60 year old YOUNG female starting 3rd Challenge for 2012 - anyone with me out there?

  • Hello Ladies!!!!  Wow Shellbells - your story gave me goose bumps!!  What a story!  You be careful out there running alone . . I know you know and you've been told . . . but there are the pervs out there!!  I'm sure as much as you travel, you are well aware of how to be safe by yourself.  

    Okay ladies - my heart is smiling tonight - can you see it?????  My Street Stud called me on his way home from New York today at 4:30 pm ET.  Apparently his phone does not have nationwide coverage to call out (I told him he must get a different phone coverage!!), and he apologized.  He said it was Friday before the funeral as they had to wait on people to fly in to New York.  Then he said the fellow who died lived in an apartment and the family had to empty out the apartment by this Friday in order not to pay more rent. So, he said that started the "family fued" over who got what and where this and that was to be taken. So, he said it was the family uprising and crisis of the century.  Anyway, we have  a date tomorrow night and I will hear the complete story.  Thank goodness he didn't disappointment me (yet!!).  

    I am kind of chilling out getting ready for the run on Saturday.  My daughter and her family are coming to visit me this weekend, so the kids will get to see my "tricked out" outfit before I run.  Jordyn, my 9 year old granddaughter, is a ballerina - hip-hop drama queen - so she will love the hot pink colors.  By the way, did you see the picture I uploaded?  It is the running outfit I will be wearing Saturday.  

    Shellbells I hope your hotel and week are going better.  Mary - hope you are having a great BFL week . . and $600 shoes?? If she has any yard sales, be sure to let us know . . . Carpe Shoe-um :) :)  

    Okay ladies, I have to work on my audit - so, have a Fab-U-Lous evening!  Love ya - LacyJ

  • Greetings fellow travelers of the BFL road!  I was asleep ... and then I wasn't.  I went to bed early (for me, anyway).  And then woke up at 1 AM.  Then a little after 2, and that was the end of my sleep!  Got a little bit done.  Now I want to focus some attention on you two before I try the sleep thing again.

    The operator fixed the problem.  That's amazing, Shell.  Now you know who swings the most weight at that place!  Frozen tundra, eh?!  I like it pretty cool, but I don't want to wear a snowsuit to bed!  Glad you came back to the room exactly the way you wanted.  Have you been sleeping well, or do you have a skull splitting headache again?

    It is fantastic that you were able to motivation yourself to run considering how it started with 1 minute.  I can relate!  it's a shame that pneumonia kept you from running.  I don't know how you now run a couple of miles at 50 pounds overweight.  I didn't want to say anything, but since you brought it up, I wondered where you were hiding those pounds when I looked at your photo with your grandson.  Do you have a nice normal head and shoulders, and then hips that spread out like a Navy life raft?!  ... No wait, I just went to Facebook and found a full length photo of you.  Unless you have lead shot in your bones, I don't see how you have that much to lose unless you sacrifice an arm or leg!

    Interesting how running up on your feet makes such a difference in mechanics and effect on the shins, knees and hips.  Once I can run more than 15 seconds, I'll give it a try.  Why were your thighs killing you after running on the Strand?

    There's an interesting little tidbit, Shellbells.  Your birthday is April 27 and mine is the 23rd!  When is yours, LacyJ?

    I LOVE the story of the "odd" guy along your walk, the hairs standing up on your neck (wow!), and your long time guardian showing up to keep you safe!  How wonderful that you were able to spend that time with him again.  BTW, every case of a lousy childhood is a big deal and one too many.  Mine sucked too, and my father-in-law was the one who was a real dad.  We were tight.  When the family wanted something from him, they'd say 'Let Mary ask him.  He'll do anything for her!'  And when he died, the world stopped spinning.  I couldn't understand how people (strangers in stores) were shopping and laughing and going on with their normal lives while mine was suspended.  He was a good man.  Glad you had one too.

