60 year old YOUNG female starting 3rd Challenge for 2012 - anyone with me out there?

  • Ok - I guess I can relax.  He was with me every second today and he is feeling MUCH better and he didn't "die" through his workouts...but holy cow...what a way to make me freak ou!  BAD, BAD BOY!!  Im watchin him like a hawk though. (yes, Tom would be FURIOUS if I called the doctor.....he claims he knows his body....Hmmm.  but he takes risks he shouldn't.....in my humble opinion)

    Today we went to the sporting goods store and spent a small fortune on the warm (and stylish) clothing we need for Banff...it will be 30-40's highs and 20's and below night!  YEAH!!  love, love love that.  and if it's warmer than that...I will be very disappointed!  We will be very active with hiking, lake walks and we think we will hike to the glacier one day....and lots of other little trips...as well as continuing our BFL in the hotel gym.....

    After my workout today, I have been SOOO overheated and shopping was miserable...I just can cool off, even after a shower!!  I hate the summer.

    OK - more later!

  • Very good to hear that H.H. is feeling much better.  You're ng to age just worrying about him!

    What a great shopping trip - getting ready for the big honeymoon.  Bet your honeymoon shopping was quite diferent the first time around!  Sounds like you will be getting lots of exercise in Banff.  What a beautiful setting to hike.

    I hate the summer too.  My dream place to live?  Monterey, CA.  Lived there for 9 months while my ex was in the military.  Fell in love with it.  Average temperature in the summer:  70 degrees.  Average in winter:  71 degrees.  Paradise!  Flowers blooming year round.  Incredible ocean, beautiful big rocks on the shore for the waves to crash on.  I cried when I left Monterey.

    Hope you have a cool cool evening, SB.  And a great date, L J, if that's what you're doing!


  • That ng is not a Vietnamese name in this case.  It should say 'going'!

  • Okay my friends, remember I said a few days ago that I was going to get the exercise back on track this long weekend?  Well let me toot my own horn and do the happy dance - I hit it out of the ballpark!  I think yesterday's post included my jogging for 4 out of the 20 minutes on the treadmill.  That's a big deal - I still have 195 pounds to drag along and the weakest legs on the planet!  Well, today I jogged for FOURTEEN of the 20 minutes - WOOT WOOT!!!  Feelin' good!  

    Also got right back on program after yesterday's free day, and didn't get too crazy yesterday.  Had a Panera's mozzarella and tomato ciabatta - mmmmm.  (Maybe you guys have Panera's, St. Louis bread, Beyond Bread, or something like that?  Their food is fantastic.)  At night I had a sesame bagel, also from Panera's, with real Peter Pan peanut butter.  That's dessert!  That natural stuff is nasty!

    How was your Sunday?  HOLD TIGHT TO YOUR PLAN FOR TOMORROW, SHELLBELLS!  No barbecue food is stronger than you are!  LacyJ, keep up your wonderful program ... and teach me how to date a guy who dances!  I've dated dozens of guys and haven't found one I want to keep, let alone one who dances!


  • Mary...you rock!!!!!  I am so happy for you!  Great job on your exercising!!!!!!  Wow 14 of the 20 is soooo awesome.  So happy you are back on track!

    The BBQ was good.  Fairly healthy! I did have some pretzels but no dip.   I have really work

    Led out hard this weekend so I am proud too!

    Lacy hope you're having a blast!!!

    Have a great Tuesday!  Talk to you soon!!!

  • Thanks Shellbells!  I did upper body tonight.  I wanna have cute little muscles like yours!

    We are halfway there, Shell!  We are beginning our 7th week.  That just doesn't seem possible.  It went by so fast, and has been so rewarding.  This is your first challenge too, right?

    LacyJ is the experienced one.  Hope you had a great BFL weekend, L J.  

    Have a peaceful, painfree BFL kinda week, my friends!


  • Mary - GOOD FOR YOU THAT YOU DID UPPER BODY LAST NIGHT!!  You will have cute, litte, gorgeous muscles.....

    Lacy - How was the date this weekend??  Enquiring minds want to know.

