60 year old YOUNG female starting 3rd Challenge for 2012 - anyone with me out there?

  • Posted @ 11:38pm, Central Std Time on 12/2, post showing 5:38 am on 12/3. Why is that? How does BFL determine which time zone

  • Hi Mandi - CONGRATULATIONS for taking the BIG step to a healthier and happier lifestyle :)  Just don't let anything get in the way of your success.  Get yourself prepared and don't expect perfection in the beginning.  I will share with you that my weight loss tripled on the second challenge after adding EAS Lean 15 Protein shakes and Betagen with Rivigor to my daily food plan.  I had them twice a day.  I carried baby carrots with me always in the beginning and I promised myself that if I got hungry between meals that I would eat my carrots to get my thru and that helped also.  So just get yourself prepared, make a commitment to yourself, and go and and fight for what is yours girlfriend!!!!  

    I am here for you and you can ask me anything.  Best of Luck!  In BFL love - LacyJ

  • PS:  I don't understand the time zones or time difference and don't know how BFL determines them?????

  • This is great words of wisdom. I am 53, female on the 10th week and have not lost much scale weight. I know I am stronger, healthier,  what is this Bataan with rivigor?

  • Hi girls!!!

    Special welcome to Mandy!!!!  

    I cannt understand what is happening to me.  I am just plain old tired right now.  My schedule is sooo messed up and my work ours are sporadic.  Welcome to the holidays right?

    I have given up this challenge and decided to get my butt out of the holidays and then start again.  I will do my best meals and workouts but I can't feel crappy about everyday.  

    We are rushing to get the house decorated, inside and out (huge job) and get all shopping done, presents wrapped done before the 17th!  My daughter, her hubby and my little gorgeous granddaughter are coming for 10 days.  On the one hand I am super thrilled.  On the other, it's tough to "do Christmas" and entertain for 10 days!  But we never see Emma (she's turning 2 12/23!).

    I have a trip to San Diego for business next week...... So gearing up for that....

    Lacy- how's your man???

    Please send some encouragement my way!!!!

    Happy holidays  and BFL dreams to all!!!

  • Restored Hope,

    We're not sure why there was such a big difference in the time listed for your post but have passed this along to our team. It may have been a glitch, as we haven't heard about this before, but we will look in to it.

    Tiffany, the BFL Team

  • Hi wine Girl :)  Glad you stopped by our site :)  I copied the information about the Betagen from the website.  All I know is on my first Challenge I lost 6 pounds without using any EAS supplements.  On the second Challenge I started using EAS Lean 15 protein shakes and Betagen with Rivigor twice a day, and I tripled the weight loss from the first Challenge.  I have been able to lose weight and inches (37 pounds and 35 inches) the BFL way and using the two supplements, EAS Lean 15 protein shake and Betagen with Rivigor.  I was never able to lose weight previously even though I would diet and exercise.  It just seems the protein shakes and the Betagen have made the difference for me.  I still have to keep my diet clean and do my exercise (cardio and weights), but it is working for me.

    Please see below the information about the Betagen with Rivigor.  This was suggested to me in the beginning as a supplement to lose weight and get lean along with the protein shakes.


    BetagenĀ® is a unique combination of creatine and RevigorĀ®, the amino acid metabolite HMB. These ingredients have been clinically shown to improve muscle strength and body composition*. Each 35-calorie serving, taken post-workout, helps people achieve the benefits of getting lean and toned.*


    Take one serving post-workout and two more servings during the course of the day. Do not exceed 3 servings per day

    I hope this is helpful for you. The only thing is I am not able to find the Betagen so I have to order it online.  I find the EAS Lean 15 protein shake mix at Target.

    PS: Stay with the program no matter what - small weight loss or big weight loss - it is not just about weight.  It is a mind, body, and soul transformation.  It is about you having optimal health.  It is about YOU being the best you can be!

    Hope this is helpful to you.  Please don't hesitate to let me know if I can be of further help and/or support to you.  In  BFL love - LacyJ

  • Good Morning Shellbells!!!  I hope you are feeling better and less stressed!!!  Come on girl you got the fight in you, you're just overwhelmed with the HoliDAZE!!!!  Just hang-in, hang-on, hang-over - whatever it takes to get thru!!  Just keep the fire of desire you have for your health and that hot bod girlfriend!!  Don't beat yourself up - just do your best to get thru and hit it when you can and when you can't don't beat yourself up.  By the way, I haven't heard you mention Tom's progress lately - how is he doing?

