This Lifestyle is Amazing!!!

  • Hey All,

    I am in Week 1 of Challenge 4, slow but steady.  So, the point of this thread is, I just ran a 5K this morning.  I didn't train for it, hadn't run more than 1 mile but once in the past year, don't even jog.  But, by purely lifting weights, doing regular cardio, and eating clean I was able to run a 5K with my son with no preparation. 

    The time we finished in was 39:30.  Pretty lame for me, but for my son, a 12 year old Autistic boy, pretty darn amazing!!!  He finished 3rd overall for boys 14 and under, I'm so proud of him, but more important, that my health was good enough to be able to do this with him, his first 5K!!!

    The 5K was the 1st Annual in Dallas, TX to raise support and awareness for The Special Olympics, which both of my children participate in and I assist coaches when they need it. 

    Semper Fi,


  • Congrats on finishing the 5k with little or no prep and a very special congratulations to your son as well. We are proud of both of you here at the BFL forum and wish you both always the best in what you seek to accomplish. He should be very proud of that medal as I am know you are very proud of him as well.  I just restarted doing my cardio to HIT standards this week and gearing up for my challenge starting on 9th April to 2 July , this will be my C3.  Keep Moving FOrward!!!