60 year old YOUNG female starting 3rd Challenge for 2012 - anyone with me out there?

  • Hi girls,

    It had been a very nice day here - sunny and cool, even chilly in the breeze.  I went to a wedding this afternoon, and enjoyed looking better in my dress than I did last time I wore it!  Kept the food under control ... 'ish.  I did have a glass of wine, and a small rectangle of wedding cake.  A bunch of veggies, and some nuts, and a couple of those spiral "sandwich" thingys.  Not bad!

    Thank you so much for the cheerleading!  It means a lot.  My son still doesn't know about the party as far as I know.  And he doesn't know I have been losing weight.  My youngest daughter knows I've been on this program, but doesn't know how much I've lost.  The oldest daughter knows because she is the one who got me into this program.  She rocked BFL in 2005, lost 40 pounds and never gained it back!  So I share the successes with her for now.  As I told Shelley, the sari pictures won't be all that stunning.  I still have 47 pounds to lose, and am still convex where you two are concave!  Still, I will feel beautiful in the sari and beautiful sparkly "jewels" that go with it.

    The mutual jealousy is entertaining!  I told Shelley that I was living vicariously through her and Tom with all the mountain climbing.  Amazing!  Same with you, LacyJ, and the running.  I did get up to 5 miles an hour on tonight's treadmill run - that was the best ever (sadly!).

    LacyJ, how really awful that you had such a bad week.  I hope you recover from the liver problem really quickly, and that your blood count is back up to speed by Tuesday!  This cracked me up:  "WHAT!!!!  I don't accept a 7-10 day shut down!!!  No way!!! " !!!  You never cease to amaze!

    I agree, Shellbells, that losing is easier than maintaining.  While I am losing, I always have the changes in weight to keep me going, in addition to great feedback from others.  Once I hit maintenance (which only happened once in my life and only last a year before I was zooming my way back up), I didn't have the losses to encourage me, and the compliments fade after awhile, of course.  We'll have to think about how to keep motivated on maintenance.

    Must get back to grading.  I didn't get nearly enough done this weekend!


  • Hi ladies!!!

    I hope everyone is doing well!  Lacy I hope you kicked that allergic reactions butt!

    Ok,  I'm gonna whine a bit.  I am not looking for any sympathy.  As you know the day before yesterday we did one incredible 8 mile hike.  Yesterday,  I did a hike up what is called tunnel mountain, except we started in a place that someone said was Easy!  ( I have some choice words for them) which added a hard 3miles to the hike.  I was trashed before I got there.

    Now I walk run on an incline treadmill.  Up to 10 percent.  I have been "busting my butt " at home... Blah blah blah!  But going up that mountain was brutal!  The incline was so steep and the switch back turns precarious.  It was 40 out (that wind was freezing) and I was sweating like a pig.  I am not kidding,  my ear protection became a sweat band and was soaked.... My under layers ( shirt and pullover) were soaked,  my gloves were soaked and I was over heated.  Took the coat off and the wet clothing almost froze on me.  

    And I hurt bad.  I whined, complained and cussed my way up that mountain.  My poor husband.  He kept "trying to help".   You know,  can I hold your hand and help pull you up stuff!  Umm NO!!!  I can do it myself!  So little by little I got up that 1.75 miles.  I didn't feel happy,  I was mad and weak feeling.  There was a sign at the top which got on my nerves... It started out " Canadians have been enjoying this EASY hike for over a century". EASY???  What???? Oh boy.  If I didn't feel like a failure before,  I did at that moment.  The kicker was this family was just booking it up the hill.  Laughing and talking!!!!  The kicker?  What looked like an 80 year old guy just walking up like it was nothing!  Oy!!!!

    After the hike we had some lunch And went out to Johnston canyon.  OMG you have got to look up this canyon on the Internet.  It's gorgeous.  But guess what?  It's another mile and a half each way!!  It was fairly easy but after the torturous hike of the morning it was harder than it should have been because I was so sore and. Stiff.