    I miss hearing from our Dancing Queen :-(

    I'm Blessed that we have had some other ladies stop by our blog and receive some inspiration.  That is Fab-U-Lous!!  Thank you all who have stopped by to read our blog :)

    Kimiipoo - If you read this - I love you!  I tried to send you a couple of notes thru the "friends" site, but not sure they went thru to you.  If you didn't get them, hop on this blog and leave me a note, I will get back to you from here and that way I know you will receive my notes :)  You CAN do it girl - just take the first step :)

    In regards to my new guy - Carl - well he is totally freakin' awesome!!!  I've now shared the chemotherapy story with him and he didn't run off - he just said we will live everyday as a gift - ahhhhh I'm gonna fall in love with this guy!  We have dated 2 months now.  He asked me for New Year's Eve last night and I am so excited!!  That means a hot dress and heels and makeup and glam!!!  Oh Lordy I haven't done New Year's Eve in probably 15 years or more!!  He just makes my heart smile :)

    I'm still on program - struggling a little here and there but still on fire!!  I do my final bikini photo shoot on Dec. 20th (12 more days - yikes!!!) - for my 4th and final Challenge.  Unbelievable!  Thank you BFL!!!!! I will forever give praise to BFL and taking the first Challenge and following thru - Thank you again BFL!

    Okay all - have a great weekend!  Give yourself some love!  Give someone your smile :)  In BFL love - LacyJ

  • Ok ladies, week 1 was a struggle for me. Anything and everything that could go wrong did. I got sick w/ excrutiating abdominal pain/pressure/bloating...kinda feel like my cervix was opening ( or getting ready 2 give birth 2 something unnatural). Have to call tomorrow to schedule an ultrasound to make sure nothing  to serious is going on.

    Kids were misbehaving, feel like attorney n courts r milking me 4 more money. Im no closer 2 being divorced than I was over 2 yrs ago. Found out I hv to have him re-served because the judge ordered atty 2 combine cases, which may scrub my 1/23 original court date. Work was stressful,  car troubles n some1 set my oldest apt building on fire. Needless 2 say, I only got 2 work out 1 day last week.

    Didnt sleep well, diet started out ok, but by Wednesday, wasnt eating much w/o getting sick n nauseated. Still feeling sore, but determined 2 hit the gym in the morning, but not over do it.

    Hope all is well with you all. Lacy, glad you have someone to treat you like the princess u are. You deserve the best.

  • Holy Moly Bat Girl!!!  You have survived hell and came back!!!!  WOW!!!  But . . . you survived and you are still alive to tell about it!  Sorry for all the problems you encountered your first week - but, from your blog - you are a STRONG woman! Now on the divorce situation - girlfriend - you can use BFL strategy for your side.  You just stay focused - stay at it - stay as clean on your diet as possible - hit the cardio hard and long - and you will be lookin' soooooooo FINE by your divorce date, your EX will spin around and chew his own arm off!!!  He will know that he is the LOSER here!!!!  So, just keep that in the back of your mind every time you step on that treadmill :)  Baby Girl just stay determined - stay dedicated - and stay focused!!!  It is okay if you have a bad day or even if a bad week happens, the moral of the story is, is that you just stay at it no matter what!  I'm proud of you :)  Hang in there - times and life will get better :)  God Bless - in BFL love - LacyJ

  • Hello Restored Hope - How are you?  How is this week going?  Just stopping by to say hello and let you know I am thinking of you and hoping this week is going better for you.

    Shout out to all my other ladies!!!!  Hope you all are getting thru the HoliDAZE with as little stress as possible, and enjoying the ambiance of the season.  

    Tis the Season to be Merry :)  Have a great weekend Ladies :)  In BFL love - LacyJ

  • Hello WineGirl!!  Hope your Challenge is going great for you!!  Just wanted to take a minute to say "Hey" and let you know I am thinking of you and wishing you the Best this Holiday Season!  Power on thru to the New Year!!!!  In BFL love - LacyJ

  • Hey Shellbells!!!!  Hope all is going well for you during this time of hustle and bustle!!!  I'm just taking a minute to say "hey" and let you know I am thinking of you.  Wishing you the very Best this Holiday Season.  Miss hearing from you!!!  In BFL love - LacyJ

  • Hey Dancing Queen!!!  Hope all is well for you during this holiday season!!  I miss hearing from you :)  Just stopping by to say "hey" and let you know I'm thinking of you.  Wishing you the very Best this Holiday Season!  In BFL love - LacyJ

  • Hey Heathercita!!!  Hoping you are doing well thru the this busy time of the year!!  Just stopping by to say "hey" and let you know I am thinking of you :)  Wishing you the Best during the Holiday Season!  Take Care - In  BFL love - LacyJ