60 year old YOUNG female starting 3rd Challenge for 2012 - anyone with me out there?

  • I'll be doing it, because I started BFL April 6, 2009, and I've never stopped.  I'm 56, but according to my others I don't look it.  I lost 65 lbs. over about 9 months, and I'm down 70 - 80 lbs from my peak weight in 2005.  I found that to really burn off the weight, I had to be much more intense with my cardio and my weight training than the other seniors I observed in the fitness center.  I think a lot of ladies would get much better results if they did more intense weight training sessions, for the basal metabolic rate is so dependent on the qualilty of the muscle mass.

    Good Luck!

    Once I discovered the joys of weight training, all other passions were transcended.


  • Congratulations, Jacium - that's amazing!  My daughter lost 40 pounds in 2006, and is still in fantastic shape.

    LacyJ, love your response to Shellbells.  Hope it helps, Shell!

    What she said, Shellbells!  It is discouraging when you work as hard as I know you work, and don't lose weight.  I feel the same way about exercise.  Improvements are so slow and so small for me.  It will take quite a while for me to attain what you and LacyJ have done, but I will improve rather than giving up.  Part of it is lack of motivation, I fully admit that!  But I will improve.

    I just looked at the goals I entered in my BFL journal at the beginning of my first challenge.  I had 5 goals:

    1.  Within 12 weeks, I will lose 24 pounds.  Actually lost 28 by the end of the first challenge.

    2.  Within 12 weeks, I will be able to run on the treadmill for 15 minutes.   September 13 I ran for the entire 20 minutes on the treadmill!!!  And that’s only 7 weeks into the Challenge!!!  That was a BIG accomplishment for me.

    3.  Within 12 weeks, my LDLs will be lower, and my HDLs will be higher.  Unfortunately, my university clinic hasn’t sent the results yet … from a month ago!

    4.  Within 12 weeks, I will be doing 30 minutes or more of aerobic exercise 3 times a week.  Well, since BFL calls for 20 minutes, that’s what I’ve been doing … when I do it.  LAZY BONES!

    5.  Within 12 weeks, I will begin going to a gym and doing weights, or buy them for home.  Bought them for home about a month after joining BFL.

    I am sorta happy with the results.  The weight loss was most important for health and self-esteem.  Not great on the exercising, but that’s my fault.  Maybe this time around, I’ll do better.  I didn’t skip a day.  Just went right into Challenge 2 last week.

    You guys did the whole thing so amazingly well.  HIGH FIVE TO ALL!

  • AWESOME Mary!   You achieved all the goals you set out to acheieve!!  WOO HOOO!

    This is the beginning of Challenge 2 today....Tom wanted to be a little "loosy goosy" last week (not on workouts though) so today is it.  Good thing as we took TWO free days this weekend.  UGGH.  He is FINALLY back to work after his month long vacation (he was off a week before and a week after)....now I can feel NORMAL again and do my workouts on time....it's amazing how a different schedule throws things off.

    Anyway,  Im gonna stop being depressed and just push on....eventually with the weight training and cardio's it will work.

    Thanks Lacy, I am going to increase the cardio from the 20 minutes HIIT (which is hard).  I'm not sure I could  keep up that intensity for 40 minutes, but i'll keep intensifying it until I get there.

    Have a good day eveyone!

  • i was under the impression that this forum (which i have been stalking for a couple months) was for 60 year old ladies...it just clicked that the title was just LacyJ introducing herself.  well, hotdamn.  i'm joining.  i love my other group, we started off with gusto and are now 3 (any ladies starting july 15th).  this group is still a living breathing thread.  so, i am no longer the creepy stalker lady, i'll introduce myself.

    I'm 37.  mother to 19 month old  wife to 45 year old.  i just wrapped up challenge #1.  will have my measurements any day now.  i'm a huge fan of shellbells and that's really why i found this thread.  i was following her.  

    you girls work hard!  i'm going to try to keep up.

  • Hi Heathercita!!!  Welcome to our forum - thank God you no longer have to be a stalker!!!  Although that kind of sounds exciting in a way - HA!  Congrats on finishing your first Challenge.  Hope you had great results!  I'm so glad you found Shellbells - she is a light of energy :)  You will get support and love from this forum.  We are here for each other - we have good days, we have bad days and we also have GREAT days!!  Glad you stalked us and glad we piqued your interest in our forum.  So, welcome - and now, go out and fight for what is yours!!!  Lay it down girlfriend!  In BFL love - LacyJ

  • Heathercita my darling!!! I am so happy you are here!  We are crazy, generally happy and very supportive!!!  This is a no joke thread as you can see!  LacyJ is a hot mama who just finished her 3rd challenge (ummm, wearing a bikini!!!) and she is a little energizer bunny!!!!  Try to keep up is the operative word!!!!

    Mary, Mary!!  I know you are a busy beaver... But I miss you and Heathercita needs your humor (well I'm using her as the excuse). I need your happy posts!  Let me know how your workouts are going.... Doing any weights?

    I have been busy with both work and family stuff.  I've been emotionally weighed down and been fighting a bit of depression....but today I kicked A$$ on my upper body and did a 30 minute hard incline workout.  Lacy, I am taking your advice.  I'm gonna try to do weights and cardio every other day A very long cardio in between.  Lets see how that goes shall we?

    I hope everyone's week is going well!

    Kick some butt!!!!

  • Workouts?  Heck no.  If I'd known that was part of the deal, I'd be kicking back and eating bonbons right now.  Never would have signed on.  ...

