60 year old YOUNG female starting 3rd Challenge for 2012 - anyone with me out there?

  • Dancing Queen - yea!!!!!!!  She's back!!!!  We been MISSING U!!!!!  Glad to hear you are okay - maybe bogged down a little with all you have to do - but you are still in the BFL game!  I was getting worried - you can't stay away that long again!!!  Just keep showing up and the rest will happen!  

    Ladies - date #4 tomorrow  night with Carl.  Wow!!!  He keeps showing up - now that is a new concept - HA!!  

    I did 55 minutes cardio today and some box jumps and leg work today.  I didn't want to do it - but then I thought about my commitment to myself - no giving up this time!

    Heathercita - where are you girlfriend??  We're gonna come after you!!!

    Shellbells - hope all is going well for you still.  

    Okay ladies - Be Unstoppable!!!!  In BFL love  - LacyJ

  • Hellooooooo Ladies!!!!  Where are the ladies???  Where is the chatter???  Where is everybody????  Ladies, I NEED you!!!!  It is getting sooooooo close to the holidays it scares me!!!  On Dec. 23rd I finish my very last challenge!!!   The time is flying this challenge and I don't know why but it seems like I just started it and I have less than 6 weeks to finish Challenge #4.  

    Tomorrow I have an interview for a new job.  I went out and bought a new suit (jacket & skirt) and I like it too, and I am ready to walk myself in there and tell them they need me - HA!!!  

    Today I did 55 minutes cardio and did legs (squats, lunges, dead lifts, bosu ball, and abs).  Can't believe I did that on Monday morning - I've most certainly lost what mind I had left!!!!

    My new friend Carl and I had a Friday night date - went to see the movie Flight with Denzel Washington (great movie), went to a dance place after the movie and danced for about and hour and a half, then went out for NACHOS!!!!  Guess you know that was my free meal for the week !!  It isn't easy with another person in your life - they like to eat out and I'm used to controlling my environment - so, I have to watch it.  He is impressed with my BFL program and commitment.  He also said he likes how I look - oh yeah - I'm lovin' that!!

    Okay ladies - I'm lookin' for you :)  I hope all is going well and you are rockin' your BFL programs.  Hope to hear from you all soon :-)  In BFL love - LacyJ

  • WOW....WOW...WOW  you are right Mary.....CRAZY CRAZY LIFE.

    I did that emergency trip to Chicago last week and since then I have been so behind.  Work has been awful - it's the end of year and end of the final quarter....OH boy....I haven't been able to come up for air...work outs are all over the place and i have NO idea why my food is no in  control...it's usually the easiest part for me.  DANG IT.  

    I am stressed because Thanksgiving is next week...it's so much work and this weekend will be all about the planning and shopping, then the preparing!!  we will have over 20 for a elegant sit down meal....

    Didnt get my workout in as work was too busy today....then I had my hair cut and then I had my grandson....BUSY DAY

    Lacy...I am so happy for you....Carl sounds great!!!  

    BTW - how did the job interview go?

    Mary and Heathercita - MISS YOU GUYS!  

    I will be checking in every day...I need you be accountable!!!!

    love you guys.

  • Shellbells - Thank God you're back!!!  I was so worried about everyone!!  Tis the season for stress!!!  and the 3 F's of the holiday season, Food, Food, and more Food!!!!!  I'm glad to hear you're okay.  Understand the stress of travel, work, and deadlines and along with the travel is finding good food and being able to get your workouts in.  Don't STRESS Shellbells - do what you can and when you can, get back on it . . . and knowing you, you will get back ON IT!!!  Thanksgiving with an elegant dinner of more than 20 people would send me over the edge!!!  But you always do it in grand style because that is what you do!  Don't fret with these holidays - we will get thru and we will get back on in between :) and come the New Year - we will show up and start it again :)

    Mary - Lordy do we miss you girlfriend!!!  Had to go on your facebook page just to look at your gorgeous face so I could remember you!!!  We miss you :)  Stay strong and stay focused and PLEASE come back to us!!!

