Just Starting at 67

  • Hello, My name is Sharon. I am turning 68 in a couple of weeks.  My Challenge starts tomorrow.  This may be a silly question. But do I still get to drink coffee during this - or should I give it up. I know...I know...

    I hope to have significant results.  I haven't seen my husband since November - I will see him in May/June. He works in Uganda.

    Feeling desperate - don't want to be old.

    Are there any other newbies?

    Cheers and blessings.

  • I drank coffee all through my program and it didn't have any negative affect.  Glad to see you are taking the journey.  Good luck.

  • I also drank coffee during both my first and second challenge and didn't notice any problems, You just have to watch HOw Much coffee and of course what you put into your coffee. (I used Truvia and low low fat milk in mine with a touch of cinnamon(equalizes the blood sugar I have heard and read) plus it adds a nice flavor to the mix.

  • Thank you  - I did cut the amount down in the last week;  I'm trhying to decide if I can have fat-free half and half (which I think has more sugars in it)...or if I should use non-dairy (chemicals) - or non-fat or low fat....decisions decisions.  Thank you for weighing in (no pun intended).

  • Wisewoman,

    Have you tried skim plus?

    that's actually the brand name of what i get, it's fat free milk, fortified with extra protien and calcium, and supposedly per the label, that's it, no hormones or other additives.

    what i like is that it's less watery than regular skim milk, so a little in your coffee has it looking like coffee and not that greyish dreck you get when you use regular skim.

  • Wow - I've never heard of skim plus - I will look for it.  I hate the grey color! Thank you!

  • Honestly, drink it black.

    I never thought I could but now I like it that way and usually make rock gut thicker then oil coffee on top of that.

    If you must have cream and sugar then I would cut it back as far as possible and limit to 1 cup.

    Coffee is actually good for you in moderation, the junk people put in it, not so much.

  • Thankyou - I actually have cut down to one mug a day - with very little cream  I actually can drink it black.

    thanks again.