    What did you mean by 'Afraid of this site'?  Just that you were afraid the message would be lost before you sent it off?

  • Now you have another guardian, Shell - it's LacyJ.  Lacy, I hope you don't mind my asking a personal question.  Do you have children?  Family you still see?  You just haven't mentioned this topic, and I am curious.

    YAAAAAAY STREET STUD!!!!!!!  I can see the glow from your heart all the way down here in Springfield!  How sweet that he called at the first possible moment, and you are getting together already tomorrow.  Must have been a very stressful time, having to deal with the apartment as well as warring family members.  that's awful.  Very kind of him to help out.

    It's so exciting that your run is this weekend, L J!  Is this your first? Is it a race or a run?  I forget what you have written about running.  Thank you for posting a new photo.  It is really hard to see the details of the outfit in that tiny photo, but the pink certainly stands out.  You can see that from the space station!  I love it.  How cool that your granddaughter will love the outfit, and that your daughter and her children will be there for the big run.   ... and there's the answer to my question.  You do have children/grandchildren!  I asked because you sound as though you would be a great mom/grandmother.  I wonder if Street Stud will be at the run too!?!

    Katie has given away more shoes than I have owned in my entire life - hundreds of pairs!  

    Okay, it is now 5:15 AM.  Think I'll try the sleep thing again.  Lots to do between now and Sunday.  I want to have the whole house organized and clean by then, except for my catch all room.  There's  no hope of getting that done by Sunday.  There is also yard and University work to do.  

    Have an awesome day, you two!

  • Yes,  I get afraid this site will just log me off in the middle of my long diatribes....it's done it before. So too long I start to worry.....especially if I am not writing in Word or Notes...then pasting (which is what I do most times, but sometimes I forget and start here)

    LACY!!!  Stick with me kid...I KNEW IT...I FELT IT IN MY BONES that we shouldnt sell him down the river just yet......I am thrilled my intuition was right and he is proving to be trustworthy!!!  I am happy for you both!

    OK - lacy where are you uploading pics and how do I see them?

    Mary, I am SOOO not the shoe hog...I have about 10 pairs at any one given time - I just cant be bothered.....but I know many women who are and who spend more money than I could ever imagine on them...I am the 50-100 dollar range girl.  I want a pair of uggs for winter...but at 150 PLUS, I just wont buy them.....but my lttle granddaughter (20 months) is going to be just like that.  My daughter is not, but this kid was born into the workd LOVING shoes so much....she steals ALL the girls shoes at McDonalds, the Park, the bouncers, etc....and throws fits if she cannot get a pair every time they are in the store.....Funny how that is just part of her personality.

    WOOO HOOO - .SAN DIEGO IS DONE!  I stayed pretty close to plan and tried like heck to be diligent about my workouts.  BUT, driving home (4 hours) today, I was starving and didn't plan well....so what did I do?  YEP, went to Taco Bell for a burrito....BAD SHELLEY!  Sure, I could have had a salad or something off the fiesta menu (thats the low cal stuff and its good....) BUT NOOOOOOO. that new cantina burrito rocks and it was calling my name.  and AGAIN I fell for it and ate it...oh boy. 

    Get this, FINALLY San Diego was cool this moring, overcast and drizzly...AWWW my favorite kind of weather.  I WAS SO FREAKING HAPPY...ran again on the beach.....love, love, loved it. Again, felt my angel......But driving home to the HIGH FRIGGEN DESSERT (which is what the area I live in is called) otherwise known as SANTA CLARITA (fancy name for "your going to burn to death") IT IS 110 degrees!  Luckily the humidity is only 16 percent...but I have lost my garden and herbs are fried and did I mention hot, discusting and it feels like living in HELL???   NICE.  

    Tomorrow morning I am going to do UPPER BODY and SATURDAY - LOWER BODY and then MONDAY....back to basics and good clean eating.   YES!

