60 year old YOUNG female starting 3rd Challenge for 2012 - anyone with me out there?

  • Of course you thought the same thing.  We are twins born separately together!

    The sari will get here at the last minute.  I am going to email them in a few days to be sure it will make it to my house before flying to Seattle.  If there is any question, I'll have them ship it to Seattle.  CAN'T WAIT!  I'll email you a picture of the jewelry I am having shipped from India when I finish here.

    Did my treadmill time tonight although it's the first time in 3 or 4 days that I'vdone any exercise, darn it.  But I decided today that I will lose 5 pounds before Eric's birthday.  Probably the only way I can do that is if I stick to the treadmill.  

    Thanks for asking SB!

  • Hello Ladies !!!!  Sorry I've been a little absent from our blogs lately . . . . been super busy with work and just keeping up.  

    Shellbells how you pull off those long exhausting workouts is waaaaaaay beyond my abilities, especially dealing with your headaches, etc.  You are a BEAST girlfriend!  

    Dancing Queen - girl get back on that treadmill and show it who's gonna run this town!!!!! You are doing FABULOUS with 24 pounds lost and a goal of 5 more by the Birthday Party.  Girl you are gonna be SMOKIN' !!

    Tomorrow is my bikini photoshoot day.  I did my final workout at the gym today.  I weighed and had an 8 pound weight loss this past 12 week Challenge.  My goal was 10 but I am SUPER happy with 8.  I have at max 5-10 more pounds I want to lose in Challenge #4.  I will do measurements tomorrow before my bikini shoot.  I'll let you all know and will share pics if they look good.

    No ladies, my "Street Stud" is gone. No phone calls, no texts in 8 days now, and no last goodbye :(  It has been a hard hit for me mostly because I felt in my heart he was special and I could fall in love with this guy.  We only had 3 dates but he made me feel so special and treated me like a queen - different from most men out there now.  We did not "do it," but I have wonderful and yet painful memories of him.  So, I hope he is okay with whatever happened, and I will get over this, it just takes time.  Thank you my BFL friends (family), for thinking of me and supporting me.  Love Ya - LacyJ

  • I wanted to post the hot and sour soup recipe...here it is.....

    Hot and Sour Soup

    4 cups Chicken broth

    1 each fresh woodear mushroom (excellent, but hard to find....optional)

    a bag of dried asian mushroom stips.   (if you can find anything like this, use shitake's dried)

    5 tablespoons seasoned rice vinegar

    2-3 tablespoons cornstarch

    2 tablespoons fresh minced ginger

    1 1/2 tablespoons seasame oil

    1 ounce angel hair pasta, broken in little bits

    1/4 cup low sodium soy sauce, or more to taste

    1/2 teaspoon sambal OLEK (chili paste) or 1/2 teaspoon dried crushed red pepper flakes (more or less to taste)

    10 ounces package firm tofu , diced in small 1/4 dice or sliced in match sticks (I like the dice better)

    Sometimes I add thnnly sliced napa cabbage, match stick diced bamboo shoots (from the can) and sliced snow peas so extra veggies

    1/2 bunch green onion, finely chopped

    pinch sweetner, if you think it needs it.

    1. Combine mushrooms and broth in bowl.  Let stand for 20 minutes to reconstitute.  Remove mushrooms from broth and squeeze dry over bowl.  Reserve broth

    2. Discard mushroom stems and thinly slice caps, if your musrooms have them.  Very thinnly slice the woodear mushroom is using, julienne style.

    3. In small bowl combine vinegar and cornstarch....stir to blend, set aside.

    4. Heat sesame oil in pan, add ginger.  Saute for 30 seconds or so.  pour in reserved broth.  Bring to boil. noodles, soy sauce, red Pepper, mushrooms, green onions and other veggies.

    5. Reduce heat to medium-low, cover and simmer about 5-10 minutes.  add tofu and then cornstarch mixture.  Taste and add more pepper flakes, or soy sauce, seasonings (salt, pepper) or a touch of sweetner if needed.

    6. Stir until thickened about 1 minute

  • Mary,  cant wait to see the jewlery - another 5 pounds?  I thing totally do-able.  I wish we lived closer I could be your boot camp coach!  LOL

    Lacy.....great job!  I am so proud of you on this challenge!  WOO HOO!!  Hope you love the pics.

    I am so disappointed in that guy.....really, truly disappointed.  I feel let down as well.....I could say a billion things designed to make you feel better but no words will help your heart heal....It just takes time.  I feel bad for you and wish like heck this didnt happen!!

