60 year old YOUNG female starting 3rd Challenge for 2012 - anyone with me out there?

  • YAAAAY SHELLBELLS & HUBBY!!!!!  That's fantastic!  Congratulations to you both.  And the freedom to be able to move around again and not hurt as much - that's over the moon!

    Thanks for the feedback on the Betagen.  I can't wait to get mine.  It will be here any day.

    Lacy girl, just 2 more days till you go to the gym if you can.  I love your attitude!  (I said 'if you can' so you don't feel pressured to go if you really need a rest on your 'day off from work'!)

  • I do so love the way you think, LacyJ!

    I didn't think I'd ever use the forum, but it really is fun.  And hearing from amazing people like you, and Shellbells amazing news today (Well, yesterday.  It's 3 AM!) sure gives me a lift.

    But getting my first '10' today has me flying!  So glad I have a treadmill.  Tomorrow (Wednesday) I'll work out in the little weight/exercise room at my tennis club.  Tomorrow night I'll go look at a small home gym that I found on Craig's List for $70!  It is already assembled, and he says it has hardly been used and is in perfect working order.  If that is true, I'll take it.

    Rest well, Lacy!


  • Dancing queen.  You were probably just going to sleep when I was waking up for the day.  I start work at 3:30 to 4:00!!!

    I am so jazzed for you and your excercizing!  Great price on the gym!

    LacyJ - you are on my heart a lot this week.  Sending lots of prayers your way!

  • AHHHH!  I like 4 AM ... but not to _start_ the day!  Always have been an extreme night person.

    Thanks for your enthusiasm.  Makes me feel great!  Tomorrow is my first free day.  I am happy and a little anxious.  Happy because I can have a thing or two that I really love.  Anxious because I am afraid of losing control and eventually falling off the program because I will overdo free day!  Keep your fingers crossed!

    My Betagen got here today.  It does taste good (I bought the cherry), but 4 ounces disappears so darn quickly!

    LacyJ, we didn't hear from you today.  I hope you are okay.  Our thoughts are with you.

  • Good Morning Ladies - My BFL - BFFs (Body for Life - Best Friends Forever) -  I'm back!!!  I made it thru AGAIN!!!!  My heart can't express how much you both mean to me.  I appreciate greatly your thoughts and prayers.  I'm feelin' the love :)  It was a long day yesterday and I didn't get on to blog. I was there 9 hours - by the time I did labs to make sure my counts were high enough for the chemo treatment, have an office visit with the oncologist, and then the 6 hour infusion.  By the time I got home, I was exhausted, a little sick at my stomach, and seeing double (that's a chemo thing), so I just went to bed.  I am up and at 'em today!  I have a little headache and a little off balance (another chemo thing), but, I am getting ready to go to the gym.  I may not be a BEAST on the treadmill today . . but I will be ON the treadmill today - chemo does not rule . . . because I RULE - HA! I have had chemo for the past 2 years and will continue as long as I stay in remission.  So, that's where we are today.  I love you both and so much appreciate you both.

    Dancin' Queen - don't get caught up in the free day thing - just have some good food - enjoy it - and then right back on the good life program!  Put a band on your wrist the next day and if you feel you are losing control, look down at your band and just remember Shellbells and I are with you :)  Great news on the exercise equipment.  You are putting yourself into you new life 100% and you will be so happy.  Keep on grindin' girl!!!

    Shellbells - Keep on movin' it forward girlfriend - I totally understand the mental change thing.  This is a total body, mind, soul and spirit transformation and if we give 100% to the challenge, we are not only going to walk out of there with a newly shaped body, but our minds, souls and spirits will be changed also.  You and your husband will be in a whole new place in your relationship - I'm bettin' on it!  You guys keep up the good work - it's hard work - but it is so freakin' worth it!

    Okay ladies - I am off to the gym - love you both and ROCK ON!!!  LacyJ

  • WOW LacyJ - A-M-A-Z-I-N-G !   I love the RFL -BFF (SO CUTE)

    I have gone through cancer issues and treatments with SO MANY of my friends.  I know just how tough chemo is in terms of time (9 hours!) and toll on the body.  Many of them would not have had your resolve to get into the gym the very next day!  or even to be in the gym at all.