    I am SOOOO looking forward to my trip.  So much so that I feel like I will cry....I cant wait to get away for fun and to the COLD weather....BRING IT ON!!

    AND OH YEAH....I carried my big suitcase, smaller case AND my huge back pack up a full flight of stairs (all at the same time) to the hotel room....I realized...CRAP....I am so much stronger!

    OK - Funny story.  In my 3 day class we were paired up in teams for all the participation stuff.  I of course, was named the "smart girl who entertains us" - I ended up being the leader for every project (no surprise) but there were only 5 women in the class and ALL 5 of us made up this group...with the exception of one VERY HOT, VERY WELL BUILT man.  He has got to be one of the most gorgeous black men I have ever seen.  He just retired from his 25 year career in the Marines, has a bachelors, masters and is almost done with his doctorate....SO WELL SPOKEN and SMART (which makes him better) PLUS he was SOOO  nice, so respectful etc..... you can imagine all 5 of us women were just loving him on the team.....Today, I was WHINING about this really stupid princilple and the project was dumb.  So I said "dont count on me to lead this one, my heart is not in it....I dont like it" - he says in his best MILITARY voice "having your heart in it, wanting to do it, or not liking it is NOT AN OPTION.  You dont need to have an opnion...you just LEAD because your a leader.  PERIOD"   WOW - Surreal for sure.  he did 4 tours and really never agreed with being there...but hes a leader and that what he does.  So I promptly shut the he11 up and did the work.....but he says "I gotta run to the restroom": - So I tell him "needing to go to the restroom and being able to go are 2 different things....and since you are part of this team, we need you and that's out of the question.  MAN UP" All the girls laughed....so he pretends to zip his pants down and says...OK I just whip it out right here"  The lady next to me says, really she breathed,  "Oh God, Please do!!" - we laughed so hard but she thought she just "THOUGHT" it.....when she realized she said it out loud she was so embarrassed.  OMG!  It was the funniest thing EVER.

    OK, enough for now....gotta go make dinner.......

  • GEEZ.  forgot to spell check  - sorry!

  • I’ve had the same problem with being logged out.  It only happened once when I lost a long message.  I think one or two other times, I lost short ones that were easy to reconstruct.  Don’t always remember to use Word either!

    Funny story about your granddaughter’s shoe passion!  On Katie’s first birthday, she received toys as well as clothes.  The toys were great, but she didn’t react to them the way she did a new dress!  ONE YEAR OLD!  Katie does enjoy wearing fancy shoes and gowns.  She has always gone to charity balls and to NYC with her ex-husband where they wined and dined and went to the theater and such all dressed up.  Now she goes to concert events for her clients and gets to dress up a lot.  She loves it!  When she was buying these collector shoes, she could afford it, and her husband was co-dependent – he was always buying her designer purses!  She collects the nicer shoes and there are many that are AMAZING!   What a beautiful and practical hobby!  Me?  There was a time when I wore nothing but loafers.  Then for a long while I wore nothing but Birkenstocks.  Now I mix it up.  Love the look of heels.  Won’t wear them unless I absolutely have to, and even then, they are low heels.  Katie wears spikes.

    Bye bye San Diego!  It is unbelievable that it was hot there.  San Diego is always awesome!   OF COURSE it was cool today ... because you were leaving!  Glad you had the cool beach to run on before you left for home.  The burrito was calling your name, eh?  You need to hang out with better crowd of friends – cottage cheese calling your name, now that’s great!  Thank goodness you love to cook healthy food.  You’ll be great now that you are home, with both food and workouts – HIGH FIVE!  And Tom must have been so happy to see you again!

    Oh so sweet that you felt your angel again.  What a wonderful gift.  You must have hated to leave.  I hope he follows you home.