    We had dinner and were talking to the locals.  Here is what they said.  They hike that trail for fitness from the time they are kids.  The also don't have an altitude issue because they grew up with this.  But they said they have seen virtually physically fit people attempt the hike only to have their butts kicked by the lack of oxygen at this level.  So they it's hard.  Especially those coming from sea level like us.  Ok i felt a little better.  

    But I hurt this morning, bad.  More than I ever have.....a hot bath, pain meds and I still tossed and turned because I hurt!!!  UGH. .  Today is a break from hiking for me as we move on to the Lake Louise area.  And more hiking!

    Tom will go back to yesterday's hike this morning.   He wants to really push himself hard and time himself to the top.  It wasn't a challenge for him yesterday because of me.  Good for him.  I will read my book in the car and wait!!  Lol

    Mary,  28 pounds down is amazing results.  Did you measure your body before the challenge?  I am curious as to how many inches you lost.  That should equate to a butt load of inches!!!!

    Ok ladies,  more from Lake Louise!!!

  • Ohh, quitcher whinin.  Walk it off, girl!  (jk)

    Okay, that was fun!  I say that like I could even walk from the car to the trail!  These climbs sound brutal.  Tell me again why you decided to do this?  'Cause you two are crazy!  And I love that about you!  I truly don't know how you could be climbing at those heights at all without being terribly ill, let alone after only 12 weeks on BFL.  Those dangerous narrow sections, especially in high winds, would have had me on the ground in a fetal position!  Rescuers would have had to come in with a helicopter to get my lazy fat a$$.  

    So Miss Shellbells, CONGRRRRRATULATIONS!  YOU ROCKED THE BFL HOUSE!!!  And Tom should get the Nobel Peace Prize for enduring the swearing and whining and trying to help you!  

    The 28 pounds were feeling pretty amazing  ... until the weight popped back up FIVE FRICKIN POUNDS a day or so later!  Yeah yeah, water retention, there was lead shot in my food, whatever.  FIVE POUNDS?!  Nature's way of keeping me humble.  Hilarious!  No, I didn't take measurements, Shell, but every few days, I am fitting into something I couldn't get into a few days before, so I get lots of feedback.  And you would think that "a butt load of inches" would look better in the mirror than they do.  Not so much.  Patience.  Patience.

    Gotta get crackin', ladies and Tom.  Have an amazing BFL kinda day!

  • Hello Ladies!!!!  Yup - it's me and I'm back!!!!  Blood counts are up 500 - not great but enough that I don't have to have antibiotic coverage - yea!!!!  My liver is back to normal and I have no pain.  I pumped out a good uppper body workout yesterday and went to dance class.  Then today, I did cardio and lower body workout - LacyJ is BACK!!!

    Shellbells - love the pictures on Facebook - absolutely breathtaking!!  You and Tom are going to be just two lean, chiseled, muscular figures walking around when you get back from that trip with those hikes you're doing!!!  Can't wait to hear more :)

    Dancing Queen - Don't get hung up on the 5 pound weight return - that happens and it will go away.  You just keep doin' what you been doin' and it will all work out and you will be down to goal weight in no time!  When I used to have Chinese "take-out," I would gain 4 pounds from one meal and within a day or two, it would go away - it was simply sodium retention and that's probably what's going on with you.

    Okay Ladies - Winners never quit - so, keep showing up and layin' it down!!! In BFL love - LacyJ

  • Hi ladies!!!

    Mary, you make me laugh!  Tom agrees with you that he should get the Nobel peace prize!!!  And maybe he should but  I am otherwise fabulous so he can handle it!  Lol

    So,  believe it or not,  we have logged a total of 31 miles on the trails this week as well as thousands of feet of elevation.

    Today we totally exhausted ourselves with an almost 9 mile hike up about 2500 feet of elevation

    To the base of several glaciers!  It was amazing,albeit cold (small snow flurries).  The trail was treacherous and had cliffs most if the way... Very tough...  We were hiking HARD for 6 hours. ( about 30 minutes in total of brakes).  But we saw what most people don't and we could hear the glaciers  crack and we saw large rocks break off the mountain!  Boy was that loud!!!!

    After a good dinner and a couple hot toddies, we feel normal again!!

