60 year old YOUNG female starting 3rd Challenge for 2012 - anyone with me out there?

  • Hello Ladies!!!!!  Yup - it's me :)  I've been reading your blogs each day and totally look forward to seeing them pop up on my phone email!!!  You ladies ROCK!!!  Those recipes you talk about and describe . . yuuuuummmmm!!!  Different ethnic foods . . . yuuuuummmm AGAIN!!!  I am not a person to put much into food and preparation but I do enjoy good food.  Great story on your muscle (knots) Shellbells!!!  and . .. . your husband is willing to rub your sore muscles!!!  When I look for a man .... no . . . when I FIND a man, I am going to look for your husband's qualities in him!  I'm sure Mr. Right will have a lot to live up to!  It will be so awesome if you and your husband win the Couples Challenge :) :)  

    Mary, you are amazing!  Too bad we can't be in your Pschology classes - we can all use a little more instruction on the aging process!!!  I think I am reverting back instead of going forward - HA!!!  

    I also tried the Glucosamine/Chondroitin however, it bothered my stomach and I couldn't take it.  Luckily, I don't have joint issues - just once in awhile I get a little "gimp" in a knee and it moves on within a few days.  So, I am blessed.

    Sounds like you ladies are doing great on the plan and I am so proud to be part of your blog lives!  

    All is well for me - staying focused and on plan.  Exercise is good.  Getting ready for my 5k Race for the Cure on September 15th. I have my run down - went out running last Sunday and the run is good.  We are ON and ready!!!!  

    Okay ladies - have a Blessed Day :)  Love Ya - LacyJ

  • LACYJ!!  I am so glad to hear from you...you sound AWESOME as usual.  I did a 5K last year and it was good....I finished in the middle (36 minutes) of this pack but it was a slow pack I think.  I was happy that the "overweight lady" didnt come in last..LOL

    I am VERY blessed to have the husband I have...I talk to SO MANY people and they are all so sadly either stuck in a rut, down right unhappy, or plain stuck as financial restrictions keep them together.  HORRIBLE....i cannot imagine that....Oct 9 is our 30th wedding anniversary....and we are still best friends. It's weird.  We like the same things, want the same things,  have the same dreams, etc.....   At his company's events, many women come up to me and ask if he has a clone, a brother etc....some even say, "if you decide to leave, I want to be first in line".  Neither one of us are jealous people so I dont take offense to that.  I just say....well, youll probably die waiting..... :)

    We will be taking a trip to BANFF national park in the Canadian Rockies and staying at two GORGEOUS hotels, one at Lake Louise and one in BANFF SRINGS (i cant remember if I told you guys that) .....we love the cold and the highs will be 40'ish and low's 20ish......PERFECT for us.  we will both have to do some work as we cannot be out of touch for 10 days, but we will still have plenty of time for fun and relaxation......I just bought some very sexy  "stuff" to wear on the trip.....wink wink. (and I feel confident enough to wear it!)

    Mary - I found this site on Vegetarian Mororaccan  dishes....there are 6 of them and they look and sound amazing.  I may try some also!!


    Today is Cardio...I just bumped up all levels by one level and it's tough! This weeks workouts have been amazing.  My little grandson will be here tonight and he always wants to do "8,9,10" that's his term for working out...because when we lift the litle weights we count and lift to 10 for him.  His mom works out a lot, she does one of those boot camp excercise programs.  She lost 40 lbs, but I think the stuff they do is unhealthy and injurious to people, expecially older people.  Like for instance...they have about 50 people in a class where they let the room get to 90 degrees and make them workout to the point of exhaustion.  She says 3-5 people over the age of 50  literally pass out or vomit.  UMMM.  NO.  I get angry when I hear that...these people could actually drop dead......I do not condone it and she hates it when I get on my soap box about it.  She keeps trying to get me to go.  BUT, in the 5.5 weeks Ive been doing BFL I am getting MORE amazing results....

    Ok -busy day ahead for us all......WORK IT HARD TODAY!!!

