60 year old YOUNG female starting 3rd Challenge for 2012 - anyone with me out there?

  • Hey Shellbells - first I have to meet a man to tell them I am a pole dancer - HA!!!  There are classes out there for pole dancing.  I googled it for "Pole Dancing Classes" in Cleveland, OH.  I really just started it for the core work and different exercise other than treadmill, elliptical, weights, etc.  But, I think it is a very sensual class and if I ever had another "romance," it could bring a whole different side to LacyJ- :)

    My sister lives in LaCrosse, Wisconsin.  She just texted me there is an Irish festival this weekend there too . . . . sooooo more food and drinks that I have to be resistant to - but, I will wear my smaller sized clothes, dance, party, and have fun without the extra calories :)

    Okay - gotta head to work.  Be safe on your trip and good luck! LacyJ

  • Wow LacyJ, one of these days you'll be able to quit your day job and make some real money spinning around a pole!  I love that you are doing that - sounds like it is great fun.

    I have been dancing for 8 or 9 years.  I'm not good at it, never will be, but am getting better!  I dance with a pro in country competitions.  Nice thing about country comps is that you do all kinds of dances.  The next one coming up is in mid-September in Little Rock, Arkansas.  We will be doing country two step, triple two, East Coast swing, West Coast swing, waltz, night club sway, and cha cha!  I'm in the beginner group and competing with people 60 or older.  It is great fun.

    Started tennis last October, and it was one of the best things I ever did for myself.  Love it, love it, love it!  I was voted Most Improved Player by my league members!  One of the most precious awards I've ever received.

    Have an awesome time with your sister this weekend!  We'll be thinking about you and sending good BFL vibes.  YOU CAN DO IT!


  • Ooo, I love this plan, LacyJ, especially wearing smaller sized clothes!  Great way to stick with the program!

  • Love your husband's reaction to the topic of pole dancing, shellbells!!!

    You have done some fantastic planning for your time in New York - congratulations!  I think I am most impressed with the fact that you have a backup plan for the gym!  Having the kitchenette is so great.  I love those even when I'm not on a program.  Maybe when you have to go out, ask the waiter/waitress to please bring small portions (show her/him appx how big) and nothing else.  They usually understand.  There are some awesome restaurants in New York - enjoy!

    I'll be going to Kentucky this weekend for my niece's baby shower.  Hey, we will all be out of town separately together!  I already told my sister about this program, and I will bring some stuff with me.  I ordered hand barbbells 2 nights ago and they are shipping express.  If they arrive before I leave on Friday morning, I'll bring them along.  These are adjustable barbbells that can go up to 30 pounds each by adding weights.  Don't take up much room like individual weights.


  • Ladies.  I hope you are all in the process of enjoying yourselves!  I love that we are gone at the same time!!!

    Wow!!   I love that you dance, dancing queen!  I used to square dance and wen to the completion level too!   Fun fun fun!

    Love that you got barbells .  Good for you!

    My travel day was awesome.  Stayed on program perfectly, drove to the market near the hotel and bought groceries.  Then went to the fitness center and rocked my cardio.  I think the hotel gym will work just fine!

    Tomorrow, I will get up at 5am for lower body!  

    Keep reporting and have fun!!!

    We rock.  That's all I have to say!

  • Happy Friday ladies!!!  Great to hear everyone is checking in, planning and working the program, and staying strong and accountable - I LOVE IT!!!!  I myself am in Wisconsin til Sunday, went out for dinner last night to a wonderful Italian restaurant. . . .  I had a fabulous filet, tasty steamed asparagus, and a lovely salad with vinagarette dressing.  I passed up on cheese fondue, bread & butter and dessert. However, I did have a small glass of wine.  I felt great - everyone else was complaining of being stuffed. . . hmmmm??  I got up this morning and did a 30 minute walk-run in prepration to run the 5k Race for the Cure in Cleveland, OH  on September 15th.  We are all on the road - but we can still keep it going!!!  Tonight and tomorrow night MORE FOOD !!!  We can do this!  Ladies - stay strong and we will finish stronger!  Knowing you ladies are out there doing it - makes me stronger!!!! Love ya ladies - LacyJ

