Thinking for a Change

  • I did the challenge in 2008 and was very happy with my results. I changed up my workouts several times since then, but have come back to BFL. I absolutely love it. Until recently my eating was messed up, however. I'm going through this book now and using it in conjunction with BFL eating and I'm thrilled. I'm a psychologist and am very familiar with these principles, but didn't realize how my thinking was interfering with my eating goals. I hope to lose 4-7 pounds and be back in shape in time for a beach trip in January. Wishing everyone well in this journey. I wholeheartedly believe in it!


  • Oops. It doesn't look like my links appear here. The blog post describing my challenge with a before and after pic is at and the book is The Beck Diet Solution.

  • I am currently on day 53 of a challenge but I wish you all the best on your upcoming challenge. Having a beach vacation to look forward to is a great motivator. I have used that one many times. At 52 years old I know that at any age BFL can keep you youthful looking and full of energy. All the best!!

    fit4life "The dream must be bigger than the pain"