  • AHHHHHHHH!!!!  I just wrote this long message and managed to lose it and have to start all over again.  GROAN!  CRAP!  DARN IT!  I'll never reconstruct it.

    I know it started with YAY, LACYJ IS BACK and being amazing as always.  You are fantastic.  Can’t wait to hear the stories of your first race!  Shellbells asked how my working out is going.  Well, I managed to drag my lazy but onto the treadmill once in a row.  Is that good?!?!  Sad!  Obviously it isn’t going well.  You guys have both run.  You’re doing your workouts no matter what.  SB has cute little muscles (that story is precious!).  You are participating in a race, L J.  I bought all this lovely stuff to have a home fitness center, and have hardly used it.  This long weekend is going to be dedicated to getting back on track.  I shouldn’t say I don’t get any exercise.  I do play tennis an average of once or twice a week.  But I play doubles, and that isn’t consistent aerobics.  It is a ton of fun though!

    On the flip side, the 5th week just ended for me on Tuesday.  I don’t have an accurate scale – just the bathroom variety – but I estimate that I’ve dropped 20 POUNDS!!!  Very excited about that.  It’s just falling off.  Still have a long way to go, but this is a great start.  I need to lose it for myself and my health.  There is another incentive though.  My youngest daughter is getting married next summer and I want to wear a beautiful teal or blue gown, maybe even SLEEVELESS (oh so scary for me!).

    Thanks so much for the Moroccan recipes, SB.  Just printed most of them out, and look forward to trying them.  May even be brave and invite my neighbors next door to join me.  Also have to scroll back through all these messages and find the other recipes you sent.

    You did mention the honeymoon to Banff National Park, Shell.  It is spectacular!  Check it out, L J:

    www.rockies.com/.../banff.    The perpetual newlyweds should have a wonderful relaxing time in the Canadian Rockies.  Stories about the sexy whatzits you bought will be expected upon your return, SB!  I’m sure you will look amazing and Tom will be thrilled!  You two are a beautiful example of what marriage should be, and seldom is.  Congratulations!

    My oldest daughter went through bootcamp.  She still raves about it.  I don’t know how safe hers was, but the one you described sounds like a very bad idea.  People passing out and puking?  Sheesh.  I’ll stick with BFL.

    Okay, time to accomplish something before heading off to the tennis center – YAY!

    Very much enjoying these friendships, ladies.  Have an awesome week!

  • _YES_!!!  Maybe the spell is broken!  Resistance training tonight!  Okay, I'm a little noodly and shaky but it is done!

    Love love love you guys!


  • Hello ladies,

    Yes, I am still awake and it is 2:33 my time!  

    Just went through some of our older messages.  One was from you, LacyJ, and you promised photos of you in a pink and black race outfit!  C'mon, give girl!

    Shellbells, in one you were saying how painful it is to sit all day.  Have you tried the rubber donuts that pregnant women and people with hemorroids use?  We have to cut down on the pain in your life!

    Hope you have a fabulous BFL Friday!


  •  Hey ladies!! 
    Ok sitting here at the doctors office waiting for my hunka hubby as he's having his first colonoscopy.  Yes,  I pushed him into it.  But the man hasn't been to a doctor in.......wait for it......  22 years.  Yep.  No joke.  He doesn't get sick, he doesn't complain, and when he gets hurt ( and he does) he won't go get things checked out.  He's a fricken rock.  But... I really think this should be done.  I have have had unique experiences with my friends having colon cancer and my best friend died at 44 and left behind 4 children, 2 od which we consider our kids.  Stephanie is like my daughter now....she lived with us, we helped pay for wedding,  etccc and her brother is like the son I never had... They both call me mom...I love them.  When she died she said " take care of my kids!  The oldest was already out on her own and the little one 2
    Was 7 and wen to live with her dad.    Anyway I digress.
    3 of my friends All healthy and 2 lived super healthy lifestyles.... Real controlled eaters and hard bodies.  Yep one colonoscopy later they all had stage 3 amd 4 colon cancer.  So no excuse.  Colonoscopy it is!  I had one at 44 cause I was freaked out!
    Anyway, sitting all day is painful for my back and neck... My butt is good. But my therapeutic massages and new chiropractor as well as this excersize is strengthening my core.
    I know the feeling about loosing your post!! I loose mine a lot.  I now write them in word or notes nd paste in.....
    I don't know how you stay up all night!!!!!  
    Glad you got your workout in!!! And amazing!  20 pounds?  Woooot wooooot!!!!!!
    Talk to you  later!
  • Your message just arrive about 1/2 hour ago, so you might still be waiting for H.H.  Hope all is going well and the results are good.  Guys are like that about doctors - walk it off, walk it off.  I'm a walk it off kinda woman, but still go to the doc for regular exams, and when I get hurt.

