60 year old YOUNG female starting 3rd Challenge for 2012 - anyone with me out there?

  • Hey Girls....

    Its been a tough 5 days and NO i have not done well on BFL.  I am starting over today.

    My daughter had surgery on Friday for a growth.....it was far larger than they thought, the tumor was the size of a large lime, aggressive and it was grown into the muscle and the abdominal lining.  They had to remove the tumor, muscle, lining and then rebuild the lining.  It was definitely far more than we anticipated.  The doctor thinks it's malignant (but there is a chance it isnt) and we are now waiting on pathology.  She is in lots of pain and it will take weeks to recover.  So I have had my grandson for 5 days...and I'll have him at least another week on and off (he's no problem, and he keeps my mind busy) I have been secretly freaking out and have become depressed. WHAT DID I DO???  gave into food as the "healer" and didnt work out.  But luckily...I realized it was happening and kicked my butt.  Today I did good on the food and did a hard 30  minute HIIT work out.  FELT BETTER and more in control of my emotions tonight.  I cannot let myself fall back into the abyss...no matter what happens.  I need to take care of myself, so I can take care of them.

    We are hoping for pathology results this week (thurs or Friday) so pray for good news - no malignancy.....

    Lacy, I know you know the feeling here.....The scariest part is not knowing.  If you know, you can do something about it...it's hard to wait and no news does not help my brain from thinking the worst.  

    No matter what ladies.....KEEP GOING ON BFL!!!  

  • Mornin' everyone.  It is way too early in the morning for me to be awake, but there are things to do, places to go, people to see, darn it!

    Gotta get on it.  Hope you can find a way to deal with the stress and worry today, SB.  Think positive thoughts each time a negative one pops up.  Do something nice for yourself.

    Let's all have a great BFL week!

  • Wow!!!!  So sorry to hear of your daughter's health issue.  It is VERY scary awaiting pathology reports. Time seems to stop as you wait.  I will be praying for your daughter and for your family that all will work out and it is not malignant.  However, if it is a malignancy, then you have to make your plan and begin the fight.  Shellbells you MUST stay healthy in mind, body, and spirit and that is what BFL is about.  Just visualize a benign outcome of the mass, don't accept negative thoughts into your mind - do not accept any thoughts of a disease process.  It is a mass that has been removed and there is NO malignancy - that is what we will believe until proven differently.  I hope her pain eases up but the wound will have to heal and that is not an easy thing to deal with.  

    Please keep us updated on your daughter and keep us posted on you and your feelings.  Do NOT allow yourself to even begin to enter the abyss - focus on your grandson - keep yourself so busy you don't even have time to think - do what you have to do to stay on the positive side.  

    I have lab tests today to see if my counts are high enough to have chemo tomorrow (Halloween).  So I do have an idea of what you're going through right now.  My thoughts and my prayers are with you and your family.

    Hang in - hang on - hang over if you have to - but just get thru this rough time!  Love you - LacyJ

  • Hi ladies...

    Thanks so much Lacy....I needed the pep talk.  This morning I got up and I am now pretty sick....head cold.  GREAT....so I gulped dayquil an headed downstairs to work.  But my office in NY was closed due to no power.  I had no email, no system, no shared folders, etc.  My cusotmer in Conniticut was closed as well.  The storm was horrible and we have people in our company that have destoyed homes, etc....it's so sad.

    I was just going to go back to bed but I thougth NO....get your butt working out.  So sick and all, I did a good upper body, abs  AND a HIIT cardio....I felt both physically and emotionally better.

    Then I had to get my grandson to school this morning and did something STUPID...  I was turning right and there was lots of traffic, so I drove a bit in the bike lane (I could clearly see there were no bikes) but as soon as I made the turn I got pulled over....ARRGGHH!  It was just stupid.....and I dont blame the guy for giving me a ticket...but OUCH - that ticket is 380 dollars!!!  

    As the day wore on this cold kicked my butt.  But I got a pedicure and manicure and got my little guy at school....and the evening was busy so I am just sitting down.

    I hope the power will be resumed tomorrow so I can work....

    Hope all of you had a good day!!!!!

