Low Thyroid - Hypothyroidism

  • Does anyone else out there struggle with a low thyroid?

    My thyroid was stable (on medication) before starting BFL and it has gotten slooower since being on the program, I have had to up my medication. This is usual for me, whenever I do a diet and exercise program, it's a little like shooting yourself in the foot, you're damned if you do and your damned if you don't. 

    I'm still seeing results, inches going down, reduced body fat%, increased muscle definition and strength. I am at the end of my 11 week - C1. But results are slow. So I got my thyroid tested as I suspected it was a part of the problem, and I was shocked at how much it actually had slowed down. BUUUT.... I can increase my medication to compensate, as my doctor recommended. It is just frustrating when you work so hard and have to deal with a condition like this.

    Does anyone else have a similar problem/condition?

  • I have no thyroid (cancer) and have been on meds for 19 years. I usually have my levels checked every three months. The last check they had to reduce my t3! I think the last time when I was running quite a bit they had to reduce my meds then too. I definately know the frustration you are experiencing! I have swung both ways hyper to hypo and the worst sideaffect for me is my moods! Hang in there it should get better once you've upped your meds. VAL

  • I have hypothyroid as well. I felt VERY sluggish halfway through and at the end of C1, but my TSH levels were still normal (as far as I know)... this might be one you would wanna call the doctor for. Just my opinion.


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