2 years since my last challenge (had a baby) thoughts on how this will go...?

  • Hi everyone,

    I completed 3 successful challenges right before getting preganant with my son.  They were succesful and even though I haven't been in challenge mode the techiniques I have learned really stuck with me.  I was tempted to try something new like p90x or insanity, but to be honest my heart is with BFL.  Its the real deal. 

    I have just finished week1  ( of my 4th challenge and 1st since baby) and I am trying to remember what to expect in the way of weight loss/ inches lost in the first few weeks?

    Also, for those who have taken breaks and then done another challenge can you tell me what your muscle memory was like? I am finding that my weight lifting is going better then my cardio.  There is some muscle memory there which is great, but my cardio has a ways to go to get back where I was :) 

    Anywhoo, just reaching out! This board was always so helpful for me :)



  • Muscle Memory is AWESOME!

    Out of the gate can is usually water weight the first few weeks, but you should avg 1.5 to 2.5 lbs per week thereafter which occasional stalls and even some gains which are normal.

  • I agree, I always go back to BFL! I have done many, many challenges over the years...and I've also tried other programs. Nothing works like BFL. Thinking back to some of my "first" challenges after taking a break, my loss (per the scale) was always slow and steady. Many weeks I'd only lose 1/2 pound...but I always lost. I didn't see a lot of physical changes until  the very end.  Weeks 9-12 it seemed like everything happened.  That's just my personal experience, I know others lose faster and can actually see the results more quickly.  

  • There was 10 years between my challenges (I finished a challenge got pregnant and gained all my weight back and then some).  But, my body responded completely different this last challenge.  The first challenge I lost 17lbs the first month.   This challenge I lost 17lbs on the whole challenge, but my body transformed way more positively muscle wise than my first challenge.  So, I had to let my expectations go from the first time around and embrace a new journey.  Don't expect a carbon copy challenge, enjoy the process :-)