60 year old YOUNG female starting 3rd Challenge for 2012 - anyone with me out there?

  • Hope you ladies had an awesome weekend, and did well with the program!  You are such an inspiration that, when I didn't want to go work out earlier because I was lazy, I thought of you two and toddled off to the gym.  THANKS!

  • GOOD FOR YOU DANCING QUEEN!  I am proud of you for getting to that gym!

    The weekend was all about NO WORK, fun and CLEANING.  I woke up more energized than ever.  BFL sent in the week 4 newsletter?    I was happy to get it and it reminded me of all the things we are DOING RIGHT.  

    I got on the scale this morning to a 2lb WEIGHT gain!  I was a bit surprised, because I "feel" much lighter!  Interestingly it did not freak me out at all.  I just hopped off and said to myself " well, I may not weigh in for a couple weeks".  But my poor husband had the same thing, a 1/2 pound weight gain....he ALOMST jumped out the window he was so upset.  He wanted to know "what the heck (well used other words) is going on and why did this happen" after consoling him and talking him off the ledge he went and worked out, saying I trust you and we HAVE done this before so I know it works.  WHEW!!!!   DEFINATELY no scale for him until I return from New York (Im hiding it today).

    The newsletter was all about noting changes that are not weight related.  I am gong to take more picures this week, and it's time to check the measurements.  I feel better,  Im doing something about this, my clothes fit better, people are starting to notice, I have more energy, I dont require naps at 3 pm everyday now, I am lifting more weight, my cardios have more intensity.  OH and I dont feel my stomach anymore when I am on the bike.....that was SO GROSS.   So, I feel successful no matter what.  It's this resolve that will get me through my upcoming and LONG NY business trip.  I leave on Thursday and dont come home till next Friday....I am a bit worried, but I will be prepared.

    I switched from the lean 15 shake to the myoplex light, it's seems much more satisfying and it stays with me much longer.  The book says to wait 1 hour after workouts to eat.  Popular belief now says NO -  Protein should be administered within the first 30 minutes.  SO WHICH IS RIGHT?   The EAS Myoplex box says to take withing 30 minutes of your work out - anything beyond 30 minutes sort of "wastes" your workout.  So Saturday after very heavy upper body, I took it within 30 minutes....if nothing else, my body felt better, a bit more "stable" (I know that sounds strange) and I didnt get that very shaky feeling.

    Lacy? what do you think about timing on the protein shake?


  • "No work, fun, and cleaning" should not be in the same sentence, Shellbells!

    Scales are the enemy.  They don't play fairly!  They don't tell you whether it is a gain in muscle or fat or water.  I CALL FOUL!You are awesome for not freaking out.  So often in the past, freaking out led to more eating for me.  I'd been told not to go by the scale but, well you know. It must feel  soooooo good to get in some clothes that fit better!  And not feeling your stomach while you are on the bike?  Well, that's FANTASTIC - congratulations!  I was on the leg lifting machine yesterday (I love that thing!), and there was my big ol' stomach getting in the way.  Can't wait for that to disappear!   Sorry your husband was so upset.  That's rough.  It's a good thing you are such a great support system and he trusts you!  Hope he will be okay while you are gone.

    I know you asked Lacy about the timing of the protein shake, but I thought I would share what it says on my protein powder.  I'm not sure it will help you!  It is the Six Star Pro Nutrition Whey Protein Elite Series.  "Use 30-45 minutes before workout ... to enhance muscle performance, increase energy & get you pumped while you train."  "Use immediately after workout to build muscle, boost strength & enhance muscle performance."  It also says it is for between meals.  The Betagen also says post-workout but doesn't say  how long afterward.

    I have been worried about calories this week.  Those shakes are 170 calories which seemed huge to me.  200 for those little Myoplex light bars.  I was convinced that I have been consuming waaaaay too many calories.  So I just figured up the calories for the last 2 days.  Surprise!  I am in the 600 range!  Guess I'd better not worry about calories any more.  If anything maybe I should have a few more.  (Dang.  I never said _that_ before!)