    “Your going to burn to death” California.  Never heard of it.  But there are many towns of the same name in Arizona!  What a shame that you lost your garden and herbs.  Some of mine died too, including a rhododendron which I had great hopes for.  This drought and heat were awful.   But there's light at the end of the tunnel for you.  Ahhh, Shelley and Tom in the frozen tundra of Banff.  What a relief that will be, eh?!  I hope you have spectacular weather.

    Carrying all that stuff up the stairs alone is AMAZING!  WELL DONE, BUFF CHICA!  What a thrill it must have been to realize what you had just done!  I will be that strong some day … but I won’t waste it climbing a flight of stairs with everything I own!   Maybe I’ll use it picking up good looking men – a whole new twist on the phrase picking up men!

    Speaking of picking up men, the story about Studly Black Man was hilarious!!!  Well, I didn’t think it was hilarious at first – I thought he was over-the-top rude.  If he wasn’t joking about it, then I definitely consider that incredibly rude.  But your response to the bathroom comment should win an award – SWEET!!!  That’ll learn him!  The reaction of the woman next to you, truly not realizing she had spoken aloud, is too funny!  If only this was on video, you could make a killing on Funnniest Home Videos!

    Okay, now that he has been learned a thing or two, please send VERY HOT, VERY WELL BUILT, VERY SMART NO-LONGER- RUDE BLACK MAN THIS WAY.  Thank you.

  • She's baaa-aack!  Yes, it is 3:30 AM and I should be sleeping.  But I just had to tell you ladies that for the first time, I ran the entire 20 minutes on the treadmill!!!  And went just a teensy bit faster.  Progress.  Baby steps, baby steps!

    Hope you had a great ... I mean, GREAT date with what's-his-name tonight, Lacy!

    Hope you have a wonderful night's sleep in your own bed tonight, Shelley!


  • Good morning Ladies...

    Today will be a SUPER busy day so I thought I would write early.

    Got to sleep i my own bed, but slept SO hard i never heard the alarm.....Tom kept trying to get me up and he said I didnt move at all so he thought something was wrong with me....but he finally yanked me out of sleep (AWFUL) and now I am up working (kind of)....YUK.  Work, Exercise, Chiro and a FANTASITC massage this afternoon - that's my day.

    Mary, you amaze me!  I am SOOOOO proud and SUPER happy for you that you ran all 20 minutes!!!!  That's fantastic and highlights incredible progress on this journey!  I remember the first time I ran 10 minutes, I was so happy, I almost cried!  The question is how do your legs (knees, hips and shins) feel today?  You asked about my quads and why they are sore.  When I run high on my feet, the muscles take the brunt of the energy calves first, quads second....so after two miles my quads were sore from running but as I sit through the day they tighten up.  (you should have seen me hobble down the stairs) 

    I didnt bring my foam roller, mostly because its a hotel and I dont want to roll around on the carpet - but boy I missed it! My muscles could have used it after the runs.

    The very hot guy was very clearly joking (I should have written that)....he was laughing, flashing his gorgeous teeth...but we think HE even blushed when the lady said that!!  and yes, if I see him again...I would DEFINATELY send him your way!! (but you would have to promise to share details...LOL)

    So Tom is glad to have me back - all is now right in the world he said.  He worries when I have to drive long distances.  I am not a good driver (because I never leave my house or go longer than 10 minutes anywhere) and he doesnt relax until I am home....(I dont either...!)

    Lacy - please let us know about traffic stud....enquiring minds want to know!    SO excited for your run this weekend.  Are you going for a certain time to finish or just to run the best you can?  Some people are really into their time......When I did mine, my measly goals were to FINISH, but not last......I wanted to be in the middle.  I was!  Smack in the middle with younger and skinnier people behind me.  Tom doesnt run, he walks but he can walk a faster mile than I could ever run.....he finished ahead of MOST Of the runners and won an award for the fastest walker in any age group.  SO nice that your family with be there with you to watch this great event!  That will push you and make you finish well!  Cant wait for the outfit pic.