    Heathercita - where are you???  Haven't heard from you in awhile!!  Don't tell me you are on another blog and have forgotten us?????  We'll come looking for you girlfriend!!!!  We miss you :)

    Okay ladies - report on Carl (my new "guy").  Okay, so we had a Wednesday night date - out to dinner and chocolate wine to drink!!!!  Oh Lordy - I'm gonna have to be at the gym and work out 24-7 with this guy!!!  So he texts me this morning to ask if I would be able to join him for coffee at Starbucks this morning!!!!  Oh he is soooo sweet - he scares me!!  So we met for coffee this morning before we headed for work.  He looked so handsome in his sweater and dress pants, fresh shaven, smelling good - oooh la la - whew!!!! he was hotter than the coffee!!!!!    Then while we had coffee he asked if I would like to go to the movies Saturday night - oh yeah - he had me at hello!!!!!  Then we walked to my car, he held my hand, and gave me a quick peck of a kiss.  Now ladies - that is the way to start the day!!!!!  We have lasted for 5 dates now - this could be something real - but, we'll have to see more!!!

    Okay - went for the job interview and it went great!!  I have a second interview this coming Tuesday with the CEO, 3 Directors over Revenue, Cardiac Cath Lab, and Interventional Radiology departments - the big wigs!!!  That means I have to buy another new suit!!!

    Okay ladies - let me hear you sweating!!!!!  Put it out there and don't come home without it!!!!  Lay it down!!!!  Stay strong, focused, determined and dedicated!!!  Love you all - LacyJ

  • Psst.  Hey.  You over there.  Pretend I was never here.  I'm way too busy to write an entry worth reading!. I'm just sneaking around looking at what these other two chicks are up to!  

  • Dancing Queen!!!!!  Glad to see you're sneaking around - HA!  Good enough - now I know you are okay and you are your same funny self - even with all the stress of being sooooo busy!  I'm happy now - see me smiling :-) :-)  Take care Dancing Queen and I hope to hear more from you in the very near future - Love ya - LacyJ

  • Hello Ladies!!!  2 more days til Thanksgiving and Turkey Day.  Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday and enjoy time with your families. Use your BFL skills to make it thru the holiday with food choices, keep the stress levels low, and don't forget to show yourself some love.  I'm off to visit my family for the holiday, planning on taking the grandkids roller skating, play some laser tag, and throw in some swimming. So, I won't be on site for a few days but will have you all in my thoughts.  Wishing you a Blessed Thanksgiving Holiday - LacyJ

  • HELLO my darlings!!!!


    Seriously....holiday time is very stressful in my personal life with 22-30 for sit down dinner each year.  it's a lot of planning, preparing etc......  AND it's super busy at work....the end of year is just rough. so I apologize for being a bit absent.

    I have had migraines this week bad......it's  just  stress and my neck is out.  This evening, i begged the chiropractor to stay and he was nice enough to do it so I am feeling better.

    I am giving up this week....I know I know...but something has got to give.....so I will restart work outs on monday.  My grandson is staying with us from Thanksgiving through Sunday so I will be very challenging!

    I wish you ladies the very best this thanksgiving.   I am truly thankful for your friendship and your incredible support.  

    God Bless - Check out facebook...I will try to post pics of my table, etc....


  • Happy Turkey Shellbells!!!  Great to see you onsite - but sorry to hear you are not feeling the best.  Holidays (Holidaze) are quick approaching and the stress level is rising!!!  Hang-in, hang-on, hang-over - WHATEVER it takes girlfriends!!!!  I am having a hard time getting workouts in too so, don't internalize it, we can just do what we can with the best intention and keep it moving forward.  Just don't quit - take a short break and keep it moving :)

    Blessings to all this Thanksgiving Holiday - I am thankful and Blessed to have my BFL BFF's :)  Love - LacyJ

  • I DID IT!  I made it through Thanksgiving weekend and the  coooking and 4 days with my little grandson....WHEW!  I am so friggen exhausted......but today, I got back on my workout...FINALLY!!  YAY for me.

    HOLY COW - it's rough......too much food and now I am paying for it...but I started with the Cardio and will do UPPER body tomorrow.  Todays food was almost on plan ...so I feel more in control.  NOW, if the hoidays will go away already I would be HAPPY.

