60 year old YOUNG female starting 3rd Challenge for 2012 - anyone with me out there?

  • Hey ladies !!!!  Sorry for the day of silence.... work was sooo busy, and then had a rare dinner with old friends!  So nice,  but I got home late and only had 3.5 hours of sleep!  Yuk, not good for me.

    Today was busy but on program!!! I feel like this lifestyle is just "par for the course" now!

    My friends thought I looked like I lost a lot more than 10 ponds!  It felt good that they noticed!

    Mary- you made be laugh... When you said he could bend me over his knee... I told him he should!!!  Course, that would be a whole nother story!!! LOL.  I really am glad that my daughters story of drugs is behind us.... I feel good about getting myself back together!  

    My migraines are not really migraines.  It's just easier to say that.  I have too much cerebral spinal

    Fluid... Too much pressure which causes excruciating pain.  I have meds for that, but I cannot lay flat, only at an angle.  Being in a hotel for 9 days kills me.  The week after I have to mess with my meds before things calm down and the pressure reduces.

    What are you studying in school and what do you do for a living?

    LacyJ!  Gals you are keeping up and workin hard!  Talk to you soon!!!

  • So glad you enjoyed dinner with your old friends, Shellbells!  You must look awesome where they saw more than what the scale says - BOO-YAAA!!!  It might have been worth the loss of sleep just to hear that.

    You mean to tell me that you told Tom that he could spank you, and he didn't?!?!  What is wrong with that boy?   Tell him I am waiting for a hot story!

    So can't they put a shunt in to take care of the CSF problem?  That's awful.  When you are in a hotel, would an ironing board propped at an angle on something be good enough to keep you from getting those awful headaches?  Surely the hotel would have something to prop it up with, or maybe you could put it on the bed frame.  Just be careful you don't fall off!

    I am a college professor of psychology at Missouri State University.  I specialize in successful aging and age-related disorders.  But you are right - the studying and learning never stops in order to keep up!

    Wow, I am having such an easy time keeping with the food part of the program, but struggling to do the exercise.  I don't know what to do to put a fire under my butt.

    Warm fuzzies,


  • Hi Guys!!  

    Hi guys, havent checked in for a couple of days....I am having severe "Migraines which has been sort of unbearable.    Right now I feel all out of whack.  Today,  i didnt work out and it was my free day (changed from Sundays).  I slept almost all day and I feel a bit better, made a good Persian dinner, Lamb kabob's with sour Cherry rice and roasted tomatoes.  It's my FAVORITE meal....gave the leftovers to my daughter so it wont be in my house !!

    My total weight loss is now 9 lbs and I am thirlled.....I will measure inches again at 8 weeks. 

    I intend to work out tomorrow - I'll let you know how it goes.

    I have a funny story about a mango: 

    Side note:  My kitchen is sort of open to my family room.  If I stand at my sink I am facing the family room so that if anyone walks in, they can see into the kitchen and certainly see who is at the sink.  

    SOOO,  the other day I had just cut a mango with my mango cutting tool (if you dont have one you need to get one).  When the mango is peeled and cut, there are two halves and the cetner seed.  But there is still fruit attached to the seed. (I am STILL Having mango cravings)  A mango see is about 3 inches by 2 inches.  Fairly long and flat.  I am standing at my sink, trying to get all the fruit off the seed.  YES, I had the seed practically shoved all the way in my mouth when I open my eyes and looked up, there was my husband who had just walked in from work (I didnt hear him and had no idea he was there).  He was watching me eat this mango off the seed....embarrassed...I take the seed out of my mouth and throw it out..  Of course he had some VERY interestng things to say about it....and we have been laughing about  it ever since.     He says "that was the sexiest thing Iven seen in a long time" - UMMM wow...I am not sure how to feel about it.....LOL

    I cant help it.  I AM STILL having a love affair with the Mango this week....my husband is going to have to live with it..LOL

    OK...hope your Sunday is good ladies!

  • NINE POUNDS, SHELLBELLS - WOOT WOOT!!!  Congratulations!

    That's just awful that you are having another bad bout with the headaches.  I can't imagine having to live with that all the time.  Is there something other than laying flat that triggers them?  Why no shunt?  

    That is a great story!  Tom will never look at a mango the same way again.  Rub mango juice on him and let the sparks fly!

    Are the roasted tomatoes part of the sour cherry rice dish?  What part of that meal can't you have on BFL?

    Still haven't been able to force myself back to exercise.  So frustrating.

    Keep up the inspiring work, girl!

  • Good Morning Ladies,

    Shellbells I am still laughing over the mango story and ...... I can see where the mango seed might add a little "flava" to the evening - HA!  I might try that myself - first I need the mango and then I need the man (working on that)!!!!  