    I looked through your cooking blog last night.  Very clever and entertaining, Shellbells!  Pity you don't have time for it, but I can imagine how much time it would consume with the creative writing, writing up the recipes, taking and cropping photos, backgrounds.  You have to sleep sometime!

    It's easy to stay up all night, just like it is easy for morning people to go to bed early.  I could go to bed early, but wouldn't be able to sleep all night.  It's the morning meetings and tennis that kill me!


  • Hi ladies.....

    Ok the colonoscopy went well they removed two polyps, one large.  He goes back in three weeks for results ( pathology,etc..). He feels just ok.... His tummy hurts, which they say is not normal so I'm watching him.  I'm sure it will be fine.

    Yesterday morning I started with a new chiropractor.  Mine stopped taking my insurance and I have now been to three I wouldn't go back too.  This guy is recommended by my excellent massage therapist and he was attentive, understood, and did a very good adjustment.  I feel a bit better.  So that's good news!!!

    Today is my brother inlaw's 50th birthday.  I used to do cakes ( 20 years worth!!). So I am making the cake.  I am "retired" from it, but when family asks I do it.  So he is a simple guy and its a fairly simple cake (which I don't like. Lol) with a Harley Davidson theme.  Ick.  So I have decided there are three favors.... Lemon chiffon ( ylellow cake), Raspberry and lemon (yellow cake with raspberry marbles and a raspberry layer, then lemon chiffon) and the top cake (cause I don't do simple) is chocolate with choc mousse and bananas.  So hopefully it will be nice.  I got my dream range in April!  A gorgeous top of the line Viking.  These cakes are the best I have ever baked.  So gorgeously even in rise and color!!! I am thrilled.  Love love love love my range.  I always joke and say i would have sex with i could!  Hubby says...."that can be arranged"!!!  Hahahah

    So today is free day and the b-day party.  I gotta play it safe today because Monday we are putting in a BBQ for family (15 peeps).  Even thou the menu is "simple" I still want to enjoy a cocktail or two and some appetizers.  I have delegated the apps but for us I will have carrots and hummus on hand.  Still food for today and Monday will be challenging!

    The problem with the blog is that I sit at my desk all day,  then to get a post done is hours more at the desk.  My arthritic hands and the rest of me just cant handle it.  I might consider posting once a week on the weekends again.  The premise was good food that was good for your diet. I started it because I would tell my girls what I made and thy would say "send the recipe".  I never had a recipe because I would throw this stuff together.  Also my husband would ask for something again and I would not be able to remember it exactly.  So writing it down helped us all.  At one time I had 1500 or so people logging in through a month in 6 different countries!  Malaysia, Singapore and the Uk were popular, and middle east and Russia too!  

    Cakes are cooling, frosting made and I'm going to go and work out upper body

  • Wow.  Were the polyps expected or a surprise?  Good thing you convinced him to have the scope done.

    So glad you found a great chiropractor!  Definitely good news that you are feeling better.

    And this is what you call a _simple_ cake?!  you're amazing.  You certainly should have a top of the line range.  Makes such a difference.  Glad you have the best.  What is going to represent the Harley Davidson theme?