  • Hi guys,,,,,

    well my first day (flying and getting here) was perfect as I wrote.   But Went to bed that night and with the time change could not sleep.  By 3 AM I had a massive migraine of mega proportion.  I was trying not to take meds as it sort of knocks me out and I had to be up  by 5AM to work out and get to an extremely important meeting and first day in the office, complete with power suit -:)

    Well, I OVERSLEPT until 8AM!!!  I must have shut off the alarm.....needless to say, I was SUPER late and did not get my work out.  Well, the meeting lasted all day and our President told me (they dont ask here) that we were going to dinner straight from the office.  DARN IT!  So went to dinner (sushi) so had about 3/4 cup plain rice (they didnt have brown.) and some tuna and salmon sashimi with a small salad and very little dressing.  

    Let me regress, during the day I had NO breakfast and only a shake for lunch (everyone was SHOCKED AND DISMAYED) and a protein bar at 3.  the the above dinner.  so only got three meals in,  but it is what it is.

    Today I am being "forced" (gosh I hate being here) to go to a Tim McGraw concert in New Jersey.  UGGGGGGHHH!  I love country music and I love Tim BUT I have to go with 5 women from work I am not fond of WITH a tail gating party and food.  GOSH.  These are tough NY women who think the whole "getting in fit" thing is a joke....

    Got up this morning and worked out.  SO i feel good about that.

    I am sick with worry about this trip - it's 12 hour adventure.....

    Hope all with you guys!!

  • I just read through this entire blog.  I think you are all marvelous in the ways in which you support each other.  Reading this also motivated me.  Thank you.  My first week ended well, and this blog is prepping my mind for week 2.  I hope all is well and your travels do not over burden you.

  • Hi Brenda4life - Welcome to our blog!!!  Glad to hear you found our blog to be motivational and inspiring.  That's great to get the first week under your belt.  It isn't an easy job but I can tell you it is absolutely worth it.  Just keep it up and don't give up! We are here for you.  If you have any questions or we can help you with anything - don't hesitate to shout us out!  Good luck on your second week and we look forward to hearing more from you!  You have a Fab-U-Lous weekend and week ahead!  LacyJ

  • Hang in there Shellbells - Life Happens!!!  We are not in control of everything and when we are out of our "safe" environment, we just have to do the best we can.  Don't beat yourself up anymore as this is just a couple of days of your life that may not be perfect but there are more days ahead that will be more in your control.  Sorry to hear about the migraine and being late for work - that is a LOT of stress right there and being away from home thru it all - you are an amazing woman!  Just take some deep breaths, get the trip in, get back home and then hit it hard again.  This will all work out and everything will be fine.  You are doing GREAT!!!  Just stay the course :)  Love Ya - LacyJ

  • HEY ladies....A quick check in on my Saturday.  OK the concert was flippin AWESOME and TIM MCGRAW - OMG I think (and about 50,000 Other women last night think) that he is ONE OF THE SEXIEST MEN.  I told my VERY SEXY husband....."if Tim offered my just ONE HOUR....I would TAKE it!"  He laughed and said in your dreams!  LOL!!  BUT OMG - (fan, fan) ...After Tim was Kenny Chesney and he is awesome...great music but lacks the sexiness...So it brought us all back to reality....a good thing I guess! LOL  OK....nuff said about that!

    The day wasnt as horrible as I feared. (it rarely is, right?) The team building went well and during the tail gate food buying, I got all my own stuff.  Water, carrots, hummus and and sandwhich on whole wheat.  I had a breakfast on plan and only had half a sandwhich a few carrots and about 3 tabelsoons of hummus, some grapes and ONE beergarita (weird but yummy) and unfortunaltey nothing else to eat until midnight....then I had a protien bar.  So again....barely three meals and I am sure that's not doing anything good for my metabolism. I did get my workout in yesterday.  I felt so good about what I didnt eat and the tiny little splurges I did have were by choice. So I am going to pat myself on the back.

    Today is free day....and I was given a gorgeous little box at work on friday from a supplier.  In it contatined choc. covered oreos.  I thought YAY!!!  these are for free day.  so with coffee this AM...I got one out....ate about half of ONE and realized, it's too rich and didnt taste good to me.  HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?????  these were my faves!  but I threw out the other half and the balance of the other 5.  not worth it!  Today is our company picnic and a ball game.  Im gonna have fun and eat a real hot dog and have peanuts!!  SO glad I can let my sore legs rest today

    I hope you guys are having SPECTACULAR times!!!  Cant wait to hear about it all!

