Final Day

  • Well, it's day 84! I have done other challenges in the past, most recent 2007. Results were different this time around. The scale moved very little after the first 6 weeks. Clothes, especially shirts, fit me now, that were tight before and I was too fat to even think about wearing them. My eating habits  improved 100%. Actually went to the beach yesterday and felt good when I took my shirt off. I definitely  gained more muscle this time. There was a yearbook photo at the school taken where I worked, taken around the time I started the challenge. When the yearbook came out, one of the children commented how " There's Mr S. , but that doesn't look anything like him". So I would call it a successful challenge! To all those starting out, stick with it. The weeks will go by before you know it.

  • Congratulations Cameo!!!  You had great results and that self-esteem thing - right on!!!!  Congrats on your success!

  • Congrats!! You made it and You deserve to be proud of your accomplishments and to go to the beach to show  your results out there. Best wishes for your future endeavors and Keep Moving Forward!!!

  • Thanks for your support LacyJ! Always appreciated.

  • Ooops, you too  WPBill. Thank you!