    Oh forgot to mention Mary.  in SD, I had two beds with 5 pillows each....so i built a "ramp" and slept OK with it so no headache.  This weekend I am going to the websites you sent to look for a travel wedge!

    Have a great day ladies!!!!!  Gotta get caught up

  • Wow, Tom must have been scared when you didn't move this morning, Shelley, not to the alarm, and not to his trying to awaken you.  Yikes!  Apparently you were in a coma and it took a yank to get you out of it.  Sounds like a great day ahead of you though.  How bad could it be ending with a fantastic massage, right?! As for me, I come out of a massage more tense than I go in!  Not relaxing at all.

    Is your job near your home ... when the job doesn't take you to nasty hot hotels with no wedges, that is?  Wouldn't it be nice if you could work from home and never have to drive?!  After being involved in the military (my ex was in the Army), driving is nothing.  It's a drive just to get off the base in some places.  In Germany, we drove from our small city (Mainz) to a nearby city, Wiesbaden, to shop at the commissary.  It was much cheaper than buying everything in the German stores.

    Thank you for the cheerleading, Shelley!  I was so proud of the run (jog) last night.  My calves only hurt while I was running.  Nothing today, and no problems with knees, shins or hips thankfully.  I wish I had muscular legs like you.  I have chicken legs with a pumpkin body - very attractive.  I look like a caricature!  But I'll build them up eventually.  It's a shame for you to go out there and run, and then have to sit all day and hurt.  I assume you stretch afterward.  There has to be something you can do to avoid that besides rolling around on the floor!  Quads are at least easy to reach while you are sitting.  Can you massage them yourself while you listen to endless stupid workshop stuff?  ... I KNOW, I KNOW.  BRING A PLASTIC ROLLING PIN!  You could work it over your muscles before your shower, and again during a break if you needed to.  It won't add much to the weight of your baggage, and would probably be just the thing to calm your muscles down.  ... No, I'm not joking!  Worth a try.  Geez, if you could reach your back, you wouldn't have to drive to get a massage!

    Now Lacy may be getting a very different kind of massage with Traffic Stud!  That kind is wonderful.  Kissing (well, lips get tense so you have to massage them too!) and hugging and stuff - very good for the muscles!  Can't wait to hear about the run.  Hopefully someone will take pictures!

    So very hot guy has a great sense of humor.  Better! If you tell me he dances, I'll just head on out there and pick him up myself!   I'll take good care of him and will be sure to keep you posted.  The "Oh God, Please do!!" lady is going to crack us up for a long time to come!

    SOOO glad you used the pillows to build a wedge for yourself so you don't have that awful headache again.  You travel all the time, and this is the first time you thought about using the pillows?  (I'm sorry.  I just laughed out loud a little bit!)  A chair cushion might provide a good firm foundation for this wedge.  Hopefully you won't have to worry about that any more if you get an inflatable.

    Okay, Mary is hungry.  SOME FOOD FOR MARY, PLEASE!  (Yeah, 'cause we wouldn't want her wasting away to normal!)  Talk to you lovely ladies later on.  Keep pushing and have a great BFL kinda day!

  • Helloooooo Ladies!!!  You both are doing FABULOUSLY on the BFL program!!!  So Blessed to be a part of this journey with you both!!!  You both are running in your programs!!!  I am even running and I am not a runner!!!!  But I have been running for the past few months on the treadmill and then on the past 5-6 weekends I have ran outside on pavement.  I am not running the 5K competitively - I am running to finish it.  The story is, in 2010 I was going to run the 5K Race for the Cure however, my blood counts were so low, the oncologist wanted to start chemo on Thursday before my race on Saturday.  I asked her to wait til after my race but she insisted the counts were too low to wait until after the race, and assured me that I would be okay on Saturday to run.  Well . .  . as luck would have it, I ended up in the hospital on Friday morning at 3:00 am puking my guts up for the next two days and was in the hospital on day of the race and therefore I never got to run my 2010 race.  So this year, I am finishing the 2010 race I never got to run.  It has only taken me two years to finish - but I am no quitter and it is going to happen right here in River City tomorrow - if I have to crawl across the finish line :) I have posted my running outfit on my facebook at Sherry Cockerham from Cleveland, OH.  If you want to give me your email addresses, I will also email the pictures.  I am cockerhamcoding@aol.com.

