Realistic goals

  • I am starting week 11 and although I have made great progress (My opinion) Lost 25 lbs and 7 inch on my waist. I think I am going to need more time to get to the point that you see any thing like those pictures of past champions. right now I am happy just to be able to see my feet never mind my abs.  My starting weight was a sum far greater then it should have been and will take some time still. It would take an act of God to chisel that much poundage of in 12 weeks.  I have followed the program almost to  a "T" and I am loving the results so far. I feel great, look a lot better (Again, my opinion) I have much more energy and the next two weeks are going to be awesome. All I can say to those of you who are going through this BLF transformation is  to set realistic goals for yourself and don't give up no matter what.  It will be worth all the hard work at the end. C-2 only  two weeks away.


  • Sounds like you have had great success.   Keep it up!!!