60 year old YOUNG female starting 3rd Challenge for 2012 - anyone with me out there?

  • Thanks Dancing Queen!!!!  I will get the other photos sent to you.  I will also send you my first end of Challenge picture to see where I was and where I am.  I am going to celebrate!  When I was waiting on photos yesterday, I looked around in Dillards store and I saw some Red Patent Leather heels that were HOT!!!  They are by Jessica Simpson - Yup - I'm gonna get them and a new pair of tight jeans and a t-shirt - YES I AM!!!!

  • Ooo, hot sexy outfit for the new body - YES!  Enjoy!

  • I was sick today.  Body aches, pain behind the eyes and sore glands.  Felt a little feverish too.  Tried to work which was an epic fail.  Had to sleep most of the afternoon.  No workout.  When I woke up I felt better and went to bunco at my sisters house.  But now I have a migraine.  Yuk!!!

    When I wake up, I'll try to workout.....

    Lacy- you look awesome!!!! I am impressed!  I can't wait for you to get your new outfit!

    Hope you all have a good weekend!

  • Oh yeah, forgot to tell you!  I thought I was ending week 9, but apparently I cannot count.  I started on 7/16 (not 7/24) so I am ending week 10!!! How is this possible ??  Holy crap!  Time is going too fast.  That means I end my challenge on my vacation!??? Holy crap!!!

    Oh we'll.  my head hurts.

  • Sorry to hear you had a rough day Shellbells - you are a fighter for sure!  Thank you for the compliments on the photos.  I will be starting my 4th Challenge today - then I will party like a rock star on New Year's Eve!!!!  Have a great weekend - LacyJ

  • Hi 42feelbetter,

    When I first started BFL I didn't get it at all the first 8 weeks, I had lost little weight and was disappointed but, then I took a look at what I was doing . . . or NOT doing. I had tried various whey protein shakes but they were too hard on my stomach as were many of the protein bars too.  So, thought I couldn't handle any of the products.  I was eating out a lot and also ordering Chinese in 2-3 times a week (not good).  So, I decided to go cold turkey on the chinese delivery. . very sad. I decided to eat clean (cook my own food, stay with fish, chicken & turkey), eat vegetables & fruits for carbs, etc.  I decided I would count calories and keep them between 1400-1500 per day.  Then I just took a chance and tried the EAS Lean 15 protein shake mix which my stomach was able to handle and I LOVE the vanilla.  I add a cup of skilm milk some ice and blend - just like a vanilla milk shake - so yuummmy. I have one for breakfast after my workout, and one in the afternoon for a snack. Then I also decided to order the Betagen with Rivigor which tastes good also.  These two products were advertised on BFL web site to manage weight.  I lost only 6 pounds my first Challenge but on my second challenge with adding the EAS Lean 15 and Betagen, cleaning up my diet, commiting to my exercise program, I lost 16 pounds and 11.5 more inches - almost tripled the weight loss of my first challenge. So, I definitely am a firm believer in that adding the Lean 15 shake mix and Betagen was a BIG part of the missing link to my success.  After starting these products, I felt better, have more energy, and truly enjoy them.  Now with that being said, I committed to sticking with my food program . . . even if I got so hungry I couldn't stand it (which doesn't happen only when I don't keep on my 5-6 meals a day program). Everyday I carried baby carrots with me and if I got to the point that I was hungry and I had finished off my meals, snacks, etc., I would much on baby carrots which carried me over til meal time and I still to this day keep baby carrots and celery on hand.

