60 year old YOUNG female starting 3rd Challenge for 2012 - anyone with me out there?

  • Nope, wasn't you.  

    Tom, how come you never told us Shelley is a hotty?!

  • Thank you, Shelley.  Maybe your daughter can come to Missouri State for her Master's!  Seems like she has chosen a career that suits her well, and will benefit many young people.  You must be proud of Her Brilliantness!  (That's a title, not an adjective!)

    Well, I did my UBW tonight ... and now someone is going to have to drive me to work cause I can't move my arms!  No amount of Betagen and protein shake is going to fix this.  Before starting, I went to the Forum to see if there was a message.  Sure enough - put a big ol' smile on my face.  I didn't read it then.  It was saved as a reward for doing my UBW.  I almost quit before finishing the last muscle group, but thought about you and the message, and finished!  WOO HOO!!!

    Speaking of shakes, I combined chocolate whey powder and caramel sugar free (0 calorie) coffee syrup - mmmmmmm.

    Guess I'll get to work, but I'll check in later to see if you had time for another message.

    Thanks for the motivation!

  • Mary, again you crack me up....Do you make your classes as much fun?  Since it seems to ooz out of your pores I would guess you do....!

    YAY! We found each other on FB!  Boy, that was difficult....OMG that wedding picture is GORGEOUS....who was the bride and where was the wedding....?  LOVE Your dancing picture and the instructor (albeit a jerk) was kind of cute!!  You are SO active and have SO many activities (ceramics, tennis, dancing, teaching...) and what were you, like 10 when you had your first kid?  

    OK..if you are referring to my profile picture don't get excited!  That picture was taken after BFL (3 challenges)....so I was 50 pounds down from where I am now.  AND the picture was taken 10 years ago.  It was the best I ever looked and felt in my whole life.  When I was done with the challenges I decided to have Boudoir  pictures taken as a valentines present for Tom so that is where the picture comes from.  Sexiest thing I have done ever - good thing I wasnt 20 and unmarried, I might have become a playboy bunny...LOL!  I hired an ex playboy photographer.....SUPER expensive, it was worth it and I love them.  BUT, that is A LOT of professional make up, 10 years and 50 pounds lighter.  

    Now is very different unfortunately.  Looking back at those photos is awesome motivation and also a bit depressing to see how far I slipped. Back then, the workouts felt more awesome (if you know what I mean)...I recovered faster, I felt like a million bucks, i didn't have arthritis, etc, etc, etc....  Plus, going through what we did with my daughter changed me as a person so significantly I am still trying to find my way back.  I figure I better get used to the "new me" cause the old me really doesnt exist anymore....Back then I was larger than life, traveling the world and kicking A$$ in my career.  

    If you look at my photos you will see a very different person....I RARELY let myself get photographed and when I do, they almost always go in the trash.  I have so many photos I havent uploaded because Ive been lazy, but I am not sure Im in any of them!  The mind is a beautiful thing...I always think I look better than the photos show (which is how I got to where I am)..... but alas, pictures do not lie.  The facebook photo is there for my motivation....so I can see it and want to get back to that....albeit 10 years older!

    So I have a husband who is delusional...because he still thinks I am sexy - even like this....he says I am his dream/fantasy women.....I think he is fricken crazy.  I have a funny story about when we were in marriage counseling about 10 years ago....The therapist was asking about our fantasies....like WHO we fantasize about....you know, so I start in my saying guys like David Beckham and my all time fave, HOWIE LONG...(OMG - so hot).  So she turns to him and says "and you?"  he say's "SHELLEY.  Always has been always will be" so I turned to him and said "that's BullS***" He was HIGHLY offended and hurt that I didnt believe him.  But it's true apparently.  I still find that SUPER WIERD and ODD and a bit abnormal.