    Today is free day for me too!  I've been mostly handling them well.  Why don't you switch your free day to Monday?  I schedule them around special days.

    How about gradually putting together all of the recipes you have already recorded into a book!?  Then you would get something out of them - royalties - and people all over the world could enjoy the fruits of your expertise!

    Gotta go get my hair done.  Then lunch with a tennis friend, and then to the tennis center.  The rest of the day and evening will be devoted to lecture preparation while watching the U.S. Open matches.  Love love love it!


  • Hello Ladies :)  I am totally droooooolllinng after reading the cake flavors - yyuuuuuummmmmm!!!  I am just ready to jump off a ledge!!!  HA!  

    Good thing Tom did the colonoscopy!!!  He probably just saved his life.  Now I feel like I should ask my doctor for one as my sister has had colon polyps and I haven't had a colonoscopy in 9 years - so, I better ask about that.  It would be a terrible thing to survive cancer and chemotherapy and then fall to a colon polyp turning to cancer!!!!  I will ask about that when I go in October.  Be sure you watch him and if his stomach pain escalates you better head to the ER to be safe that there wasn't a puncture of the intestine - not to scare you, but just to be advised and aware.

    Mary - congratulations on the 20 pound weight loss - AWESOME!!!  You must be flying high from that loss!  ROCK IT GIRL!!!!  Keep on keepin' on lady!  WOW!

    Okay ladies I have had two dates with the SAME man!!! And . . . . he is very nice!!! Shock Shock!!  We met in a traffic jam downtown in Cleveland - he was headed north and I was headed south and the traffic was at a standstill for almost an hour.  His car came to just about side-by-side to my car.  I looked over at him and he was looking at me and he had this smile on his face. He rolled his window down and said "you are the prettiest lady I have seen in a long time." He said where you going?  I told him I was meeting some girlfriends at the Holiday Inn where a band was playing.  I asked him where he was going - he said "I was going to the casino (which was one block away) . . . but, would it be okay if I went to the Holiday Inn to ask you for a dance?"  HA!!! End of story . . he showed up and we danced for 3 hours!!!  Then he asked for my phone number and asked if he could take me out to dinner sometime.  So. . . . Thursday we went to dinner and to the movies!!  He held my hand like a teenager - :) :)  He just called again tonight and asked for tomorrow evening.  Girls . . . . . . I feel like a teenager again!!!  I hope he doesn't turn into a TOAD!!!

    On the other side - I have 27 more days til the end of my 3rd Challenge and my bikini photo shoot - keep it clean - hit it hard -stay focused !

    And Mary I will take a picture of my running outfit for the 5K.  I have to find someone to take the picture and then I will email you ladies the picture.

    Okay ladies, I have an audit to work on - so, stay strong - stay focused - fight for what is yours!!  Love ya - LacyJ

  • Hello sweet people!

    Okay, LacyJ, you can come down off the ledge now!  Nothing tastes as good as being thin feels!  Wearing a bikini.  Running your first big race.  And being stop-traffic gorgeous - _literally_!!!  That is a wonderful wonderful story - so good it's hard to believe it's true!  AND HE DANCES!!!!!!!!!!!!  I am so happy for you.  Enjoyed the teenage hormone rush.  There's nothing like it - no drug can match that high.  Keep us updated!  And if he suddenly transforms into a toad, you just let me know.  I'll come up there just to kick his butt!

    Thank you for celebrating the 20 pound loss.  it really is exciting.  Of course I have a LOT more to lose than you two, so it will come off more easily than yours for awhile.  Ain't no way I'd be in a bikini!

    27 days until the end of your 3rd challenge.  I hope the time is flying by and you are enjoying every single change.

    Audit?  Sheesh.  I'd rather go to dentist and have all my teeth removed ... without novacaine!

    Have a great long weekend.  KEEP IT UP, BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE!


