60 year old YOUNG female starting 3rd Challenge for 2012 - anyone with me out there?

  • Look at her GO!!!!!  AWESOME!!!  Go Dancing Queen - you got this!!!  Congrats!!!

  • Okay, that's just hilarious - 4 boobs, above and below!  Geez, if you had advertised that on the singles sites, you would have had to fight off the boys!

    Thanks for the cheerleading, LacyJ!  Felt good to finally wear that pretty sweater - mint green.

    6 days until the 3rd challenge is over and you do your sexy bikini shots!  Who is going to take the photos for you?

    ... Oh.  Just got to the Street Stud paragraph.  Bummer.  Of course there could be a good reason he didn't call or text, as there was the last time, but better not to get your hopes up for now.  Just wait and see.  So sorry L J.

    Played tennis last night, and went to a dance workshop tonight.  2 more dance workshops tomorrow night.  Have to get up early and help out at the Walk to End Alzheimer's.  Then go to a private dance lesson with the pro who is giving the workshops.  Then home to get some work done.  Then workshops and dinner.  The day is going to fly by!

  • Hello, hello, hello!  

    What a busy, busy week.  Hospitals, work, grandson, and chili cook off.  WHEW!  Got thru it up to now AND got my darn workouts in. Holy smoly batman!!!

    Today we made two batches of chili and I have to admit they are damn good.  Tomorrow up early to make tons of buttermilk and honey cornbread!  Wish us luck at the cook off!

    We will be doing weights and measurements this weekend!  I am excited about it because everything is finally coming together!  My body feels good, balanced, lighter, more toned, and I am recovering faster.  I feel the food is second nature now and I really look forward to my workouts.  Especially the energy i I feel afterwards!

    Mary- so happy for you!!!  3 pounds and your sweater is fitting!!!  Awesome job my friend!   Good luck on all your dancing and stuff this weekend!!!!!

    Lacy.....4 boobs?  Lol really? That's funny, but I am thrilled for you that you look like a hot mama now!!!!  I am sorry you were tired and cardio was so hard, gosh I hate when that happens!!!!  You are right to rest so you don't make yourself sick,  tomorrow is another day.....  Can't wait for your bikini pics!

    I am sorry street stud turned out like this.   I absolutely didn't see that coming.  I wish Mary and I were there to cheer you up!!!

    i hope your weekends are fabulous! 


  • I am so excited!

    Just wanted to share week 8 stats before baking the cormbread, working out, and getting to the chili cook off!

    Total weight loss:  11.5 lbs

    Body fat - 37 (down From 42!!)  feels so good to be in the thirties

    Total inches lost:  DRUMROLL PLEASE.....12.62 inches overall!!!!!

    HOLY CRAP I am excited!  I feel good, looking better and feel like I can continue this......

    AMEN sisters!!

  • WOW!!! Congrations Shellbells - that is AWESOME - 11.5 lbs, and you still have 4 weeks to go!! 5 inches of Body Fat - AMAZING!!!  12.62 inches - Holy Moly!!!!  You are on your way to that size 6 you are wanting and it won't be long.  Image your Holiday outfits for this year - imagine that Christmas and New Year's party dress - Ooh LaLa!!!  I can't wait!!!!  

    I am getting ready to hit the gym for cardio and then for some shopping today.  

    I think it is amazing what we are all experiencing thru our BFL weight loss, body, and soul transformations!  One week ago I ran a 5K race and ran the entire race!!!  I never thought I would run the whole thing - but from working out and becoming fit and healthy - I was able to run a 5K and I NEVER want to lose that feeling again !!!  

    And I LOVE Cornbread!!  I'm glad it is at your place and not mine.  I love it warm with real butter - yuuuuummmm.  When my 3rd Challenge ends next week, I am going to eat some cornbread with butter and a couple of other things I am craving and then on to finish my 4th Challenge for the year.  

    Okay Shellbells - enjoy your day and celebrate your success because YOU have earned it!  