  • Hey Mary - Great to see you back onsite!!!  How was your trip to see the new baby?  Now you are back to reality girlfriend :)  How is re-entry back into the real world after all you're traveling?  Hope you are able to get back on track and hit the road running!  Challenge #2 is calling your name - back in the game lady - no excuses - just rock it out!  Great to see you're back - Love Ya - LacyJ

  • Shellbells - you just can't catch a break lately!!  A $380 ticket for just curbing the bike lane??? Wow!!!  You just have too much stress going on girlfriend!  You just need to lay low, fix some nice soothing soup for that cold, and let the world pass you by for a couple of days til you are feeling better.  Praying for your daughter's health issues and praying for you to to feel better too.  Love Ya - LacyJ

    PS:  Just finished chemo so notes are short tonight :)

  • oh shellsy, i'm so sorry about your challenges lately.  i was thinking about you and your work in new york this last week.  i pray for your strength and mental fortitude.  it's the last thing from my mind when i'm in a tough spot, but working out helps clear my head better than anything.  and don't forget to breathe.  love you!

    Lacy - clearly i have a lot of material on this site to read through, but you're going through chemo?  holy crap!  i sort of feel like a total loser for being flaky about my workouts.  and you're cheering everyone on?  pretty humbling.  i can't imagine...

    i freaking LOOOOVE Halloween!!!  LOVE IT!  i look forward to it beginning in august.  when it's over i'm always just a little sad.  i should harness that and focus it on working out.  nothing motivates me like double (or triple) chin pics and i just looked through some from our work party.  blehhhhh....  

    so, i've been working out on kind of an every other day schedule, hesitating on starting #2 because i'll have to commit to every day.  i'm getting there.  i'm going to do some homework and read through some of this history.  i'm sure there's just loads of inspirational nuggets in here!

  • Good evening my friends!!!

    I am a sick puppy... Head cold.  I feel like crap!  But I did manage to work out HARD 3x this week.  Unfortunately,  my food which is never my problem is out of control... What the heck..?

    I have great news... My daughters Tumor, although aggressive and dangerous is NOT cancer.  Thank you God.  We nearly passed out from the news and started crying from relief.  But,  this past 7 days, time literally stood still for our whole family.  It was surreal, frightening, and very difficult to emotionally deal with.  That not knowing.  

    The tumor was made up of endometriosis cells likely released from the uterus during the very violent c-section she had to deliver her 3 month premature son (my big little guy.  Her placenta ruptured and he was born in 46 seconds.  It's was a mess and clearly there were issues.  The surgeon said he was 100 percent sure it was an aggressive cancer and said over and over again that he just couldn't believe what it was.  It's unbelievably rare apparently.  

    So we all feel like we were frozen in time and now we are doing normal things like  Working, school, getting landscaping, recovering.  All such normal everyday things.  It literally felt like the twigs light zone.

    Lacy:  I am glad you were healthy enough to get your chemo!  I know you feel like crap and you're exhausted,  but not having it is worse!  As bad as I felt this week, I thought about you and kicked my butt to workout... Thank you for the unwavering support and inspiration!!!!

    Heathercita:  read this through this thread.  Lacy is amazing and such an inspiration.  Don't worry, we all feel like a total loser comparatively!! (jK). I love Halloween also because its my grandsons favorite holiday ever.  He was so thrilled.  Last year (and I am not exaggerating) he talked about Halloween every single day until this year.  Guess what?  He is talking about it each day now, waiting for next year.  He told my husband " grandpa, you're amazing" referring to the house decorations!  

    Mary,  check your butt in my dear!  We want to hear about your weightless and workouts!!!!

    Thank you for your friendship and support ladies.  I really needed you this week!!!

  • Correction -it felt like the twilight zone!!!!

  • Good Morning Heathercita and Ladies :) So, I am back from chemo - actually I was back on Thursday morning from chemo!  I refuse to let the C word have any control of my destiny - no way!!! Heathercita, I have a rare blood cancer that attacks my white cells (your immune system and infection fighters).  I am in remission and on an every three month chemotherapy regimen now.  I have had a couple of low blood counts the last month and hopefully, they will come back up after having chemo this week.  I told the oncologist - they are just numbers to me and to bring them up is her job!  I got other things to do with my life besides count blood cells :)  I went to the gym on Thursday after chemo on Wednesday - it is a pledge I make to myself - if I can crawl to the gym I will do something there.  I have a really good morning support group at the gym and they are always watching over me. I did 50 minutes cardio and did the "cables" which is Bi's, Tri's, Back, and then I did some abs.  Wow!  I surprised myself!!  After chemo my vision is blurry for a few days, my brain is scrambled and my balance is off.  So, I stumble around a little, look confused a lot, and can't see a thing - HA!!  Anyway ladies, I am back!

