60 year old YOUNG female starting 3rd Challenge for 2012 - anyone with me out there?

  • Hello ladies!

    Wow, I don't think I'll ever catch up here!  Let me start with your inability to get a workout yesterday, Shellbells.  Sounds like such a stressful day.  And on top of it you were starving.  We should all have something in the car, the office, purses if you guys use them (I hate them), and at home that can be picked up and eaten easily and immediately so we don't get to the point where we are starving.  Sunflower seeds and raisins or something like that.  I will keep nutrition bars in the car once it isn't so hot.  I'm not a big fan of melted chocolate!  Yes, watermelon can leave you feeling full and yukky - gas.  I love watermelon though.  It's worth the risk!  I'm so sorry you had such a bad day, and then were tortured in your sleep with nightmares and mosquitos,  and woke up yukky.  BEACH TIME - you need a break!  And time to get spare keys to your daughter's car and the house so this won't happen to you or them again!

    I loved your reflections, SB.  Gives me a lot to think about. and learn from  That realy is a transformation in lightning speed time!  And now that you are spreading your wings, you have a smaller body and gorgeous muscles to fly forward into a better future!  Thank you for sharing the reflections.

    Fingers and all bilateral body parts are crossed (incredibly uncomfortable but anything for you!) that the gorgeous chiro will help you get relief long-term.  How did today's treatment go?  And while we are on that topic, please put Gorgeous on a FedEx truck and send him to me.  Thank you.  I need a good chiropractor and a gorgeous man around the house!

  • Oops, that last message got away before I finished it.  I'll do that right after my lower body workout.  And yes, it really is 2:06 in the morning.  Gotta fit it in sometime!

  • YAY!  LACYJ IS BACK!  LacyJ, you are a bottle of bubbles, always effervescent and sunshiny and positive and perfectly on program.  Stop it.

    Just kidding, L J!   You are an inspiration.  I live for the day when I can say I love exercising.  Now get me dancing or running around on a tennis court and I’m a happy girl, but not doing crunches and running and stuff!  Sounds like things are going marvelously in your world, and we are both so happy for you.  I love this:  “I thank you from the bottom of my "healthy heart."  I am ever so grateful for two very special new friends in my life.  Thank you, L J and SB!  And we are counting on traffic stud to be true and wonderful, L J.  Don’t worry about him.  He’ll be back.  He sounds like such a great guy – so many interests, … and he dances.  Heck, I’d be satisfied dancing with a toad!

    It wasn’t a matter of a light coming on with this exercise thing.  It was a matter of I-don-wanna!  There is always work to do, and it is easy enough to put the training off well enough into the night that I don’t do it.  Well, I just did it!  Did my lower body training sorta.  I’m not up to full reps on all upper and lower exercises yet.  But I am progressing each time so I’m happy with that for now.

    Bikini shots.  A.W.E.S.O.M.E.!!!  And a tan to go with it.  You must be so thrilled and so proud, and you should be!

    Wouldn’t I love to be a Size 6!  I won’t fit in a 6 when I’ve been dead for 6 months!  8-10 is the best I can do.  My frame is too big for smaller sizes.

    Love the buttering up by the adorable grandson, SB!  You and Tom are spectacular people for helping your daughter recover (and living through it), and raising her precious son.  I’m so glad it made you and the little guy close.  Could have gone the other way.  Pictures of you and fam please!

    Wow, you have certainly had your share of stress lately.  The scene with your daughter, and her taking out her frustrations on you and her son must have been awful.  You said she hasn’t been like this in over a year.  Do you think she might be using again?  That would be tragic.  

    Sounds like you need a Blue Collar Comedy DVD or something else that will pop you right out of a stressful bad mood!  I have a collection of the their DVDs and I can’t stay annoyed for 3 minutes once that comes on.  And they last long enough that the mood won’t come right back when you turn them off.  I have one of their CDs in the car.  Bad day?  I pop that baby right in the CD player and arrive home happy!

    Hope you both have a peaceful restful night’s sleep and a great Friday.  And then comes Freeeeee Day, at least for me!

    Warm fuzzies and love,


  • WHOA....that weird message about the wall street journal and some websites is gone...did you guys see that?  where did it go?  Did the BFL peeps remove it?  I am happy, that was an invasion!