    SO, I am feeling a bit depressed this morning.  The heat/humidity is literally killing me....I am swollen, cannot sleep and my muscles ache (that leg work out on Sat. kicked my butt)....I think because of the swelling, my arthritis is SOO inflamed.   Even Tom who never gets affected by weather is affected too. I got on the scale and I am up 4 pounds...must be water retention, I can feel it.   Today is UPWO and I am not sure I will be able to grip the weights.  On top of that I have to go to San Diego which will somewhat interrupt my schedule....YUK.  Again, will be in a place where people will want to drink/eat, etc....

    I figure I will do UPWO today...Cardio Tues, Wed (plan on running along the strand on the beach at 5AM) and when I get home thursday will do lower body, Cardio Friday and UPWO on Saturday.  - I will get it all in, but it wont be in perfect order this week.

    Good for you for getting your work out in....I know the feeling of being SOOO sore you can barely move.  Yesterday, my calves would not let me walk fast...and they were cramping up like little balls.  youre right, the betagen didnt help the soreness, but it stops the shakeyness.  LOL 

    Lacy - dont think this is the Shelley and Mary show.....it's not!  Hope you had a GREAT weekend and you kill your week.

    Beginning of week 8 for me! 



  • I don't know what cracked you up, but I'm glad to put a smile on your face!  Yes, I do clown around in class quite a bit.  It helps keep their attention!

    The bride is my niece - my kid sister's only child.  The wedding was in a little chapel near Louisville, Kentucky.  That is such a pretty chapel ... and bride!  She HATES being the center of attention, so she was dreading that day.  Now she is the center of attention again as she is about to have her first child!

    Yeah, the dance pro is a stud, and very sexy and charismatic!  Unfortunately, other people fall for him all the time, and find out later what he is really like.  He has left a wake of hurt former friends behind.  I'm just one of the bunch.

    Yes, as a matter of fact, I was exactly 10 when I had the first child!  Katie - the one in Glendale - is now 42!  Then Eric, who is 40, and the baby, Becky, who is 30 and getting married next summer.

    I don’t know if you noticed the photo of the little kid with a wild bear in the background.  That was off the internet, not someone I know or I would have had a few words with the parents.  This was just an example that some people shouldn’t be allowed to breed!

    You are still beautiful!  There are pictures of you and your grandson … and he is as big as you are!  It surprised me that you still have to lose 50 pounds.  I figured you just had 10 pounds or so to go as you do this running.  I have 55 pounds left to lose, and I couldn’t go out and run along the Strand.  I couldn’t run out of my house if it was on fire!  Running on the treadmill is much less work, and I can’t even do that for very long (although I am pleased with the progress).  It is great that you have the boudoir photos and such good memories of yourself and your career back then.  I was kicking a$$ and taking names not long ago.  Not so much now.  It will be so wonderful to be back to a normal weight.  I looked good about 8 years or so ago, but hadn’t lost all the weight.  It’s only happened once in my life that I was all the way down to ideal weight, and it didn’t last a year before it started creeping up again.  That’s where I want to be again.  We will BOTH get there.  LacyJ, you look like you are already there as far as I can tell from the tiny photo!  That’s awesome!

    It was fun to see the grandson and granddaughter – soooo cute!

    Time to shower and get to work.  More later!  Thanks for the great long message.  I’m sorry you are feeling depressed with that awful heat.  Stay cool at your workshop, and keep your feet up.  When I am in a meeting or training where it possible, I pull another chair over in front of me and keep my feet up – comfy!

    Hope all is well, LacyJ.  Let’s have a wonderful, stressful, BFL kinda day!

  • Hello Ladies!!!  I feel like I am sooooo behind on blogging!!!  Okay, here is what my dad used to say . . "Everyday is a good day - just some days are better" that way you never have a bad day.  So, Shellbells even though you are feeling depressed  . . . it is a good day - but tomorrow will be your better day :)  You ladies never let me down - you are blogging your hearts out.  I have to get on this facebook thing and check on you two.  Tonight I have dance (burlesque for this week) and will get home late - but I am following you and will catch up!!!  You both are beautiful ladies - beauty is in the heart and soul - not on the outside.  We feel better if the outside is where we want to be - but, true beauty lies within.  It took me a long time to realize that I am a beautiful person but now I am very thankful for what God has given me.  

