Challenge 2 - Bring it ooon!

  • Ok, Challenge 1 is behind our backs and we rocked it!! There are 3 of us so far starting Challenge 2 on Monday the 22nd October, namely Michele, Shelbells and myself. We are sure there are others starting that day too and it would be cool to journey together all of us. Feel free to share your experience here if so. Michele and I are also on MyFitnessPal. We have grown closer by sharing and supporting one another that way. Life is good.

    I am going to the gym today to figure out new machines and weights today to be ready on Monday. Measuring, weighing in and taking "before" pix tomorrow too. Bring it on!! Much success to you both, girlies... Thanks to God for a new way of life. 


  • I'm in! no more procrastinating, no more excuses, ONLY RESULTS! I can be 12 weeks closer to my goal three months from now OR look and feel exactly the same way as I do this very moment. I choose CHANGE! :D:D

  • I am ready to start again tomorrow after a week's rest.  Food is planned out and alarm is set for an early workout.  I am doing this because eating right and working out is the right thing to do for my body, but I was extremely disappointed in the results of the first challenge after working diligently at it.  I have no reason to believe this one will be any more successful.  I will cut about out 100-150 calories more per day this time, but I don't believe it is healthy to eat less than 1300 per day. At the rate of less than 1 pound loss per month, I should reach my weight goal in about 4 years.

  • Beautiful Michele... we will journey together. I am sure there are days others or I will need your support and encouragement too. And I know that anyone else who has completed 12 weeks of Challenge One already can relate more to what we share here and we can all support one another like that. Just keep going.

    I too am ready for tomorrow, pix taken, new measurements taken and ready to hit it hard.


  • So, this is my second challenge as well, but my first challenge was 10 years ago!  ( With excellent results, I must say!)   I keep trying to  complete a second challenge, but never get past week three..........I really like MK-WILDCHERRY's comment "I can be 12 weeks closer... OR look and feel the same way as I do this very moment"   That's a great daily mantra!  I really want to get my end-of-BFL challenge body back!!!!

  • I went straight into Challenge 2 last week, but would like to journey with all of you.  This time around, I have to somehow get the motivation to work out more and better!

    Good luck to all of us!

  • Good news, Redgirl45... it can be done as my case is just like you. 10 years ago I did challenge one successfully having loved the results and then life happened. Needless to say hubby and I put BFL aside. So what I called here Challenge 1 was actually Challenge 2 and tomorrow I would be starting Challenge 3, but to be less complicated I scratched 2001 challenge as this time around I was at ground zero anyway, haha. So, I want you to know that I believe you WILL do it this time. You have people to journey with you in the same boat. You just have to have found a real reason why, something to motivate you enough and I know you will not only get going again after 10 years, but finish strong. Let me tell you what gave me the right motivation.  After 2001 we moved constantly from country to country for our work. But while living in Hawaii in 2002 and being fit we met a beautiful young girl who was a class mate and at the time she was chubby. Not very overweight but she was definitely not fit and slender. Then we moved again! Lost contact totally until this summer I found her by surprise on Facebook. I was greatly SHOCKED to see that she is now a figure competitor, all BUFF and 6 pack abs and chiseled legs and arms!! I contacted her and complimented her on her beautiful change. She told me her story and it fired me UP!! Because since settling here 8 years ago I had gained 15 lbs or so, fat belly and very out of shape!!! That is when I said "why have I not remembered to get back into BFL now that we have been settled for 8 years already? So, there you go. Someone had to remind me of what I want for myself in a very shocking visual way. Not that I am there yet, but I am on my way with each passing week. Glad you are joining us here with your second Challenge.


  • Welcome Dancing Queen, we were both posting at the same time and yours came through before me, haha. Soooo good to have you here. I didn't know we had finished challenge 1 around the same time. Success to you.


  • Count me in too.  I am ready to start my second challenge tomorrow.  I was not very satisified with the results of my

    last challenge.  I was diligent for the twelve weeks but did not lose much at all.  Michele is my best bud and we did the first challenge together.  She has been very encouraging and has allowed me to cry on her shoulder many many times.  Now we are gearing up for this second challenge and I am praying that this time we will be extremely successful.  By the grace of God we will overcome!

  • I'll be starting again tomorrow as well.  I also completed the challenge about 10 years ago with very good results and have tried to maintain the eating and exercise plan over the years.  I slacked off a bit in the last couple of years and needless to say, I am not pleased with the changes in my body.  I just completed the challenge and did not get the results I had in the past, but I'm not giving up.  I am ready to begin the next challenge tomorrow and this time I am hoping to see even more change in my body.  Good luck to all who are starting another round.  

  • I am so glad to be doing this next challenge with my two best friends, Christine and Rosanne, who really encouraged me on the first one.  I became friends with Soraya on here and MFP at the very end of C1 and she is so inspiring and encouraging!  So with all this encouragement, and with daily prayer (because nothing is impossible with God!) I feel better about C2 and am looking forward to the journey.  (I hope I feel this way when the alarm goes off at 5:30am tomorrow!!!!)  I wish everyone on here all the best.... we can do this!!!!!!!

  • Good Morning Friends! I hope everyone had a restful night.  Today is the day we have begun to make a change in our lives.  I woke up this morning feeling rather groggy, but I completed my workout.  I even did the one exercise that I hate the most ... pushups!  I'm going to try to do them more often.  Maybe once every other upper body workout.  I'm really dedicating myself to making a change in my body!

  • Yaaaay, Christine. You did it!!! Great start!

    I am changing things up a bit for this 2nd Challenge. I need change to stay motivated, but also I am a wimp when it comes to winter weather. So, I will be going to the gym only 3 times a week for weight lifting, but the other 3 days I will be doing my Cardio at home using DVD's, namely P90X in part, Insanity in part and Rumi on Youtube. That means less days to go out in winter storms. But I tell you, the Fit Test on Insanity kicked my rear today and at the end I was nauseated!! I know I will get better. Tomorrow is weights at the gym. Have a great start everyone.


  • It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be getting up early today....I was only out of the routine for a week, though!  Did pretty well with upper body workout, and then did two different abs exercises.  Trying to keep calories much lower this time!  Great job Chris and Soraya on your first day of C2!  How did everyone else do today?

  • I am still here.  I have not gone away.  It's Thursday night, I am exhausted but still going strong.  The workouts have been good so far.  I have not been eating six meals a day, but have been keeping my calories to around 1300 each day.  So far, I think it's been four to five meals a day.  I have a crazy schedule, so I have to get my meals in when I can.  How is everybody else doing?