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  • Are those pictures in the book, Body for Life, and on the website "real"?  I mean, I know a few people that are in great shape. I also am a fan of MMA and seen fighters cut weight and dehydrate themselves to look like the people in the BFL pictures.  In my opinion those pictures would have to represent about 5% of actual people that follow the BFL program.  Going off of that, is it fair for the rest of us to expect to look like that?

    My grievance comes from bad genes, working my a** off day after day to lose weight and finishing the 12-week BFL challenge with minimal change.  I followed the program as closely as I could from what was in the book.  




  • I think 5% may represent those who start and actually finish..... prolly less than 0.1% who get really chiseled and take the competition side that serious that they need to dehydrate, get spray on tans and professional mug shots etc... but for those that do look that great.. I say good luck to them...

    who knows mate.. I did read of some past champions on other websites who CLEARLY had ballooned themselves before the 12 weeks and then just recomposed their body... one guy went so far as to do nothing at all like Body for Life... but who cares... The program is really for those of us that lost our way and want something very simple and structured to do for 12 weeks before finding a solution that fits us... and having been extremely fit as recent as 5 years ago I think the key is find something that works for you..... this should work pretty well for 95% of newbies straight off the street that have never lifted weights or had a "body" with form...

    I do know my group, which started with over 30 runners, lost many by 5 week and NOW on this website, there appears to be but 2 of us still corresponding at near week 11..

    Good luck... I highly recommend many of the programs on as there is some real science (not bro -science) behind many of the programs... I also enjoy

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  • I think those with the spectacular results have one major difference over those with mediocre or minimal results: They have a mental edge. What I mean is we think we are eating clean and we think we are running as fast and as hard as we can and we think we are lifting as much as we can and we think we are pushing ourselves as hard as we can but we are not. Each one of us is capable of so much more than we think we are. Those we see in the BFL pics have a clear mental picture of what theu want to accomplish and a negative thought or doubt never gets in the way. They have the ability to destroy self-perceived limits and take thier body to new and higher levels every day.

    I dont mean this personally BFL3-11. I am speakin got myself as well. I have had, and continue to have, great results with BFL but I know I can do more.

    Also, remember the condition in those pics, like pics in magazines and body builders in competition, is a person in peak condition. You can't look like that year round.

    Just my two cents

  • great responses guys.  I think that following the program alone may not be enough to achieve those results.  Personally, i think 20 minutes of cardio just isn't enough.  When I'm done doing the cardio intervals, I think "is that it?".  So, I did what the program said and didn't get out of it what I wanted. My wife always tells me, in a nice way, as much as you exercise you should be a lot thinner.  Meaning, I exercise 6 days a week...hard.  the cardio intervals leave me heaving, gasping for air, the weight days are probably at 9s each time (the only area I think I coud do more). So, basically it's my bad genes and I was meant to be fat.

    I'm just saying, just venting, frustrated etc.



  • Tim,

    It's not bad genes and you're not meant to be fat.  You're frustrated and need to remind yourself that you can do this.  

    I personally have known over a dozen BFL Champs and those results are real.  The pictures in the book are a bit more extreme because then it was more of a bodybuilding competition and was far more strict with eating and intense with workouts.  

    Doing the program as written in the book will absolutely get you excellent results.  Several of the champs I know did it after the book was written, the way you have been given the program.

    Telling yourself that they can do it, but you can't is just a way of quitting on yourself and you're trying to make it easier by telling yourself that they didn't really do it so of course you can't too.

    Well you can do this!


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  • I think the program does work when done as instructed in the BFL book and remember that it isn't all training but eating clean in your diet as well with minimal or NO cheating (learning to say NO to all those goodies and not going overboard on the FREE Day as well).  As to the ab exercises I still think that there are not enough of them in the program to give the washboard look so often seen in the winners, on that issue I do have some doubts.(I am supplemented them with other abs exercises on my cardio days after the 20 minutes and that seems to help the situation). I have compared this course to my Weider courses from long ago that so many established champs have used and many, many of the exercises used where common then to build many of the champions back then so they are quite sound it done properly. Plus we now have added expertice and knowledge not available back then not to mention much better supplements and eating plans.

  • Extra ab exercises are not the answer to washboard abs.  Remember also that abs, like other muscles, need their proper rest so if you are going to do more then you need to do some in your regular BFL intervals.

    Abs are made in the kitchen.  For a man's abs to show like that he needs to be under typically 8% and sometimes more like 6%.  

    Jessica Mighty Max ~ 2013 Body-for-LIFE Champion ~ Champion is a VERB!

  • I am going to throw this out there because I think when we look at after pics the thing we want the most is the washbaord abs. Lets face it, without the six pack the transformation isn't quite so spectacular. I totally agree that abs are made in the kitchen but on top of that ab exercises are one of the easiest exercises to cheat on. We use momentum, our hip flexors, our backs, our arms, gimmick machines and so on instead of proper exercises that fully utilize the abs and take our ab muscles to failure. I see people on the swiss ball throwing themselves backwards and bouncing back up off the ball. They are the ones who are like "oh yeah I can do 20 crunches no problem." Abs will happen with low body fat and proper exercise. I will be there soon! :)

  • I just got called out!  Well... not intentionally, but I admit to being an ab cheater.  I'll work on that.  

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  • thanks for all the responses guys. It's how you can put one thing out there and you get back so much good encouragement and good ideas.  That's what makes this msg boards so good.  

    Just so you all know, I'm not giving up by any means.  Like I said I DO see improvements in my physique and I still follow the program after starting in March.  Also, I constantly change-up my weight training for muscle turbulence.  I still think that for me its going to take more than 12 weeks to accomplish what I want to accomplish.



  • Tim,

    Glad to hear you are not giving up!  You have the winning attitude. Love it!

    BFL is a journey. Keep on keeping on :)

  • I can honestly say that I got the results seen in the BFL book and I followed the book to a "T".  I agree that the difference is all mental.  Some people 'think' they are doing enough.  I am witnessing it right now.  I am doing BFL with a friend and our workouts are night and day different.  Her form needs work and her cardio is not near at the level mine is.  BFL3-11, if you are asking yourself after the 20 min. of cardo if that's all there is, then you are definitely NOT pushing hard enough.  After my 20 min. of cardio, I am gasping for air and sweating profusely.  And once my cardio gets to where I am asking that question (done already?) it's time to push harder and up the ante.  I let myself get out of shape and have a long way to go, but I can tell you that I used to run almost 3 miles (2.8) in 20 minutes on the treadmill for my cardio.  And 3 minutes of that was the warm up walking and cool down.  And I'm no spring chicken!

  • Teeeheeeheee I know Tim can't possibly be referring to my pics!!

    Genetics are no excuse, not believing it's possible will be the very reason you won't acheive those results.

    The interesting thing to me is how many people simply give up at the end of 12 weeks if they are not an "after".

    I look so much better now after an additional 2 years of consistency than I did when I submitted my pictures.

    I will attempt to add the most recent pic I have to my profile.  Seeing is believing. Believing is achieving.


    Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right ~ Henry Ford

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    Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right ~ Henry Ford

    Michelle Simpson ~2009 Body-for-LIFE Champion 46+ Catagory

  • Me too Champster - no luck on adding any pictures!  Boo!