    I am a little sad too - I haven't heard from "Street Stud" for a full week now.  I am beginning to lose hope but not completely.  If he doesn't come back . . . . I really need classes in how to read a man because I felt like I found the special one and I felt he was different from the ones who think with the lower brain and not the cerebral brain!!! (know what I mean?).  I am trying to hold onto hope but I am beginning to doubt that he will be be back.  So, I am holding onto a thread of hope now.  

    On another note I have 5 days til my 5K run and 17 days til end of Challenge and bikini pictures.  Mary - I have about 10-15 more pounds to go, so, I will do my 4th Challenge and finish this year up with 4 full Challenges.  I have been at this since January 2, 2012 and plan and "hope" to continue on for the rest of my life.  I love where I am in life and don't want to lose it :)

    Okay Shellbells - hope you feel better soon.  Just get thru and finish STRONG girl!  You can do this !!!  

    Okay ladies - we are women hear is ROAR!!!  Who else can buy the bacon, bring it home, fry it up and make money with it??? WE CAN!!!!  Have a great BFL week ladies - Love Ya - LacyJ

  • HELLOOOOO LACYJ!  Good to hear from you!  I like your dad's attitude!

    How are you feeling, Shellbells?  We hope you are cool in your workshop hotel.  AND I HOPE YOU BOUGHT ONE OF THE BED WEDGES - did you get that message?  Come to think about it, you never mentioned it.  I sent you websites for bed wedges that are inflatable so you can put them in your suitcase!

    Facebook is great, L J because we can pictures of one another, and our families.

    Burlesque.  Pole dancing.  What else?!  Are you performing or in a class?

    You are both beautiful people.  No doubt about that.

    I'm sorry to hear you are sad, LacyJ.  I don't know how many important people have died in your life, but it takes over your whole world.  Time slows down, you're kind of in a sad little bubble and the world spins on without you.  Even if you aren't close to the person, the tasks that have to be accomplished are daunting.  ... Or he has cooties like the rest of the boys ... except Tom who is a hottie!

    Can't wait to hear about the 5K!  And it must be so exciting to get to the point where you are attractive in a bikini.  Congratulations!  I could wear a bikini, but no one would ever know.  It would get lost in the folds.  (Okay, now we have to wait for Shell to get her breath back after laughing like that!


    No, I'm a vegetarian.  I'm going to have to fry up the tofu and make money with it!


  • I love your husband’s delusions, Shelley - don’t discourage him!  The ground will be shaking in Canada while the two of you are up there honeymooning, particularly after he sees the new goodies on you!  How embarrassing it must have been to immediately come up with 2 men you fantasize about, and he says, all bewildered and stuff, “Shelley.”  He is too precious!  Ain’t no way I would have answered that question in front of him.  That therapist is an idiot!  “Let’s see now.  You are already having problems in your relationship.  Both your kids are having trouble with drugs.  Let’s just push everybody right off the frickin CLIFF.”  Dumb a$$.

    Sure hope you spent the day in a cool hotel and are feeling better (although it should be much better in San Diego anyway).  Hotels are great – you can crank that AC all the way up!  Love that you saw the weight gain as water retention, SB – you ROCK!  No way it could be anything else unless you have been munching on rocks.  Hang in there with the eating this week.  Pick out meals that are on program and rave about how they are some of  your favorite foods and refuse to share!  And who cares if your exercises are in perfect order, whatever that is?  Phillips probably said do aerobics on Monday (or whatever), and upper body workout on Tuesday, etc., just to make it easy for people to know what a schedule should look like.  And just so you know, ain’t no way I’d get up to run at 5 in the morning.  I’d stay happily in my pumpkin body rather than do that!  Glad your gorgeous leg muscles are feeling better.

    Tomorrow is the beginning of my 8th week!  Where did the time go?!  I am still amazed about not having any cravings.  I do sometimes want _more_ program food, but that’s manageable – just wait a couple of hours!