    Mary, AMAZING!!!  20 minutes of runing is AWESOME!  Girl that is hard work right there!  20 minutes is a long time to run when you are first beginning - You Go GIRL!!!

    Shellbells - forget about the Burrito - you deserved after your week from He . . !  Keep up the hard work - and come honeymoon time - WHOA . . . . Tom is gonna be lovin' your look and everything else!!!

    Street Stud's name is  Ricco (long e sound - reeko).  We had a great time last night (not that great yet!!!!!) but we had a good evening.  I heard about the trip to New York from He . . and it was from He . . - unbelievable how greed takes over at a time like that!  He is still a keeper.  We shall see where this goes.

    My daughter, husband and 3 grandkids (3, 6, & 9 - two boys 9 year old girl) from Columbus, OH, will be here for the weekend.  That will be a great time.  I also have a daughter in Indianapolis, IN, who has two kids, 16 & 12 (both girls).  So that is a little family run down.

    Okay ladies, I am on work time.  A thought for the weekend, " Excellence Never Backs Down" so, go out and get what is yours!!!  Love you both, LacyJ

  • I just wanted to check on you ladies AND because frankly I just plain tired and dont feel like working.  I just simply CANNOT wake up and I cannot keep my mind on work.  in fact, I cant keep my mind on ANYTHING..  I feel like I imagine a jelly fish feels.....SO I decided to hell with it. I will catch up this weekend and be ready for next week.

    I DO work from home which is why I am a hermit.  I work from home, workout from my home gym, etc...some weeks I dont drive at all!  The only time I get out is if I have an appointment or I am traveling.  THis travel schedule is EASY.  I used to travel 3 weeks a month and I did that for a couple years.  I dont want to do that again...so this is good, it gets me out, keeps my people skills up without it being too much of a strain.

    OH Mary, I cannot stop laughing.....if you knew me in person you'd know why....We are so similar in personality.  here is my  smarta$$ reply.  YES, of course I have tried pillows.  Normally, I have one bed and not many extras.  Unfortunately most hotels have feather pillows which is pointless as they crush flat.  I can go ask for FOAM, but here is what happens.  They bring me like 4 foams.. I call and ask for more.  I get back, no more....they say "oh, we brought them but we saw that someone else brought them as you had 4!  HAHAHA...I relly need like 8 because I have to support my upper body and Head/neck.  I usually dont try anymore and I hate making a big scene...so yes,  IF I can get enough foam pillows, I do....if not, I dont.  Your method of getting a REAL wedge (why didnt I think of a blow up wedge?) is far better and SO MUCH LESS HASSLE .

    Went to Chiropractor.....my back was OUT OUT OUT.  He said "what the heck are you doing that does this to your back" - I told him about my excercise and running....he said he doesnt prefer me to run but that it should not have this affect.  Hmmm.  I blame my husband - nuff said..LOL

    The foam roller is just the BEST thing I have ever used to warm up muscles, release tension and cool down  my muscles and frankly, I am a bit partial to rolling around on the floor!!  WINK WINK

    Here is the deal with massage.  I cannot have a massage by just anyone.....they dont know my body and I dont know them.  I have been to many many therapists until I found this one guy (I have 2 but one retired...but he will come out of retirement if I beg him)  I can TOTALLY relax with him entirely without worry.  He has good energy and is VERY NON JUDGMENTAL and seems to sense where I hurt or need extra attention  I think part of it is he is a specialist in skeletal-muscular therapy and works with several doctors on a medical level.....so he has really studied how muscles relate to our skeletons, how we move and what we feel.  After a few times, voila.....he and I are in harmony.  

