60 year old YOUNG female starting 3rd Challenge for 2012 - anyone with me out there?

  • LacyJ-ok, I am going to bow at your feet!  I ran all last year.  I did a 5k and I could never do 3miles in under 40 minutes!!!  You rock!  And to do it in style?  Amazing.  We don't just want pics, we want video!!!!!   Good job staying on track with your workouts!!!  Glad you had a great time!

    Mary-  you crack me up!  I am soooo not a night person!!!!  I cannot imagine driving through the night!  Great job on your nutrition!  I am impressed that even though you didn't work out, you stayed on track with your eating!  That's a big deal!!!  I love watching professional tennis.  I use to go to tournaments years ago!  I don't play,  but I love to watch!

    Ok, Sunday free day was at the ball park for company picnic.  I had typical ball park food and an ice cream!!!  I wish I could say it wasn't good,  but omg! It was so good and I enjoyed it!  Then dinner out with our VP's family.  It was great!

    Yesterday,  I got up and did an upper body....and some ab work.  I ate 4times yesterday which was better than most days here.  But this company is so weird.  I wish they would leave me alone.  I don't need to be entertained every night!  Gosh,  they don't take no for an answer!  So we went out to the "famous" nautical mile for dinner.  You would think I could get simple seafood....no everything heavily sauced, fried, etc!  I did the best I could!

    This morning another bad headache ( I hate these pillows) but got my butt down for a great cardio and while my headache is still there, I feel better.  Today some big customer meetings and tonight we take them out.  My job Is to see that they are taken care of and entertained!  So it will bw a hard nutritional night I would bet!

    Brenda4life- I would love to hear about your BFL path and how it's going!

    Happy Tuesday my friends!!!!

  • Hi Brenda4life - How are you doing and how is the program going?  We are all thinking of you.  Just give us a shout out anytime :)  LacyJ

  • Hello Ladies - I am so pumped reading all your success stories in the midst of "dancing with the food devil."  HA!  We are stronger than you Food Devil!!!  I have been super busy upon returning back home from my sister's house.  I will blog more tomorrow but just want all of you to know you are all in my heart!  I am so proud to be your BFL BFF :)  Love ya - LacyJ

    PS:  Hopefully I can get a picture of my outfit for the 5K - I've had such fun shopping for it :)

  • "Dancing with the food devil" - I like that!

    Okay, it's whine time for me!  I haven't had any trouble changing the way I eat, at least not yet - which is weird because I've eaten too much of all the wrong things since early childhood.  But the exercise.  Some of it is okay.  Some I enjoy.  Some actually make me nauseous!  Did any of you get nauseous?  What did it last night were squats.  Tonight I did okay with bent knee leg raises, and twist crunches.  But the lunges with weights ... I thought those would be enjoyable, but just the first 12 on each side made me queasy.  Weird.  I figured if something makes you sick, you should stop ... so I did!  Guess I should have put the weights down and done lunges without them.  Next time.

    Okay, enough whining!  Hope you all had a great BFL day!


  • Mary,  

    Its funny you mention you get nauseous.  I have always felt queasy doing shoulders.  I have no idea why.  Especially when I add weight.  I always want to stop.  But my husband says no....you need to push through it.  I guess he's right, because when I push through it and get it done, I no longer feel nauseous and I am happy I did it.  

    Ya know, I hate hate hate, lunges of any sort.  I just don't do them.  No matter how good of shape I was in (and remember I did this before with great success) I never got through lunges in any exercise, be it with weights or in aerobic classes or DVD's.  Apparently I am lunge challenged and lunge incompetent!  There are plenty go other things to do than lunges in my book!

    Ok.  Last night was a complete disaster.  My customer wanted Italian so we went for Italian.  I had veal meatballs and pasta...probably the best I ever ate and we drank a lot.  I feel like a duma$$ teenager that got involved with peer prssure and clearly failed!  These two ladies are considerably overweight and think every thin person is a "B".  They already think I am too thin ( an absolute joke) and don't respect any good eating plan..,ai yi yi.  So I guess I will consider that my free day.  I am supposed to go out with others today, but I am going to cancel, get my workout in and make a date with some sliced chicken and rycrisp crackers!  Honestly,  I woke up this Am and I feel so sick I am considering getting it out of my body (i.e. purging). But I don't think I have the guts to do it.  But yuk yuk yuk.

    I can't wait to get the hell out of dodge and go home to my "safe environment"

    On the other hand,  my hubby is doing great without me.  He has lost weight this week and he said he tweaked his workout and feels he's now getting amazing results.  I'm gonna have him go over mine and see what he can help me with.

    Ok.... Enough for now......wish me luck for today!

  • Hi Shellbells,

    Just read your message.  I know, it's 6:39 AM ... what's wrong with that picture?  I have a workshop to attend today.

    I guess it is "normal" to feel nauseous then.  And I thought I was just allergic to exercise!

    Soooo sorry you had a bad night.  It is really hard to stick with the program when other people pressure you and think you are too thin.  I remember that from the one time in my life.  It made me feel good, maybe more likely to indulge.  And the alcohol can make you vulnerable to temptation!  Time for you to go home to hubby and the safe environment - I can relate!  Wish I had someone to go through BFL with.  I'd probably work harder at the exercise.  When do you go home?

    Good for you, staying away from the group and having some food from the approved  list!  Have a wonderful, pressure free day.  


  • Ok I did it.  I cancelled dinner and got my butt in the gym.  I am not feeling good today ( as you can imagine).  Instead of heavy weights ( which) I should have done,  I did another cardio.  But I'm just glad I got a decent workout in.