    Major hugs and BFL wishes!

  • Hi girlfriends....

    Got to San Diego....guess what?  It's 95 fricken degrees and 80 percent humidity due to the pacific storms....Great>  I have the AC down all the way  and I am loving that!  hotels are great in a heat wave!!!  I had the most delicious mahi mahi for dinner with fresh veggies and a roasted poblano sauce.  TO DIE FOR - light and really good!

    Last October I ran a 5K (fat and all)... I had been running all last year about 2-3 miles every two or three days but never lost weight....frustrating.

    This hotel has a fabulous gym.  every kind of weight machines, aerobic machine and free weights you could want....they even have machines outside under an awning looking at the ocean!  but guess what?  they dont open until 6:30!  what a bunch of idiots....most gyms are open 24 hours in hotels...it's not like the staff has to man it or do anything for you.....so I cant use it because we start training at 7:30.  so back to original plan of 5AM run on the beach strand.

    Actually Tom is very cool with it...he knows all my fantasies and he hasnt left me yet!! LOL  BUT, it was awkward and I just Assumed he would say like Angelina Jolie or victoria Beckham or something....OOPS.  She was actually a good therapist.  a bit unconventional but it worked for us and she helped us keep our family together..... we have many more funny moments like that one....hehehe

    Lacy - I know what it;s like to have a bad day.....I was depressed a little and highly stressed on my 3 hour journey to San Diego.....and I was hurtin, hot and feeling swollen.  UGGGH.  When was he due back from NY??   I feel your pain in waitingn and wondering....I am sending good thoughts your way!

    Mary....I laughed SOOOO hard at your bikini comment...mainly because that's what would happen if I put one on!!  HAHAHA

    I love that old commercial....i can hear the music now...and I LOVE BACON - LOL - yes....we are WOMAN.  HEAR US ROAR...

    Mary, Where did you send the wedges links...did I miss a post?  I just went back and looked for it....By my name it says SHELLBELLS (1) like I have a message.  IF  you sent it there..I have no idea where to find it...Ive tried...Please help.

    OK ladies..its off to bed for me or I will NEVER run tomorrow.


  • Good morning!

    Dont have time for a long post...i got up a half hour late BUT ran 2 miles along the beach boardwalk.  it isnt all that cool, but there is cloud cover (high humidity) but a slight cooling ocean breeze.  it was very surreal, beautiful and the run was SO GOOD.  I keep really good form and ran "on my toes" ALMOST the full way.  Im gonna do it again tomorrow..

    I will discuss some interesting things that happened later....

    Time for a quick shower and get to this training where I will SIT all day!

    Hope your mornings are terrific!!!

  • Hi Shelley,

    No time for a message but wanted to get you started on finding a bed wedge.  I did post it in the Forum somewhere, but they are easy to find.  Just search for "inflatable bed wedge" and you will find a bunch of different ones.  Here are the ones that came up on Amazon:




    Back Be Nimble (!):


    The Comfort Store:


    I don't know anything about the last two stores, but eBay and Amazon are certainly safe.

    Gotta go finish writing an exam and preparing for class.  Have an awesome BFL kinda day, ladies!


    PS:  Did you ever notice that no one (except the scammer!) ever joins our thread?!  LOL!

  • Hi Ladies,

    I am blogging from work!!!!  Just wanted to wish you ladies a great BFL kind of day.  Life happens and we can handle that - one day at a time.  

    Shellbells - running on the beach - waaaaaay cool - you go girl!!  

    Mary - Always there for us with a laugh - a tip on how to get or find something - how to get thru - you are GREAT!

    No word from Street Stud yet - and it is day 8.  I still have a thread of hope for one more week - then - I give up and move on to the next adventure :)

    Have a great day - Carpe Diem!

    Love you both!


    PS:  We did have a couple other ladies log on a time or so, but we must have lost them or perhaps they went to another blog - we will keep movin' it forward :)

  • Good afternoon...