    Heathercita - stop procrastinating about starting a 2nd Challenge.  Even if you don't want to commit to a full BFL lifestyle yet - you will be so much happier working toward a healthier lifestyle even if just on an every other day basis.  And when you get that "little black dress" that looks so hot on you - you will be glad you did!!  

    Shellbells - I am so relieved with your daughter's diagnosis.  What a blessing and what a relief :  I am soooooooooooo glad it wasn't the C word and she doesn't have to endure treatments, etc.  She is waaaaaay to young for that.  I hope you get over your cold soon and get back on the track.  I understand the food thing - once you get off - it is hard to get back on but you can DO IT!!!!  Just refuse to eat anything but your good food.  You will get back there - you have had a lot of stress and when we have stress what do we want to do???  We want to medicate ourselves with food - so you will be okay just get back on track and get ready for that "little black dress" you're going to wear for the New Year's Eve party :)

    Mary - we are missing you!!!  We need you Mary - bring it on girlfriend!!!!  I know you have been super busy with travels and school, etc.  Just letting you know you are loved and we miss you :) xo xo xo

    Okay ladies, I have an announcement . . . . I have had two dates with a very nice gentleman.  We have been talking and texting for about a month.  We went out for dinner last night - and yes - I stayed on program with chicken!!!!  We had a lovely dinner and great conversation.  His name is Carl, he is 57, 6' tall, handsome, and has a great smile.  Anyway we were talking after dinner and he said . . . . "so, where do we go from here."  and I thought he meant did I want to go for drinks somewhere because we were finished with dinner at 9:00 pm. So, I said if you would like to go for drinks that would be fine with me. He said . . . "I was talking about us - and a relationship."  I was like totally shocked!!!  He asked me if I would like for us to continue seeing each other and invest in working toward a relationship!!!  So, I told him I would like that.  So, we ended the evening on that and he walked me to my car and gave me three kisses on the lips- nothing drastic but it was our first kiss - whoa!!!  I thought after Rico walked out of me that that would be the end for me as it was such an emotional let down - but, I think God has something better in mind for me :) :)  So, we will see, I "think"  I really believe Carl is a "real" person.  To be continued ....... :)

    Alright ladies, I am headed to the gym for cardio - have a pole dance class at 11:00 and then I have to work at the hospital 4 hours today.  So, I have to get the party started!  Have a great weekend - stay focused, determined, and dedicated!!! Come on ladies - fight for it and let's lay it down!!!!!  In BFL love - LacyJ

    PS:  I bought that "little black dress" for my final photo shoot for my BFL pictures on Dec. 23.  Oh yeah - it is tight!!!!  Black dress, red belt, and red heels - Look out Santa!!!!  

  • Where are my  LADIES?????? Ladies????  Let me hear some chatter on here!!  Can I get an Amen????  Put your game face on and SEIZE this DAY!!!!  I'm waiting :)

  • Sorry Girls.... Im here, Im Here!!

    I needed to just get well, and get DESTRESSED this past weekend and Last night I went to bed at 8:00!  I NEVER DO THAT....and I was up at 2AM forcing myself back to sleep!  LOL.....but I worked hard today and got a lot done.....and guess what?  I have to make an Emergency trip to Chicago for a one day meeting on Thursday as the guys in NY cannot get out due to Sandy and the new Storm that is coming in.  HOW HORRIBLE for them.....So I was busy getting my tickets and trying to prepare for a whirlwind trip, leaving on Wednesday afternoon.

    Lacy, You amazi me.  I know I have said it before but when the going gets tough, you dont get depressed and EAT you kick your butt back to that gym.....AND stay on plan AND take care of yourself, etc....  I want to be like you.....when bad things happen, I want to just KICK IT"S BUTT but I tend to get more depressed and quiet.  My husband says "when you get quiet, we all should worry" and its true.....Quiet is not good for me.  

    WOOO HOOO Lacy.....he sounds AWESOME.  If he said to me "where do we go from here" Im Afraid I would have thought something TOTALLY DIFFERENT (which is where I thought you were going...HAHA)  and he would have gone home with me...LOL!!  (oops, can I say that here?) and I am SERIOUS about that....I am super happy for you...keep us informed.  I love a good LOVE STORY!!!! and Girl. you deserve one!

