Using the challenge dashboard/online submission

  • Does anyone else have problems with this darn on line submission?  I am so frustrated. 

     I lost my "essay" 4 each step I go, it takes a couple minutes a screen just to get a cursor so you can type.  I have now tried this on two computers AND and Ipad.  All the same.  At this rate, I will never get it sumitted. 

    Am I the only one?

  • Shellbells, Be sure to contact the BFL team on this and perhaps they will have some helpful advice. I had a slight problem this time again with double wording occuring during the typing of the text on each question.

  • Thanks. WPBill...Im about to just call it a personal challenge and not submit, Im so frustrated.

  • I also have had double wording happening and am currently working on finishing mine. But like you, I just lost 2 pages of essay, but I am thinking I may not have clicked on "save and continue". But funny is that it is lost on the desktop, but the entry is there on the iPad. So, I am going through it carefully right now in order not to lose anything else. It was frustrating, yes. When are you starting challenge # 2? I am starting this Monday. Wanna journey together?


  • Hi sorayaRosaria - For me I was editing and it just disappeared in a flash.  I ended up writing it in and email  and then copy and pasting from there....finally I got to hit save and continue.  Now, I just cannot get passed the Essay.  It will not let me type anthing (or copy and paste) in any other box.  I am so frustrated with this whole site.  Recently I filled out a survey.  Unfortunately the survey is more about the BFL program (which is AWESOME) not about the site, so I had to give it what looks like good ratings.  I'ts a poorly written survey so that is frustrating also.

    I too start my Challenge on Monday and would be delighted to journey with you......