    OMG.....9 hours of training....I thought I would die....I am far too hyper to sit that long...thank goodness they had some fun interactive things....but STILL.  yikes

    I started panicking this morning.  My A/C broke in my room...after the run and the shower I was still sweating.  I could not cool off....I had one hour to get make up done and hair and i was a complete mess.  NO BREEZE got into my room.  just got back to my room and it's been broken ALL FRIGGEN DAY....so they never cam to fix it......just called down and wasnt so nice.,,,it's like 80 and humid in my room.....IM GONNA DIE.  The maintenance guy came...to TEACH ME HOW TO TURN IT ON.....and guess what?  I already KNOW how to turn it on....CRAP.  So now he is going on the roof to see about fixing it.  What a dork.  PRAY I get air....I tried to change rooms but they are full.  FIGURES

    Lunch was a "working lunch" so I did the best I could....cold cuts and wheat bread....no too bad.  BUT at 3PM they brought in FRESH SOFT pretzels...I had one....

    OOPS cusotmer is here for dinner....post more later

  • I live for the day when I say “the run was SO GOOD”!  I used to enjoy running (but never even a mile) ... mostly running off aggravation with my ex!  Now I’m not married.  I lack motivation, like a bad actor.  Oh yeah, the motivation is supposed to be the NEEEED to be fit and buff.  I forgot.  ... That’s not enough!  Is the shore you ran on the ocean, crashing waves?  That’s one of my two favorite forms of therapy – crashing waves, and the other is the forest or mountains.

    What is the benefit of running on your toes?  Or are you just a frustrated ballarina?!

    Looking forward to “some interesting things that happened”

    Hi LacyJ!  Thanks for taking a few minutes from work to reach out with a little sunshine!

    Thank you for the kudos!  Always glad to provide the entertainment.

    I tried to be positive and supportive about The Street Stalker (!), but truth be known, I would be feeling the same thing in your place. It is so frustrating.  But, if he doesn’t come back to you, he clearly wasn’t the right guy.  But he dances.  Crap.  Okay, we’ll wait one more week.  He’d better be back!  But just in case, maybe you should go sit in traffic!

    Carpe diem always reminds me of my eldest, Katie, except she put a little twist on it:  Carpe Shoe-um!  She collects shoes.  I don’t mean 10 pair of loafers in different colors.  I mean designer shoes to the tune of $600 even!  And she wears almost all of them!  She is gorgeous and always dressed to the 9s.

    NINE HOURS … FOLLOWED BY A SAUNA?  O.M.G.!  That’s just wrong.  I would have been standing on the front desk SCREAMING.  Not in front of the desk.  ON IT!  Oh yeah, it's always more effective to make a spectacle in front of the other guests.  That’s just awful.  And to have to come in from your glorious run and try to get ready for a professional meeting dripping with sweat?  Be sure you get compensation for this.  A free night or two on some future date when you and Hunka wanna go to San Diego for a weekend!  If this happens again (and it had better not or I’ll have to come out there), you could at least put your make-up on in one of the public bathrooms downstairs.  And the hair.  I understand that slicked back sweaty hair is all the rage now!  Oh, oh, and Mr. Testosterone coming up to show you how to turn the AC on.  … Well, you are just a weak brainless little girl now, right?  Grrr.

    I so understand the panic and not being able to cool off.  If someone gets into the driver’s seat and doesn’t immediately start up the car, I am freakin’ out.  And I was told by someone who should know that hotels NEVER run out of rooms.  They don’t make them all available just in case the pope should drop in or something.  Oy.  Now I’m all agitated and stuff!  (jk)

    Don’t you worry one bit about your lunch and pretzel.  (You had a protein with the pretzel, right?!)  You did great!  You probably burned it all off in aerobic anxiety!  Just pick up again tomorrow.

    Look forward to hearing from you guys again.  ROCK THIS BFL THING!

    Love and warm fuzzies and stuff.

  • Good morninog my little lovely's...