    Okay, I'd better get something done here.  Hope both of you have such an awesome day that you are floating on air ... mostly from being thinner and leaner!

  • Dancing queen,  I LOVE your enthusiasm!

    I had lower body today and it was an awesome workout !  It took a long time to recover today, even with the BĂȘtagen.  I'm working on my core strength so doing planks and scorpions!  OMG, so hard , but exciting to feel your whole body working in unison!  

    I decided to continue to work out on an empty stomach, because that's what the book says and that worked for me before.  But I had my shake within 30 minutes which helped me a lot!

    Yes!  You need more calories than 600... Too little and you can do the opposite, by burning muscle and not fat .  How fun!  Now you can add a few!

    Hope you're doing well Lacy!!!

    Talk later!

  • Hello Ladies!!!!  You both are doing FANTASTIC!!!!  I am sorry I haven't posted for a couple of days but I have been way to busy with work!!  I am doing well and feel great!  I will post tonight and catch you up!  Have a Fab-U-Lous Day!  Love - LacyJ

  • Thanks Shellbells!  I enjoy reading the excitement and enthusiasm in others' posts, so I should give that back.

    I've had to work out at a gym this week.  still waiting to pick up my home gym, as my friend with the truck has been on vacation.  In order to get the whey protein shake and betagen in within 30 minutes, I made up a shake before leaving the house, mixing the whey protein and betagen together.  Put it in an insulated container so it was cold and ready when I finished working out.  If I wait until I get home, the 30 minutes is almost up.  Mixing the betagen into the shake made it taste a little better.  

    Last night I ordered adjustable free weights that should be here in a day or two.  These are so cool.  Just add and subtract weights from the two hand dumbbells - up to 30 pounds on each.  Having the adjustable dumbbells means they don't take up much space, and give me all the flexibility I need to work up to bigger and bigger weights.

    Sounds like you kicked butt on the workout!  What are planks and scorpions?


  • Hi LacyJ!  So glad to hear from you and that you are doing so well.  Hope the work slows down some for you!


  • Good evening!  

    Just a short note to check in.  I'm going to measure tonight since this is  week 4.  Will tell you results tomorrow!  

    I spent an hour at swim lessons with my grandson.  He was in water but is was sitting in 111degree beat!  OMG!  I felt horrible after.  It's taken me two hours to recover!  I hate heat!  I hate heat!  Oh yeah, and sis I mention how much I hate the heat?  I love fall and winter.  Spring too, but summer?  No thank you!  

    I am dreading NY this week and next!  I hate humidity AND heat!!!

    Ok,  I feel better.  

    I had a great cardio and ab workout today.  But I am sooooo sore!  

    Hope you guys rocked your workouts!

  • Mary,  What food is in the 7.7 ounce container?

  • Wow. Wow! Wow!!!  Just did the measurements.  Total 6.75 inches down overall in 4 weeks!!!  Mostly hips, thighs and waist!  Woooooo hooooo!!!

    Hubby lost 5 inches overall while gaining bulk in chest and thighs!  Sexy!  Hehehe

    We are so excited to see these results!

  • I was talking about Betagen, but failed to mention that!


    I love that:  "Sexy!  Hehehe"!!!

  • OMG!!!! AWESOME!!!  Bring it girl!!!!  You were bummed about no weight loss . . . but look at those inches!!!!  Congrats to you and your hubby!!!  You probably gained weight from adding lean muscle :)  That is an amazing inches lost in 4 weeks!  I hope you are re-energized from your loss and ready to hit it again.  Don't let New York deter your hard work.  You can do this heat - it isn't going to last much longer - we've almost made it thru summer.

    I am getting ready to go to visit my sister in Wisconsin on Thursday thru Sunday.  I will be away from my comfort zone and like you in New York - I will have to be careful.  She and her family love to eat out and love to eat the "reallllllllllllly good & fattening food."  However I told her what she needed to get me at the grocery store for snacks,- I told her I will eat along with them and that they didn't need to worry about special food for meals, but, that I would eat moderately and stick to my plan as much as possible. I told her I will be brining my shakes and asked her if she had a blender. That way, they know I am planning to stay close to my plan.  I used to travel all the time and realize the work it takes to eat healthy while on the road.