    Anyway,  I woke up sick this morning.  Now I understand why my workout was SO HARD yesterday and I was so flippin tired and not able to handle all that stress last night.  Sore throat, body aches.....My body temp will not regulate and I have spent the day overheated and in a perpetual state of perspiration!  DISCUSTING.  Just simply could not cool down.

    Back to the Chiro today and had an AWESOME adjustment.....BUT, I was so sweaty and gross feeling.....he couldn't get all the adjustments so guess what??  He brought in GORGEOUS GUY....CRAP.  He goes to touch my neck and realizes it's sweaty...SOOOO EMBARASSING!  THen he uses my shirt as a shield to feel the rest of my back....OMG.  I died a THOUSAND FRIGGEN DEATHS!!!!  But the back is in and his adjustments are making me feel SO MUCH BETTER.  today, I am actually not in much pain......I am not worthy -  I should kiss their feet.

    So at 1PM I couldn't keep my eyes open and I felt awful.  Slept for 3 hours solid and by 4PM feel much better....no more sore muscles, and my throat feels better.  So I am pretty sure it will be gone by tomorrow.  My healthy lifestyle is paying off.  

    I decided not to work out today....cardio would not have been good.  SO depending how I feel, Weights AND cardio tomorrow.

    Because of this horrible HOT feeling today...I made a delightfully cool summer dinner....a low carb wrap with Tangy Curried chicken salad (yes, it had mangos) and a side salad with a homemade vinaigrette.....DELISH!  It hit the spot without heating up my house and now I feel more relaxed and cooler.

    more to follow (afraid I will get kicked off)

  • Round 2 -

    Mary, you crack me up...." LacyJ, you are a bottle of bubbles, always effervescent and sunshiny and positive and perfectly on program.  Stop it."  AHAHAHAHAAH  SOOO cutely put!  and Lacy I think you are a bottle of bubbles too.  (BTW, Im gonna rip that off.....it's too cute not to use!)

    Lacy - cant wait to see the bikini shots....and a spray tan!  AWESOME...I dont get any of it, Im just sad and super WHITE...LOL  I am SOOOO not a sun worshipper!

    OK...dont get excited.  I AM SOOOOO not a size 6 yest...but I was!  I am really hoping I can get there again......I know I am capable.

    My Little guy is SOOO sweet and so darn cute.  He was .3 months premature and was sick his fist 18 months in and out of the hospital with lung issues.  He will always have asthma but the rest of hiim is so perfect...HE IS HUGE ALSO....you would never know he was a super preemie.  now he is 52 pounds and 38 inches tall with a 22 inch chest.  He is not fat just a big guy.  They are estimating about 6'4 and about 225 or so grown...UNBELIEVABLE.  The story of him is an AMAZING ONE...I'll tell it to you guys when I see you !!    I never get in any pictures (for obvious reasons....so I dont know if I have too many family shots.....i;'ll see about sending one)

    My daughter is not back on drugs ( I watch for it all the time).  She gets highly anxious and has anxiety attacks...she used to take meds, but her and her Shrink decided she could get off them and she can control it.  I have been impressed she has for over a year...BUT last night?  WHOA.  Anyway, she called and apologized today (which used to NEVER happen) so I can forgive it.  She is doing good.

    Are you guys on Facebook?

    OK...so the lingerie came to day...OMG  - it looks so gorgeous!  I cant wait to spring it on him.  I wish I was a size 6 now...but it's still nice.

    I go to San Diego on Monday for the week....will be back on Thursday...UGGH.  Training for all three days.  Poke my eyes out...LOL

    Hope you Saturday is good!  It's free day for me.  Im getting ICE CREAM......

    Off to have a bath, facial and some rest!

  • Awww.  That’s miserable, Shell.  So sorry you weren’t feeling well … or was it Menopause II, The Sequel?  Nah.  That doesn’t explain the sore throat.  I can so relate to the sweat thing.  I can run all over a tennis court and not get as sweaty as I do dancing.  Now, I’m not talking about 30 minutes straight of jitterbug.  I’m talking about just walking into the ballroom.  Must be nerves, but it is incredibly embarrassing.  Guys don’t like dancing with a girl who has sweat spurting out of every pore.  I don’t know why.

