Challenge 2 - Bring it ooon!

  • The week is going real good. The only thing I am having trouble with is my new eating schedule. Since I now work out at home 3x a week and at the gym in afternoons, I get to sleep in longer in the mornings and then my meals start out way later like 10.30am or so and because I am not used to the schedule yet, I feel all my meals are pushed back so much that I have to set a timer for every 2 hours to be able to get 6 meals in per day. But hopefully by the end of the week I have the new eating schedule down. Body is sore from lifting and doing hard core abs.

    I've been feeling queezy the last 3 days and I don't know why. I was thinking it's the protein powder that suddenly doesn't sit well with me anymore, but stangly the feeling stil lingers way after I use it.

    @Christine, how are the pushups going?

    @Michele, you will do Abs everyday then?

    @Rosanne, I am also keeping my cals between 1250-1300. So good to hear how you girls are doing. Wonder where the others are. Great that we keep checking in to support one another.


  • My week was good, but I was pretty exhausted all week.  When the alarm went off every morning, I was in such a deep sleep!  Hard to get started, but I did it.  I have been eating very clean with the exception of one meal today, but it is still so hard to keep the calories under 1300.  I don't think that I will lose any weight if I don't keep them down that much, but it is so hard to do.  Even eating between 2-3 hours apart I am still hungry before mealtime.  I feel hungry often. I am on my feet all day, so I guess that doesn't help. Still, I was eating 1450-1500 calories last challenge and lost practically nothing so I guess the key really  is to starve.  Depressing.

  • Recap of week one: It was good to get back into the swing of things. I love the variety of workout-out part at home using Insanity and P90X DVD's and Rumi on Youtube and part at the gym for weight lifting. I love change and it keeps me motivated. Getting back on the eating clean was also easy except I am having trouble with a specific eating schedule as I do not get up at 7am anymore to take the girls to school then straight to the gym. With workout  at home and switching lifting hours at the gym to afternoons, there is no set schedule to start my day and so I find my eating schedule to be all over the place. I have to even squeeze in all the 6 meals by eating every 2 hours otherwise I would miss out on a meal. I think from now on I will combine 2 meals in one if I start my day out too late. And rather stay still on a time schedule where the rest of the meals will always fall at the same time. I'll try that and see how it goes.


  • Great job, Soraya!  I enjoyed a few treats on my free day today, but not too much. I had a pretty good week.  I have been doing abs every day and my lower back has been bothering me all week, but I am just going to push through. One day I will see those abs again!  haha

    Hey, where is everybody else!  How was your week? Are you out there?  Hellooooooo?????

    Storm coming on the East coast, say a prayer for Rosanne, Christine and me!

  • Michele, we are waiting to hear from you as soon as you have power again. Not sure how bad you had it in your part of town but it is for sure worse then I could have expected in general. Thinking of you!!


  • Week 3 started today. Was out of town Friday and Saturday so those blended into Sunday as FREE days. Nice break but by last night I felt like it was ages since I was disciplined so I planned todays meals before going to bed and started this morning with a kick butt workout! I am happy to report that it being only my 4th Insanity Workout, I only pauzed twice during the whole crazy 38 minute workout. The longest I have lasted so far. Soon I could join them live! haha. But when you pause or stop, you feel so queasy you think you will throw up!

    So, where is everyone else at? Let's not slack, but keep up the good work. I don't want to be the only one posting again this challenge around like in Challenge 1 when everyone quit after week 2. Let's go, let's go!


  • Hi SorayaRosaria,

    I just started my week 1, C-2 today. I've read your posts on the site and have enjoyed your enthusiasm for the program.

    I know I am a couple of weeks behind you, but maybe I can post here too.

    My C1 didn't go so well, I have a low thyroid , hypothyroidism, and it took a beating doing the program, I've had to up my meds to compensate, but didn't start to do that until last week, week 12 of C-1. I'm hoping that C-2 will bring better results now that I've adjusted my meds.

