Completed my Challenge on May 21... a look back....

  • OK, yes, it's a Saturday night and I should probably be out doing something but this time of year makes a lot of people stop and think back, myself included.

    It looks like there are a lot of folks who are starting on Dec 31 or Jan 1. I commend all of you. Do everything you can to finish the Challenge. It will change your life.

    When I started the Challenge in February 2012, I didn't expect to see it through. And at the time I saw it more as a "quick fix" for weight loss and heck, maybe I'd get into exercising or something. I live in Colorado, we are the fittest state in the nation and it shows.

    I was staring 30 dead in the eyes, as well as some size 12 jeans. I was exhausted and uncomfortable, both physically and emotionally, all the time.

    Along comes the Bill Phillips book, which a girl friend gave me, and I was just floored. And these workouts showed me I have something deep inside that I never knew was there: A greater drive, determination, and, to be honest, threshold for pain and discomfort I didn't know existed. The magic happened. I stopped drinking alcohol, I stopped eating sugar, I stopped drinking soda, I stopped sneaking chocolate bars and tapped into a focus and intent of purpose that I never thought existed.

    I lost over 11 inches and 5% body fat by May 21 and went from being exhausted after running for just a couple minutes, to almost doubling my cardio speeds (my Level 10 went from 6.0mph to 10.5mph) and I was able to run over 5 miles, outside, at a 11:00 pace.

    So, now at the end of 2012: I still lift 2-3 days per week. I am usually the only gal in the weight area. I'm building a home gym so I can have "on-demand" access to weights, bands, balls, etc. I ran my first 10k in November, finished in 58:40 (after 2 weeks of vacation and being in a situation where my training went to zero... darn you Hurricane Sandy!) and 19/46 in my age group. Now, I am training for a half marathon and setting my sights on finishing in < 2:00:00.

    This Challenge has been a game changer. I have direction and purpose in everything I do. Even my life outside of fitness has taken a serious turn... in August I was offered a job making 3x what I paid for my education, and am now on a solid and promising career path and being groomed for a promotion and a 20% raise next year.

    This is what life is about. Leave your comfort zone at the door and there is no limit to what you can accomplish.

    When I started:

    When I ran the 10k in November:

  • WOW!  What excellent results!  I can not only see it in the pictures you posted, but reading your fitness results is even more incredible!  Great job and very inspiring!

    And congratulations on your new job and upcoming promotion as well!  Very well done, all around! :)

  • Thanks for sharing!  Outstanding results!

  • Congratulations!  Great story and great results!

  • You are an inspiration. Great work!

  • Nice!!  I realized after running my second 10K, that I would just stick to 8K's and  I'm not a runner at heart, but really try to be.  You have given up so much and gained/earned soooo much more for it.  You should be proud of your accomplishments!!!  WTG!!

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • Awesome story!!! Thank you so much for sharing! You are absolutely beautiful in and out!!!

  • Great results and reflections from last challenge. Congrats and be sure to Keep MOving Forward!!!! Wish I could really get into the running but I do like biking and swimming more (must have been that 10 years of running in the service years ago).