  • Mary you just crack me up!!!!  really . . . a tooth pulled with no novacacine???????  My audits are 4just numbers and numbers that I enjoy working with.  I am in the medical field and I work with hospitals and LOVE IT!!!

    I love what you said about nothing tastes as good as being thin - LOVE THAT!!  I have to remember that one because it is true - I have never been this size in my life - my entire adult life and it feels GREAT!  I love shopping and I feel good about me.  I do know that this is what it will take for the rest of my life to stay at this point so I can never forget how I got here.

    You just stay the course Mary - don't give up! You will have good days and you will have not so good days.  As my father always told me, "All days are good - just some days are better" and that way you never have a bad day :)

    I have to work at the hospital today - so, thank you for everything!  I love you both - LacyJ

  • Good morning ladies!

    PART 1:

    The cake was amazing (if I do say so myself).  the Harley Davidson theme is not my favorite kind of thing, but it was a totally HOT cake....stacked cakes with flames and a Harley LOGO "sheet" -  made out of marshmallow creme ( I usually HATE those - but was needed for this cake)  Boy I forget how much work that is.....baking the cakes, making each filling, making the frosting, mixing colors, wrapping board,s,. etc...  just takes forever.  But it was cool and tasted even better than it looked.  He was thrilled.  (I'll try to upload a picture soon)

    Tom is doing just "OK" .  One thing I hate about hunka hubby, is that he will NOT complain, talk about or mention in passing about any pain or illness he might have.    for instance, if he gets a cold, I will not know about it....until he sniffles and I say "are you feeling OK?' - the response...I have a cold but im fine.  Most people say "oh my gosh, you're so lucky...men are such babies" - Yes and NO.  No because if I ever had to call an ambulance or take him to ER I will likely never know until it's too late.  I always fear that....  So since the procedure, he is having what I call significant abdominal pain.   I keep catching him wincing, or bent over if I walk into the room he is in.  He is supposed to be off Exercise for 1 week....OH NO.  he worked out yesterday (through his apparent pain) and is working out now.  He is supposed to be on soft foods for 3 days...and while he is somewhat sticking to it, he will do what he wants.....At the party last night,  I was talking with people and saw him from across the room and made a bee line to him...he was pale, clammy and in pain...so we left and he would not let me take him anywhere..  So he spent the night in quiet pain.  This morning he looked better and now (like an idiot) hes working out on the treadmill.  UUGGGH.  I am so frustrated and irritated by it.  Yyou can imagine the conversations we have about it...I truly fear I will be a widow because he refuses to take anything seriously in his body.....I can imagine all signs of a heart attack will go unannounced until he falls over.  I give up.  I cannot be responsible if he wants to be a dork.

    On  brighter note....LACY! I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU!  What a cool and romnatic story that you met in traffic!  SO cute...SO sexy (hehe)  -and he met you and you danced for 3 hours!  That's HOT.  Dinner, movies and then tonight!!  very nice and I am SOOO happy for you!  He certainly doesnt sound like a toad.  time will tell.....But I am betting he is not...it takes guts to talk to you in traffic.   Most people look away the moment you make eye contact.  NOT HIM!   Of course, now since you look so amazing you will need to get some sexy lingerie!!  I just got some beautiful things at www.barenecessities.com, you know, just in case!  HEHE

    I know SO many auditors who are friends of mine.....great job if you can handle the numbers.  I am in sales/Customer service but have a propensity for rules/regs and order.  I was offered a job in corporate compliance.  While I would have been great at it, I don't feel I would have loved it...... Its so important to love what you do..  I love that we all share that...we love what we do....NICE!

    Part  2 next...I am afraid this is too long.... 

  • Part 2:

    Mary.....I know the saying "nothing tastes as good as being skinny feels" - I tried to live my life like that, but I just cant agree.  Being thin feels AMAZING.  But incredible food for me is ALSO AMAZING and seriously for me it's the same feeling....that's why free day is so important for me.  I need to be able to cook something amazing and wonderful because this is SUPER important to me.  I know that sounds so ODD.  But it must be something in my brain.  GREAT food is as good/important as feeling skinny or good sex.....