    Now I have had massage at nice hotels, etc....and I get very tense, cannot relax and really dont enjoy it - plus for what they charge it's outrageous.  Really, its entirely about trust and belief in the healing hands of the person working on you, ya know?  So I am with you Mary - BUTif you can find someone who you feel utterly comfortable around (and who has incredible talent) I bet you could enjoy one....

    In Banff, the hotels we are staying in have highly rated, world class spas.  I will probably have a facial, healing baths, a wrap or a reflexology....but no massage for the reasons stated above.

    LACY!!!  I got you on facebook .....so I will look at pictures....YAY!  we are all connected now.  I am VERY excited for you and very proud.  You will do AWESOME (I feel it) and you will finish well. SO happy your family can be there to witness your great moment.   I feel so bad for what happened in 2010 - BUT, there was a reason it happened and this is now the time....so go out and kick some BFL BUTT!

    Hope your work outs are BFL great today!!!

  • Hi LacyJ!  We are grateful to you for starting this thread and the BFL BFF CLUB!

    Thank you for the cheers of encouragement!  That helps a lot.  It felt good to do that, although I wondered if I would finish toward the end.  Same with tonight’s LBWO.  Ugh.  Sure glad it is done!

    Can’t wait to hear how the race goes tomorrow.  Wish we knew exactly when you will begin so we could “be there” with you.   I looked online but couldn’t find the race.  You will certainly finish … ‘cause you’re LacyJ!  She doesn’t back down from anything!  Hope your daughter and her family made it to your house.  It will be terrific to have cheerleaders there, and someone to drive you back home!  My email address is marynewman@missouristate.edu.  Shelley and I will both be waiting for photos!  Will Ricco be at the race?  A photo of the two of you would be nice!  

    It was great to hear you talk about last night with Ricco.  Cracked me up when you backed off from the “great” evening to, “not that great”!  Nuff said.  We get the message!  It is so nice to hear you back to your usual perkiness.  It’s a shame he ended up in the middle of that awful family situation.  People really do lose their minds.

    Two daughters and 5 grandchildren.  Are you sure you’re old enough for that?!  I have 2 daughters and a son, 1 grandson, 2 granddaughters, and a great grandson.  What a fabulous family we have … minus the ex.  We’ll just leave him out of the conversation!

    Tom is going to be blown away on their honeymoon, that’s for sure.  LacyJ and I are looking forward to those stories, Shellbells!

    So Shelley, you were just _using_ us today because you didn’t want to work.  I see how it is now.  LOL!  I wonder why you had such a hard time today.  Did the driving knock you out, … or was Hunka responsible for the coma-like fatigue?!

    I’m a hermit too, SB.  (We really are a lot alike.)  Once I get home, I don’t want to go back out again.  I love being alone, and love my house.  My little fitness center is just right.  I have great neighbors on both sides of me.  I don’t need anything outside of this.  Okay, maybe tennis.  And some dancing.  And the income from my job which I think I’m married to for the rest of my life!  Does Tom work from home as well?

    We do have similar personalities or I would never have joked about finally figuring out you could use pillows as a wedge!  And particularly since we are communicating entirely online, never having met one another.  But I was sure you would laugh about it.  Sure hope you are able to find an inflatable wedge that works well for you.  There certainly are enough different kinds.  It may take a combination of 2 of them to work well.  Anything is worth avoiding the skull cracker headaches.

    And how funny that we have similar experiences with massages!  Guess I will just have to fly out there get a massage from time to time.

    Thank goodness you were able to get an appointment with the chiropractor today.  OW OW OW!  It is so painful to have a back out.  His response was hilarious!  But once again, Tom gets the blame.  Appropriate enough.  Why else would one have a husband?!

    And Tom enters the conversation once again with “rolling around on the floor”.  Anyone would think you like the guy!