    Sorry to hear about the headaches. . . . I cannot imagine headaches like that all the time. When I first started chemo I had an allergic reaction to the first chemo drug and had a terrible headache for 3 days and was vomting, etc., ended up in the hospital on morphine - and that was the only time in my life I had a headache of which I would consider "migraine" level and it was horrendous and I can't imagine living with them.  I pray for you to feel better :)

    Your meals sound fantabulous!!!!  Yuuuuuummmmmm!!  You should start a frozen food line for BFL!!!  That would be really awesome and I would be a steady customer!!  If it ain't 10 minute quick - it don't happen for me!

    My craving for now is tuna!  I can't get enough tuna - now who would think a craving would be tuna????  Boring . . . . .

    Dancing Queen if "physical exercise" isn't for you right now - girl just DANCE!!!!  Get down, get dirty and DANCE!!!  I love to dance!! Dancing is exercise and dancing is fun :)  Don't worry about the weights, cardio, etc., for now if it is too much - just keep with the program and do your best for you!

    I have had a good week - on program - exercise done!  I have 34 more days on this Challenge to go.  I have lost 5 pounds so far this time - a little slower again on this Challenge but I think I've lost some inches too, haven't measured yet. I have my the appointment for my bikini photoshoot.  I am READY!!!  It is my lifestyle now and I'm loving going shopping now whereas before, I didn't want to go to the bigger sizes and shopping wasn't fun.  Life is sweet :)

    Okay ladies, I have a conference call (yes on Sunday) to be on.  Ladies have a Fab-U-Lous day and week ahead.  Stay focused and stay in the moment.  Love ya - LacyJ

  • Good morning ladies!!!

    You make me laugh Mary!!! Yes... The mango seed has offered hours of weekend "fun" (less the headaches)   I'm telling you,  hunks hubby looks great.  He's 20 lbs down (I wish I were a guy!) and he is getting great definition. And a very abs!   Plus he feels great!!!  

    i am glad I took the time to rest yesterday.  I woke up again with excuciaring pain in my head at 1:30 am.   Took medicine and tried to rest. Awful...   Then laid on my accupuncture mat and meditated until I fell asleep.  When I woke up I felt pretty f

    Good.  So did lower body workout and felt so good o

    I threw a cardio in there too!  Headache is at bay and I feel really good.  

    LacyJ- I know what it's like to be so busy and on conference calls on the weekend.  I am so happy for you that this is a great lifestyle and that you look fantastic!!!!  I bet you exude confidence and sexiness!   Can't wait to see the bikini pics!!! Woot woot!!!

    I agree with Lacy Mary.  Do what you can. Eat the BFL way and just do whatever you can!!!

    Have a good weekend!!!!!!

  • I can see the two of you coated in mango - sexy!  

    I would love to be able to cook like Shellbells!  It sounds good just from the namesf these dishes!  Would love to try your cherry rice, girl!  I'm with ya, LacyJ - Shellbell Select for BFL!  Start shipping to us, SB!  Hunka hubby shouldn't be the only one who benefits from your talents!

    How awesome that hunka is doing as well as you are.  Must make the two of you feel sooooo good!  PICTURES, PICTURES!

    Great job, LacyJ!  BIKINI SHOTS!  Can't wait to see those.  You have totally earned that look.

    I have to keep trying to make exercise a regular part of the routine.  One of you is managing on excruciating headaches and the other on chemo.  Surely I can get my lazy butt off the couch and do the same.  I THINK I CAN, I THINK I CAN ...!

    Please please let Shellbells feel better.

    Have a peaceful BFL kinda week, my friends.


  • Hi guys...just thought I would check in before bed time (Tom is checking his fantasy baseball so I have a second!)

    I had a GREAT day.....just about headache free...

    As you know i have had headaches ALL WEEK and to top it off, I was getter exertion headaches....read about them...sometimes called weight lifters headaches.  I almost took myself to the hospital this wee for Morphine (which I have done numerous times in my life).  but that is a HUGE investment in time and the morphine kicks my A$$ for several days...not good for exercise.  On top of these (probably due to pain) I was a total BEEEOTCH to everyone this week.

    So today, after the work out and after the cable man came (our cable went out yesterday), we went to target for protein powder and protein bars.  in the parking lot Tom say "lets get out of here and head to the beach".  It was about  2:00PM and our favorite beach is about 1.25 hours away in Carpinteria (just a little south of Santa Barbara),....but what the heck.  We went !!  It was wonderful.  We had a two hour walk in the surf......and sat on the rocks just soaking in sun and "just being".......I was headache free and relaxed!  We then had dinner at Joe's crab shack overlooking the GORGEOUS ocean and watching the sun set....once home we got in the jacuzzi and relaxed .....what a nice relaxing and perfect impromptu day!  Maybe this will end the headaches!!