    Now for my diet program and this is what works for me.  I am at the "age" that it takes dynomite to get weight off - so, I had to cut some carbs out.  I don't eat bread, pasta, pizza, cookies, cakes, etc., only on my "free day" and then I don't go overboard on free days - I enjoy the day in moderation and then get right back on the track (which sometimes is painstakingly hard to do!) but, that is just a commitment I have made and a rule I abide by.  So my diet consists mainly of yogurt before my morning workout, a protein shake and 1/2 banana for after workout and breafast.  I have grilled chicken - tuna - and salad with oil & vinegar for lunch - protein shake in the afternoon - carrots/celery for carry over hunger, and then for dinner - usually cook up a little stir fry with chicken/shrimp - onions, broccoli, green beans, etc., and brown rice.  In the evening for snack I will have yogurt or another shake.  That is pretty much my diet - I keep it very simple.  A lot of times I will buy one of those roasted chickens at the market and make a couple of meals out of that with salad or some vegetables.  I make turkey taco salad and chicken fajita salads - just simple stuff.  Oh and I usually have a fruit or two a day, ie, watermelon, cantaloupe, apples, grapes, bananas, etc.

    My exercise program - I committed to 5 days a week.  I do cardio and weights.  I did work with a trainer a few times the first challenge to learn what to do at the gym which helped my insecurity of working with weight machines and weights.  I go to a gym every morning and have met friends there and they are very supportive of me.  I do the elliptical, treadmill, bicycle and rowing machine for cardio.  On weights, I work out upper body and lower body on 4 separate days and also do ABS 4 days a week. Once I didn't have a trainer anymore,  I took Bill Phillips book to the gym and looked at each exercise I wanted to do and went to each machine or weight section and did it.  You just have to make a committment to yourself to do it no matter what.  I was sooooooo intimidated when I first started and now I feel strong and unstoppable!

    I journal my food and exercise program every day.  That way, I can look back and know what I did or didn't do!!!  I make myself accountable to me.  

    So, I hope this is helpful to you 42feelbetter.  We have all been there and we feel and know your pain and frustration. Just set your mind and don't look back - just go forward and take back your health.  You will not be sorry.  Day by day you will get stronger physically and emotionally.  We are not sprinting - - we are on an amazing journey!

    Please let me know if there is anything I can help you with .  Shellbells and Dancing Queen are out there too and they have their own amazing stories too.  So just hit us up for any help - support - or BFL love!!!  God Bless - LacyJ

  • Wow lacy what an excellent rendition of what you do and how you do it!!!   Really good stuff.

    So here is my question.  Do you just do the challenges or do you actually submit your challenges to BFL?  Last time I did the program I never submitted officially.  I apparently mis-figured this challenge and I am a week farther than I thought.  Now I will finish on my vacation and I don't think I will be able to submit on time.  

    I also don't understand the way BFL figures my dates.  I started on 7/16 and the way I look at it is I finish at the End of my 12th week which is on the 14th.  But it looks like they say the end is the beginning of the 12 week.  Does that make sense??

    I don't know.  My head hurts thinking about it!!

  • Hi Shellbells - I do submit my challenges.  I"ve worked too hard not to!!  I never stopped to figure dates, I just took what was figured on the BFL as my end date.  But, I tried to figure your dates and if I figured correctly, it looks to me like you should finish around Oct. 8th-9th, which would equal 84 days of which "I think" is how long each challenge is.  I started my last one on Sept. 29 and the site ends the challenge on Dec. 23, which equals 84 days for this challenge.  OMG - you have to be able to submit your challenge even if on vacation  You and Tom have worked sooooooo hard for this!!!  You have 15 days after your ending date to submit your essay and photos.  How long are you on your vacation past your end-date?

    I have a 7 hour roadtrip today - UGH and then out for dinner tonight with a girlfriend.

    Hope you feel better Shellbells.  Love ya- LacyJ

  • Hello my darlings.... How is everyone!!!!  

    Today I am still a bit under the weather .... So took another rest day.  Food was on program as usual.  

    If it weren't for the vacation this week, I would push myself... But I am cautious so I can feel better for vacation!!!

    The new gym was put together today!  It's Friggen awesome!  What a nice healthy anniversary gift for us!  I'm gonna post pics tomorrow on Facebook!  We look like a bonefide gym!!!!  Can't wait to workout tomorrow!!!!  Lets hope I feel better!!!