    Okay, maybe it’s time to get a little work done.  Have an awesome race, LacyJ, and Shelley and I will enjoy our free day and root you on from afar.


  • Hello Ladies!!!  I am sooooo exhausted from this weekend!!! but . . I just wanted to post about the 5K race.  I finished the race running :)  I finished in 35 minutes of which I am very proud of.  I stopped along the way to say hello to some people I knew, my family, etc.,  walked thru the water line, and then stopped and danced with a dance group - so, probably I could have shaved 5 or so more minutes off the time but I had a great time with the 35 minute run.  I was very humbled by the "Survivor" program that preceeded the race and highly honored to run the race for all the survivors, those we have lost, and for Hope and Life.  I will forever be changed by this race and day.  I am a survivor myself and to see the joy and hope and strength these ladies exuded made me want to be so much more a better person.  So that is where I am tonight.  I had a wonderful time with my family.  I did the 5K on Saturday morning, we went to the zoo Saturday afternoon (another 4 hours on my feet) and then of course, the kids wanted to go swimming at the hotel - so, mostly I did the hot tub but I did also get in the pool with the kids.  Today it was a little more swimming, breakfast out, 5 hours on the job (to catch things up), and now I have to do my nails, a bath, and call it a night.  And then . . . up at 5:00 am to get ready to hit the gym to begin my last 10 days of training toward the end of my 3rd Challenge.  

    I hope you ladies had a fabulous BFL kind of weekend!!!  Love ya - LacyJ

  • Oh LacyJ, it is so good to read this.  You sound "high" on this awesome experience ... and you are the one who made it awesome!  WE COULDN'T BE MORE PROUD OF YOU!  35 MINUTES IS AWESOME!  And the fact that you stopped along the way to visit family was a great addition.  The fact that you stopped to dance makes me SOOOOO HAPPYYYYYY!!!

    You really did have a full weekend.  Your first race, and you still kept up with the family on touring and socializing.  The hot tub was a great idea.

    You make me want to do a race some day.  I bet you inspired many people along the race route, especially those who know you and what you have been through.  This Race for the Cure is all about inspiration and hope and love - it is so much about you!

    Have a sweet, peaceful night's sleep, and keep pushing for the end of your 3rd Challenge - amazing!

  • WOWOWOWOWOWOW!   LACY you just FRICKEN ROCK.  35 MINUTES?  I am so proud of you...that's a FAST TIME...I finished in 40 minutes and I DIDNT stop to socialize, dance etc.....GREAT GREAT JOB.  

    You must feel so accomplished and proud of yourself....how did the outfit go over???  I thought about you all day Saturday and yesterday I was away from the computer all day. so I am so glad to hear about it this morning!

    Yes, I did  "USE" you guys on Friday.  (sometime it's good to be used..LOL)  I just couldn't work....couldn't concentrate and I could not focus.  SO unusual for me.....but I listened to my brain stopped and then went to workout.  NO PROBLEM focusing during the workout!  I upped my weights again YAY!  and YES, I gotta roll around on the floor with my foam roller.

    Mary, Funny you say that....I have been accused in business of being "like a guy" in my thought process....LOL

    Saturday was an amazing work out....2 hours of Cardio then the weights for legs, finished with abs.....Awesome.

    Today is the beginning of week 8 - I thought last week was week 8 but when I looked at calendar this morning I realized this is week 8.  The great part of this is that I feel "normal" - eating seems normal - still LOVE free days - and the work outs are normal.  If something happens and I cannot workout, I get super irritated, edgy and plain pissed.  THAT"S A GOOD THING.

    Today, I have to run to do some banking and I have to do it early (we got a new car yesterday for Tom)  and I will have to use my workout time frame......drats.  I will work out later, but it throws my schedule off ....No biggy.

    Alright, NO MORE FRIGGEN EXCUSES...I gotta get caught up at work.