  • Well listen to you Shellbells - soooooo you thought Tim McGraw was sexy huh?????  You Go Girl!!!  Of course, it is a good thing you shared this with your "very sexy" husband :)  Glad to hear things went better than you thought :)  I had a great weekend too.  I had a great visit with my sister - but . . . . a 4 day visit was enough - you know what I mean?????  Anyway, on Friday, I ran 2 miles, then on Saturday I ran 3 miles in 27 minutes, and then today before I left, I ran 3 miles in 30 minutes - not bad for an older chic!  I am going to run the 5K Race for the Cure in Cleveland, Ohio on September 15 which is a 3.1 mile run.  I think I got it down.  I also bought a hot pink ruffly skirt, some black & pink leggins, some hot pink gloves, hot pink nail polish to wear for the race!!  Work it girls!!!!  Okay - I had a little more food & wine than usual - but life happens so I am not going to sweat the small stuff - I'm just going to thank God for his blessings and get back on the game tomorrow morning.  Glad your weekend went better than you had feared and now go out and get what is yours !!!!  Love ya - lacyJ

  • Welcome Brenda 4 Life!  This is definitely a very supportive group.  I love checking the blog every day to read what Shellbells and LacyJ have been up to, what successes and challenges they've had, and the fun stuff, like Tim McGraw being sexy!

    Have an awesome Week 2!


  • Hi everyone!  

    Shellbells Baby, you are the BOMB!  You did a great job while you were away - congratulations!  So sorry about the migraine and the bad concert companions, though.  Hope the migraine was gone by the time of the meeting.  And how did this very important meeting go, Suit?!  Very happy to hear you had a much better time than you expected.  Throwing out chocolate covered oreos?  That's chocolate abuse ... but ain't it grand?!  That will be a memory you will enjoy for years to come!

    LacyJ, you are my hero.  "... a hot pink ruffly skirt, some black & pink leggins, some hot pink gloves, hot pink nail polish to wear for the race!!"  Can you imagine yourself wearing this outfit before BFL?  Pictures.  We want pictures!  Already doing 3 miles in less than 30 minutes?  You'll be able to do that Race for the Cure without even trying hard - amazing.  And way to work the program - enjoying the food and wine without totally losing it, getting in lots of exercise, and planning to get right back on track today.  Congratulations, BFL'er!

    I got back from my trip at 3:30 AM today, having driven through the night - loooong day!  But it was well worth it.  Had a great visit with my sister and niece, and the baby shower was so nice.  Just so happens my sister lives 1-1/2 hours from Cincinnati where a tennis championship is happening!  Bought a ticket over the internet, drove there early yesterday morning, and had a wonderful time!  Met up with a friend from my local tennis club so that was fun.  Got to see a lot of pro stars up close at their practice sessions.  So much fun!

    So what about BFL?  Drove the 8 hours from Springfield, Missouri, to a town near Louisville on Friday with veggies and fruit and bars and ready-to-drinks in the car.  Used more of those at my sister's.  Enjoyed a very well controlled free day on Saturday (day of the shower).  I hit it out of the ballpark regarding nutrition!  

    As far as exercise, I had no success - bummer!  Drove all day Friday, of course.  Baby shower prep and the shower on Saturday.  Had planned to go to one of the two gyms available afterward but BOTH OF THEM CLOSED TOO EARLY FOR ME TO MAKE IT!  I looked at it as time for family.

    When I got home this morning, there were my new hand dumbbells!  It was hard to be excited about them at that point, but I had to at least get them inside.  HILARIOUS!  This little box - maybe 14" x 14" by 5" deep - weighs 60 pounds!  (I pity the one delivered it!)  I had to roll it end over end into the house!  If only the neighbors had seen that!  

    Now it is 1:43 AM.  Time to put those weights to work!  Yes, I am an extreme night person.

    Wishing you all an easy, carefree, stress free BFL kinda week!


  • Dang that's a long blog entry!