    Mary,  The dinner last night wasn't SOOOO  bad...but I don't eat white rice, butter or sugar through the week when I'm on program.  the lamb kabobs and the tomatoes were perfectly fine.  I made my own tzasiki sauce out of Greek yogurt, so it was "legal".  The problem with Sour Cherry rice is the following:  1)  Its so damn good that we cannot eat it in the proper portion controlled serving (1/2 to 1 cup..?  no way), 2) it's made with butter and a syrup made from the cherry juice (lots of sugar), 3) it's white basmati rice......and I only eat whole grain on program.  BUT, we both say this would be our last meal if we ever had to pick one.  I love the blog called the STEAMY KITCHEN - I use her recipe because the directions are spectacular and the rice is better than in ANY Persian restaurant.  The lamb kabob's are from Rachel Ray's recipe because they are so good and healthy I dumped my recipe......if you want the links, I will send them.  By the way, your daughter lives in Glendale which has to be the capitol of Armenian and Persian restaurants......I am sure cherry rice is all over in that area.  When you come to LA, I will make this for you!!!

    Mary - you will get it.....but unfortunately you will probably have to force yourself for a while until it becomes something you really want to do.  You will get on board I feel it!!

    Hope you are having a great weekend LacyJ!!!

    Ok gotta run....Tom is done with Fantasy baseball....lets see if he can come up with another fantasy for me...LOL

  • WHEW!  That is SUCH a relief, SB.  I feel like I've been holding my breath waiting for you to be relieved of the headaches.  I've only had skull splitting headaches a few times.  Flying when the air pressure isn't controlled in the plane can do it.  I truly thought my skull would crack.  Since then, I found out about Earplanes, ear plugs you can buy in the airport gift shops that equalize the air pressure, and you can still hear with them.  

    Then there were the days with Temporal Mandibular Joint Syndrome.  Even morphine wouldn't touch those headaches, not at all.  Fortunately for me, my dentist diagnosed it and gave me stretching exercises to do, and they WORKED.  I still use them for tension in my shoulders and for normal types of headaches.  Thankfully, the TMJ symdrome never came back.  I cannot believe you avoided morphine so that you wouldn't miss exercise.  I think you need therapy for that alone, ya crazy a$$ woman!  (I can't wait to meet you!)

    Tom was very smart to whisk his bride away for some relaxation.  Great guy.  I'll have to ask Katie if she has ever been to Carpinteria beach.  Might be a great place for her and her friends to go.  Why do you especially like that beach?

    Persian food.  Never had it, although I have had many international and ethnic foods.  That rice sounds fantastic.  Can't wait to try yours.  I'll ask Katie if she has been to a Persian restaurant.  I think we have had Armenian food.

    Okay, my cheerleaders, good news.  Wait for it  ... Wait for it ...

    I WAS ON THE TREADMILL TONIGHT AND EVEN RAN FOUR OR FIVE OF THOSE MINUTES!!!!!!!  AND went faster than I have before.  Felt so good to final overcome gravity and get back to exercise!  Thank you both so much for your support.

    Okay, it's back to work for me.  Second week of the semester is calling, and it is already 2:20 AM.

    KICK BUTT THIS WEEK, MY FRIENDS!  Look forward to hearing from you again, including Tom's fantasy of the evening!


  • You are CRAZY Mary (about as crazy as me) LOL

    Boy I would love to know those exercises for TMJ - are they on the internet?  I don’t have TMJ but they might just help during tension periods for me.

    Carpentaria is north and we prefer northern beaches.  It's such a cute town....lots of little cool surf shops and antiques.  The beach is just wonderful with lots of crabs and shells and we walk all the way down to the end by gorgeous beach front homes.  The weather is almost always perfect (we might just be lucky) and you can see Ana Kappa  island on good days.  I don’t know...it's just sort of "our" beach....the drive there is beautiful also and Santa Barbara is close if we wanted to go a bit further, usually we don’t.Down south, we love Del Mar.....another cutsie little (but expensive) beach town but it's too far for a 1 day visit.  There we have to spend the night.  Not bad, but it's just super expensive

    I used to spend a whole year on a region in the world and learn to cook that cuisine, I’ve done Italian, French, Moroccan (awesome), Indian, Chinese, Thai (my favorite), south African (not as extensively). And some middle Eastern.  This year is the Year of the baking…bread, rolls, etc…..  Im weird…I love good ethnic food and where I live it’s Ethnic challenged.  Best to make it fresh!

    I am SO IMPRESSED with your treadmill workout…didn’t you feel good afterward?  Don’t let it end……Get back on it today……and BTW – don’t  you think you need more sleep?????  2:20AM????

    Have a good one ladies….Today is beginning week 6 for me….ALMOST HALF WAY through first challenge!!

  • Yes, I believe we are kindred crazy spirits!