    You guys are right,,,, I am kicking butt and realize that.12 weeks ago this trip would have consisted of relaxing spa treatments and drives to see the beauty from afar.  I have come a long way,  thank you for being here for me!!!

    Mary,  the scale sucks.  Stay off it and go by your clothes.  And yes I agree,  lots of inches don't equate to great "mirror image". I feel the same.

    Lacy, I am so happy you don't have to have anti-biotic therapy.  Glad to hear you are kicking major but again!

    Kick some BFL butt!!!

  • You guys are an amazing package of encouragement - two fit and wonderful cheerleaders!  Of course, the scale went back to where it belonged.  And late this afternoon I leave for Washington to enjoy a wild and fun weekend.  Friday - wedding stuff with Becky, my youngest - bridesmaids dresses, cake testing, a special lunch, go to the Mariners ballpark where Becky is having her reception (YAY!  That's my kinda reception!).  Then Saturday and the wonderful Indian party for Eric, and I get to put on this amazing sari!  Much fun will be had by all.  Sunday I head back here.  Wheeeee!  Crazy weekend.

    LacyJ, your message that your blood count is back up was a great way to start the day.  So glad things have improved and you can get off the antibiotics.  And back to crazy exercising levels.  You two ladies are certainly showing me how it's done!

    Always glad to make you laugh, Shell!  You are right, of course.  Tom loves you to pieces because you are fabulous in so many ways.

    Back to work.  Lots to do before I head for the airport in Kansas City, a 3+ hour drive.  Free ticket (frequent flyer) though so I can't complain.  Have a wondrous day!

  • Mary - have a wonderful and safe trip.....so much exciting stuff...cant wait to see pics of the sari and jewels!  you will rock it cause you are fabulous...I cannot wait until everyone who doesnt know about BFL sees you!

    Have a wonderful trip, talk soon!

  • Mary - you have the BESTEST of times this weekend!  My heart just smiled reading what your fast and furious fun filled weekend will entail.  We will be thinking of you and awaiting pictures :)  Be safe and have fun!  Lots-a-love - LacyJ

  • Hi guys - IM BAAAACK!

    Mary - I hope your weekend was GREAT and that Sari and Jewels fit you just right!  

    Lacy - hope all is well and you are kicking butt like always.....so are you officially on MAINTENENCE now?  How's it going? Enquiring minds want to know!

    Well, I am going to try hard to get my challenge submitted this week...it wont win anything because it's not a DRASTIC change like you see in the BFL pics ........but I am thrilled with the results....Today Starts "the plan" again, but I guess I cant offically start anothert challenge until this one is submitted.

    The vacation was absolutely incredible, the scenery was STUNNING, cold (yeah!!) and I feel MUCH better.....I need a vacation evey year to "clear my head" - we will go back to Banff...it's simply gorgeous.  Came home to 95 degree weather.  All in all we logged 37 miles of hiking trails, HUGE inclines and elevation gains and some VERY sore Ham strings and Gluts!!  

    By mid week we watched what we ate for Breakfast and somewhat lunch, however for dinners we ate what we wanted....(and had dessert a few times as well as many cocktails).....since I was done with the Challenge we decided to have a few splurges and enjoy.

    When we got home and weighed, we were both EXACTLY the same weight as we left!  We are so excited. Our Goal was to remain the same and it was accomplished!  

    Hoping you guys are doing great.....cant wait to hear from you!

  • Welcome Back Shellbells!!!  Sooooo glad to see you back.  Glad to hear you had a great time on your vacation and no weight gain. That is more proof that being in the BFL mindset works - probably before BFL - you wouldn't have done all the hiking or been aware of meals and would have come back with 7-8 pound weight gain but instead you are coming back proud and finishing up your Challenge essay, pics, etc.  Be PROUD you two!!!

    I am not in maintenance yet.  I have 5-10 more pounds to go.  I would be happy with 5 pounds and to tighten and tone from where I am.  This Challenge will be my last Challenge with BFL, and then to face another Challenge of learning how to maintain :)

    Mary - hope you had a Fan-Tab-U-Lous weekend.  Hope the wedding planning and the birthday party went well.  Haven't been on facebook to see if you posted pictures yet?????