    So happy it's "over" this week...but Im even more happy that your bloodwork is good and you are tolerating this so well!  That's the most important thing.  

    yesterday was a tough day for me (in fact all week long) - I have a very tough and exhausting job that is relentless.  Most days I work at least 10 hours but this week I have beeen working 12-14 hours a day and its just killing me, not to mention how hard it is on the body to sit all day...it's actually painful.  I've had to do my workouts at odd times which is very frustrating to me.  BUT....yesterday I thought of you all day and it gave me strength to get in the gym and get my workout done, pain or no pain, tired or not.....so thank you for your inspiration.  I got some better rest last night and I am ready to conquer the day.

    Dancing queen- boy are you going to love that Betagen...Im excited for you!  You wont be anxious over free day after the first week.  Once you eat free and then get right back on the program the next day you will feel SOOOO in control.  have a Great day.  Eat something that makes you happy and relax.  Tomorrow you will get right back on it.

    Have a great day ladies!

  • YAY!  YOU'RE BACK AND FEISTY AS EVER!!!  I admire your attitude and focus.  You are amazing LacyJ!  YOU DO RULE! How often do you go for chemo?  A miserable process, but it is so awesome that you are in remission.

    I am excited about getting the gym and getting started on that kind of training.  I love weights.  To deal with my first free day, I wrote down what I've decided to have and it is well within reason and still enjoyable.

    Shellbells, you are also amazing and my inspiration.  How is your week going?  

    Hope you both have an awesome BFL kinda day!


  • Oops, didn't see this message from you, Shellbells!  So sorry you are having a bad week.  It's rough to have a grinding exhausting schedule day after day with no rest and no control.  Hopefully as you work through BFL, it won't be as exhausting!  It's FANTASTIC that you went off to the gym even though you are exhausted!  That's one part of your life where YOU ARE IN CONTROL!

    Have an awesome day.

  • Hi Shellbells.  Hope you are feeling more energetic today!  Stick with it - the longer you stick with this program, the less exhaustion.  You go girl!!!

    LacyJ, Hope you are feeling okay and still able to stay with the program.  Continue to fight on and inspire us!


  • Hello Dancing Queen - We made it to FRIDAY!!!!!  How was your week?  I had a great week!  I stayed on program, I went to the gym every day, I kept my focus, my double vision is gone, no headache. . . . just a little brain fuzziness but overall I am Blessed :)  You had asked how often I do chemo - I do it one day every three months as long as my counts hold up.  If they go down between I have to take Neulasta injections which make your bone marrow produce massive blood cells.  It makes your bones ache like crazy - so, I only take them when I am totally depleted of blood cells.

    How did the "free day" go? Did you get the gym you were going to look at?  I had to wear one of my "inner strength" wrist bands today to the gym - it was a little tough today but I made it thru.  Tomorrow I have my Pole Dance Class -WHOA!!!!  

    Stay strong, focused, determined, and dedicated!!!  Be strong over the weekend - don't let the weekend deter your hard work. Sometimes weekends for me are tough to stay out of the fridge :)

    Have a wonderful weekend! Love - LacyJ

  • Happy FRIDAY Shellbells!!  Hope you had a good week.  I hope you are feeling less exhausted and able to get some rest and recuperation.  It is tough to keep it all going, let alone working 12-14 hour days!!!  I just can't hardly sit still that long.  I have a sitting job also, and 8-9 hours and I am done!  So kudos to you for being able to hang in there!  No wonder you are exhausted.  You need a candle light bubble bath, some smell good body lotion, put your jammies on and crawl in bed with a good magazine or book and just have some you time after working those hours!!!

    I had a great week - I stayed on program, I went to the gym 5 days, I kept to my exercise program (don't know how!!), and made it thru - I am soooo Blessed.  Weekends are tough for me - I keep wandering to the fridge - but I think to myself - if I want to keep my weight off - I cannot eat like I used to - and that usually will deter me.