    My daguther and son ln law and my little granddaughter are coming into town and staying with us from 12/18 through the 28th.....YIKES.  I will be on vacation starting the 21st through the 2nd so I can be with them and then a few days to RECOVER!!  

    Tonight I made a really great dinner with the last of the left over turkey....I have made a lot of turkeys in my day but these two I made were some of the best ever.  I took and  onion, garlic and sauteed...then added frozen peas and sauteed.  Then added the turkey , poured in some gravy, tossed with some wide egg noodles and sprinkled with dried cranberres.  REALLY good, easy and great way to use up your turkey and gravey.  Just thought I would share.

    Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!!!  

    talk to you tomorrow ladies!

  • You ROCK Shellbells!!!  Wow!!!! How do you do all you do?????  I would be laid out and just have them call the funeral home to pick up the body!!!  WOW!!!!  Good for you getting back on track.  All we can do now until the holidays are over is try to hang-on, hang-in, hang-over . . . whatever it takes . . . BUT . . . somehow - somewhere, make some time for your BFL well being :)  

    I would love to come to the Johnson's for the Holidays - sounds like great family holiday traditions are laid out :)

    Hello to Mary -  MISS YOU Dancin' Queen!!!

    Hello to Heathercita - MISS U Girlfriend!!!!

    I am still trying to hang in there for my final Challenge.  I have 23 days til my last bikini photo shoot.  Plus, I am going to take pictures in that "little tight black dress" with the red belt and Red patent leather heels!!!  That will be a little slutty but what the heck!!!!  Out of the BOX I say !!!

    On the romance side - Carl and I are still seeing each other.  He is a very stable, very kind and romantic type of guy.  He might just grow on me and I may grow on him as this goes along.  I like him a lot :)

    Okay ladies - I must get back to work.  Keep it moving forward - do something everyday for you.  "Holidaze" will pass and we will get back on program and hit it for the New Year.   I will be finished with my challenges this year, but I will be there for anyone else who wants to keep it going.

    Go out and fight for it!  Remember . . . Endings present new beginnings :)

  • Happy Friday Ladies!!!  Hope all is going well for you during this busy busy time!!  Just wanted to stop by and say hello and send some BFL love your way :)  Stay focused and strong and keep it moving forward!  Have a great weekend and do something nice for you:)  In BFL love - LacyJ

  • Good evening ladies. I stumbled upon your blog as I surfed the BFL site yet again trying to decide if I truly want to/can do this. To be honest, I've put off taking care of me for far too long and I know I need to do something. Reading your blogs has given me so much hope. Ms. Lacy, you are a woman of amazing strength and endurance.  Shellbells & Dancing Queen,

    you ladies are awesome.

    What started out as a not so good weekend, turned into a day of restored hope in my desire and search to take better care of Mandi.

    Thanks ladies...you rock.

  • WOW!!!!!  Great to hear from you Mandi!  I'm glad you found our blog site inspirational.  We have been there for each other throughout the last challenge and into this challenge.  You ARE worth taking care of yourself!!!  You MUST put yourself and your health first.  Please don't wait any longer to begin your new life journey.  Just take one day at a time and you will never look back.  Make a commitment to yourself to allow yourself to be all you were meant to be.  BFL isn't just about weight loss, it is about a transformation of the mind, body, and soul and trust me, when I tell you that I am a changed woman for putting my all into these challenges.  I am stronger physically and mentally, my mood is always better, I have high self esteem, and most of all I am healthy and happy within myself.  I will share any of my journey with you, diet, exercise, EAS products, etc.  So, just make the commitment and take the step to a healthier and happier life ahead for you - because you my friend deserve it :)  Shellbells and Dancing Queen are always ready to jump in and share their journeys as well.  So put your game face on and conquer this day the BFL way!!!  Peace & Love - LacyJ

  • Thanks for the warm welcome and words of encouragement. Tomorrow is the big day - DAY 1! Putting me first is something I am learning  to do. I am looking forward to taking this journey to destination heathier me.