60 year old YOUNG female starting 3rd Challenge for 2012 - anyone with me out there?

  • 25 POUNDS GONE!!!  My daughter said that I am "melting like a snow cone in Phoenix"!!!

  • Awww Mary you make me laugh!

    We are both so excited. And finally happy to be going!!!  When we get checked into Calgary, we are going to jog around the city !!!  We are prepared for the cold.  Super excited about that!!

    Then tomorrow morning, off to Banff.  Cannot wait!!!!!

    Funny story:  Tom left his wallet in his jeans and I washed them in my hurry to get the laundry done.  A the cards, etc destroyed!!  Umm yeah,  not that good.  My Amex has a mAgnetic strip problem.  Crap.  Amex is sending  card to Hotel to hotel in Calgary.  I love American express!  Whew!!!  Now Tom is nice to me again!!

    Will check In regularly,,,,,

  • WOW!!! Woot Woot!!!!  That is freakin' AWESOME Mary!!!!  I'm so happy for you - 25 pounds!!!!  You go GIRL!! Now that's what I'm talking about!  EXCELLENT Dancing Queen!

  • Shellbells I bet you totally freaked out with washing the wallet with the credit cards, etc., especially on the heels of your wonderfully planned honeymoon!!!  Okay - deep breath - breathe in - breathe out - don't hurt each other!!!  Glad it is all working out.  Enjoy your vacation time - you deserve every second. Can't wait to hear about your wonderfui time and memories.  Love Ya - LacyJ

  • The day is finally here.  Ahhhh, cold sweet cold.  Bet you'll be sleeping out on the frigid balcony tonight!

    Now, everyone knows that wallets, credit cards and cash have to be dry cleaned.  Didn't get the memo?  How on earth could washing ruin a credit card?  You can saw through a tree and break into a vault with one of those!  So sorry to hear about the scare just as you were about to leave on this honeymoon.  And what are the odds your card wouldn't work at the same time?!   Glad you took it well.

    Thanks LacyJ.  i am so excited about the weight loss!

  • I am a 58 year old women, young for my age but have gained 40 lbs in the last 22 years, twenty in the last 5 since menpause.

    You are a great inspiration as I have virtually no support except for my own motivation. Where can Ifund the betagen with rivigor? I ambeginning my challenge on Oct. 21st. Thanks, Susan

  • Welcome to our blog Firness19!  We are all in your age range and have been there, done that, and we're making changes and taking our health back!!!  I order my Betagen with Rivigor (orange flavor for me), from Abbott.  But you can google on the internet to find it elsewhere.  I am from Cleveland, OH, and I have not found it it any store that I can go to and buy it.  I can get the EAS Lean 15 protein shakes at Target but they don't carry the Betagen.  I just started my fourth challenge for this year which will be my last challenge as I should be where I want to be with weight loss, etc.  Good luck with your challenge.  We are here for you on this blog - just let us know if we can help in any way - or just stop by to say hello - or tell us what is happening in your world.

    Great to hear from you and Good Luck!  In BFL love - LacyJ

  • Hi Firness19 - welcome!  Glad you decided to make Body for Life a part of your life.  We all need motivation, and this is a great place to get it.

    I live in Springfield and haven't found Betagen here either.  This is the link to buy Betagen from Abbott:  www.abbottstore.com/.../&source=eas

    Very best of luck!


  • Just wanted to let you know, I just ordered EAS Betagen with Rivigor at drugstore.com for $13.99 each and free shipping.

  • WOW!  Thanks for letting us know!

  • Uh.  Um.  TWENTY SIX POUNDS!!!  WOOT WOOT!!!  Susan, this program rocks!

  • Good morning ladies!!!

    Well, 2 days into the trip.  For the first 24 hours I ate only two protein bars.  Not good for 5-6 meals a day!  It's a long story.  The hotels we booked is called the castle in the Rockies....Banff Springs.  It's beautiful , etc... But it didn't work out... Part of the long story.  So I found a fabulous resort nearby, cancelled the first hotel and now am happy.  Finally had a decent meal last night, but can't sleep.  Yesterday, we took a gondola uo to sulphur mountain (sulphur hot springs run from it) and did some significant hiking.  The views were absolutely stunning.  The weather is so beautiful... Clear, crisp, and clean.  Had no idea hiking in the higher elevations would be as hard as it is!!!  I thought I wasn't getting any air at all!  LOL

    Finally went shopping and we have our breakfast / lunch stuff and can resume our normal meals!

    Hopefully will hit their fitness center today!  We have planned two hikes today,  one around lake Minnewanka which is several miles (hopefully will see elk and moose there) and a 2mile hike up a mountain called tunnel mountain!!

    Fitness19, welcome!!!  I am excited for you to  begin your new life the BFL way.  I am in the last week do my first challenge and will begin a new one immediately thereafter.  I buy BĂȘtagen for 12.50 or so from a fitness store on line (the link should be in earlier posts I this thread). I too cannot locate it anywhere local.

    Hope all is well with you Lacy!  It's so exciting to be at goal!!!  But nothing changes because this is your new way of life!  Good job!!

    Mary!  26 pounds is amazing on your first challenge.  Are you halfway there in terms of desired pounds lost?   Awesome job!  Can't wait to hear about the birthday party and see pics of you in the sari and jewels !!!!!!!

    Ok,  gonna try to go back to bed and sleep a bit more.  Second night and I think combined I have slept about 6 hours total!!  UGGH

    Love you guys... I'll check in again.