    Oh wait.  This isn’t about me.  My apologies.  … So humiliating to be all sweaty when The Gorgeous One walked in, especially when he used your own shirt as a mop – not subtle at all.  What a dumb a$$.  How ‘bout a towel.  They don’t have any towels, or sheets, roll of toilet paper or something?  But hey, you totally had it coming, going in there with your bird flu or whatever it was.  (jk!)

    If you had only called and told me about your misery, I would have made you some chicken soup and brought it to you.  You do like Lipton and Campbell’s soup, right, ‘cause that’s the only kind I know how to make.  Do you think maybe the stress is what triggered this?

    Thank goodness the adjustment was such a terrific success.  What a tremendous relief it must be to finally be out of pain.  That is SUCH GOOD NEWS!  Do you actually have to make appointments with puny boy, or could you make them directly with Gorgeous?  Of course, now he’ll be avoiding you!

    Good decision not to work out today.  That rest is what your body needed.  Does your boss give you a lot of grief if you take days off?  Maybe now that it is the weekend, you should rest another day?  Nope, that’s just not you.  You even cooked a nice dinner after feeling so badly.  That’s time for take-out food!  How is Tom doing, by the way?

    I did see the weird message this morning.  Definitely spam, so I hit the little yellow triangle (“Report this as abusive”) icon.  Wow.  They sure didn’t lose any time getting rid of it!

    Okay, now for SB Message II, The Sequel.

  • What a difference a day makes !!!   I slept 12 hours and woke up feeling great!  Thank goodness.....

    Had a great lower body workout this morning but it was hard so I decided to skip the cardio and do it to tomorrow. Friday will be my no excercise rest day instead.  

    Omg Mary !!! Your responses are so funny and soooo witty!  I laughed so hard and so did Tom!  I sweat more dancing thAn anything else!!  If I go I need a towel.  Seriously,,,,!!

    I have spent the day sooo hot and sooo sweaty again.   I thought it was just me or menopause or the "bird flu" but it's just the humidity.  My daughter came by with boyfriend, and the kids and she was sweating to data too!!!

    We went to taco bell and had Doritos loco taco's!!  I just love them - perfect for free day.

    Hope your Saturday is great ... Love you guys!

  • CRAPOLA!  I wrote thie following last night, and never sent it off!  So I added just a bit and here it is.

    Greetings again!

    Glad you enjoy the “… Stop it” comment, Shell!  Feel free to rip it off!  L J, just kidding.  You really are such a wonderfully positive person.  Maybe that’s why you are doing so well with the cancer remission, that and taking such excellent care of your body.  We are very happy about that.

    Wow, your precious grandbaby was 3 months premature?  That must have been such a scary time.  Is that why he had problems with his lungs?  Let’s hope someone develops a cure for asthma.  He must be really healthy other than that – he is a big guy for a preemie! I would love to hear his story.  He’s a lucky guy to have you for a grandma.

    How very nice that your daughter called to apologize.  I’m glad you feel better about that.  Sounds like she is doing really well considering what she went through as a teen.  Thank goodness she is off the drugs.  What is your other daughter like?

    I am on Facebook:  Mary Newman.  What about you LacyJ?

    Oooo, the lingerie!  Sounds like it was well worth it – “gorgeous”!  That wonderful 2nd honeymoon will be a great follow up to the deadly training workshop!  You two certainly deserve a beautiful lavish trip together.  When do you leave for that?

    Hope you enjoyed your taco locos and ice cream.

    I on the other hand wanted good n plenty and pizza today.  Planned for it.  Drooled over it.  AND BURNED THE DARNED PIZZA!  I am so bummed.  … Six more days until Free Day!

    Grumble grumble grumble.

  • Omg!  Burned pizza?  Sorry,  I'd be calling for delivery immediately.  Free day is too important.  We wanted something yummy for dinner but I didn't have anything defrosted.  So I made a gorgeous fettuccine with Parmesan sherry cream sauce with chicken Italian sausage.  Used my freshly grown basil, oregano and parsley.  Delish and satisfying.

    I will find you on facebook and friend you.  Look for invite from Shelley Johnson.