    Tom was funny last night...he knows I am on this forum and we all talk.  I have this thread and another that I write on just about everyday.... So now he's interested.....he says "hows the girls?"  Meaning you guys...so now he is wrapped up in it..LOL - Lacy, he LOVES the story about your dating the guy from the traffic jam....and Mary, he agrees with us with your dance instuctor....  He cracks me up....

    Today I go back to new Chrio.....had a bad headache throughout the night  and just couldnt sleep well...so I hope New Chiro will be able to help again.

    Tom called in sick this morning....I can count on one hand how many times he has called in sick in 30 years......he was up last night not feeling well with abdominal pain again....so he said he will call the doctor this mroning....he must hurt if he is gonna call the doctor!  I am glad because 4 days after the procedure he shouldnt be feeling like this.

    Yesterday morning I went shopping with one of my daughters as she needed a professional business suit for a job interview this week.  So we went to Lane Bryant because she wears a larger size (18). While she was trying on some stuff,  I tried on a pair of Jeans....I started this program size 16 to 18 depending on cut.  so tried on a 16, I could pull them down BUTTONED AND ZIPPED......So I got a 14 and they were still a bit big in the waist....so I said to the sales lady, hey can you hand me a size 12?  She responds " this is lane bryant....we dont go down to that small of size!"  LOL -I was elated.  Now I am NOT a size 12, and  I am sure it was just the way the pants were cut...but I was happy!

    At the BBQ I was in my super cute (and expensive) bathing suit top and swim shorts and my husband pulled on it and said....honey, you better get a new top....i didnt realize it was LOOSE through the whole waste - in the water is just floated up constantly.....WOO HOO - THIS IS EXCITING!! ( but I love the suit and I am sad that I wont be able to wear it anymore...LOL)

    OH yea...it's the little things.  I dont know if I told you I foam roll now before and after workouts.  I LOVE it and it makes me feel so good and has eleviated quite a lot of pain and soreness.  when I first started rolling, it was SOOOO hard because you have the lift your own body weight and keep it lifed to do the rolling....that is HARD!  I felt like I just couldnt do it....but now with the help of my workouts and my core strengthing excercises, I can lift my own body weight and roll the way I should roll!   That's a huge big deal to me.....so I can see and feel the progress!

    WEEK 7 here we come!

    Yes this is my first challenge this time around.....Last time I finished 3 and got down to goal weight (size 6)...so that's wear I want to be again.....anything smaller doesnt seem doable, but size 6 I like so that's wear I am heading again!

    Have a good day ladies!

  • OK - I am SO irritated.  Yesterday I couldn't do my BFL cardio workout at 9AM because of the new Chiro.  I was going to do it "after work" at 3PM but I forgot I had a pedicure appointment....DRATS!  so I go to pedi and at 4:30 was going to come home and do cardio.  THEN, My daughter had an emergency.....her husband locked the keys inside the house (they only have one car) so we cannot get her from work...no biggy but long story she had promised she would drive her friends to to work (they work at the same place) ..so picking her up meant driving across town to pick up a girlfriend and bringing her back to the place we started , of course in traffic.  Then, it turns out we had to go get hubby, on the other side of town the other way...by this time, it was 6PM and I hadnt eaten since noon...I was STARVING.

    We ran to market to get a chicken, salad makings, etc.... Dinner was on the table in 20 minutes but it was now 7:15, I was hungrier than I have ever been and internally pissed.  SO I ate a crap load of watermelon (which I shouldnt have) and a bit more of everything else.....I thought I could eat the planet.

    They had to wait until their roommate (thank God they rent a room of their house out) came home to let them in, but he wasnt getting home till 10PM!  UGGGHH.  No work out.


    So I went to bed irritated, dreampt about it all night and woke up still feeling full and yukky (from watermelon, really?).  and on yeah...I have 5 NEW mosquito bites this morning.....

    I have upper body today....and might try to get in a cardio alslo....depends on how I feel.

    OK - I am done complaining and being a sour puss......i'll have a more positive post later.