    Okay, the answer is still no, but there's no good reason for it.  Excuses, yes.  Reasons, no!  Mary needs a kick in the ... soooo, how 'bout them Cardinals?!  Okay, there's my reason., yeah  The Cards are now eliminated and won't be going to the World Series.  I'm too depressed to work out.  

    How's that, girls?  Good reason?

    Humor.  You guys are the funny ones.  I am very shy, reserved, and buttoned up.  AHHHH HAH HAH HAH HAH HAH - I cracked myself up!

    Welcome Heathercita - Shellbells' darling!  Glad you finally joined us!  We do have a great BFL relationship on here.  I have seen you on your July 15 thread.  Seems to me that I have added a comment there now and then.

    Hope you all had a great BFL day!  Hope I have a better BFL day tomorrow!  I didn't even get the food right today.  It was so busy that I had one of the big protein bars and didn't get to eat again until about 10:30 tonight.  Help Me!  I am wasting away to normal!

    Warm fuzzies,


  • what a lovely welcoming committee!  thank you.  i just took my final measurements this morning and  i'm actually pretty happy with the results because i know i halfassed it (some of the time)


    total weight lost = 10 lbs.

    total inches lost = 15

    muscle gained = 7Lbs

    fat lost = 18.5 lbs.

    (i know the math is weird there....the scales i used at the beginning were all over the place, so i tried to take an average.  the measurements and body fat calcs came from my 217 weigh-in i think)

    so - what i do know is that i was a size 16 pushing 18 and now 14 feels comfortable.

    i'm going to my therapist today for a good emotional workout and i'm re-grouping to start challenge #2.  i want to set some goals.  i'm still kinda working out this week, i'm just scatterbrained and not very focused.  walks in the rain and that kind of stuff.

    mary - l really enjoyed reading your challenge summary.  that's why i want to set specific goals for challenge 2.  i love seeing the progress even when the scale isn't cooperating.

  • Wow!!! Congrats Heathercita!!  Great results!!!  Does the mind and body good - huh?  So, get your mind, body, and spirit in the right place,and Lay down Challenge #2!!  You will NEVER look back!  The push is on Girls!!!!  Love to all - LacyJ

  • Hey Mary - Great to hear from you!!! Missed hearing from you :) Sorry about your Cardinals :(  So, how was the time at the Birthday party and wedding preparations?  How did your outfit and jewels go ??  I can imagine you were beautiful!  I looked on facebook but I didn't see any pics????  Okay - so, what's up with the exercise hum-drums?????  Breathe in and breathe out and get back on that pony and ride it!!!!!!  Come on girlfriend - you can do it!!!!  It does the body good!!!  Okay ladies, I better get back to work.  Love to all - LacyJ

  • Hey Shellbells - Challenge #2 - ROCK ON!!!!!  I was thinking about you and your disappointment in your weight loss - but then I got to thinking, you put on a lot of muscle during your first challenge - so, that would slow your loss.  Soooo, I'm thinking you are going to kick A$$ and knock the weight off this Challenge!!!  

    Sorry to hear of your emotional heaviness - come on baby - you are strong - you have to be strong and fight this and I know you will!  Be kind to yourself - you are beautiful!

    Glad everyone is back now from vacations, birthdays, etc.  We are heading into HOLIDAY season ladies - we are going to look hot for that Christmas or New Year's party dress!!!  Work it ladies - stay determined, dedicated and disciplined!  In BFL love - LacyJ

  • Hellooooo (again) Ladies!  I have composed an entry to the Forum twice today.  Both times the stinkin’ computer crashed.  Didn’t want to start again, but that’s not fair, and it wasn’t that long.  So here I am!  Composed it in a Word document first!

    Heathercita, congratulations!  Two sizes down in 12 weeks – that’s awesome!  It is good to hear that my results helped motivate you.  One or the other of us is always celebrating some achievement on here.  I love to hear about those victories!

    Photos from my son’s birthday party are out of my hands unfortunately.  I’ll post some as soon as they are available!  For now,  I only have the tragic story of th jewels to tell.  Oh yeah, I left them at home on the bed.  (Heathercita, I live in Missouri, and my son lives in Seattle.)  Not only that, but my daughter Katie bought me a pretty chain bracelet to wear with the sari.  You slip a ring on your finger, the chains cover your hand and it fastens at the wrist.  Uh huh.  Left it at my son’s house in our haste to get to the party.  Groan.  Guess I was meant  to go to the party unembellished!  The good news is that my son said at least twice that I looked so natural in the sari, I should wear one all the time!!!  I would love to have more opportunities to do that.  It is so beautiful.

    Thanks for the encouragement, everyone.  Hope you have a peaceful beautiful week.


  • Hi everyone,

    Just wanted to let you know ta I am going to be incommunicado from tomorrow morning until Sunday night.  I am going to Kentucky to see my tiny, brand new grand nephew!  My sister's house, where I am staying, is an internet free zone!

    Have a peaceful weekend.  Do something nice for yourselves!


  • Hi Dancing Queen - Have a wonderful weekend!  Enjoy the new baby and time with your sister and family.  By the way, CONGRATS on your ending stats!!  YOU ROCK Dancing Queen!!!  Excellent weight loss and reaching your goals.  Proud of you girlfriend.  Go strong into Challenge 2!!  Take care, be safe!  Love ya - LacyJ

  • Hey Shellbells - missing you on here - are you okay????  Just want you to know I am out here looking for you - missing my BFL BFF!!!  Hope you are strong and well.  Love ya - LacyJ