    I'm still following the BFL program, I enjoy it very much and it suits my lifestyle and I've always enjoyed lifting weights. And 20 mins of HIIT cardio is enough for me!!! I might look into Bill Phillips new workout plan, 5/25. It's only 25 minutes a weight  workout, but it's supposed to be pretty good. I am limited for time sometimes and can't get a 45 minute WO in.  

    I still lost almost 10 lbs of body fat and a fair bit of inches from C-1, so onward and upward!!! C-2 here I come!!!

  • Hey there, I was lurking here and had to post when I read about the 5/25 workout. That is what I do. I will say on leg day it takes me at least 35-40 minutes and arms 30 minutes. You have to make sure your lifting heavy enough weighs too. I read on BF site that they should be heavy enough that the third circuit your thinking "I am tired and may not make it". I have been doing this workout for 7 weeks and really feel its excellent! Leg day absolutely kills me both cardiowise and weight wise too. My legs are usually noodles. For that matter, my arms feel the same when I am done with UBWO too!! Hope that helps you Livelovelaugh. VAL

  • Of course, LIveLoveLaugh... this thread is for anyone who has finished 12 weeks of Challenge 1 and is moving on to Challenge two. I applaud you for continuing. Not everyone is as satisfied with results the first time around, I also lost 10lbs and wish it was more but hey... better 10 then none! haha. But you have the right idea, keep onward and upward! I did not hear before of the 5/25 program, thank you Happymom6 for the ideas too. I will look into it. Much success this time around and lets stick together and keep encouraging each other. We all need to be motivated by others and I am motivated by hearing from you too! Blessings to you and welcome.


  • That's right! You are either going to get fatter or thinner/fitter, so you have to make a choice and stick with it!!

    I did see results on C-1, and that's more than I would have seen if I was sitting on my butt! Anything is better than nothing.

    I read your other post about being sore every day SorayaRosaria, and I can relate. What  I find most difficult is when I have a week where it is 2 LBWO and then Cardio in between (BFL program - treadmill or bike for me). My lower body is killing me. So for C-2, I am being a little easier on myself and letting my body rest, sometimes I will skip a cardio or LBWO that particular week, and recuperate. I found that if I work out when I am still recuperating from the previous days LBWO or cardio, I really get nowhere. I'm just overly sore and it takes even longer for the soreness to go away.  

    That being said, I still skip very few WO, and sometimes make it up on a day that I'm not sore.

    Bill Phillips new workout, 5/25 looks good, here is the Youtube video where he demonstrates:

    His Web site is :

    I think I'm going to try it a few times and see how I feel, I'm really short on time sometimes and also I want to switch it up a bit.

    Thanks happymom6, I know if it takes me a bit longer its OK, since you've been doing it and it takes you longer.  I just want to challenge my muscles a little more.

    Looking forward to my UBWO tomorrow, going to rock it!

  • Hello everyone... how was your week?? I miss hearing from you guys. I have been good, body hasn't been sore AT ALL the last 3 days or so. Workouts have been great too, I have much more endurance and less breaks in between with Insanity and AbRipperX. I actually feel proud of myself. Increasing reps or weights at the gym. Meals are all in the "authorized" category. I changed my meals now to 3x a day rather then 6. It had been stressing me out this Challenge. I haven't been feeling very good emotionally and the planning was just becoming too much.

    So, what is the news with everyone? LIVELOVELAUGH, I checked out the youtube video and it sounds like a good routine. I pretty much do 3 sets right now on 5 exercises, either lower or upper body with 10-15 reps. Takes me about 36-40 minutes. I hear from Micheled on MFP and she is doing well, just a lot going on after the Sandy storm and the nor'easter. But she will be back soon. Have a great weekend, I have home made Tamales in the works for tomorrow, left over Pizza I saved in freezer since Tuesday and breadsticks with Marinara dip and an evil cheesecake dessert. Hugs and be blessed!


  • Hi Rosanne, did you complete the second challenge?  If so, how did it turn out??  =)     I am starting week 4 in my first challenge.  I am sad to hear that the first challenge didn't work out as well as you wanted - and that is my fear.  Please post an update if you can.  thanks!!

    Go, Becca, Go!  Tri Tri Again!