  • Oh my goodness, I am soooo far behind on this!  It’s been a very busy Monday through Wednesday!  I did read your wonderful messages SB, and missed your meltdown, and your celebration in Lane Bryant – oh yeah, what kind of friend am I?!  But I’m here for ya now, baby!  Woot Woot!

    Oh where, oh where has our LacyJ gone?

    Oh where, oh where can she be?

    With her gorgeous new body and her traffic stud, …

    Oh yeah, that’s where she is.

    AHHH HAH HAH HAH HAH HAH HAH!  I crack myself up.

    Tom, you rock!  You are a real team player.  Your crazy wife keeps me totally entertained, and she shakes her pompoms when LacyJ and I and the rest of the BFL gang need some encouragement.  Thanks for sharing her.  I expect that any day now, you’ll be shaking your pompoms for us too.  (And from Shell’s description of you, I’d pay good money to see that!)  LacyJ’s traffic stud is a great story!  And my dance pro does indeed suck!  (That’s what you really meant to say, right?!)

    I read this from your message, “Today I go back to new Chrio.”  And I’m thinking, “I don’t know what the hell Chrio is but I sure hope it works.  Then I read on – Chiro!  I hope that works too.

    Okay, I worry about LacyJ and he cancer, and you with your skull-splitting.  Now I’m worried about Tom.  I’m going to need therapy from this ‘support’ group of ours!  Just kidding.  Hope he is MUCH better today.

    I can just imagine how thrilled you must have been when the sales lady said they don’t sell a size that small!  High five on that, Shellbells!  That and gorgeous little muscles must have been well worth all the work.  And then the floaty swimsuit to follow it up.  Those two events together?  I’d be lighting up a cigarette and watching Leno!  (No, I don’t smoke!)  Size 6 here she comes - YAHOO!  Now if you love the suit, expensive or not, why don’t you go to a tailor and get it altered?  Well worth it.

    That foam rolling sounds like an exercise program by itself!  It is good to hear that it works for you.  One of the more experienced BFLers also recommended them.

    Okay, time to maybe get a little work done and continue watching reruns of the US Open tennis championship.  Thanks for the 2 long messages.  I will answer the other one tomorrow.

    Give Hunka Hubby my best!


  • Good morning my friends!

    This is a relection post:

    Had a great Upper body, then "after work" I did a great Cario because I felt so good (and I missed the day before..LOL) .  When I do Cardio, I tend to sort of do the positive affirmation thing.....you know tell myself that I can do it, that my fat is just melting off and I visualize my body the way I want it to be.  Yesterday, I started listing in my head all the great and wonderful things that are happening to me from a health perspective and gave myself a pat on the back. I am thrilled with the progress and my food/work "out" ethics....and since this was so successful last time, I know i will be again.  I can just start to feel this week my body  is now properly responding.....and I can FEEL my metabolism is finally firing on all burners.   

    Here are some of the great things that have taken place in ONLY 6 weeks:

    • I "Feel" lighter, when I go upstairs, walk from a parking lot or do a bit of gardening I am moving fast, and I'm light on my feet
    • I am developing CORE strength and I can hold my own body weight fairly well
    • Foam Rolling is now "not another workout" but and enjoyable warm up and cool down
    • I can do 20 push ups (the knee kind) and will be switching to the "men's style" shortly
    • My stomach no longer touches my legs when working out
    • My heart rate is recovering VERY quickly now
    • I can sit at my desk and hold my upper body without slouching
    • I dont really have to think too hard about what a "proper" BFL meal is anymore - the eating feels natural
    • I get IRRIATED when I cannot workout, or if my workouts are interrupted (before I might have  looked for the excuse!)
    • I realize that I AM WORTH THIS EFFORT
    • This time around, I am not hung up on the numbers on the scale, it's about my health and getting it back.

    These are HUGE things for me and it's nice to sit back and take a half way point look at all the positives that are taking place BESIDES how my clothes fit or what the scale says.  The looking back reflection really helps me to motivate.  I cant wait for the net 5 weeks, and the challenges after that. But I am not in a hurry and dont feel like "this will be over" because it wont...this is the NEW NORMAL.

