Calling all 1 year or more BFL followers!

  • Sadly, more people start a fitness program than stick with it. But, there are a lot of long term (year or more) Body-For-Lifers on here and I think it would be very inspirational to have a thread where that 5% posted current pics and updates on what they are doing now, how their body composition and fitness levels have continued to improve (or maintain), other athletic achievements, etc. Have you stuck with BFL "by the book" or incorporated other workouts (marathons, cross fit, P90x, etc) and nutrition plans? Maybe you've moved to a maintenance phase and are not in perfect "after" photo shape (tanned and dehydrated), but if you have turned your health and fitness into a lifestyle, I'd love to see what you look like today and read your story.  I think it would be very inspiring to all those just starting out! 

  • What a great idea.  It looks as if you are in a current challenge, vegan style.  How is that going??

    August will be my two year anniversary with BFL.  I have tried lots of stuff since my first BFL challenge.  I did a bulk/lean out challenge, as well as some other challenges.  I don't follow the workouts by the book anymore, but continue to eat clean, incorporate weights & HIIT's, and have even started running 5Ks, 8Ks & 10Ks.  It is a definate lifestyle for me, and I am thankful I stumbled upon BFL.  My profile is updated.  I just started another challenge this week.

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • Greeting, WPBILL here and I just finished my C3 BFL Challenge and have just posted the after photos on my Profile, but not changed the icon yet (later at a more capable computer than my laptop).  According to the doctors visit last week, I've lost 11lbs this time around and gained some serious muscle as well overall. I am looking forward to the outside activities at the pool and beach this year and even went down one swim suit size from XL to L (had to get a new Speedo boxer style swimsuit for Fathers day this year because of that). So, everyone who's been on a Challenge and now or will be on one for more than a year, jump in here and put your blog on this thread and let us all know how it's going now for you. Don't be shy now, it's a big part of your "inner transformation" to be more bold. Keep Moving Forward!!

  • Natalie, I'm really enjoying doing the challenge as a vegan. A little more challenging to do so, but I feel a lot better doing it this way than when I used all the meat and dairy.

    My BFL update:

    I completed a BFL challenge a year ago. More info is posted on my profile. Been doing various workouts and nutrition plans since then...the biggest change being adopting a (mostly) vegan diet due to some hormone issues I've been working with my doctor on. It's helped out a TON! I've got another beach vacation coming up and decided another challenge would be great motivation to tighten up for it. Also seen a lot of people ask about doing BFL as a vegetarian/vegan so wanted to be able to try it and let people know my experience. Here is a recent pic from June 9th, 2012 after going for a run shortly before starting my current challenge.

  • Come on guys, step up to the plate and share your stories with us.

    Marathon:  You look fabulous.  I am sending you a PM.....

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • I guess you are not set up to receive messages on here.  Why don't you shoot me a quick one, and hopefully, I can reply.

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • Where is everyone? I know I see a lot of the same names posting on the forum that have been around for longer than me. A lot of you are giving great advice to newbies...let's show them that you got real life experience to back up all the talk! ;-)

    Don't worry if you aren't in perfect shape (I definitely am not). Maintaining a fit, healthy, and balanced lifestyle does not mean you are always in stage ready shape. But it does mean you are keeping exercise and health a priority...the way I know so many of you are!

    Natalie,  I just sent a reply. Let me know if you don't get it.

  • Got it.

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • Hi BFLers!!!!

    I am celebrating my one year anniversary this month!!! I started BFL in July 2011 and have never looked back! I just posted some recent pics on my profile. I am currently starting my 5th challenge.

    Like BDMom, I have tweaked each challenge a little differently. For my C1, I followed the BFL book to a T and never missed a workout and never strayed from the meal plan (except on free days). My progress from C1 is also on my profile, as well as a few updates from other challenges. Since my C1, I have done different types of training including P90x, Insanity, many workouts from Oxygen magazine, kettlebells, spinning instructor, and trained and run several half-marathons as well as 5k races. I am a runner at heart, but BFL has taught me the benefits of strength training and cross-training, and I have seen amazing results!

    For me, clean eating is definitely the key. I try to follow Tosca Reno's "The Eat Clean Diet" pretty closely and really try to avoid sugar and processed carbs at all costs. Like marathonmama, I am a witness that clean eating has eliminated many health problems for me. I previously suffered from fibrocystic breasts, hypoglycemia, and migraines, and all of those things have disappeared since I started eating clean!

    I love reading all of your inspirational stories. Please keep posting!!!!

  • Runnermom, you look amazing! Love how you have maintained your passion for running, while learning the benefit of weight training. Health and fitness really is a lifestyle...all your hard work definitely shows! Thanks for sharing!

  • Hey Everyone -

    I just passed my one year anniversary on June 16th.  I completed three challenges in the past year, however, towards the end I had some very serious injuries, ultimately taking a few steps back and losing two months straight of gym and cardio time.  I got the all clear, so I'm trying challenge 4 again, this has been my first week and I feel great!!!

    I know much better now the mistakes I made in earlier challenges, I think I'm gonna kill this one!!!

    Semper Fi,


  • My wife (Tonia) and I picked up BFL in 2004 and never looked back - she became a pretty well know figure competitor and developed diets and competition training and coaching. We ran BFLnebraska for several years, I worked with Bill Phillips for a season. She was a stand-by for his tv show. Every year I pop in here to just give back to the BFL community if I can and touch bases with any of the old timers if they are still around.

  • Marathonmama, you are AWESOME!  Love the muscles.  Keep it up.  You are an inspiration.


  • I agree Marathonmama, you have done fantastic with the program and are an inspiration to all of us!!! Way to GO!!