  • You just can't catch a break lately, can you Shell.  Geez.  I am so sorry you have not been able to get a decent meal (or any meal) until last night.  Worse yet, you haven't been able to get to sleep.  I would think with all the exercise, you would be able to sleep on a dotted yellow line.  Bring a blanket with you to a nice quiet meadow, and take a long nap!  How has Tom been?

    How wonderful to be able to enjoy the stunning landscape.  Was it a Venetian type gondola with a gondolier?!  I don't know any other kind.  You picked the perfect place to go as far as the views are concerned.  It would be SO COOL to see elk and moose!  I remember what it is like at higher elevations.  I thought I was having an asthma attack, and it was just the elevation!  Not a good feeling.

    It's nice they have a fitness center in the current resort so you and Tom can keep up your body building... although the way things have been lately, you might be lifting heavy bags of sand instead of enjoying modern contraptions!  Hey, whatever works.

    Oh yeah, almost forgot.  TWENTY EIGHT POUNDS!  This is nuts!  I am eating.  And enjoy free day every week.  I don't know how or why it is working, but I am grateful.

    Hope you were able to get back to sleep last night, Shellbells.

    Keep on rocking it, everyone!

  • Good Morning Ladies!  Go Mary, Go Mary, Go Mary - party like it's your Birthday!!!  You go GIRL!!! 28 pounds and still going!!! That is a BFL testimonial in itself!!!  Girl you are going to be stunning at your son's birthday party.  Does he even have a clue?????

    Shellbells - it was a rough start to your vacation/honeymoon - but sounds like all the wrinkles have ironed out and you are now enjoying yourselves.  Sounds wonderful and can't wait til you post pics.  Those of us with inquiring minds want to know everything!!??!!

    I had a little bit of a rough week - on Tuesday, my blood counts were very low so my oncologist put me on a high-powered antibiotic for prophylactic purposes, however, my liver didn't like this antibiotic and by the time I had taken the second dose, I had right sided pain under my right rib cage.  By Wednesday I couldn't take a deep breath and the pain was worse.  I thought maybe I had pulled something on Monday when I worked out.  But, I called the doc and told her my symptoms and she said to stop the antibiotic immediately and that that was a side effect from the antibiotic and that my liver had had a reaction to this drug and it was inflamed and swollen and would take 7-10 days to calm down.  WHAT!!!!  I don't accept a 7-10 day shut down!!!  No way!!!  I couldn't exercise Wednesday at all - went to the gym, got on the elliptical for about one second and had to get off - pain was too much.  On  Thursday after 2 days off meds, I was better and was able to do the elliptical slowly for 20 minutes.  On Friday, did 20 minutes again, and on Saturday did 30 minutes.  I am MUCH better today (Sunday).  So, by tomorrow I will be back to full steam ahead!  I do blood counts again on Tuesday - so we'll see how that goes - they better be back up or ELSE me and my blood cells are gonna have a little talk!!!

    Okay - so I'm on my 4th and last Challenge.  I have a goal of 5-10 pounds for this challenge and to tighten up a few spots :)  After the 4th Challenge I will on the BFL life plan.  I NEVER thought that I would ever be where I am today in a size 10!  I was always overweight even as a teenager up til now.  I am so thankful and so Blessed to have found BFL and for the BFL Sisterhood we have developed on this forum.  

    Have a great BFL day everyone - in BFL love - LacyJ

  • Mary, amazing results!!  Congrats from your jealous/envious friend!

    Lacy!  I feel so bad you had to go through that!  I am every sensitive to antibiotics and have had some horrible reactions to them also!  I had bleeding through my capillaries and my heart was going too fast.  I was in a meeting and my company called and ambulance.  Good thing because I needed a couple shots of EPI to keep me from dying.  Beware of After effects your body can have after of this type of allergic reaction Lacy.   Rashes, bumps on or under the skin, etc.  I was on 4 weeks of benedryl before all the reaction stopped!!!  BTW- why are the blood counts down?  Is that a normal occurrence?  I gotta tell you, you are my hero.  Seriously!  You actually went to the gym in enormous pain?  Yikes!  You have tremendous courage!!  I am thinking and praying for you Lacy!  

    I remember finally getting off all the dieting and going onto lifetime  maintenance... Boy was I scared!  I did the maintenance for two years and then my life fell apart.  well you know the story.  I think losing weight is easier than maintaining weight for me!  That will be my biggest challenge.  I am so proud of you. Now you can wear anything you want!!! Including that hot bikini!!!!

    we got in a serious 8 mile hike yesterday.  We didn't work out before hand which turned out to be smart!!!  Tom could have worked out and hiked 18 miles straight up a mountain and then some!  Not me,  I felt so accomplished with this hike!  At one point coming back, the uphill was so long and so significant and with the elevation, I didn't think I would make it.  But BFL has taught me to dig deep for those 10's, so I just put my head down to watch those sheer cliffs and powered through it!  When we got back to the car we made some turkey wraps with hummus, had a banana and some carrots.  Within about 30 minutes I was feeling pretty recovered which was amazing!!!  I am very happy with how my body is recovering after such hard workouts these days!  Mary pointed out to me that just 12 weeks ago I was in deep despair and was in physical pain all day!  From that to this is amazing and surreal all at the same time!  Thanks for pointing that out Mary!!!

    Today another several mile hike UP a mountain called tunnel mountain for some more panoramic views!!!  I put up a few pictures on Facebook of the unreal views we got on that trail!!!!  Take a look and those are just with my IPhone!  I can't wait to see the pics on our amazing camera!!!

    OK ladies!! Kick some BFL butt today!!!!