    I am thankful for the frienship and support of you ladies, my husband and my daughters and I think how far I have come in just 6-1/2 weeks from being in a depressed, dark place for years to where I am now.....In the light, spreading my little wings and taking my life back.






  • OK....enough about me.  I just wanted to get that out.  Refelcting is good therapy and helpful in knowing where you've been, where you are and where you are going....

    Mary, I MISSED YOU.  

    LACYJ- WE MISS YOU...but totally get the whole Work, boyfriend, things (I mean there is only 24 hours in a day for crying out loud!)  but touch base with us!  We want to hear your positive and cheerful voice!

    Mary, you don't just crack yourself up, you crack me up!  I use the doggy in the window song A LOT. I typed it to a far younger person in an email and she "didnt get it"...LOL  OH well, but I am happy to see you using it!

    Tom said he felt 100 percent yesterday.  The doctor said it's normal and to be expected that he felt like this for a while (wish they would have told me that!)  BUt he was laughing and teasing me last night so I know he feels better.

    CHRIO is short for Chiropractor.  I had a great one, but he is no longer taking my insurance.  so I have tried a couple around town...and they were not good for me.  Didnt like their method and their personality wasnt good for mine.  So my massage therapist recommended this Chiro and voila....it's a good match.  There are two in the office. So if they cant  manipulate it into shape, the other one can use a different technique.  So far, TWO adjustments and feel about 60 percent better.  HEADACHES are reduced! and my upper back which has been so painful is now a dull ache.  Funny though...the Chiro guy is a fairly small guy (strange for a chiropractor).....he just couldn't not get a certain section of the neck and upper back to move.  So he says "Im Tapping out!  Calling in the second string" - LOLOL that was funny.  But this other doctor came in the room and H-E-L-L-O gorgeous.....he 6'4, about 50 ish and BUILT with GREAT hair, grey but sexy, and very good voice....Very down to business guy...the eye candy didnt hurt!  He was able to get my neck in and my upper back. I go back tomorrow morning - So we will see if it all starts to stay in... CROSS YOUR FINGERS!  Tom laughed and said  "have fun" HAHAHAAHA

    Hope your programs are on track and you are having great reflective moments!

    Talk to you soon!!!!


  • WOW!!!! WOW!!! WOW!!!!  Ladies  that is just all I can say!!  I'm so moved by both of you beyond words.  Shellbells - you said it all in your reflection.  I feel every bit of what you said - I LOVE IT!!!  Mary - you ROCK !  Your humor at the hour of the morning that you blog - just makes me laugh from the belly on up :)  I am so glad the exercise and program is coming together for you both.  It was in my 8th week of my first Challenge before the light bulb went on for me.  And . . . since then - it has been my life and I LOVE IT!  I never blogged the first Challenge or the second challenge and I am sorry I didn't blog sooner but we are on the pathway we should be on now. I am Blessed for my friendship with you both and I thank you from the bottom of my "healthy heart."

    And Shellbells . . . a size 6 - Shut the Front Door!!!!!  You Go Girl!!!! Keep Grindin' - it is so worth it!

    And the stressful situation - you handled it well.  Life happens and we have to adjust when it does.  Just get back on it the next day and move forward!

    Okay, I know you are all dying to hear the Traffic Stud story.  Well . . the date on Sunday didn't happen and here is what he called and told me.  He called me Sunday afternoon and told me there had been a death in his family in New York and that he and some of his family were going there.  The funeral would be this week and that the person who died lived alone and they would also be helping to empty the house and decide what to do with the belongings while he and his family were in New York for the week. He said he will call me as soon as he gets back to Cleveland.  Now, I want to believe him . . .  but . . the side of me that thinks most men are jerks wants to think bad things.  My dance teacher told me to believe him and at least give him 3 strikes before I put him out.  You know I am waiting for the Toad to disappear or never call again or whatever . . . . So, I am waiting (impatiently) to hear from him.  I hope he doesn't disappointment me.  We had such a nice dinner and movie date.  He spoke of wanting to take me to the Art Museum, some parks, the Aquarium, etc.  So, I really want to think he is telling the truth.  So ladies . . . you will have to be patient to see how this "street" romance turns out.  I really liked him so I am going to put my heart out there and see what happens.  I've been disappointed before and I made it thru - so, I am going to open myself up one more time :)