    So ok.....I am SUPER SUPER sore today - I have "upped" all my weights and been working super hard....I need to do upper body and I am dreading it!! LOL   wish me luck!

    have a good day ladies!

  • Hi shellbells and Dancing Queen, sorry to hear your posts have gone missing! We've shared this information with our Team and are looking into it. It appears to be a technical glitch -- please let us know if you have any other issues. Thanks!

    Morgen, The BFL Team

  • Wow Morgan...thanks!  We thought the BFL police was deleting them - HAHA    Good to know we are not inappropriate!!   we are trying to keep it clean...LOL

  • Today I forced myself to do upper body and you know what?  It was AWESOME...shocking huh?  As sore As I was I felt great and grunted through the heaviest weight I have lifted, so I feel accomplished.

    I was on another thread and one person said their first challenge they lost 84 lbs !  Is that for real?  84 pounds in 12 weeks?  I almost started crying.  I have lost 12 pounds (another 1/2 pound down today) in 8 weeks.  HOLY COW - I must be doing something wrong!  A little discouraging, but everyone is different and each person loses at a different rate.  BUT STILL!!!!  I will have this weight off and will be super fit by the end of Challenge 3 - that's what it took last time...so I expect about the same.

    The day after I finish this challenge i will start Challenge 2 - you with me MARY AND LACY?

    OK -guess what happened to me today?  I am working like usual.  The door bell rings but I was already up because it sounded like a huge truck stopped in front of the house.....So it was a delivery of EPIC proportion!!  GUESS WHAT HUBBY GOT US FOR OUR ANNIVERSARY??  A whole new home gym to go with our new awesome treadmill!  There was 18 boxes totally over 1200 pounds!  HOLY SMOLY BATMAN......so awesome and surprising.....he said it's for our new BFL life - because we want to be healthy enough to have 30 more years!    He is taking vacation as of tomorrow....and will have a professional come by and put it together    (he will help/supervise) I am excited - this one has everything I talk about wanting with two stacks so we can work out together.....FUN! 

    Just had to tell you! 



  • Awesome workout?  WHEN IS THIS GOING TO HAPPEN TO ME?!  You grunted through the heaviest weight ... or cussed though it!?  FANTASTIC - CONGRATS!

    Go right from this challenge right into Challenge 2?  You betcha, baby!  No break.  This is a way of life, right?  I have no idea how many challenges it will take me to get where I want to be, but I intend to find out.  Did my treadmill work as soon as I got home tonight, as planned.  If I do it right away, it happens.  If I sit down, have dinner, work awhile, it may not ever happen.  Really want to lose 5 pounds before December 11.  That's motivating!

    And thanks, LacyJ for the pep talk!  It will happen.  You have done FABULOUS WORK on that body of yours, and have every right to be proud.  Can't wait to see the photos!

    So sorry about your disappointing guy.  I do hope you are able to work through it soon, and in the meantime, keep your eyes open for someone else.  Apparently Traffic Stud wasn't the one for you.

    84 pounds.  That is alarmingly and wonderfully quick!  Was it a man?  Men on average lose weight more quickly than women.  And those of us who have a lot to lose are able to lose it more quickly, at least until the point where we are within 20 pounds of goal or so.  Then we slow down like everyone else.  Shellbells girl, you are one little bundle of muscle these days.  It's no wonder you aren't losing weight.  What about your triumph in buying smaller jeans?  That's what counts!

    That Tom is a keeper.  (Yeah, like this is news to you!)  What an awesome anniversary surprise!  Practical and romantic to give you 30 more years of wedded bliss!  I love the machines with plates.  This bowflex thing is clumsy.  Don't get me wrong, I am happy having it, especially for $70.  (It isn't a bowflex brand and it was on Craigslist.com.)  But it does take more time to change the resistance between sets.  Have a wonderful time together with your new healthy toy!  But the poor delivery person - 1200 pounds?!

    Okay, gotta get some work done.  Later Ladies!

  • WOW!!!  Now that's what I'm talkin' about!!!  A plan for the rest of your BFL lives!!!!  That is the BEST Anniversary gift I can think of at this time in our lives - to stay healthy and fit for the next 30 years. I want a "Tom" in my life!!!!  

    Shellbells don't get swept away by huge weight losses from others - stay focused on your game.  Everyone is not created equal and we don't lose weight equally either.  You are on the right pathway love - just keep it moving forward.  My first Challenge I only lost 6 pounds but lost 10 inches.  I also was disappointed but then I just committed to staying with it and doing 4 challenges for this year back to back.  So now overall, I have lost 30 pounds and 29 inches for 3 Challenges.  It is not record breaking weight loss for some people . . but for me - it is amazing!!!  So, you stay focused on "you" and keep it going Challenge after Challenge until you get the job done - it will happen!!!  

