Starting 2nd challenge

  • Anybody else out there starting their second challenge?  I am happy that I completed the  first challenge but not with my results. I succeeded in planning my meals and in going to the gym 3-5  times a week doing cardio and weight training. However I only lost a few percentages of body fat. This time around I intend to tweak the plan and kick butt!   Want some folks to join in and let's get motivated !! 

  • I just started my second challenge yesterday.  I am happy with my first 12 weeks, dropped 32 lbs and did not miss a workout even when travelling.  I tried to take a week off, but I felt bad all day yesterday so I went home and did my upper body workout.

    Need to stay diligent with my meals, and I am going to ditch the free day in favour of having two free meals throughout the week.  

    I was hoping to get a group together through this second challenge and help to motivate each other, so I am in!!

  • awesome!  You've been doing lots of things right!  Did you participate in a discussion on line?  I did not, although I did try at first. How many pounds do you want to lose altogether? I want to lose a total of 40 pounds. I've lost 11 so far. What  products did you use?

  • I am also on my second challenge. On my first challenge I dropped 31lbs. Went from 230lbs to 199lbs. I'm thinking it might be good to change my work-outs, but unsure how I should change it up. Any tips?

  • What have you been doing?

  • I will be starting my second challenge in about 3 weeks. I am in week 10 now. I will have met my short term goals with this challenge but I am interested in knowing what you all have done to get such great results.



  • Best of luck to all of y'all starting your C2 or C3 (and your C1 as well).  I am sure you learned a lot from your first challenge be sure to carry that with you into all susequent challenges to learn and GROW. Keep Moving FOrward everyone!

  • Hi all,

    I'll be starting my 2nd challenge on April the 2nd.  I just finished up C1 on March 25th and  I also had some great results. I lost 33.5 lbs of scale weight which equated to losing 34.5 lbs of fat and gaining 1 lb of muscle.  I also dropped my body fat % from 36% to 26%.  I went from a size 44 pair of jeans to a size 36 and from a 4xxl shirt to a 2xl.

    dlogan:  I know exactly how you felt about taking a week off.  All week I have been wanting to go downstairs and lift some weights but kept telling myself to just take the week off.  It's funny how I'm actually craving to workout on my week of active rest instead of craving a pizza lol.

    My goals for C2 are as follows;

    1.) 16% body fat (Current body fat 26%)

    2.)  Weigh 216 lbs (Current weight 237.5lbs)

    3.)  Size 32 pair of jeans (Current jeans 36)

    4.)  Size XL shirt  (Current 2XL)

    Good luck to everyone on their 2nd Challenge!!!!

  • No I didn't, but I think it will help to stay engaged through the second run.

  • Finally got into a pair of size 34's this weekend, coming from 40's. !!

    pperk:  Fantastic results, how are you measuringthe body fat, with calipers or with one of those electronic things?

  • dlogan,

    Congrats on getting into those 34's!  I fell a little short of my goal of getting into 34's myself.  However I will be into 32's by the end of this 12 weeks!  I've been using Accu-Measure fat calipers that I picked up from GNC for I think $15.  I've been taking suprailliac measurements which are supposed to be accurate to within 1.1% of underwater weighing which is the most accurate.    

  • Glad to see a group getting on board for follow up challenges. I will admit though, I had high hopes that week 12 would come and I would be scott free. Like you all, I have met and exceeded a lot of goals. But I am def not done. My C1 ends this Sun and I will probably jump right in to the next one (wish I could take a week break, but a vacation last week is probably part of my problem at this point anyway!). I felt like I did good w/ the workouts, didn't miss any until a few weeks ago and then some life and work balances started encroaching on my gym time. Might need to review my info and increase weights more readily. Food wasn't a problem...but since the past few weeks have stalled out, maybe I am giving in on too many little things during the week w/o realizing their combined potential for disaster! :) I was also thinking of tweaking the cheat day into two meals or something similar during the week. I had a friend do a challenge last year and when she entered her second she said she tried to be on the plan 90% of the day and relax the other 10. That might leave a little too much room for interpretation though. Either way, I am ready to keep it up and continue seeing results. Better ramp up quick though...bathing suit season in Florida is well underway! Look forward to "working" with y'all :)

  • I lost 20 lbs during my first challenge. I want to lose 30 more lbs, so I started challenge # 2.

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