    Okay ladies, I have a meeting at 11:00 so have to finish up and get going.  Have a great day!  Go forth and show 'em how it's done - Lay it DOWN Girls!!!!  Love ya - LacyJ

  • Good morning Ladies!

    Well this past Monday I started my BFL workouts again (on Vaca we hiked to death) and I cannot tell you how hard it was and how sore I am.  REALLY?  After just 10 days?  I felt weak and couldnt hit the "10's" like normal and had to lower a couple weights.  Yesterday I was SOOOO sore I could barely move (felt like week 1!!).  Yesterday's Cardio on the incline trainer was great but this morning?  SO SORE - GOSH, what the heck is that all about????  UGGH.  Today is lower body and I am scared to do it as I just cannot take another sore muscle.  But do it I will......I guess by next week I will be feeling better.  HOLY COW

    Have I mentioned how much I dislike this website?  I have been trying to enter my challenge for two days.  I cannot get the survey to stick.  I REWROTE it 4 times and finally got smart and put it and EMAIL to myself now I can copy and paste everytime it goes away.  I am frustrated.  I know BFL is trying to better this siite.  I took the survey, have you?  It's kind of a joke.  It asks questions which do not really pertain to the frustration points and there is NO comment section.  Basically you almost have to say everything is great, the way they ask the questions. then they say...if you could change ONE thing what would it be?  UMMM.  REally?  one thing?  Again Frustrating.

    OF course, back on plan in terms of food.....I feel great in that respect.  Even through it's still hot here (90's - yuk) I made carrot ginger soup with habanero Monday (its made with tofu - super good) and last night, chicken enchiladas.....YUM  I cannot wait forever to fall to come so I am FORCING IT...LOL

    Hope you ladies are kicking butt!  

  • shellbells - Sorry to hear you are having trouble with your survey.  We are looking in to why this is happeneing and will be sure to touch base with you soon!

    ~Tiffany, the BFL Team

  • Ok - I am having a bad day and Lacy, I need you because I feel our bodies react fairly similar.

    I feel down about only losing 13 lbs and 12.52 inches this challenge.  I kept feeling amazing about it but after reading others stuff and then trying to fill in the challenge, it just seems sort of pathetic.  I feel like EVERYONE is losing big time numbers and for me it just so slow.  I know you have gone through that too.....and I know I shouldnt compare and it not about the scale...blah blah blah..

    I just need to stop focusing on Eveyone else and just put blinders on - I know that.  But what I KNOW is not sinking into my brain today.

    Mary!!!  You are doing fabuloso !  Keep it up!!!

    Hoe all is well with everyone!!

  • I feel your pain Shellbells!!!!  My first Challenge I only lost 6 pounds and 10 inches - but, that was just the beginning!!  I was sooooo disappointed but, it was a loss and not a gain.  At that point, I took a good hard look at what I was eating, what I was doing on my exercise program, upped the cardio time, and added the EAS Lean 15 and the Betagen (I know you are already using supplements).  But maybe you may need to up the cardio.  I upped my to 50-60 minutes per session - a hard 50-60 minutes per session - I usually have to change t-shirts after cardio if I am going to do weights.  My second Challenge I tripled my weight loss. So, quit looking at what others are doing - you are doing you and you are doing great!  You feel good - your clothes are fitting better, you're down sizes, etc.  Look at what you got going on - not what you don't have.  Write it down - you feel good, your brain works better - your clothes fit better - you're healthier - you're happier .....  So, just get back on that horse and ride it like you never rode it before.  Go out on this second Challenge like it will be your last Challenge you will ever have to do!!!  

    I also had to cut some carbs out the second challenge - I can't lose with too many carbs - I use fruits and vegetables as most carbs - use brown rice and wheat spaghetti - very little bread, white pasta, sugar, etc.

    Girlfriend - you are doing great !!!  Just move forward - don't look back :)  Love  Ya - LacyJ

  • PS:  We also have to remember -  we as women as we get "older" it takes dynamite to blast the weight off - so, we can't compare ourselves to others - we just have to accept that it is a hard game out there for us - so suit up for the fight of your life - and we WILL come out WINNERS!!!!!  LacyJ