    Ever visit bare necessities.com?  I love hat site and no matter what the size, you can find one thing beautiful.   Great bras, upscale brands... Check out chentelle bras.  So nice

    We leave on 10/4 (that's our "going steady anniversary - 34years!).  I just got the frommers guides I ordered for the area.  We are like little kids we are so excited!  The concierge has booked dinner reservations in their fancy restaurant on 10/9... The actual anniversary....and he's organizing a picnic hike and canoeing on the lake.  We are planning the rest of our trip to maximize our time and see the best sites, weather permitting!  Can't wait to get into cold weather where I blelong.  God I hate the heat. Always have....

    My other daughter is very much like me.  Looks like me, is funny and very witty.  She wca handful i high scool too.  She dabbled in drugs ( basic stuff) but nothing major.  She has a very high IQ and decided high school was "not for her"  yeah.  That was loads of fiun.   SHe is upper smart.but she is tough and a bit unforgiving which is hard on her husband.... But she's young and learning to control it.  On FB you will see pics of thm and see my stinking cute granddaughter!  We video cat with her and he remembers us...last week she blew us kisses and said hi grandma, hi grandpa" (with a bit of coaching). When we said goodbye,  she cried... So cute!

    Tom is doing great.... Down to a 34 waist (was 38) and his muscles are popping out everywhere!  He is much happier and less stressed.  That makes us both happy!!!

    Ok gotta go pay attention to hunka hubby.

  • Well, on the bright side, the burning of the pizza saved me some calories - couldn't eat the crust!  Good thing I didn't have to cook the good n plenty!  Your free day sounds like it went much better, thank goodness.  You needed some kind of break this week!  Forgot to mention in the last message how glad I am that you are feeling well again.

    On one of the other Forum threads, you opened with, "Hi my darlings!!  THERE YOU ARE  everyone!"  That sounded sooooo much like Nathan Lane in "Birdcage".  I LOVE HIM!  Have you seen that movie?  Every actor was brilliant.

    I haven't been on Bare Necessities, but have been to a few others and found some great things!  Glad you are happy with what you ordered.  Sometimes I order something that looks great online but it's crap, all done with smoke and mirrors!

    I'm right there with you with heat.  Hate it, hate it.  At least when it's cold you can put on another layer.  Nothing you can do if you are melting, like you have been all week.  That trip sounds like a dream.  It's great that the two of you are so excited!  I can't believe you remember your going steady date!  Be sure to get someone to take photos of you love birds in that beautiful scenery.  I can picture you eating in their fancy schmancy restaurant, and then deciding you'll cook better stuff over a little Coleman burner in your room!  Must be tough to be such a great cook.  Other people's cooking will often pale by comparison.  And if you have bad weather (perish the thought), you can cook and engage in other indoor aerobic activities!

    Your other daughter sounds great if she is just like you!  Must be satisfying to see her changing and improving as she matures.  And the grandbabies sound like they own your heart.  How nice that you can video chat with your granddaughter.  What system do you use for that?  I have seen my great grandson a couple of times over Skype - same as video chat.  He is so precious.

    WAY TO GO, TOM!  (I'll have to come out there just to check him out, Shell!)

    Okay, back to work.  Talk to you tomorrow!

  • I just tried finding you on Facebook.  No luck - too many Shelley Johnson's.  There is more than one Mary Newman too.  Mine says I live in Springfield, MO and I am in a red dress dancing with my ex-dance pro!

  • Correction:  I am in a black outfit with a red sweater!

  • Hi Mary...this is very strange.  I typed in Mary Newman, Springfield MO and cannot find you ...there is another Mary Pat Newman in Springfield MO...but not you....

    Try Shelley Johnson, Santa Clarita CA

  • I just tried search the web in Facebook and I saw your Mo unitversity page....WOW!  Nice credentials.....my oldest daughter (the one who had the drug issue) is in year three for her bachelors program for psycology.  She wants to be a drug councelor or work with the probabion department / social services.  She will be good at it....she is a straight A student (suprise surprise) and she knows what it's like being there....

    I gotta work a bit (been procrastinating all weekend) - will write more later.  Try to find me again and I will see if there is a better what you locate you......talk to you soon.

  • OMG SHELLEY, YOU'RE _GORGEOUS_!!!  All this while, you've been telling us how hot Tom is, and never mentioned a thing about your tiny hotness!  LacyJ, she's GORGEOUS!  By the way, L J, I can't see your face in the profile photo. It's too small.  You need bigger photos for middle agers!

    Yes, I did find you on Facebook and sent you a ... and there you are!