    I feel back also.   Today was a better food day and I kicked my butt in my gym...harder than hell upper body with a full 20 minute HIIT cardio.....WOW.  I feel great, accomplished and alive again.  WHEW!   I have my workouts planned this week so that the travel will not affect me much, and then it's about protien bars, shakes and light meals until I get home again on Friday..

    Mary, Mary - YES, we miss you!!!  You are my entertainment....and I am desperately seeking entertainment.

    Heather, I started over AGAIN today.  But this time it's the real deal......so I too have had a "little" break.....it's OK - JUST KEEP ON TRUCKIN.  BTW - that kid of yours is A-D-O-R-A-B-E!!!!    

    WE are FREAKS for Thanksgiving (albeit it's A LOT OF WORK) but we are already decorating the house (Halloween came down in 1 day) so it's looking very autumn and festive ....OH YEAH....It was 91 degrees today....thats a discusting tradegy in NOVEMBER - BUt I heaar a change is in the air and cooler weather is on the way.  PLEASE HURRY UP COOL WEATHER!!!  Luckily Chicago is 40's to 50's!!  But I dread cooking Thanksgiving in the FRIGGEN HEAT!!!

    Keep up the good work girls....KICK YOUR OWN BUTTS.....and eat clean.

    Goodnight everybody....

  • Shellbells - so great to hear life is getting all around better now!  However, traveling is tough.  I used to travel all the time and I just totally lost myself in the travel - no time for exercise, bad food choices, just a hard life to handle.  Hopefully I won't have to travel like that again - but it is always a possibility.  

    Okay - now you have gotten a handle back on your BFL lifestyle again - lay it down girl!!!!  Get your game face on and keep it there :)

    I just got back from the gym - did 55 minutes cardio, upper body workout, and abs -DONE!!!  

    News on Carl - we had pizza and wine Sunday evening - and talked further . . . . . he wants a relationship - could this really be????  I keep waiting for him not to show up - but, I "feel" he may be true!!  He just texted me a smiley face - ahhhh that is just so darn sweet :)  

    Mary where are you??? Now I am getting worried about you!!  Please let us know you are okay - we miss and love you :)

    Heathercita . . . girlfriend - where are you????  I'm waiting . . . . . . . :)

    Okay ladies - I must get ready for work.  Peace and love to all - LacyJ

  • HAHAHA Lacy, Just when I think I kicked butt with my UPPER BODY AND CARDIO (20 min) I see your work out....HOLY CRAP you are like a rock.  55 minutes?  PLUS upper AND ABS?  IM POKING MY EYES OUT!  LOL

    OK - Today, it's all Cardio......I will up it to 45-50 minutes of the HIIT but it might kill me....If you dont hear from my, send emergency peepes!  LOL

    and Yes, I am having my cottage cheese and yorgurt (i love it) for breakfast, took my vitamins and will KICK BUTT on the food today.  OK...it's out there in the world now!  LOL

    Have a great day ladies and check in!

  • She's baaaack!  Geez, it's been a very long time since I posted ... a WEEK!  Crazy crazy life.  I decided to relax tonight with a glass (okay, two) of wine, veggies, hummus, almonds and whole wheat crackers!  Tomorrow will be a day away from work, but it won't be a day away from work.  No going to the University, but I will be working on a grant proposal, and grading papers and working in the yard.

    Thanksgiving is in 2 weeks, and I almost 7 days away from the U.  That will give me time to catch up around the house.  Wait, don't jump to conclusions.  It doesn't mean I _WILL_ catch up because I am a lazy kinda gal.  But it does give me the time!  We'll see what happens.

    Haven't done a work out in I don't know how long. Gotta get on it.  But have be doing okay on eating although there hasn't been a further weight loss.

    You guys are aaa-frickin-mazing!  I so admire the way that you have gotten hooked on the exercise.  I'll have to find a fantastic dress to wear to Becky's wedding next summer and hang it on the frig and on the exercise equipment.  That just might do it!

    LacyJ, your new guy does sound great, and it is very good to hear that he is ready for a commitment of some kind.  What did you say?!  C'mon, inquiring (aka nosy) minds want to know!

    Still no photos from my son's birthday.  Takes time to process them, I guess.  Will post one if any of them are decent!

    Shellbells, it is a great relief that things have improved in your life. You so deserve a break!

    Enjoy the rest of the week, and kick some BFL butt!