    Lacy- LOVE your dad's saying -  "All days are good - just some days are better" and that way you never have a bad day

    I am gonna try to use that in my meditation.

    Yesterday I did an amazing upper body work out...and today did a great cardio...finished the 20 minute BFL, but needed more so I ran another mile...if felt great!  Usually Sunday's are the off exercise day, but i couldn't workout Friday so I am using that as my day off....therefore today was an exercise day..

    Tomorrow...LOWER BODY and the beginning of week 7!

    OH YEA!  Friday I needed a pair of jeans (don't own many) and grabbed for a pair I just "grew out of" mid last year.  Put them on and they fit great...in fact they are loose around the waist!  YAY!!!!  

    Mary, the polyps were are surprise...totally unexpected.  so I am thankful he went for the scope......

    The recipes....I probably will put together a cook book through like snapfish and publish for family...but a real cook book?  I am pretty sure I do not have the kind of culinary talent it takes to produce a meaningful cookbook....no, it's just a labor of love....

    Tomorrow, Labor day BBQ here (of course) for 20 !  Carne Asada with mango/papaya salsa, hot and smokey beans, fruti and Salad - im trying to keep it a bit healthy.  I am proud of myself....I delegated appetizers, and dessert...so I cant enjoy some of the day also.


    Hope you guys ROCK YOUR SUNDAY!

  • Wow.  Where do I begin?!  You guys are full of energy and excitement ... well, except for worrying about a walk-it-off husband who takes that way too far.  What would happen if you call the doctor and tell him about the continued pain, Shellbells?  Would Tom be upset with you, or would he be more likely to get it checked out?  I do understand what it is like to worry about someone who doesn't go to the doctor.  My mother was world class in that regard.  She had a lesion on her chest for at least a year, probably longer.  I kept telling her "It's cancer, Mom."  She wouldn't think of going to the doctor, and always claimed it was getting better.  It didn't get better.  It was really really hard not to just throw her over my shoulder and take her to the doctor, but I truly believe people have to make those decisions on their own, difficult as it may be.

    That said, TOM, GET YOUR A$$ TO THE DOCTOR.  THE LOVE OF YOUR LIFE IS JUSTIFIABLY CONCERNED!!!  She was right about the scope, correct?  (And I want to meet you someday soon, but not in a hospital!)

    (It's so much easier from a distance!)

    I can just imagine that Hubby's brother was thrilled with the cake.  That's what, about a $500 cake, probably more, if he bought it from a bakery?  He has good sense and good taste!  Glad he fussed about it after all the work.

    SB, I would like to order a cake with small chocolate, carrot cake, and lemon w/ raspberry layers, and a tiny cheesecake layer on top dripping with raspberry drizzle please.  Delivery date, my next free day, Saturday September 8.  I'll pay what you ask.  Thank you.  Hey, the rules say eat what you want.  That's what I want!

    Why do you wrap boards instead of buying, e.g., Wilton ones?  To me it's too much added time to wrap them and worth the expense.  Or do you wrap the boards no matter what kind you have?

    And I definitely want a copy of your Snapfish cookbook!

    LacyJ, I admire people who do well with numbers.  I know it makes no sense to be more comfortable with teaching psychology and doing research.  Numbers are solid and they don't change so you can rely on the.  I just make too many mistakes and am too intimidated by them to be comfortable.  And then there's the audit.  Where did they screw up in the bookkeeping?  Where is someone cheating or embezzling?  No way.  I wouldn't have a clue.   So glad there are people like you who are good with them AND enjoy the work!

    Like SB, I love your father's attitude, LacyJ.  So Buddhist in his thinking.  What kind of meditation do you do.  I have started it so many times, and then don't find the time to continue.  It is so good for health.

    Like SB, getting nervous about such a long message and no back up.  No, I never learn!  I'll continue after lunch.

    You ladies are the best!  GO FOR THE GOLD!