    Otherwise, I am doing well and keeping up with my exercise and food plan.  

    Oh, and by the way, the nice guy at work has a girlfriend :-( . . but, he is still a very nice guy and I appreciate his friendship.  He gives me a hug still.  I'll keep looking - HA!!!

    Oh and, my divorce happened amongst getting diagnosed with my cancer.  I had a rare blood cancer and it took 7 months to get it diagnosed.  I forgot to answer that previously.  But, really, now as I am in remission and look back at everything . . . . it was the best thing to happen.  I went thru chemo and everything alone . . he didn't even come one time after 35 years of marriage . . so now, I realize, he wasn't worth being with me and didn't deserve to be with me :)

    Okay now -  go out and freakin' work it!!!!  Love ya - LacyJ

  • Hey Dancing Queen - Great to hear you're doing your thang :)  Keep it up!  I was going to ask you about your playing tennis?  Have you always played tennis?  That is soooooo cool!  and I think I remembered you mentioning something about dancing in one of your posts - you want to share on that?????  

    On the topic of when to drink the protein shakes . . I am really not the expert on those types of things.  I have read articles that say you can drink it prior to a workout and within one hour after a workout.  Myself - I can't in my mind imagine drinking a shake and working out. If I'm really hungry, I'll eat yogurt about an hour prior to my workout.  I drink my protein shake within an hour after my workout.  So, I can't really say one way or the other way expertwise when to drink the shakes.

    Okay, here is a little update on my pole dancing class .....normally we do core exercises, do some dancing, and work "around" the pole. However, this week's class, I actually did spins down the pole!!!  It was GREAT!!! It took a lot of leg and core strength to do it, my legs are bruised, my abs and thigh muscles are sore - but it was the BOMB!!!!  I only did 2 good spins out of about 8 trys, but I felt the spin and the wind as I circled the pole - AWESOME!!!  

    Just a reminder - I will be going to visit my sister in Wisconsin Thursday thru Sunday, so, I may not get an opportunity to post - but, just know I will be doing my very best to stay close to plan (which won't be easy as they are "foodies and we'll be going out to great restaurants), so, keep me in your thoughts :)

    Okay Dancing Queen - I gotta head for the gym, so, ..... Just go out and take what's yours!  Love ya - LacyJ

  • Lacy J - I LOVE THE POLE DANCING!  I am SUPER IMPRESSED with you and your spinning.....I KNOW that is SO HARD!  WOOO HOOO....  I think if you want to meet somebody, just tell him you are a pole dancer !!  That ought to do it! LOL.  My husband said..Hmmmm. What are you waiting for...go get in a class !  HAHAHA

    what part of Wisconsin?  My son-in-law is from Wisconsin....steven's point.  My daughter just got back from two weeks there.  SHE LOVES IT!  and she says the same thing....the food is amazing.  I am impressed with your planning.  have a good time!!

    Dancing queen - the number of servings in the betagen really depends on you.  the jar says 3X per day.....I dont take it that often.  1) because it's expensive and 2) because I dont feel i need it.  I usually take one serving within 30 minutes of my workout and another serving at around mid-afternoon snack.  My husband takes only two also.

    Well, ladies I cannot be more thrilled with the results.  I am less concerned with the weight and plan on staying away from the scale for a bit.

    For NY - I have a little kitchenette in my hotel so I will hit the grocery store on the way from the airport and get all my food.  I ahve already told boss and other peeps, I am not planning on eating out so not to take me (they get it and are supportive) and I found a gym nearby if the hotel gym is not adequate.  For dinners with my customers, well I will have to depend on my own will power...but I am motivated.  and i will not drink any alcohol.  SO, I should be prepared.....oh yeah and workouts AT LEAST once per day.....I am bringing my stretch videos so may do weights/cardio and evening stretches.

    I will be checking in like normal and may need moral support!  LOL

    Have a great day guys....I'll be flying tomorrow so dont know if I will be able to check in.