60 year old YOUNG female starting 3rd Challenge for 2012 - anyone with me out there?

  • Gosh I love you guspys!  You make me laugh.... "hunks husband". That's true (and funny!)

    Yes, got home and feel "safe" again!  And Oooo La La the hunka husband is looking mighty fine.  I couldnt believe in week how thin he looks!  Remember he was frustrated?  Well not anymore, he dropped 10 lbs in the last 10 days!  Wow, he's about 16 lbs (maybe more) down so far and his legs look amazingly buff!  He thought I also looked thinner so her begged me to get on the scale today.  Not something I wanted to do after this week and flying yesterday.  But OMG!  I couldnt belive my eyes!  I am down 3 lbs!!!!!  I was shocked.  I put on my old comfies and they are a bit big on me today!!!!!  Wool hooo!   I had some splurges in NY but I really kept on program during the day and did my workouts so i guess it was good enough!  

    I did cardio yesterdbefit the hotel (didn't have the time for upper body) but today did a complete and unbelievably hard upper body work out.  The had an hour and a half massage today.... Nice after being tense in the office all week, flying! And a bit jet lagged.   Lovely lovely lovely.

    Mary, so glad your gym is outfitted!!!  You're ready to rock it girl!  Let me know hoe it goes!  Also so proud of you for getting that cardio in!  That's amazing and clearly shows your growth so far in this program!!!

    LacyJ -  you sound so upbeat!  Glad you are feeling good and were keeping up with that busy week!  You kick butt!

    Alright,  I'm for meeting up someday..  I'm in LA, probably the farthest away!!!

    Have a great Saturday night!

  • I just came back from the ballroom where I take lessons.  Tonight was an anniversary of the place, so lots of people came and there were exhibition dances: pros with pros, and pros with their students ... except me.  My pro always asks the same woman to perform with him.  Tonight he had 2 students perform with him.  Not me.  Are they better than me?  One of them is much better.  The other isn't.  Still he chose her, presumably because she is thin and looks good even through her mistakes.  After the performances he fussed over them and took them to get photos taken.  Not me.  Next time I don't want to exercise, I guess I'll remember tonight and maybe work a little harder.  Meanwhile, I sent him a text message cancelling my lessons.  I'm done.  Dammit.  Sure wish you guys lived nearby.

    Thank goodness it was an awesome week for you, LacyJ and Shellbells!  2/3 of us are rocking! I am so proud of you and who you are.  You've made a difference in my life.

    I'll be fine by morning, no worries.


  • Damn that dance instructor Dancing Queen!!!  He is just a narrow minded JERK!!!  If I were there girlfriend - we'd be having us a little "moment" with that dude!  Don't let it throw you in your program or take you away from your dance.  Dance is good for our soul and spirit so we must DANCE :)  Just take a few deep breaths, don't take it personally (it's him not you), and keep on dancing :)  Do whatever you have to do to chill out and relax and wake up tomorrow to a new day and another wonderful opportunity :)  Love ya Dancing Queen - LacyJ

  • What?? Ok I agree with both of you.  Seriously though,  I would have a hard time not taking that personally!  He's an instructor and he should be fair....  I would still dance but I would find a new instructor!  

    I know you'll be ok tomorrow, but it sucks and I feel bad for you today!   You  are on the right track with using this as incentive.  Good for you!!!!!

    And imbegbto differ.   We have All had great weeks!!!!  This is only one day of it......nothing a hot shower and a little "me" time won't fix...

    Good night dancing girl!!!!

  • Thank you so much, Lacy and Shell.  You guys don't usually get online at night, do you?  Anyway I am surprised but so glad you checked in tonight.  He just responded to my text.  I wrote to him "Cancel my lessons.  I'm done with you."  He wrote back "Pardon?"  I'm sure he is clueless ... not the first time.

    Thank you my ladies.  You are so good to me and for me!



  • Oh yeah, PS, I was just in L.A. for 10 days, shellbells!  My daughter lives in Glendale!  Next time I'll get to see you.

  • WOW!  GLENDALE???  That is only 25 minutes from me!  That is VERY exciting - I cannot wait for the next time you visit her!  Do you have grand kids?  What a dork of an instructor.  Of course he "doesn't get it".  A) he's a man (mine excluded from that statement) B) he's clearly not thinking with the proper God given instrument (where the brains reside) and C) He seems far more clueless than the average.  Anyway, good for you.  Find someone more professional.  Nuff said on that.  On another note, how's the home gym?  I just added a foam roller (check out foam rollers on line and what they can do for you) and outfitted myself with some very cute pink and black weight gloves.  I was using my hubby's but they are way too big and they were bothering me.  AND OH YEAH!  I bought a pair of Adidas work out pants that are a size LARGE and not EXTRA LARGE!  I love them and was so happy!  

    LacyJ - I hope you are having a blast this weekend.  I love that you LOVE life and appreciate everything.  You have a fantastic outlook and attitude!!  I never hear you sound negative.  I am learning  from you!!!

