Alternative Workouts With BFL Nutrition?

  • Hey BFL Family,

    I just finished my Second Challenge this morning, well at least my last workout of C2.  I'm looking for a new workout for change and to keep progressing.  I got good results from the BFL workout, but for Challenge 3 I would like to try something new, in the intermediate range, even though I will be keeping the same nutrition. 

    What have others done to replace the workout while still keeping the nutrition?


  • my gym offered a sweet deal on unlimited use of classes and tanning etc for a low price, right near the end of my last challenge.  I did BFL for ayear and wanted something new too.  So I started to take boot camps once or twice a week.

    i never know what we're going to work on, usually it's a full body circuit thing with cardio.  At first I would substitute the UBWO and LBWO with these, and then at the end of class, I would supplement whatever muscle group that didn't work 'til failure.  But that ended up taking lots of time (1 hr boot camp, then probably another 20 hitting 10's, then stretching.)  So now I go to boot camps when my schedule allows and just work my other BFL days around that.

    I'm currently in my first challenge trying this out, so I don't know how my progress will be.  I DO learn new things from those classes though, and you get that competitive feel working out with others that feels graet.

    Sometimes I take a cardio kickbox class that is almost too easy.  But it really warms up my muscles, so that I can try fun things in my goals, like handstand and headstand practice.

    oh, another new thing to try, is make some kind of challenge for yourself outside of BFL, like "50 burpees in 50 days."  I just got done doing that and i am SO much better at burpees now 'cuz of that.  Use it as a warmup b4 you work out.

  • I highly recommend P90X!!!! I completed my first BFL challenge in October and did the traditional BFL pyramid and HIIT workouts and had great results. I am currently finishing Week 11 of my C2 in which I incorporated P90X and have seen AMAZING results in my lean muscle gains!!! The traditional BFL workouts definitely prepared my body to be able to complete the P90x workouts....they are intense. I am starting my C3 in a few weeks and plan to incorporate the Insanity workouts. I love to shake things up and keep my body guessing! Hope this gives you some ideas!

  • OptiGirl and Runnermom,

    Thanks so much for your generous feedback.  I'm not sure I could handle classes due to having some permanent injuries from the military.  Also, since I was a Marine, the boot camp stuff doesn't interest/challenge me, lol, nothing like the real thing to be desensitized!!!

    I will look into P90X and see what it has.  I unfortunately am a little old school and really like the iron game.  For C2 I did two upper body and 2 lower body BFL workouts per week and had great strength and size gains but am not feeling bored with the routine.

    Thank you both, you have given me some ideas!!!


  • Brez- after 2 challenges, I did Kris Gethins 12 week hardcore trainer and had awesome results. It incorporates many different training styles throughout the 12 weeks. It has a video and printed out workout for every day of the 12 weeks. No workout is exactly the same as any other.  I am at work now, but I will send you a link if you are interested. Good luck.

  • You should take a look at adonis 3.0

    Its a lot more hardcore than bodyforlife, the workouts are lonnger but it has the old so bodybuilding type workouts you seek

  • Thanks again everybody, I guess I had no realization there were so many "programs" out there.  I think I am going to do a 12 week Ian King program (he is an Australian trainer) and I remember a lot of his stuff from when I lived abroad.

    I would still like to get referrals from folks, I really liked a lot of what was recommended!!!


  • There are several great workout programs out there. It is a good thing to change things up to keep yourself motovated and not get stale in your workouts. I am currently doing a more advanced bodybuilding routine....  doing one bodypart per workout but really blasting it good. Your nutrition will always be 90% of your success so keep that clean and enjoy a new routine.

    fit4life "The dream must be bigger than the pain"

  • HI there

    I don't have the equipment that fit for like has. But I have found good DVD's that give the same results. Try Julian Michaels DVD. she has bootcamp, get in shape and does lots of leg work, abs, and arms. I was sore when I did her DVD and I"ve been excersicing for 30 years. I also like to run outside, you can also go to Dicks, or  a sporting store and buy a weight workout book that has the basic dumbells.

    so far I feel like I've been worked out. If you also have cable excersice T. V. is a good resource.

    hope this helps. be blest

  • Do TAE BO for the cardio days,, works for me! The new Get Ripped Extreme is WILD!