60 year old YOUNG female starting 3rd Challenge for 2012 - anyone with me out there?

  • Hi Dancing Queen - I love that song :)  When I started my first challenge I was in the 8th week before it started coming together, but, I didn't give up - I just kept working at the diet and workouts. Don't stress yourself about getting everything perfect the first few days or first weeks - just keep working at it.  Each day, think about your next day or your next week and soon it will come together for you.  If you work the plan 3 days out of 6 days - then you are ahead 3 days into your new life than you were before you started :)  So, just keep going - don't give up!!!  You are worth all the work and time it takes to get the healthy life that you so deserve.  I do journal everything I eat and exercise I do, then I can look back and see what I did or didn't get done or eaten.  Just don't give up Dancing Queen !!!  Stay focused - keep your eye on the prize girlfriend :)  Have a great wekeend :) LacyJ

  • Hi Dancing Queen - are you asking about a Betagen cannister?  If so, it has 20 servings.  Let me know if it is something else. LacyJ

  • Hi Lacy,

    Why do you say the midlifers get less to eat than the younger BFLers?  I haven't seen that in any of the materials yet.  Just want to be sure I'm on track.

    Thank you.


  • Hi Lacy,That is great song!  And you are a great coach!  

    So far I think I've been following the food plan although last night was a little rough.  The frig kept whispering to me.  "Psst.  Come here.  You can have more.  I won't tell!"  But I made it.  Now I have to figure out the physical training - that's today's task.

    When I asked in a previous message about the number of portions in a cannister, I was talking about Betagen - sorry I didn't make that question clear!  Given the enthusiasm you and Shellbells expressed about Betagen, I ordered some last night.  The extra energy would be awesome!

    I didn't anticipate the forum being something that would help me.  Boy, was I wrong about that!  It's nice to have somewhere to go where people understand the struggle.  The enthusiasm that you and others in this group express are oh-so-helpful, especially you planning your exercise during a chemo week - you rock!  I imagine some of the exercises could be done in bed.  Maybe that would help.

    Where are you located?  I am in Springfield, Missouri.

    Thank you for your help.  Have a great day!


  • Hey There Dancing Queen :)  I am sorry if you thought the BFL plan gives midlifers less food.  In my blog I was just saying to Shellbells that it "seems" like as we get older, we have to exercise more and eat less food than younger folks to lose or maintain our weight.  It wasn't a quote from the BFL food program.  What you see on the BFL food program is what you can eat.  

    Did you read the blog to Shellbells about how I tie cloth bands around my left wrist to give me more "inner strength?"  If you have a rough day just tie a band around your wrist and look down at it or just touch it, and it will help bring you back to what you're doing and why.  I wear a band to the gym every day for more inner strength.  When I think I have done enough I look down at it or rub it, and know I can make it thru another set or another 10 minutes cardio, etc.  Maybe it would help when the fridge is calling you :)  I have had a lot of people at the gym ask about my home made cloth band on my wrist.  I also take a hula-hoop to the gym and do the hula-hoop 10 minutes a day.  They really think that is strange - HA!

    Okay here is another crazy thing I will tell you - I started taking dance lessons . . . . pole dancing lessons-!!!!!  It is a great  core exercise class and so FUN!!!!  Hang in there Dancing Queen - great things are coming to you!!!

    I am in Cleveland, Ohio.

    You have a great weekend Dancing Queen - LacyJ

  • Hi Lacy,

    You are so right - takes more work and less food to lose weight in midlife!

    I did see the message about the wristbands.  That's a great idea.  I'll try it out.

    Hula hoops - yay!!!  Those were always so much fun - great idea.  And pole dancing - good for you!  It really is good for you and must be fun.  You sound like a great, fun person.  Too bad you are so far away.

    Enjoy the weekend.  Hope it isn't as hot in Cleveland as it is here - 100's plus.  The law is actually crunchy!



    I think I am going to try to get some exercise stuff set up at home because I'm an extreme night person.  But there is a gym where I work, so I can alternate.

  • Ha ha ha.  That should say the LAWN is crunchy.  Not the law!

  • Hi LacyJ!  Love the tip - (and can just picutre how CUTE YOU ARE) - color coordinatede and alll....thanks....I am starting week three and I am starting to see some difference.  Tomorrow is weigh in day as I dont like to weigh in after free day.  My workouts have really been charged up since the betagen....I just bought 8 more at a great price from A1supplements.com (12.50/ea).  MY husband loves the stuff and he is REALLY starting to see changes.....he looks GREAT.  So wish me luck on Week 3!

    Keep up the fantastic work....hope you are feeling good and not too weakened by that lousy chemo.......and if you need a little motivation for this week just ask!    

  • Hi Shellbells,

    How does the betagen help?  Does it give you energy all day, or just for a short time after taking it so you can get a good workout?

    Thank you!


  • Thinking about you, LacyJ.  Be well.


  • Hello Shellbells!  Great to hear from you and WOW on the great results you and your husband are seeing.  Good luck on the weigh-in!  What a great price on the Betagen . . . thanks for the tip :)  I love that you and your husband are doing this together.  I'm betting this will even bring you closer in your relationship :) I am doing well and on program.  I have lost 4 pounds since July 4th and my goal is 6 more pounds for this Challenge.  I feel great!  Thank you for thinking of me with my chemo day - I really appreciate it!  I appreciate your thoughts and prayers.  If I have my way . . . . I will be at the gym on Thursday morning doing something - it may not be what my workout normally is, but I will show up at the gym.  I will not let the chemo have its way with me!!!  I will be a little off balance, a little weak, and my brain is a little fuzzy - but my WILL is strong!  Okay - Good luck on the weigh-in - stay strong - stay focused - and keep up the great work!  It will be soooo worth it!  Love ya - LacyJ

  • Thank you Mary - I appreciate your thoughts and prayers greatly!  I consider my chemo day a day off from work - that way it doesn't get any priority with me - HA! The power of the Internet is amazing!  I didn't blog on my first or second challenge - and sorry now that I didn't, but very happy that I did for this challenge and we all have become friends and supporters of each other. I hope you are having a good day.  Regarding the Betagen . . I started it the same time I started the EAS Lean shakes and I just felt much more energized and stronger after starting both, so, I am not sure which one does what - but, I just know my weight loss almost tripled in the second challenge and my energy and strength was at a higher level.  I really believe they have helped me get to where I am.  Okay Mary, I'm off to the gym.  I have blood tests today to make sure my blood count is high enough for chemo tomorrow - so, appreciate your prayers.  Keep up the fantastic work - thank you for blogging - stay strong and focused, and go out and have an amazing day!  I will talk with you soon.  Love ya - LacyJ

  • Hi Melanie - just saying hello and hope you are doing well :) LacyJ

  • Hi girls!!!!

    I am down 2.5 lbs this week....making my first 2 weeks down 6.5lbs!!! My husband is the same.  We see some changes now but it's the mental change that is far more amazing!  I have been almost physically crippled this past few months with issues basically related to being overweight and no exercise.  Now I'm moving.  My body isn't hurting as much.  I feel like the tin man putting"oil" in the hinges....Thank you God!!!!

    Dancing Queen- love the BĂȘtagen.  What it does for me is that it lets my muscles recover so hat I can get the full energy from my work out.  Does that make sense?  I take two doses a day and I feel fantastic.  Plus its so yummy!

    Thinking about you tons LacyJ!!  Hang in there tough girl!!!!!

  • Oh yeah Lacy!!  You are one hot mama!!! Pole dancing!  Sooooo HARD!!! You rock!