    I feel very tired and drained today......SUPER sore from my super upper body work out yesterday.  I really feel pretty lethargic in this 108 degree heat....HEAT, HEADACHE, LETHARGIC and JET LAGGED.   Not a terrific combo.  Altho hubby says "awesome"...that's because I am very quiet today and want quiet today.  NICE  (HEHEHE)

    OK, so went grocery shopping  at this little farmers market type store.  I found a very yummy little treat.  It's hummus made with edamame instead of garbanzo beans.  SO interesting.  We were starving a few minutes ago, so just had a snack of that edamame hummus and carrots ( i know, it's not a complete BFL meal).  GOSH it was SOOO good and so refreshing.  Of course, we both laughed at loud at how much we loved it and would now eat that over any garbage snack (chips, chex mix, cookies....etc).  If you see it in your local store, buy it....you will not be disappointed.  Tonight, Sesame coated ahi, with a little fresh mango salsa,  lemon roasted asparagus and butternut squash for dinner.  YUMMY IN MY TUMMY!

    Let me tell you that I cannot get enough mango.  Seriously I am like a mango maniac ( the hubby has another name for me) It's ridiculous.  I just bought 6!!  They are so high in vitamins, etc.... and I must need something in the darn things.  I love them, but I have never had this kind of deep (pregnancy like) craving for them....and NO, there is no pregnancy here....no Plumbing! (thank GOD!).  OF course my husband said loudly  "are you pregnant?" at the market and a half a dozen people looked at me.  NICE...he laughed his butt off.  ME?  not so much.  HE WILL PAY FOR THAT..hehehehe.

    TOMORROW - begins WEEK 5!!!!!  

    (yes, I used a real computer for this post as CLEARLY I cannot type on my IPAD :))

  • Hi SB,

    So glad you are excited about my visiting!  You are a hoot and your husband seems like great fun too.  Don't know when I'll be there next.  I have 3 children, 3 grandchildren, and a 2-year-old great grandchild - all that, and I'm only 63!  The kids decide each year which of them wants to host Christmas.  I'll let you know when I hear from them.  None of the grandkids live in L.A.  My oldest, Katie, is the one who lives in Glendale.  Her son lives in Arizona with my great grandbaby.  The next oldest is my son who lives in Seattle with his wife and 2 little girls.  The "baby" of the family lives in Charleston, West Virginia, with her fiance.

    GONE DOWN A SIZE IN 4 WEEKS?  YAAAAAAY!!!!!  You should be so proud of yourself!  I am, and I know Lacy will be too.

    That 108 degrees is for the birds.  It was like that here for about a month.  The lake is down to 1/3 its volume.  People have beena asked to cut down on water.  Miserable.  I did lose some plants, and the grass is crunchy ... no kidding!  It is a little better but not much.  Hope it gets cool soon in your neck of the country.

    Lacy really is incorrigably cheerful.  I say we make her stop!  JUST KIDDING, LACY!  You are remarkably cheerful and optimistic, it's true.

    Shell, take a look at this recipe and see if it might be like the edamame hummus you had.  Sounds fantastic.


    Who is the chef in your family?  Your dinner sounds great, although I don't eat fish.

    That mango fetish does sound like a pregnancy thing!  I remember when I was pregnant the first time, I craved fruit.  We were out driving one day and stopped at a farm stand.  By the time we got home, all the fruit was gone!  You really have to come up with something creative to get even for hubby's joke in the market.  And then tell us about it!

    Haven't gotten to set up the gym yet.  It is put together, but I have to figure out how to hook up the cables yet.  The instructions just arrived by mail yesterday, but when I came home from the dance event, the last thing I wanted to do was figure that out.  Maybe tonight, but probably tomorrow.

    Have a kick a** week, ladies!


  • Mary!  That recipe sounds awesome!  Not like the hummus.  It's exactly the same recipe as hummus ( garlic, olive oil, tahini paste and lemon juice) but with edamame instead.

    I'm gonna try this recipe!

    You sound like me... Got busy with family young!  The beauty is now you are still young! And can live your life!!!! These days so many are like 35 or 40 before having their first child!!!!  Yuk!

    I am the "chef".  I used to write a food blog www.liteNspicy.blogspot.com.  Check it out.  I might restart it, it's just so time consuming!

    Have a good evening!

  • I think I'll try both the edamame hummus and this recipe.  Mmm.  I love hummus - I use it for veggie dip!

    How lucky hunka hubby is to have a live-in chef.  Hope he appreciates you!  How long have you been married?  You sound like a newlywed when you write about him.  I divorced my ex after 37 years of marriage - best thing I could have done.

    I really enjoyed my kids but you're right, it was good to have them early.  I can't imagine having the first at 35 or 40 - yikes!

    I look forward to checking out your blog.

    Rest well, Shell.

  • Hi Guys.....