    My work and audits have me in a tizzy lately.  They just want more and more - so I am quite busy with work.  Last night I went to a salon and tried a spray tan.  My bikini shoot is 21 days from now - so I want to get the tan thing going.  I don't do the sun as my mother died from melanoma skin cancer - so, I do the fake tans :)  It looks pretty good.  I am going to do it twice a week til the photoshoot.  

    My program has been spot on - both diet and exercise.  Even the Street stud said he wants to get on program with me when we talked.  

    Sorry for your headaches Shellbells - pain is not good.  I am truly Blessed in that I don't have pain really.  

    Okay ladies, I must get to work but I knew you were looking for me.  I hope you both have a Fab-U-Lous day!  Keep it moving forward ladies.  Be Determined, Dedicated and Disciplined.  We will not let Life pass us by anymore!!!  Love you both - LacyJ

  • LACYJ!!  Dont you dare doubt his man yet!  Here is what I believe -  ALL PEOPLE deserve our trust and the benefit of the doubt until they prove they are not worthy of it.  A) he called and told you what was going on, and not just about the death but details. B) I dont believe for a minute that is just his way of not calling back - not good to think that way  C) dont put up a wall (although listen to your inner voice) but be patient.

    I am praying for you and hope this man does not turn into a toad. and if he does?  he has ME TO CONTEND WITH!!!  and trust me...I am not a size 6 YET!!  so big enough!  LOL

    I am happy you are busy with work (so many arent) and your diet and excercise are perfect.....!  GREAT JOB

    Mary, hope your day went well...and your class is ENTRALLED with the subject (and of course the instructor!)

    I gotta run to pick up my nephew and hang out with my grandson !!!  He called and said "grandma...you gonna be ready?"  LOL!  so cute.  He wants to swim so he's buttering me up....but I let him.....HEHHEHE

    Talk to you later ladies!!!

  • Thanks Shellbells for pointing out the positive side.  I am going to put my trust in this man - cause I like him and I love his smile, his laugh, his cologne, he is cute - Oh Lordy - somebody stop me!!!!  NO . . . on second thought just let me cross over and see what happens :)  

    Enjoy your evening with your grandson.  How old is he?  He sounds cute :)

    I'll keep you all updated on this love story :)  LacyJ

  • Good job Lacy!!!! I am glad you will invest some trust in him and see what happens!   And no! We are not goona stop you!!!! Cross over ..cross over!!! Lol

    My little grandson is 3 and a half.  He's just an angel.  How he got here is a very long and interesting story.  But no matter,  he's just my little guy and we are super close.  He lived with me and I was the "mom" for his first to years while my daughter cleaned up her act so we have a bond like no other!

    Ai yi yi!  My daughter was literally like a hurricane tonight!  Her stress level was so high,  she was flipping out and taking it out on us, including her son!  Omg.  She hasn't been like this in over a year.....so while I was getting dinner on the table with my little guy, she was on the phone.  Upset and  yelling.  She has a boyfriend that is a dream, but he has a Daughter with an idiot....anyway the mother left the daughter ( 1 year) with the grandfather 12 hours ago.  She's probably out using.... But my daughter wants her arrested, she wants DCFS involved, she's telling him what to do , etc....  Good Lord!!!   it was so stressful.  I reminded her gently that she did those very same things and many people wanted my grandson taken away from her.  But sge got herself together and through the grace of God and others, she is here she is today in a good place.  She promptly got up took her son and went home.  It has taken an hour to calm the nerves down and relax...  Holy smoly!!!

    On another note,  my cardio was so hard today!  Why is it so hard some days and so energizing other days?  I haven't recovered and with the stress I just want to sleep!!!!  I will be in bed shortly!  

    Mary, hoping you are doing good!!!!