    Now I am gonna relax,  eat my planned meal, And sleep tonight!!!!

    Have a gooe evening ladies!

  • THAT'S GREAT NEWS, Shellbells!  ... Okay, not the feeling badly part, but the rest of it!  And better to leave the weights until you are feeling better.   Hope you enjoyed your planned meal and are sleeping peacefully.

    When do you leave NY and go back home?  (I know, not soon enough!)



  • Greetings Brenda4life and LacyJ!  Hope all is well in your world and you are kicking butt on BFL!



  • FINALLY picked up my small used home gym tonight ... looks like brand new!  And it looks like just what I need.  Now I have to figure out how it works!  The woman who owned it forgot to bring the manuals with her when I picked it up at her storage unit, so she will mail them to me.  

    Did a great workout on the treadmill - hit at least a 9.5, maybe a 10!

    Mary's happy!  Hope all of you are too.  Keep the rest of us in mind when you have a difficult moment or two.  Sure makes it easier, doesn't it?


  • Hey Mary!  

    I feel much better today!  I ate my planned meal, and was able to pamper myself a bit..... Hot shower, my homemade Mini facial, and some good music.  Went to sleep early, woke up and rocked a cardio treadmill workout!  I hit the largest incline so far of 10 percent!  Whew!!!  Then 100 fitness ball crunches and 25 obliques each side.  Will get to work soon.

    So great you got your gym.  I have created my own gym in my home complete with weight machine also.  I really like working out at home better!!  Going to this hotel gym,  I don't feel like I can do a good workout with everyone there.  Oh well I'm sure it's just me cause I am not used to it.

    I hope all is well with all of you!!!!!

    Happy Thursday ( yay!!!! Home tomorrow)

  • Good morning!  So glad you are feeling better, Shellbells!  Amazing what one meal and a few drinks can do to our bodies, eh?  And I see that at 5:33 AM you have already done your cardio workout on a treadmill mountain - 10% - beautiful!  I work up after just a few hours sleep this morning, gave a sideways glance to the treadmill, said "Hell no!" to myself and kept walking!

    Yay!!!  Home tomorrow!!!  That's great.  Now you will be able to relax and get back to your normal routine with your hubby.

    Have a great day, everyone!

  • Hi everyone!

    Hope everyone had a terrific BFL kinda day.  I have to tell you how much of an inspiration you have been, LacyJ and Shellbells.  I was tired awhile ago, and didn't want to do my treadmill work.  Had just about decided to go to sleep instead and put it off until tomorrow.  Then I got to thinking about you two.  I don't have any chemo treatments or pain to deal with.  Who am I to take a day off?  So because of you guys, the treadmill work was done!

    Brenda4life, these two ladies are AWESOME!  Hope we can all help you get through the 12 week challenge.


  • Good Morning My BFL BFFs!!!!  Happy Saturday and Happy Weekend to all of you!!! I am so proud to be a part of this fabulous group.  You all make me proud :)  Hopefully Shellbells, you are at home and feeling better - back to your "safe" environment and that Hunka Husband of yours!!!  I think you did a great job on the road.  It is not easy living the road life.  That used to be my life for 20 years and it may be again in the future - but it is not an easy life.

    Dancing Queen - you are a great motivator!  I love reading your posts and you are definitely there for us - I love you :)  Enjoy that new home gym and get that thing SMOKIN' !

    I have had a very busy week but a good week. I hit the gym every day and am going today because I am coming down to my last 5 weeks of this Challenge and I want to finsh the BEST I can BE!!!!  My food program has been good (once I got back from my sister's last weekend).  I am feeling great and staying focused.  

    Brenda4life - I hope your program is coming together.  It is hard work but it is soooooooo worth it!

    Okay ladies - have a FabULous weekend - stay strong and focused and GET IT DONE!!!  Love ya - LacyJ

    PS:  Someday we all must meet up :)

  • Hey LacyJ, great to hear from you!  We really do have a good group and good connections here.  I too would love it if we could get together sometime.  We would have a blast!  Maybe at one of the BFL events, maybe on our own.  One of you lives in Chicago, right?  That's close enough to me for a visit - I am in Springfield in the southwest corner of Missouri.  

    I think Brenda4Life may have switched to another Forum thread.  Shellbells and I visit other sites as well - I know, we're slutty that way!!!  This is my favorite group - small and dedicated to each other, enthusiastic, and very supportive.

    So glad you had such a good week, LacyJ!  It's hard to keep up with the program, eating at regular intervals and fitting in the exercise, when  you're busy.  I'll be going back to teaching next week.  It is such a relief to have tackled learning this program during the summer when things weren't as crazy as they will be once the University opens!

    I added the last items to my home fitness center last night:  2-1/2 lb weights for the dumbbells and a bench.  I have a bench already but it is a piece of furniture and too wide for use with weights.  Darn near killed myself!  The new bench was on a great sale, it inclines, declines, and sits up straight.  The 2-1/2 lb weights are for a couple of exercises where I found the lightest ones I had were too heavy.  So these lighter ones can be used alone while I build up strength, and later can be added to other weights to go up in smaller increments.  So that's it for my home fitness center.  I am very happy with it!

    Shellbells, hope everything is great in your world.  Don't get so involved with "hunka husband" so that you forget us!

    Have a peaceful, restful, BFL kinda weekend, ladies!  I'll be checking in all weekend, so if you feel like it, pop in and say hi!