    Dancing Queen - Keep on keepin' on, stay focused on the Birthday party and your beautiful Sari you will be wearing.  Your son will be pleasantly surprised at the change in you .  Girls - we are definitely on an amazing life-changing journey. Have a great weekend! In BFL love - LacyJ

  • YOU ARE A STAR, MS. SHELLBELLS - CONGRATULATIONS!  Amazing results, and you definitely earned them.  

    Fabulous.  This is just fabulous.  We will all be celebrities.  Diane Keaton will play the part of moi.  What about you two?!

    Enjoy the rest of a fabulous weekend.  I am going to plant carnations, shower and head for the dance workshops.  Loved the private with the visit pro this morning!

  • Ladies,  you guys are great.  It's so great to have cheerleaders right by your side!!

    Mary!  You are having such a fun (and active) day!!! Good for you.  Kick some butt!!!!  Can't wait to hear more about the private lesson with the dance pro.....

    Lacy!  I know that feeling of finishing the race well.  It's such a boost to your confidence!!!!!   I am so impressed with your transformation, determination and love of life.  It's infectious!!!!

    Today was a bad day for me.  I am not kidding when I say I cannot handle the heat.  We have been over a hundred degrees for 7 weeks or more and the humidity has been horrible, which is not normal for us.  Today?  76 percent humidity with high heat.  Not a good combo for the chili cook off.  Yuk.  So my body temp was so high,  I couldn't cool down.  And everything started to constrict which caused a migraine of epic proportion.  One of the worst I have had in a year.  So I was nauseous at the chili cook off.  there is no way i could eat the chili in this weather.  I actually started to panic and thought i was going to have to go to the hospital due to heat stroke or heat exhaustion or whatever.  

    we did take 3rd place in traditional and 2nd place for traditional.  Good results.  I let my nephews go up for the ribbons... They were thrilled, but I was super sick.  

    Got home and ended up in tears...... So Tom iced me down (literally) and finally lowered my body temp and along with a Lot of medications it's finally starting to subside.

    I am still trying to get my upper body in today..... Come hell or high water it has to happen.  Not doing it is not an option.  Maybe I'll try in another hour,  I'll let you know how it goes.

    Love you guys!

  • I am so sorry that this, of all days, was so miserable, Shellbells.  Had to have been wretched.  I wish there was some way to prevent it.  Would frozen blue ice help?  Or an athletic/injury wrap, the kind that velcros into place?  Those you could carry in a thermal bag (the lunch bag type) wherever you go.  That weather you've been having is insane.  

    When you first get the signs of a migraine coming on, have you ever tried coffee?  It isn't the blood vessels constricting that causes the pain.  It's when they start to dilate again that the headache comes on.  For some people at least, if they get some caffeine in right away when they feel it coming on, it dilates the blood vessels before they get to the point of causing a migraine.  Oh please let that work!  There are also some new migraine medications out, but you've probably tried those.

    Sure hope you are able to get your workout in, and get a peaceful night's rest.

    Love you.


  • HI GUYS!  

    Could not get my workout in yestereday...kept trying and the pain in my head during exertion was so great  I couldnt continue.

    SO...took some muscle relaxers, Blood pressure meds and pain pills and went to bed.  SLEPT AWESOME and woke up to NO pain....so I got an AWESOME upper body  done this morning and felt like a million bucks afrterward.    Spent the day shopping for new luggage and jeans for the trip.  OMG...I am FIRMLY into a 14 now.  ALL pairs I tried on were fitting so got two (hopefully they will not fit for too long - hehehehe)  and the new luggage?  SUPER AWESOME....Toms is like a Metallic blue and mine and metallic burgundy - Samsonite Driv360 - 4 weeels spinners...cant wait to take that to NY...so much easier than my olther luggage....NICE

    HAHAHAHA - yes, I always utilize caffeine in my migraine reginmen......it really works.....but every once and a while, they are so EPIC that almost nothing works....HEAT DOES NOT HELP...another 100 degree day today (less humidity) but HOLY SMOLY BATMAN!!!

