3rd challenge..

  • Is going to be a bit different for me.   I do still have some goals to meet, but I'm not going to be totally 100% BFL'ing it this time.   BFL works, and it has gotten me a long way.   What I'm going to do is in all reality still pretty much the same thing, but I'm not calling it a challenge this time.   I'm calling it life :).    So while I'm still eating my portions and eating 5-6 meals a day, I'm not going to totally ignore something because it's not my 'free day'.  IMO, this will be the biggest challenge that I've had.  This is where I'll see if I've gotten myself trained to show restraint when it comes to eating smart and exercising.   Im looking at doing some different exercising.  I've always been intrigued by kickboxing classes, or some sort of boxing class.   Maybe a different aerobic / cardio classes.   


    So I would ask you to 'wish me luck' but I know luck has NOTHING to do with it.  I have the tools, I have the desire, now I just have to go live my NEW life :).  


    Dont worry, I'm not leaving though.  And I will be keeping a CLOSE eye on my body and eating.  And if I cant do it right 'off the program'  I'll just have to make myself continue to do proper challenges until the time that I can do it right off the program.   I feel too damn good now to go back to where I've been the last 20 or so years.   I cant get those years back, but I have LOTS of years to look forward to with my new much better shape self!!!



  • I love the attitude!!!! like you, myself and Buzzman have completed 2 challenges and are beginning to embark on a 3rd.... he will be doing P90X while I will probably modify my former 2 challenges some... Yes this is a FOR LIFE thing and hopefully 2 challenges have taught us what to do and what NOT to do as we continue down the path... So far this year I have felt the best I have felt in the past 40 years... (since high school days) my body is back down to that size (of course with extra skin due to years of "easy" living) if you are like me, I have tried every weight loss gimmick to come down the pike.... of course none of them ever worked... but this does and DID!!! if you are interested my challenge 2 photos and bio are in my profile....

    Good Luck to you and life!!!! and if you are looking for a place to hang out... buzzman and I moved to the BFL Warrior thread... the folks there have been through at least 1 challenge and some 2 or 3... a very good group of supportive folk...

    Learning to be Happy with Where I am in Life...

  • Congrats on adopting a "For Life" attitude! I have my best results when I did a challenge by the book but doing new things is good for maintenance. During my later challenges I ended up with Free Weekends and bad food during the week slowly setting me back.

    "So while I'm still eating my portions and eating 5-6 meals a day, I'm not going to totally ignore something because it's not my 'free day'"

    I am not sure what you mean by this? Like not turning down the birthday cake at the office?

    As long as you keep up the intensity and have goals you will do great!

    So I assume "Challenge 3" will last 12 years and not just 12 weeks?

    “"Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out..." - Robert J. Collier”


  • Yes, that's exactly what I meant by the 'not going to ignore something'   Now, that doesnt mean I'll do my 'old' piece of b-day cake (about 4"x4") then another one the same size :)  it means I wont feel bad, and wont beat myself up if I have a small piece of cake, or a part of a dessert if we go out to eat etc etc.  Doesnt mean I'm allowing myself to eat whatever I want :).  

    And yes, challenge 3 I hope lasts for 12 years and FAR beyond!!

  • I am currently on my forth consecutive challenge.  The first one I went HardCore bu the book and I lost 35 pounds.  The second I relaxed the diet and I lost 15 pounds.  The third I went soft and missed many gym trips mainly because of family bike rides which took all my energy while not being effective by the end I had gained 5, but I did not lose any muscle.  Although the process has taught me I can shape my body in a drastic way in a very short period of time and that I can also enjoy myself and be able to have a Popsicle with my kids knowing full well what it takes to remove my fun summer.

    My current challenge I am closing in on the end of week 3 and I am down ~5.  4 days after Week 12 ends I will be on a beach and I am looking awesome right now, but in 9 weeks I a going to look awesome ++.

    As a side note I have had considerable gains in muscle so I think my fat loss has been much greater then just talking pounds.