Points:

    • This was Challenge #4 and I punched it in the face!
    • I've lost 75 pounds since I've started the BFL lifestyle.
    • Lost 20 pounds during this challenge.  
    • My blood pressure and cholesterol levels are now normal, like a regular everyday healthy person normal!!!
    • Last week I was able to try pants on straight from the rack at a normal department store and they fit (fit with ease)...first time in over a decade!!!
    • My previously nicknamed "skinny jeans' are now too big for me, had to buy new ones this week, amazing feeling!
    • Most importantly, I’ve saved my own life, it was not looking good and I did something about it.


    My Low-Points:

    • Injuries are mounting…  Don’t really know what to do other than keep fighting through it (since the results are worth it). 
    • Just a general feeling of fatigue, I’m pretty sure this is due to me fitting in 36 hours of “stuff” into 24 hour periods, so not really a bad thing. 
    • Still have dark times of craving food.  My cheat days are still excessive; I can’t seem to escape the hold that bad food has on me.  I can keep it at bay now, but it still looms. 


                       End of Challenge 3                                              End of Challenge 4


                        Start of 1st Challenge                                      End of Challenge 4

                                                (75 lbs lost and 14 inches from my waist)


    Thanks to all of my BFL buddies, one of these days I need to meet all of you in person, you have all been supportive and unconditional.  Those people are WPBill, Flatliner, BryanL, and Island_Dude, the four of you continue to be inspirations to me.

    Semper Fi,


  • Experiences/Stories like this are inspirational and will be remembered when going for that elusive 10, when I'm wimpering and moaning and wanting to quit...I will remember this sequence of pics and think, "He didn't quit!"

    Thanks for sharing, congrats on your new life!

  • Way to go for perservering and completing your 4th Challenge (C4) BFL.  Great results and determination are definately yours as a result and with that comes a confidence to overcome future obstacles and reach your goals of the future as well. Keep Moving Forward Texas Brez!!! (a quick non related question, should a first class package containing an EAS workout shirt coming from Austin Texas be going through San Diego to reach me here in Orlando Florida, does that sound right??, hope it's not going astray, would like to use it for my C4 coming up in APril this year.  THanks for your advice on this one and Best wishes always!!

  • Bill -

    Thanks brother, really appreciate your kind words.  About your package leaving Austin and going West to eventually go East....that sounds weird so no, not right at all.  I would follow up with them!!



  • Great job. I have followed your progress through the forum and you have amazed us all. Keep it up.

  • Congratulations on your awesome results and way to stick with it!  The only thing needed in your last picture is a smile!  :)

  • Cuervo -

    Thanks so much, I admire your hard work and your feedback is very humbling, thank you!

    Balancing Act -

    Thanks for the kind words, and yes, I should smile more.  I promise to smile once I've hit my ultimate goal of 100 pounds lost!! : - )


  • WOW! You have done an amazing job!  We all have our hurdles and demons, but as long as we move forward, we are making progress.  And, you, Tex- Have come a long way!!!!

  • Miss Understood,

    Thank you so much, your words are very nice.  I would agree, everybody has hurdles and demons, and progress over perfection has been my motto since I started this journey back in June of 2011 : - )



  • 100% inspiration!  Congrats!  You ROCK!!!!!

    I feel this is the ultimate way to show your family how much you love them by being around for them for another  50 years!!!

    Keep up the good work Brez!!!

  • I have the chills right now, having read your post and seen your pictures -- You are the epitome of perseverance and inspiration!!  As Miss Understood and yourself mentioned, we all have our struggles; the fact that you acknowledge them, see them for what they are and continue to move forward in spite of those struggles is amazing -- very humbling and heartening for me.  Congratulations on all of your success.  Wishing you all the best!

    Life, light & love,


  • Hey Jen,

    Thanks so much for the nice words.  Not trying to have a pity party, but I do think it's important that as well attempt (and fail) these challenges we are honest about why.  I'm a food addict, no question about it.  

    I am stating my 5th challenge Monday (tried on February 18th but got strep so had to take a break).  My goal is to get down to my ideal weight, which is another 25 pounds, will be a total of 100, fingers crossed!!

    Again, thanks so much, your words are humbling :-)


  • Wow man, just wow. I hope to be as strong as you! I have shared the struggles with the food. I have tried so many harmful, awful things to keep my appetite and weight gain at bay. I dread my free days now at the beginning but have miraculously stuck to the program during the week. I am on my first challenge, one of 3 I have planned for this year as I have a long way to go. Lean on me anytime!

  • This is very motivating...

  • Wow you look like a different person, well done