    I do have a fun story to tell you and Dancing Queen: I am single.  So, there is a guy at the hospital I work at that has been talking to me a little more and a little more each week.  He is cute - he is from Poland and his accent is so cute.  We work in the same department so he heard me telling one of the ladies that I would be off for chemo on Wednesday.  So, I didn't see him until today again since I had chemo.  He came up to me the first thing this morning and asked me if I was okay and happy.  I said yes I'm fine and I am happy - why do you ask if I'm happy?  He said, "why is it when a guy asks a lady if they are happy or something - the ladies always say, "what's up - why do you ask?  I told him yes I am happy and thanks for asking.  So then he said, "you know, if you wouldn't mind, I can give you my phone number, and if you need anything all you need to do is send me a text and I will be happy to help you."  I thought that was so sweet of him. I know he is a nice guy and not a stalker or anything so I took his number and gave him mine.  So he leaves work at 1:30 pm in the afternoon and I didn't leave until 5:00 pm today.  Just before I left work, he texted me to have a nice weekend and if I need anything to just text him.  I haven't had a man be that considerate in years!!!!  So ladies . . . . . . . there might be something going on here???hmmmm?????  Stay tuned for any updates on this story :)  Oh Oh Oh . . . and I almost forgot, he gave me a little hug too :)

    Have a great weekend!  Love - LadyJ

  • You continue to amaze, LacyJ - you had a good week!  So glad that the double vision and headache are gone.  Hope the fuzziness clears soon.  I remember my girlfriend having to endure those shots and the associated pain - misery.  Soooo hope you won't have to do that.

    Pole dancing - wahoo!  Wait till the guy at work hears about that!!!  What a great story that is.  Hugs - awesome!  He sounds like a very sweet man.  How 'bout texting him, not for help, but for a cup of coffee or lunch or something?  That would be a great perk for the weekend.  And it will keep you away from the frig - BONUS!

    My week was great.  Made it through free day like a charm!  Kept to the program except for extra bread, salad dressing, and 4 twizzles of licorice that have been calling my name all week.  Right back on program today - YAY!

    Still haven't been able to pick up the home gym.  The owner had an emergency the night I was supposed to get it, and now I won't be able to go get it until next weekend.  That's okay.  I went to the tennis club gym tonight for the first time.  Felt a little noodly afterward!  Haven't done weights in a decade, but I do enjoy it.  I am trying to build muscle as well as tone and lose weight.  That will help my tennis game as well as dancing.

    Here's to fantastic BFL weekend, Shellbells and LacyJ!

  • Wow Lacy!   Nice week in spite of it all.  I am so happy for you and super excited about your man friend!!!!!  I definitely think something is going on there!!!  Maybe you should text him that you would love a cup of coffe and conversation!!!  That would be lovely!!!!!   :).  Did your divorce come before or during the cancer? ( you dont have to answer that if it's too personal)

    I hate working these hours and I literally feel like crying after hour 11.  I just cant sit there anymore.  So I use a fitness ball as a chair the last couple hours so I can sort of roll around and engage my core.  It helps but it's still crappy.  Friday was tough as I felt depleted and sick.  It was upper body weight day and I decided to switch my days and do cardio instead.  I did a fantastic cardio which gave me energy and today I did a fantastic upper body!  I am so glad I switched those days!  I traded my free food day from tomorrow to today because we are going to the beach with my daughter and grandson so I wanted to eat what I want.  

    I feel energized today, more rested and able to tackle the weekend.

    Funny but true.  You know when you get out of the shower and you wrap the towel around yourself?  Well I do that and it has a little triangle opening down the side (from me being too big). Well today I wrapped the towel around me and voila!  It laid down like it should!  Woooo hoooo!!! It's a little thing, but it shows progress!

    Dancing queen-  you are doing great.  Sad you couldn't get the equipment.  Good job getting out ther and planning your free day!

    Take care ladies,  off to the beach!

  • Shellbells, it's terrible that you end up in tears from the pain.  Have you tried out an ergonomic chair?  Some of them do not look comfortable but actually are. And they are built to be easier on the body for folks who work at a desk all day.  Here is one website that carries them just so you can see what I am talking about.  They even have a giant ball chair!  You are so clever inventing one on your own!  images.search.yahoo.com/.../images

    You felt "depleted and sick" and yet did cardio.  I'm not sure if you are crazy or a superstar.  But we'll go with SUPERSTAR!

    Yeah, I know that dreadful towel thing.  Congratulations on getting down to where it fits!  Perfect for a day at the beach.  Hope you enjoyed that beach free day.

  • Okay, which one of you is going to feed me?  Just got back from my second workout at the gym, and can't lift my arms high enough to feed myself!  It's been a loooong time since I did weights!