    Thanks for the encouraging words Lacy!!!  I know it's not a race.  Can't wait to start the next challenge!!!

    Mary Mary quite contrary, where did our buddy go???

  • She's heeeeere!  Yesterday was the day from hell.  Wasn't in the mood to do much of anything.  Major problem with a student sent me home all tensed up.  The sari arrived for next week's party, and they made the beautiful blouse in the wrong size ... I mean, not even close.  So disappointing.  On the up side, the jewelry also arrived, and it is even more beautiful than it is in the photo.

    I was really bummed out BUT DID MY TREADMILL WORK!  Can I lose 10 pounds in the next week so the blouse fits?  I'm thinking no.  

    So sorry you are still not well, Shell.  Lots of water?  Orange juice?  Zinc and echinacea?

  • Okay, you can call off the suicide watch!  I put on a smaller bra and if I pin the straps out of the way, the blouse fits!  I think this blouse was made for someone much smaller breasted, and made to be worn strapless or braless, neither of which is an option for me.  Anyway, it will work out.

    Deep breath, deep breath ... nope.  Still stressed.  My body hasn't figured out yet that I am out of the danger zone and all is well!

  • Whew!!!  Thank Goodness Dancing Queen!  Destress - breathe - do a mantra :)  Glad the sari is going to fit and now you can enjoy your birthday party with your son.  Sorry to hear you had such a rough day - hope things are better.  You're doing an awesome job Dancing Queen - keep it moving forward :)  Love ya - LacyJ

  • Hello hello!!!  

    Mary,  I am so sorry to hear you had a horrible day!!!    Let's win the lottery and live happily ever with no more demanding customers and spoiled, entitled students (I took the liberty to assume here)!!!!!  Can you imagine my delight when I saw you did your workout I spite of this?  You are rockin this and I am proud of you!!

    Omg!  I would have poked my eyes out if I could not get the darn blouse on!  I bet it's not for bigger busted women like us!!!  Wow, so happy you figured out a way to make it work. But I'm like you.  I stay stressed for a while.

    I posted a pic of the new gym on Facebook.  I did  my upper body tonight.  It was awesome!  Much harder and I feel more fatigued.... Awesome!

    Countdown to vacation bliss!!!  Today, got chiropractor in, nails and toes.  Tmrw, finish up work.  Then,  massages and packing!  Then up at 3am Thursday!  

    I'm gonna be posting pics on Facebook and will be checking in!  

    Lacy,  you sound great.  Hope all is fantastic in your world!!!

  • Hi LacyJ,

    Thanks for your support and enthusiasm once again!  Iin the grand scheme of things, it wouldn't have been a tragedy if I couldn't have worn the blouse ... but it would have seemed like one!  I am so excited about this party and wearing that gorgeous sari and those sparkly jewels.



  • Hey sweetie!  Thanks for your support and enthusiasm too!  It was a class of students and one who really made life hell (at least in my head).  I am all for winning the lottery and sharing Tom forever.  Cool vacations, workouts, great food, and the best company.  

    The blouse darts, where the boobs go, are so little.  An egg, maybe.  Not our tatas!

    I just went to fb - OMG, what a fabulous new toy.  It's GYMTASTIC!  How awesome that you were able to work those gorgeous little muscles even more on there.  WOOT WOOT!

    I am very excited for you and Tom.  2 more days!  The chiropractor and massage were awesome ideas.  Make sure you have your muscle relaxant for the plane ride.  I'm talking about wine, of course, aka, general anesthesia.  So glad you will be able to check in from time to time so we know what you are up to and see some pix..  Please remember to get someone to take a fantastic picture of you and Tom for my screensaver.

    3 AM?  Were you bad in a former life, having to make up for it by getting up at 3 AM even when you are going on vacation?  

    Time to get to work.  Gotta plan 2 lectures and finish an exam for tomorrow.