    OK, so Mr. Testosterone fixed the air...I came back after dinner and it was a friggen virtual frozen tundra. LOVED EVERY SECOND OF IT.....AWWW.  The world is right again.  Yes, Im gonna get them to compensate me.  The funny thing is the front desk didn't take care of it....the little Ol operator did.  She couldnt get front desk to pick up and it reverted to her.....she said...I am gonna take care of this for you and voila.  Mr. Testosterone came to the front door.  YEAH.

    I started running with a book called "Run Your Butt Off" by runners magazine.  I read it and followed it exactly and started "jogging" for lack of a better word.  I think I ran exactly one minute the first time. I almost died. I mean really almost died.  but not so slowly I was at a half mile, then a mile then so on.  I shouldnt say I didnt lose any weight.  I lost 18 pounds from Jan to Oct.  but in Oct.  ran a 5 K and then was hospitalized for pneumonia.....and for months I just couldn't recover. it took a long time to run again, but when I did I had to start sort of over.,... so I stopped and gained the weight back and this whole year never got back to it until BFL!

    Here is what is strange with me.  I need to lose 50 pounds.....and I know where the weight will come off.....BUT, most people dont realize that I need to lose that much weight.  I have a lot of muscle (albeit covered in a fat layer).....I didnt feel fat running yesterday. weird.  Running on your toes.....that was dumb.  It's really running on the balls of your feet.  you wouldnt realize it watching me or anyone else doing it but you just keep your heels off the ground just slightly.  They say that african (and many other barefoot runners in the world run "on the balls of their feet" and take much shorter strides...so fast, short strides and on your balls of your feet.  This prevents the knee, hip, shin pain that runners typically get.  If I run heels first, my knees and hips ache so bad, I cannot continue.  If I run "up on my feet" the calves and quads take the energy, not the bones.  ITS HARD and the first time I switched to this form I could only run a couple minutes as my calves were in a knot and aching.  NOW, I can run 2 miles like that...no effect on shins, knees and hips.  perfect and more enjoyable for me.

    Now, I didnt run this morning as my thighs are killing me.....I am going go to the gym after class tonight.

    When I was running, it was weird.  There is NO lights on the boardwalk which I find strange and since there was cloud cover it was pretty dark.  I have bad night vision so I really didnt notice people (dressed in dark colors) coming at me with dogs...(that were black) so it took a while to get used to that.  Then there were several homeless people sleeping alongside the boardwalk which was so sad (and kinda freaky) but got used to that.....I passed a WEIRD guy who I felt was Odd and the hairs on the back of my neck stood up. He was just walking the board walk...a big guy...and just watching people run by.....he was REALLY staring at me when I passed and I have no idea why.....but he was sort of walking and turning back and walking 20 - 30 yards and turning back again....I looked back a couple times until I finally relaxed again.  But here is a strange thing.  Too long a story for here.  I had a not so good childhood...(big deal....LOTS of peeps have) but to say the least I wasnt close to my father and didnt have a real relationship.  But this family came into my life and I met Johhn Spradley who literally became my adoptive father.  He is the MOST important person who has ever been in my life...Tom being the second most important.  He loved me and I loved him, his wife and their family so much.  I would see him about 5-6 ttimes a year but we talked on yahoo or through email almost everyday.  He was the smartest man I ever knew.  He died about 3 years ago and I was DEVESTATED.  SO, on the run I FELT him.  I know that weird and maybe you will think I am a total freak.  But he just POPPED in my mind through the music and I literally FELT him with me.  he was always a cautious man who didnt take chances and he felt I was too trusting of people. He would NOT like the fact that I was running in the dark on a public strand, in an area that I dont know.  Too much risk he would say.  But I felt his protection through the run....and I was thankful for it.  when I got back to my room...he was gone.

    It made me think about him all day and how much I miss him.

    Afraid of this site.....sending now

  • Oops...gotta hop in the shower for 8 hours MORE of class....was gonna write more.....but realized the time is late

    have a great BFL DAY!!!