    Tonight I made a BFL friendly Thai Green Curry with Brown rice...SO YUMMY

    OK - did I tell you about my adoptive daughter Stephanie?  SHe is AMAZING...and guerss what?  Her and Hubby started BFL a week ago...so I am SUPER happy for them....I cant wait to see her results....It happens so fast with young people!

    Gotta run... talk to you girls later.

  • PHEEEEEW!  So very glad to hear you are feeling better and got your workout in, Shell!  

    AND A NEW SIZE JEANS - YEEHAAAAAAAAW!  That's is so wonderful, especially with the trip coming up!  The luggage sounds wonderful.   Katie swears by the spinners.  So glad you bought those, and the colors are fabulous!  Please oh please oh please have an inflatable wedge in one of them!

    I don't think I like curry, but I LOVE Asian food.  Wish I could cook it!

    I didn't know you had an adoptive daughter Stephanie, did I?  Anyway, it is super to hear that she and her husband are now on BFL with you!  You are uch great motivation!

    Okay, funny story that actually serves as motivation.  Yesterday was my free day.  For dinner I had a personal size pizza and 2 glasses of wine.  I was definitely enjoying both, and haven't had much wine at all since starting the Challenge.  Eventually the wine put me to sleep in my recliner, for about 12 hours! ... with my clothes still on and my dinner plate in my lap!  I was really blissfully asleep, which was nice because I don't get enough sleep.  At the end of the night, I had what felt like a very long, elaborate, awesome, fairytale-like dream, like none I have ever dreamed before!  Okay, good so far, right?  But 2 glasses of wine would not have had that dramatic an effect 8 weeks ago when I started BFL.  Now that I have lost 24 pounds, I have to be careful how much I drink or I could poison myself!  That's a positive in a twisted kinda way!


  • LOL!!!!   SOOOO FUNNY....SO NICE that you were SO COMFY!   To sleep for 12 hours straight and NOT MOVE?  NOW THAT"S SLEEP!!!!  I almost never dream an IF I do, I never remember them...I hope you remembered some of it!

    I know what you mean about the alcohol....I love wine and Scotch....so last week (due to stress) I had about an ounce of scotch (and it wasn't free day) and it hit me kind of hard....I dont have much wine because I don't want to save a partial bottle (especially RED)

    I am so envious of your 24 lbs!!  I feel like I should be losing more"fat weight".....I know I am gaining a crap load of muscle weight as well as losing the fat, but it's SO HARD TO KNOW how much of what I am gaining/losing! LOL

    Lacy, how are you doing this weekend?  I hope you are doing well Emotionally.......let us know, we are thinking of you!!  isnt your bikini shoot this week?


    Kick Butt this week girls !





  • Hi girls!  Just checking in!  

    I posted yesterday but now it's gone!!!!  This is irritating!

    Anyway, yesterday I did hard lower body,  at 9 am... But at 6pm I was just uptight so I ran 2 miles!  I felt so much better after!

    Today was Cardio and my legs were shredded, but I got the bike in...,, so things are going well!

    Mary, did you get the sari yet?  Can't wait to see it!

    Lacy hope you're doing great!  Can't wait to see your pics!!!

    Talk to you soon!

  • My responses are missing too, Shellbells.  What's happenin'?!

    I sent you a picture of the sari.  That's the best that sari is ever going to look. - on that model.  When I put it on, it will be a SORRY!  AHHHH HAH HAH HAH HAH HAH!!!!!  Cracked myself up again!

    LacyJ, where the heck are you, girl?  Hope you are okay.  Shell, maybe she is with Traffic Stud again?!

    Love you.

  • PS:  Do you think we said something offensive in those posts and the BFL Police exterminated them?!

  • Funny you say that,  I thought the same thing!  But mine was all about stress and working out so I can't imagine!  I saw the pic do the sari.  It's gorgeous!  I just didn't know if you actually received it yet....I'm excited for you to get it!!!

    How are the workout outs going???

    Lacy... I hope you're having fun!!!!