Getting too skinny - Want more muscle

  • Hi Jacium,

    You are exactly right, fat loss without weight training only makes you a smaller version of your larger self. That is why I chose BFL to lose body fat because weight training is the only way to transform your body. After several challenges I felt I needed to add some bulk to fill out a bit. So when I said my initial focus was fat loss it wasn't with the absence of weight training but now my focus has changed to adding muscle size.

    Up to this point I had only managed to lose inches but by focusing on eating more protein, lifiting heavy with fewer reps I gained an inch around my shoulders and back and an inch in my waist  and lost 4lbs of body fat over the last 12 weeks. It is a learning process for sure but I am enjoying the journey.

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  • The posts here are really providing me with a lot of great info.  I am into week 3 of my "modified" BFL.  Basically, I'm eating the BFL way (clean x 5 meals as I can't get the last meal in before bedtime).  For my workouts, I looked into the MAX-OT workout plan and modified it to fit my needs.  Here's the summary:

    Mon = Shoulders & Traps

    Tue = Biceps & Triceps

    Wed = HIIT & Abs

    Thu = Legs & Back

    Fri = Chest

    Sat = HIIT & Abs

    Each workout takes about 30-35 minutes.  That includes a few sets of 12x reps for warmups + 1 acclimation set (3 reps) followed by 2-3 sets of 4 to 6 reps with heavy weights.  If I can lift all sets x 6 reps, I add weight next time and move to the 4 rep range.  The timing of this works great for my schedule as I do this in the mornings.  

    Supplement wise I'm taking 5 g of Creatine powder in a 40g Protien shake immediately after my weight lifting days only.  

    Nutritionally, I've increased my caloric intake (but very carefully) and am really trying to focus on ingesting more protien rich foods.  Might have to go back to tracking calories for a week or two to fine tune this.  PS:  I have a really good jello/protien powder/ff cream cheese pie that is loaded with protien and empty calories...

    I've committed myself to this plan for a 12 week program.  At the end, I'll see what I got.  I say this because I want to give it time enough to work without chasing rabbits down different trails...

    How is it going so far?  Well...  I can't say for sure that I've put on mass of any sort.  The scale says I am up 2 pounds.  My body fat calipers (AccuMeasure) say I'm still where I started.  My biceps look bigger but that may just be wishful thinking.  Remember, I'm 49 (at the dawn of 50 in November) and I've read it's harder for us older folks to put on muscle mass.  I'm trying to debunk that....

    More as I grow


  • Hey Jacium,

    Could you share the title of the book you use for dumbbell training?  I workout at home and have to use dumb bells for alot of my exercises and want any info that can help me change it up where possible.

    I have an EzCurl bar and some plate weights (110#) that I use but it's pretty unstable without a bench.  Thus, I use DB's and one of those workout ball thingie's as my bench.  It really makes me focus on stabilization when lifting...



  • RedDawg:

    I love the book "Dumbbell Training for Strength and Fitness" by Matt Brzycki and Fred Fornicola.  It concisely covers dozens of lifts, the safety and effectiveness of dumbbells, and some snippets on the history of dumbbells, including use by one of our founding fathers.

    from a reply to a post I put in a few months ago.....


    Once I discovered the joys of weight training, all other passions were transcended.


  • I have completed 2 sessions of bfl and after the second I was in the same boat as you are. I started a program called German Volume Training (beginners) It is a very demanding routine but has gotten me very good results, you will eat the same principles as BFL but more, I did gain 9 lbs of muscle and 3 lbs of fat  in  55 days, but my shape has changed dramatically. one of the hardest things was to change my attitude about weight gain since i've been fighting the scale for 49 years, look into the program and you will see that its been around for 40 years and is still one of the best. Just make sure you look at the original by Charles Poliquin. Good luck and train hard

  • Red~

    I too found myself wanting more muscle after BFL.  If you check out my profile of me a few weeks after BFL in the pink bikini (esp back view) you can see how thin I was.  I ended up going into what they call a "bulk".  I quit doing cardio for 3 months in order to put on muscle.  I increased my calories about 500-600, and took creatine + glutamine pre AND post workout.  I did end up putting on some fat, but I knew it was needed to put on the muscle so it didn't bother me.  I did splits like you posted (minus the HIIT!!!!).  I did:

    Mon- Chest & biceps

    Tues- light legs

    Wed- calves, abs, delts

    Thurs - Back & tris

    Fri - heavy legs

    Sat- calves, abs, delts

    Sun- off.

    Then fast forward to the dark blue suit of me on stage in my profile, that was the results of this bulk.  I was soo thrilled!  I would do it again in a heart beat.  Look into Jamie Eason's LiveFit program on  It's great and similar to BFL way of eating in a sense.  It's a 12-wk program in phases.  First is muscle building (no cardio), then cardio comes in phase 2, and phase 3 shreds you showing what you built.  Another free program with all the info online.  

    Good luck!