    Do you do skyping?  If so, I can show you how to do the TMJ exercises!  Moroccan - is that lots of meat and spices?  If so, can it be made vegetarian?  I'm a wishy-washy vegetarian.  Don't eat meat often, but do once in awhile.  I love ethnic food.  Good thing you can make your own since you can't get it locally.  I can get good Indian and Thai food here, good Italian, fair-to-middlin' Chinese - I think that's it.  Ever had Ethiopian food?  Oh, those people are masters at spices - mmm mmm mmm.

    Ooo, I did need more sleep last night.  Only had 3 hours.  I am an extreme night person, so I typically sleep late.  Today it was necessary to get up early.  Groan.

    Tomorrow it will be the end of 5 weeks for me.  Best thing I ever did for myself.

    Gotta get to work preparing for my class tomorrow:  Adult development and aging.  (Today was Death and Human Behavior - my favorite!)

    LacyJ, you still really busy?  Hope you are taking care of your immune system, not working too hard.  Miss you.

    Night SB!

  • PS:  My skyping name is mary.newman.2012

  • Hey Mary.....

    I dont skype, just havent had a reason to I guess.  

    Moroccan is lots of meat and spices - SUPER GOOD.  I would imagine you could make it vegetarian....but the key to the moroccan cuisine are generally long "roasting" and simmering times to get everything to really meld.  The meat is generally fish (one morraccan recipe for fish is devine), lamb, chicken with many spices; - they use preseved lemon and alot of olives also.  I imagine there is vegetarian stuff...I just havent noticed before.....

    Oooo.  Ethiopian....I would love to learn that too!  there is a restaurant in LA that is supposed to be fantastic but I never like to drive anywhere much.  SO MUCH ethnic food in LA but it's a lot with traffic to get there.

    Good for you!  so you are starting week 6 like me!  YAY.  I did my workout (upper body) yesterday evening and boy and I sore this morning.....that's good.  Unfortunately my arthritic fingers are very sore all the time from lifting the weights..... but everything else is coming togehter.  today?  Cardio!  and I plan to "up the instensity" to the highest level yet this challenge.....ill let you know how it works out.

    Your class sounds fasinating....are you teaching at a college?

    LacyJ - we know youre busy, but we miss you!!

    Have a good day ladies!

  • Hi ShellBells,

    Skyping is easy.  Just go to skype.com and sign up.  It's free!  Then I could show you the headache/tension exercise.

    Maybe one day when you have to go into LA for something else, you could build in a trip to the Ethiopian restaurant.  Well worth the effort!

    Have you tried glucosamine/chondroiitin?  I have very very little trouble with arthritis since I started taking that.

    Sorry - you must have missed a message from me because I did tell you about teaching college.  And you didn't mention the shunt question.  Or maybe you just forgot - busy crazy people will do that, you know!  Anyway, here is that message just in case:

    So glad you enjoyed dinner with your old friends, Shellbells!  You must look awesome where they saw more than what the scale says - BOO-YAAA!!!  It might have been worth the loss of sleep just to hear that.

    You mean to tell me that you told Tom that he could spank you, and he didn't?!?!  What is wrong with that boy?   Tell him I am waiting for a hot story!

    So can't they put a shunt in to take care of the CSF problem?  That's awful.  When you are in a hotel, would an ironing board propped at an angle on something be good enough to keep you from getting those awful headaches?  Surely the hotel would have something to prop it up with, or maybe you could put it on the bed frame.  Just be careful you don't fall off!

    I am a college professor of psychology at Missouri State University.  I specialize in successful aging and age-related disorders, and also in death, dying and grieving.  But you are right - the studying and learning never stops in order to keep up!

    Warm fuzzies,


  • A funny story:

    I have been "upping" my workouts/weights buy a lot In the last 10 days.   I can really feel the difference and I have been soooo sore.  Monday's workout was tough.  I was sore yesterday,  but this morning when I woke up,  I was soooo very sore.  I was straightening my arm and both biceps and triceps felt hard, ya know?  So I asked my husband to rub my triceps because they had little knots.  As he starts rubbing he starts to laugh!    He says "honey,  you don't have little knots, you have gorgeous little bulging muscles!  That's what you are working so hard for!". Then we started laughing and have been laughing kind of all day.   I am happy that it's really showing.  But they feel kind of " big". Lol!  

    Sorry Mary!  Your right.  I missed that post!  Awesome job you have.  And a very interesting subject!  I would love to be in your class.  I would love to know about successful aging !!!!

    A shunt is an option,  but it's the last option because diuretics work great and keep the fluid in check.  If they stop working someday then a shunt would be an answer.

    I could just go buy a wedge when I am in NY but I never do.  It's laziness really and stupid.  So I feel like crap for a week like a dumba$$.

    Yes tried the gluclosamine combos and saw little to no affect.  I feel like the only person it hasn't  worked for!

    How are your workouts coming along???