    Well, I "got in trouble" last night...LOL  My hubby (AKA, TOM)  was very snappy when he got home and said he thought I spend too much  time on my BFL forums.....so I thought I better lay off one day.  He apologized later and said he had a bad day (I GUESS!!) but I still stayed off....

    Well Week 5 stared with a bang....good leg workout (although I am supposed to be on upper body - have NO IDEA how i got to lower body this week....oh well) and had a great AB workout. But spent the rest of yesterday with a migraine!  and lucky me, it's still with me now.... I need my chiropractor!!  I am having a little bit of trouble getting all my water in....hasnt been a problem before but this week it's making me feel sick to my tummy....Hmmmm.  Must be in my head.

    This year is our 30th wedding anniversary!  We are taking a very special trip to BANFF national park to stay at a couple of exclusive places in the Canadian Rockies.....(check out the Fairmont hotel, lake Louise on the Internet).  We get accused of being newlyweds ALL THE TIME, especially  if we are on vacation.....and once at the local market and those people see us all the time!  LOL .  We are best friends and prefer each other's company to almost anyone else (that's weird, I know).  I was 13 when I met him and I WANTED HIM BAD....but he was 17 and he thought I was too young -  Well, luckily I changed his mind and we've been together since I was 14!  Engaged at 17 married at 18 (he was 22).  First 5 years were literally perfect bliss...then we had kids...YIKES!  and the next 20 were, well all about them and we had a rough time with the girls when they were teenagers which almost killed me.   BUT we made it through together and are much better off for it....but now the kids are out, we are alone and SUPER happy about it.  and we are still REALLY young (48 and 52).  It's a story that NEVER happens and we try not to take it for granted (try being the operative word)

    If I could do anything, I would cook, invent and write all day...but there really isn't money in that...ya know?  So I have a great job/career and so that on the side.  and yes, he is VERY appreciative of the meals he gets...his friends always want to know if I am interested in multiple husbands...LOL

    Anyway, hope you are locating a new dance instructor and figuring out your gym!!!

    Kick the crap out of this week!!!

  • Oooo, Shellbells got in trouble.  Now if hunka hubby was thinking quickly, he might have put you over his knee for a playful spanking  - what an opportunity to see how well you are doing on this program with the help of the Forum! Bet he wouldn't complain about Forum again!  (Don't tell him I said that.  He might do  it!)

    It wouldn't even occur to me to worry about switching upper and lower body workouts.  No worries!  Those migraines torture you often, don't they.  Have you seen a doc about them?  There are a variety of meds available for them.  My daughter in Glendale went to an excellent chiropractor in L.A..  I'll ask her who it was!

    A 30th wedding anniversary for the 'newlyweds' - how spectacular is that?!  HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!  Glad he came to his senses and robbed the cradle for a bride way back when!  What a great story, kids and teen years and all.  That trip sounds like a great second honeymoon. I will check it out on the internet.  Here's hoping you have a fantastic time free of stress, worries and migraines.  Hope you are planning special surprises for one another.

    Wouldn't it be fun if we were able to make a living at what we really love?  I would be dancing, playing tennis, reading books, cruising,  and visiting kids and grandkids and my one great grandkid.  How does that sound for a job?!  I sure can't complain with my job though.  I was protected from the economic crash where a lot of folks weren't.  What sort of inventor would you be?  Cooking all day.  Would that reverse all of your BFL work, or would you be happy cooking heath foods?

    The gym.  I have been living a lie for the last 4 or 5 days!  The instructions did arrive from the previous owner, but I haven't had any time at all for training or aerobics since then.  I've been getting 4 or 5 hours of sleep a night trying to prepare for my classes - first week of classes started yesterday (Monday).  I feel so guilty, especially I have been really slow getting the exercise going to begin with.  Oh well.  One of life's stumbling blocks.  After tomorrow's classes I'll be able to get back to work and KICK A**!!!  You do the same!

    Do you know why LacyJ hasn't been here the last few days?  I hope all is well.



  • Hi Shellbells,

    Read about your challenges with a teen on another thread.  You are sooooo AMAZING to get through that and get to where you are now.  You should be very proud of yourself.  I am proud of you!  It is good to hear that your daughter is doing so well, and that you think of your challenge and hers as similar.  Good point!

    Here is a message from my daughter Katie about her chiropractor:

    "Dr Shiva Nazemi. LOVE HER!!! She's in Sherman Oaks.  She can tell her I sent her.


    Katie was in tremendous pain and this woman helped her.

    Hope all is well and you are kicking BFL butt!


  • Hi Ladies - Just a note to let you all know I am doing great and still very much kicking butt!!!  I am totally swamped with work and audits right now and haven't had much time to blog but read all your blogs on my cell phone email - thank you ladies :)  Keep fightin' for it ladies !!!  I'll try to get on here more but know you are in my thoughts and in my heart :)  Stay FOCUSED!!!!  Love you - LacyJ

  • Glad to hear you are doing well, LacyJ!  Keep it up!