    Mary, you are doing fabulous!  I have to do my workouts first thing in the morning because if I wait til after work, it doesn't happen and if it does, it is not as strong and focused as my morning workouts. I lie to myself all day saying I will workout when I get off work but it doesn't happen.  I also "have" to go to a gym because at home, the equipment, DVD's, etc., just gather dust.  Just commit to yourself and your health to do your workouts first thing.  Maybe you need to go to a gym and workout "before" you get home? That way, you don't have a choice to sit down and get comfy - you would be at the gym and once you start there - you would get your workout in.  Just a thought Mary.  But, you are doing fabulously with weight loss and workouts.  You also dance and do tennis which in themselves is a workout - so count that in!!

    Okay ladies, I am getting things ready to head for my photoshoot.  I am nervous but I've worked hard and this photoshoot is going down today - right here in River City !!  If the bikini shoot is okay - I will email you the pictures - so, you will have to wait til I see how they look.

    Have a Great BFL day ladies - In BFL love and my love - LacyJ

    PS:  I so appreciate you both :) and you too Tom!

  • Hello Ladies!!!  Just a quick note tonight.  The photo shoot was awesome!!!  I was totally shocked at my photos!!!  Don't get me wrong - I am not there yet - but I was pleased with my own photos and that hasn't happened in years!!!  If you want to get me your email addresses, I will send you pics of my photo shoot.  

    Hope you had a great BFL kinda day!  Love ya - LacyJ

  • HI Lacy

    You are an inspiration! I have tried so many diets since January, and I"m 53. Melarie was right when she said, "the weight just doesn't come off. YOu've been through menapause seeing your 60. But I have some questions. When you said you "cleaned up your eating" what did you do to clean up? I'm eating lots of salads, protein, veggies, etc...

    and it just won't come off. So I went off this diet and went to something else only to be diapointed. So here I am just reading tonight wondering how can I prevent myself from becoming a diebetic. When I saw your post I was really happy to see someone older than I and figureing it all out GOOD JOB! SO did you buy the Betagen with Rivigor on this site? or in a health food store? How do you do your workouts? I can't quit figure it all out. When I go to my workout place it doesn't have all the equipment needed. then I study and say to myself "How did they do that again? " I realized it's taking forever. So any advice or help is greatly appreicated. thank you so much for allowing me to talk.

  • LACYJ, YOU ARE AMAZING - CONGRATULATIONS!!!  That is such wonderful news.  Can't wait to see the photos!

    42feelbetter, glad you came back to BFL.  It truly is a wonderful program, but I can relate to the difficulty of learning how it goes.  Just takes time.  Hang in there, and ask as many questions as you need to.  Shellbells and LacyJ helped me when I was new!

  • Lacy!  I thought about you today!  I am so thrilled.  I just knew they would be great.  Isn't it fun to get great pics of yourself????  I will Facebook my email to you!  You rock this BFL!!!

    42feelbetter.  Welcome!  If we can help we will!

    Gotta get some sleep... Not feeling that good!!!!

  • Just saw one of your photos, LacyJ - SMOKIN'!!!  Wow, you look so terrific.  I hope you do something to celebrate this amazing accomplishment!  I was only able to access one photo.  There wasn't an arrow to move to the next one, but the first one says it all!

    Sorry to hear you weren't feeling well last night, Shellbells.  Hope you are better today.

  • Hi 42feelbetter,

    I am at work today, but just wanted to let you know I feel and know your frustration.  All of us on this blog know what you are feeling.  I will share my journey with you, things I tried, changes I've made, my diet, etc.  I am not an expert by any means, I just found what works for me . . . which I was like you - the weight just wouldn't come off but I will share my story with you.  Also, I TRULY believe the EAS Lean 15 protein shake mix and the Betagen with Rivigor made a significant in my weight loss, energy level, and health.  I get the EAS Lean 15 shake mix at Target, and I order the Betagen from Abbott online.  They carry EAS products.  But I think Shellbells found a place to get it even cheaper than from Abbott. You can google Betagen with Rivigor and see what you come up with.  I will get online tonight and share my story with you.  The main thing 42feelbetter is just never give up - show up every day and take back your life and what is rightfully yours - your health!  Talk with you tonight.  In  BFL love - LacyJ

    PS:  I will also share my photo progress with you if you would want to see the photos.  If I can do it . . . YOU can DO IT!!!